Zarafa SummerCamp 2012 - DMS ECM - simply for everyone


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Zarafa SummerCamp 2012 - DMS ECM - simply for everyone

  1. 1. Open Source document management systemagorum® core
  2. 2. The company: agorum® Software GmbH 1998: Formation of agorum® Software GmbH in Ostfildern near Stuttgart 2000: Specialization on information and knowledge management 2002: Development of the document management system agorum® core 2008: agorum® core becomes open source software 2012: About 40 resellers have agorum® core in their portfolio (GER/AUT/SUI)Management:Rolf Lang, Oliver Schulze,CEO CEOand sales manager and development manager
  3. 3. The company: agorum® Software GmbH Manufacturer of the document management system agorum® core 10 employees in development/support, marketing and sales. 500 installations of the agorum® core Pro Version (June 2012) 60.000 downloads og the agorum® core Open-Version (June 2012) Located in Ostfildern (near the Stuttgart airport). 95% of maintenances and installations are made over remote service.
  4. 4. agorum® core DMS – simply for everyone!The document management system agorum® core:- audit-proof archiving- efficient invoice capturing- electronic files- e-mail integration- automated processing of incoming mail- workflow management- integrated in Zarafa Groupware agorum® core Websurface
  5. 5. agorum® core DMS – simply for everyone!Integrations in current software solutions are bringingagorum® core to the common user interfaces. Outlook/Zarafa-Integration
  6. 6. agorum® core DMS – simply for everyone! To work with files, just open it, edit it and save it! The users are able to The DMS/ECM use the file-explorer appears as a usual exactly as before. network drive in the Business as usual! File-Explorer. The functions of the DMS/ECM are available with a right-click.The unique DMS-Drive from agorum®, allows the user to work with the DMS,like working with a common network-drive.
  7. 7. agorum® core DMS – simply for everyone! Just use „save file“ to file something in the document management systemSave files without check-in or check-out
  8. 8. agorum® core DMS – simply for everyone! The Open-Version can be migrated to agorum® core Pro with a simple update of the system.agorum® core agorum® core Open ProAvailable Modules: Integrations in: Workflow Search- DocForm Synchronisation 2go Outlook Liferay Highlighting AdminSync File Adaptor Mail Adaptor OCR-Server Preview Sugar CRM Typo3 Preview Thumbnail Metadata- DataRep Joomla! DesignerModular design of the system  scalable, expandable, customizable
  9. 9. agorum® core DMS – simply for everyone! Directory structure of agorum® core (DMS/ECM) in Outlook. Directory in the DMS/ECM with files and Just drag & drop e-mails with e-mails. Just open it, work with it and save attachments or only attachments to it without a check-in/check-out procedure. archive and publish it in agorum® core.agorum® core DMS/ECM integrated in Zarafa
  10. 10. agorum® core – affiliate programTake profits in the growing ECM/DMS-Market!We offer:• a sophisticated ECM/DMS-Solution• graded sales discounts• support for marketing and sales• technical support with direct contact to the agorum®- developers• comprehensive trainings for administrators, users and developers
  11. 11. Livedemo
  12. 12. Kontaktagorum® Software GmbHVogelsangstraße 2473760 OstfildernTelefon: 0711/3461060Telefax: 0711/3461063E-Mail: info2@agorum.comWebsite: