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Same sex classrooms
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Same sex classrooms


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Same-Sex Classrooms
  • 2. Research Topic
  • 3. Whether SAME SEX classrooms are more beneficial than CO-ED classrooms.
    We must find a way to evolve so our students can have improved academic performance, increased test scores and become overall successful while maintaining social skills.
  • 4. Introducing the Goal
    The purpose of my research is to discover the advantages and benefits of single sex classrooms.
  • 5. Same-Sex Classrooms
    What are Same-Sex Classrooms?
    Same-Sex classrooms is a gender based setup which divides the boys from girls in academic classes.
  • 6. Topics of Interest
    Pros & Cons
  • 7. Pros & Cons
    Academic achievement increases
    Teachers can spend extra time on subjects geared towards gender
    Classes can be differentiated by gender
    Social skills between genders
    Some feel it is discrimination
    Not all studies show academic improvement
    Some praise the project and others express concerns and even condemn the action.
  • 8. Teaching
    Increases classroom management
    Improved test scores
    Catered to gender specific needs
    Different learning styles geared towards gender
    Mixed Gender or Same Sex Classrooms?
  • 9. Learning
    Improved discipline
    Less distraction
    Higher attendance rate
    Increased test scores
    Higher degree of focus
    Studies show girls do better in math, science and information technology when isolated from boys; boys improve in music, art and foreign languages.
  • 10. Self-Esteem
    Improve their leadership and conflict-resolution skills
    Less bullying & showing off
    Less worry about opposite sex and what they think about them
    Surprising Facts
  • 11. Student Reflections
    Josh Williams,12, said, "It's good because when classes are mixed boys try to flirt with girls and that messes up the class and disturbs the classroom.”
    “I think they did it for a good reason because it’s hard to function with boys in class,” 12-year-old Genesia Harvey said.
  • 12. Statistical Analysis
    On the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test), here were the results:
  • 13. Significance of the Study
    My research is important because as an educator I want to find the best way to educate my students.
    This research would be important for our students, faculty and parents.
    This study will benefit our educational system as a whole, as well as, our students.
  • 14. Potential Compromises
    Many parents and schools are worried about the social aspects of a single sex classroom. Some different options are:
    Single sex classes for only core subjects
    Co-ed P.E., lunch and other electives
    Keep co-ed field trips and assemblies
  • 15. Conclusion
    Single sex classrooms are becoming more popular today due to:
    Increased test scores
    Better behavior
    Higher self-esteem
    Better classroom management
    From my research and discovery I believe that single sex classrooms would engage students and promote success if it were utilized effectively.
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  • 17. Bibliography Continued
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