Q3 2011 Killer Creative

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Best of PointRoll's Creative - Q3 2011

Best of PointRoll's Creative - Q3 2011

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. 1
  • 2. Vertical: Publishing CompaniesAdvertiser: Crown Publishing GroupCampaign: Secrets of the FBIFeatures: (Expandable) KillerCreative, Rollover toExpand, Interactivity, Page Scrolling 2
  • 3. Vertical: EntertainmentAdvertiser: Disney.comCampaign: Disney Walmart Princess 2011Features: (Expandable)Killer Creative, Interactivity, Gaming, In-banner quiz, Product Scroller, Multiple Re-Directs, Click to Print Vertical: Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, & Accessories Advertiser: Kohls Campaign: Kohls Jennifer Lopez Brand Launch 2011 Features: (Expandable) Standard, Interactivity, Product Scroller, Product Details, Forced Video, Audio Control, Click to Replay 3
  • 4. Vertical: Film Studios & New Movie ReleasesAdvertiser: Relativity MediaCampaign: Shark Night 3D Theatrical 2011Features: (Anchored Float) Killer Creative, Movie Connect, Standard, Audio, Page TakeOver, Video, Interactivity, Click for showtimes, Yahoo Maps, Click through to Twitter, Datacollection, Click for tickets, Mobile 4
  • 5. Vertical: Radio, Television & Broadcast NetworksAdvertiser: A&ECampaign: AE Storage Wars 2011Features: (Pre-expandable) Interactivity, Forced Video, Click toFacebook, Click thru for Sweepstakes Entry 5
  • 6. Vertical: Tier 1 – Nationally Funded AdvertisingAdvertiser: BMWCampaign: 2011 BMW Tier I Innovations 2011Features: (Pre Expandable) KILLER CREATIVEInteractivity, Click to Expand, StandardVideo, Pushdown, Webcam 6
  • 7. Vertical: MusicAdvertiser: Kids Bop Vertical: Apparel, Shoes, Jewelry, & AccessoriesCampaign: Kids Bop 20 2011 Advertiser: KohlsFeatures: (Expandable) Rollover to Campaign: Kohls TAB PhlAtl 2011Expand, Interactivity, Video, Song Selecting Features: (Expandable) Rollover to Expand, Interactivity, Pricing, Product Scrolling, Store Locator, Promo/Coupon, Printable Shopping List 7
  • 8. Vertical: Grocery & Convenience StoresAdvertiser: PublixCampaign: Publix All Recipes Paperboy 2011Features: (Expandable) Click toExpand, Interactivity, Dynamic Data, ProductScrolling, Store Locator Vertical: Film Studios & New Movie Releases Advertiser: Focus Features Campaign: The Debt Theatrical Release 2011 Features: (Expandable) Rollover to Expand, Interactivity, Forced Video, Audio, Multiple Videos, Click to Facebook and Twitter, Photo Gallery, Movie Reviews, Show times and ticket purchase 8
  • 9. Vertical: Other Home & Durable GoodsAdvertiser: Delta FaucetCampaign: Delta Faucet Touch 20xt 2011Features: (Expandable) Rollover toExpand, Interactivity, Video, Click to Facebook &Youtube, Feature Selecting, Product Scrolling 9
  • 10. Vertical: Department StoresAdvertiser: SearsCampaign: Kmart Money Cant Buy Style 2011Features: (Expandable)Standard, Interactivity, Forced Video, ProductScroller, Pricing Vertical: Toys & Games Manufacturers Advertiser: Lego Campaign: LEGO City Q3-Q4 2011 Features: (Expandable) Standard, Interactivity, Gaming, Multiple Videos, Forced Video, Audio Control 10
  • 11. Vertical: CamerasAdvertiser: Eastman Kodak CompanyCampaign: Kodak DPS 2011Features: (Expandable)Standard, Interactivity, Audio Control, MultipleVideos, File Download 11
  • 12. Vertical: Radio, Television, & Broadcast NetworksAdvertiser: PBSCampaign: PBS Prohibition 2011Features: (Expandable) Forced Video, AudioControl, Standard, Interactivity, Click to Expand, Clickto Replay, Click through to Facebook, Add toCalendar, Multiple Videos Vertical: Beer, Wine, and Spirits Distributors/Manufacturers Advertiser: Brown-Forman Campaign: F12_Jack_Daniels_Birthday_Campaign Features: (Expandable) Interactivity, Product Information, Product Scrolling, Event Scrolling 12
  • 13. Vertical: Toys & Games ManufacturersAdvertiser: LegoCampaign: Lego Hero Factory Q3 2011Features: (Expandable)Standard, Interactivity, Gaming Vertical: Toys & Games Manufacturers Advertiser: Lego Campaign: Lego Hero Factory Q3 2011 Features: (Expandable) Standard, Interactivity, Gaming 13
  • 14. Vertical: Consumer (direct to consumer prescription)Advertiser: Insight PharmaceuticalsCampaign: Insight ept Q3 2011Features: (Expandable) Interactivity, Hotspotting, Productfeature information, Video, Audio Vertical: Dairy Products Advertiser: Alpina Campaign: Alpina Yogurt Make a Wish 2011 Features: (Expandable) Interactivity, Nutritional Info, Data Entry/Collection, Locate a Retailer, Click through to Coupon, Click to Facebook 14
  • 15. Vertical: Soft DrinksAdvertiser: PepsiCampaign: Lipton Brisk Green Lantern 2011Features: (Pre-Expandable) Synced Ad, BannerFlashes, Click to Facebook 15
  • 16. Vertical: Health Care ServicesAdvertiser: Lifestyle LiftCampaign: Lifestyle Lift Summer TestFeatures: (Expandable) Roll Over toExpand, Interactivity, Multiple Videos, Data Entry, PhotoScrolling Vertical: Hotel/Lodging Advertiser: Westin Hotels Campaign: Westin Hotels Smart Ads 2011 Features: (Polite) Interactivity, AdControl, Feature Scrolling, Click to Expand 16
  • 17. Vertical: Radio, Television & Broadcast NetworksAdvertiser: Lifetime EntertainmentCampaign: Lifetime Project Runway 2011Features: (Anchored Float) Click toExpand, Interactivity, Hi-Res Video, Click to Facebook andTwitter 17
  • 18. 18