Zarafa summer camp 2012 - brian joseph - thursday keynote


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  • Goodmorning everyone . I’m glad you all made it. You all look so excited to be here. This morning I would like today to share the achievements we realised together and what we are gonna do next year. == (First I want to highlight the successes we have achieved with you and the rest of the ecosystem. Then I want to present how we think we will continue to grow.)
  • First let’s start with some successes in regions and segments of the last year. We retained 30 percent migration share in benelux city councils. We also got adopted by the german government as one of the few official standards for groupware.
  • We extended public sector adoption to other regions. Oh yeah and we opened an office in Charkov Ukrain. Unlike(?) the Dutch football team we are succesfull here. So we’re doing well in Europe
  • Outside Europe we have entered new markets, where we got additional adoption thanks partnerships with global players.
  • So to serve the world with 50 people you need a very strong ecosystem. And we can see the ecosystem grow every day. (Thanks to all of you: More Business Partners, Better Technology partners, more community adoption, more ). And there is a reason why partners want to work for us. And that reason of course has technology at its heart.
  • And as we see technology around is changing for example with strong adoption in the cloud. All big clouds are build on open source. Partners offer solutions in the cloud, onsite, in hybrid mode, embedded in appliances. All our sponsors are available in the cloud and with their and other collaboration stacks we rise above the cloud. An example of this is Capgemini are presenting today their Messaging as a service based on the Zarafa platform. At the same time we launch some software innovations for hosted setups and also have roundtables with you on this in the programm.
  • And as we see technology around is changing we are excited by Android adoption The nr Android devices will pass the nr of microsoft pc’s. At the same time Microsoft related technology is dominant in connecting with handhelds and laptops. So we started with MAPI then to Activesync and today we announce a start with Exchange Web Services. Thanks to Zarafa’s unrivaled compatibility with open backends, this technology position forms the glue between the user and his mobile data and the server stacks in the data centers
  • And part of that strong technology position is thanks to your feedback at Summercamp and other sessions
  • And we’re not finished yet. The road is still open in collaboration software. I think we can improve a lot over one of the latest innovations of communicating in 140 characters , for example.
  • That’s why we also extended the collaboration stack with the integration of webmeetings…. But we need more ideas from you. Because we can do much better together than only communicating in 140 characters.
  • So we made a start with that by collecting your feedback since yesterday evening. We started a 48 hour feature run in which we take your ideas and try to develop some of them in 48 hours.
  • A few feature ideas are worked out since this morning. We want to show you that we can listen to customers needs and react faster than competition can do . Thanks to Open Source and our Agile development style.
  • And thanks to the launch of WebApp with its plugins . Since one week we have the API ready. And this enables WebApp and its plugins to become the collaboration client of the future.
  • So since a week week you have all that information online to integrate. But offline is also important and that's we are here today. Here you can meet the right people: the thought leaders of top organisations in email and collaboration. So we all have to use this opportunity. Who will speak to more than 5 people this summercamp?
  • So I would like to emphasize
  • Zarafa summer camp 2012 - brian joseph - thursday keynote

    1. 1. Keynote: More than 140...Brian Joseph, CEO Zarafa
    2. 2. Extend public sector success 30% Certified by German government as groupware standard
    3. 3. Extend European public sector success
    4. 4. Push of global partnerships outside Europe
    5. 5. We grow every day Innovative customers Community Company of 50 people succeeds in getting a multiple of Business companies and people involved Technology >300
    6. 6. Above the Cloud
    7. 7. Microsoft est mort, vive Microsoft technology From MAPI towards ActiveSync EWS
    8. 8. Functionality requests implemented in 2011 EWS CHAT Conferencin Search g
    9. 9. One of the mostpopular innovations: Communicate in 140 Characters
    10. 10. Collaborative working by sharing & web meetings
    11. 11. We collect needs and related features tchModu le for Du nsor ganizatio -Ou t of Office F Message I l Dutc h footbal o te am loses t Germa n football in team aga
    12. 12. Open source enables agility LiveTwitter Pdf Replicatiointegratio preview nn Exchange - Zarafa
    13. 13. WebApp plug-in facilitates easy integration
    14. 14. Meet the right people
    15. 15. SummaryOpen Source technology enables this ecosystem to compete in an agile way
    16. 16. SummaryOpen Source technology enables this ecosystem to compete in an agile wayusing our technology position we will together with you extend the collaboration stack
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