Prosciutto Palermo Valley Mobile Sessions - English
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Prosciutto Palermo Valley Mobile Sessions - English



The Prosciutto Project at Palermo Valley Mobile Sessions (translated to english)

The Prosciutto Project at Palermo Valley Mobile Sessions (translated to english)



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Prosciutto Palermo Valley Mobile Sessions - English Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Prosciutto Project an open source mobile application engine
  • 2. Which problems do we have today?
    • Device fragmentation
      • Hardware (screen, memory, input)
      • Software (APIs, implementation differences)
      • Device configuration (preferences)
      • Network configuration(carriers)
    • More than 20 different vendors
    • More than 5000 different models
    • More than 11.000 firmware versions *Source: WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File, April 22nd 2009)
  • 3.
    • Write once, run everywhere?
    • No: Write once, debug everywhere!
    • Redistribution. The costs of “planting” an application are re paid with each new release (communication, marketing campaign, distribution).
    • Testing and Porting costs
    Which problems do we have today?
  • 4. Motivations and vision
    • The spirit:
      • Configurable enough to build any application
      • Separate the business logic from the actual java code
      • Model the logic outside the engine
      • Implement in an easy configuration
      • Have analysts/modelers build the application, without specific skills
    • Bring technology to the people in every sense (the engine should run on cheap handsets, aggregate value added services, allow an unskilled - in the programming sense - designer build something out of nothing)
  • 5. Motivations and vision
    • Separate the business logic from the java code
  • 6. Motivations and vision
    • Separate the business logic from the java code
  • 7. What is Prosciutto?
    • The Prosciutto Project is an engine implemented on Java ME.
    • You could think of it as a RAD framework, or a distributable engine that aims to scale the problem of device fragmentation.
    • It is based on a basic and intuitive markup language in order to define UI objects and their behavior.
    • Prosciutto applications run on the Prosciutto engine.
    • Any application which aims to let the user navigate data (online u offline) and represent those on screen can be built in Prosciutto.
  • 8. Why an engine?
    • … and not a WAP application?
      • Access to various API and new functionalities
      • Security
      • Freedom
  • 9. Why an engine?
    • … and not a vertical application ?
    • Fast development and prototyping vs. Efficiency in the solving of a vertical problem
    • False dicotomy
      • Prosciutto solves those problems that are common to everyone
      • Vertical applications provide a concrete solution to a specific and well-defined problem
      • Prosciutto provides a ground on which the application building is an activity that allows the designer to think freely without caring about the underlying platform
      • It allows for focusing on the vertical problem (application) in an efficient and quick way
  • 10. Why Java?
    • More than 90% of the actual handsets do incorporate some version of a JVM.
    • There are more Java developers than in any other mobile platform
      • Symbian
      • iPhone
      • .NET CF (Windows Mobile)
    • (that’s why Google created its own Java language as the base development platform for Android)
  • 11. Why open source?
    • Spread the idea of sharing
    • The problems attacked by Prosciutto are everybody’s pain:
        • Device fragmentation
        • Limited resources
        • Code hacks to support specifics of the different models and vendors
    • Therefore, the solutions to those problems should not be one company’s assets, but rather belong to the whole community.
    • If we all engage in tackling those problems that we all have , the faster we can focus our efforts in adding value
    • Value added is essentially the differntiator
    • V.A. can only come from vertical applications, and not from solving the common problems again and again (DRY concept)
  • 12. What does it solve?
    • Device fragmentation? Yes!
    • Write once, run everywhere? Yes!
    • Redistribution. Yes! Costs of “planting” an application are paid only once.
    • Minimize testing and porting costs.
    • Therefore, a lower development cost and a better time-to-market
  • 13. Markup
    • Prosciutto is based on a simple idea: the layout and appearance as well as app behavior should be defined in a unique XML model.
    • HelloWorld:
  • 14. Example: Hello World
  • 15. Example: Login
  • 16. Tested handsets
  • 17. Similar initiatives
    • J2ME Polish (
    • LWUIT Lightweight User Interface Toolkit ( )
    • Hecl ( )
    • MUPE ( ) Multi-User Publishing Environment
  • 18. Future
    • Complete Hecl integration (Q2 2009)
    • Android (Q3-Q4 2009)
    • LWUIT integration (Q4 2009 – Q1 2010)
    • WYSIWYG editor (2010)
  • 19. Success case: Ticketek Calling All Innovators Contest Regional Winner/Global Finalist
  • 20. The application TIM (TELECOM PERSONAL) 11,9 MM users (4Q08) TICKETEK ARGENTINA Largest Ticket Broker in Argentina
  • 21. Functionality I
  • 22. Functionality II
  • 23. Functionality III
  • 24. Access validation
  • 25. Architecture
  • 26.  
  • 27. Thank you!
    • [email_address]