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Big data references in 30Seconds

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Big data references

  1. 1. BIG Data ReferencesHadoop & Related ProjectsBy
  2. 2. Hadoop & Related Projects• Hadoop in Practice• Programming Hive• Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition• Apache Solr 3.1 Cookbook• HBase Administration Cookbook• Hadoop in Action• Pro Hadoop• How to Develop Big Data Applications
  3. 3. Hadoop in Practice• Hadoop in Practice• By Alex Holmes• Manning Publications, October 2012• ISBN: 9781617290237• 536 pages, $49.99Hadoop in Practice collects 85 Hadoop examples and presentsthem in a problem/solution format. Each technique addresses aspecific task youll face, like querying big data using Pig orwriting a log file loader. Youll explore each problem step bystep, learning both how to build and deploy that specificsolution along with the thinking that went into its design. As youwork through the tasks, youll find yourself growing morecomfortable with Hadoop and at home in the world of big
  4. 4. Programming Hive• Programming HiveBy Edward Capriolo; Dean Wampler; Jason RutherglenO’Reilly Media, Inc., September 2012ISBN: 9781449326944• This example-driven guide shows you how to set up and configure Hive in yourenvironment, provides a detailed overview of Hadoop and MapReduce, and demonstrateshow Hive works within the Hadoop ecosystem. You’ll also find real-world case studies thatdescribe how companies have used Hive to solve unique problems involving petabytes ofdata.• Use Hive to create, alter, and drop databases, tables, views, functions, and indexes• Customize data formats and storage options, from files to external databases• Load and extract data from tables—and use queries, grouping, filtering, joining, and otherconventional query methods• Gain best practices for creating user defined functions (UDFs)• Learn Hive patterns you should use and anti-patterns you should avoid• Integrate Hive with other data processing programs• Use storage handlers for NoSQL databases and other datastores• Learn the pros and cons of running Hive on Amazon’s Elastic
  5. 5. Hadoop: The DefinitiveGuide, Third Edition• Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, ThirdEditionBy Tom WhiteO’Reilly Media, October 2010ISBN: 9781449398644• Apache Hadoop is ideal for organizations with a growing needto store and process massive application datasets. With thisbook developers will find details for analyzing large datasetswith Hadoop, and administrators will learn how to set up andrun Hadoop clusters. The book includes case studies thatillustrate how Hadoop is used to solve specific
  6. 6. Apache Solr 3.1 Cookbook• Apache Solr 3.1 CookbookBy Rafał KudPackt Publishing, July 2011ISBN: 9781849512183• This book is part of Packts Cookbook series; each chapter looks at adifferent aspect of working with Apache Solr. The recipes deal withcommon problems of working with Solr by using easy-to-understand, real-life examples. The book is not in any way acomplete Apache Solr reference and you should see it as a helpinghand when things get rough on your journey with ApacheSolr.Developers who are working with Apache Solr and would like toknow how to combat common problems will find this book of greatuse. Knowledge of Apache Lucene would be a bonus but is
  7. 7. HBase AdministrationCookbook• HBase Administration Cookbook• By Yifeng Jiang• Packt Publishing, August 2012• ISBN: 9781849517140• As part of Packts cookbook series, each recipe offers apractical, step-by-step solution to common problems found inHBase administration. This book is for HBaseadministrators, developers, and will even help Hadoopadministrators. You are not required to have HBaseexperience, but are expected to have a basic understanding ofHadoop and
  8. 8. Hadoop in Action• Hadoop in ActionBy Chuck LamManning Publications, December 2010ISBN: 9781935182191• The book begins by making the basic idea of Hadoop and MapReduceeasier to grasp by applying the default Hadoop installation to a feweasy-to-follow tasks, such as analyzing changes in word frequency acrossa body of documents. The book continues through the basic concepts ofMapReduce applications developed using Hadoop, including a close lookat framework components, use of Hadoop for a variety of data analysistasks, and numerous examples of Hadoop in action.• Hadoop in Action will explain how to use Hadoop and present designpatterns and practices of programming MapReduce. MapReduce is acomplex idea both conceptually and in its implementation, and Hadoopusers are challenged to learn all the knobs and levers for runningHadoop. This book takes you beyond the mechanics of runningHadoop, teaching you to write meaningful programs in a
  9. 9. Pro Hadoop• Pro HadoopBy Jason VennerApress, June 2009ISBN: 9781430219422• From Apress, the name you’ve come to trust for hands–ontechnical knowledge, Pro Hadoop brings you up to speed onHadoop. You learn the ins and outs of MapReduce; how tostructure a cluster, design, and implement the Hadoop filesystem; and how to build your first cloud–computing tasksusing Hadoop. Learn how to let Hadoop take care ofdistributing and parallelizing your software—you just focus onthe code, Hadoop takes care of the
  10. 10. Howto Develop Big Data ApplicationsforHadoop• How to Develop Big Data Applications for HadoopBy Ken Krugler; Shevek M; Chris Wensel; Abe TahaO’Reilly Media, February 2011ISBN:
  11. 11. Thanks for Watching….?