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The open desktop and the role of Archiving
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The open desktop and the role of Archiving

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Presentation of Bart Lindeboom (manager IT at city counsil Ede) about deployment of Zarafa and archiver within city counsil.

Presentation of Bart Lindeboom (manager IT at city counsil Ede) about deployment of Zarafa and archiver within city counsil.

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  • changing the first make the seconddoesn’t work, chose our own platforms. This problem was the problem of many cities, therefore some cities initiated the Manifest Open Government.
  • Because many cities have this kind of challences, we initiated the manifest OO+Government with 4 keypoints. <noemen> These 4 keypoints have been adopted by the dutch central government which has resulted in a strategy for implementing OSS + OS, called Actieplan Heemskerk.
  • The citycouncel of Ede underlined the Manifest and decided to implement it. It
  • With respect to ‘comply or explain policy’ we have chosen for these OSS applications…. Because of these OSS implementations Ede was the nr 1 the ranking NoiV
  • Wins of Tuesday 11 june Enthousiastic usesr, espacially because of the full featured webmail and the unlimited mailstorage. Because of the small mailboxsize in the past people could only read inbox-mail at home. In the new situation they can move their PST-file to the Zarafa mailbox which can be accessed anywhere, also on their telephones f.i. As now our maildatabase is much, much bigger and stored on an expensive IBM Storage System, we wanted to reduce the storage cost and to move older data to a cheaper storage solution.
  • Like we do with all replacements, we used out OSS/implemtation strategy also for replacement of out MS Exchange 2003, where we had the following considerations (niet inzoomen), part of de regularly used seelction criteria of Ede. FI Stone
  • Inventarisation of email & implementation partners has led to a shortlist We compared and concluded that Zaraf was the only one that met all our requirements ... Vendor lock, cloud
  • The Zarafa answer to that need was the Z Archiver. What does it do: its moves each night older mail to cheaper en slower storage.
  • A little bit technical information We have 2 primaire nodes running on vmware for high availibility, one archiver-node. All servers are running on Suse Enterprise Server.
  • To summararise our movement to the Zarafa Collaboration Suite: .. .. ..


  • 1. Selection and implementation of Zarafa 30 June 2011, Kerkrade Bart Lindeboom, Director IT, Municipality of Ede
  • 2. Content
    • Background Ede & Open source policy
    • 3. Goals & criteria
    • From User Needs to Zarafa
    • Implementation
    • 4. Conclusions
  • 5. Background Ede
    • 108.000 citizens, includes smaller villages
    • 6. 1000 users, various locations
  • 7. IT-department Ede
    • 50 people
      • Helpdesks, System Admins & Coordinations, Information Management, Document Management
    • 400 applications, mainly Windows-based
  • 8. The Manifest ‘Open Government’
    • Vendor independence
    • 9. Digital durability
    • 10. Interoperability
    • 11. Transparency, Auditable, Manageable
  • 12. The Manifest ‘Open Government’ to Ede
    • Part of the implementation strategy of Ede
    • 13. Basis for selection of criteria
    • 14. Including a strong ‘comply or explain policy’
    • -> Resulting in the IT policy of Ede
    Ede Selection Criteria The Plan ’Heemskerk’ & NOiV Manifest ‘’Open Government
  • 15. Software inventarisation
    • Many projects:
  • 21. Open source strategy to policies
    • Nr. 1 in Dutch Open Standards Monitor 2010
    Source NOiV monitor, Dutch Open Standards Platform
  • 22. Replacing Echange2003
    • User need:
      • Unlimited mail storage
      • 23. Faster, faster, faster
      • 24. Quick Search in better WebAccess
      • 25. Email easily accessible
      • 26. Get rid of local Personal Folders
  • 27. Selection considerations
    • Server dynamics & virtualisation
    • 28. Mail space & storage
    • 29. Security and administration
    • 30. Operational reliability
    • 31. Reliability of partners
    • 32. Interoperability with other systems like Asterisk
    • 33. Other selection criteria Ede
  • 34. Email inventarisation
    • Criteria for the final decision:
      • Functionality
      • 35. Maintenance
      • 36. Total Cost of Ownership
  • 37. Implementation tactics
    • Inventory scan with our partner Stone-IT
    • 38. Knowledge building & user adoptions
    • 39. Courses for sysadm
    • 40. Test migration & PoC
    • 41. User introductions & trainings
  • 42. Implementation
    • 8-10 June 2011
    • Result: a seamless transition due to:
    • 43. - test migration
      • Helpdesk hands available on each floor
      • 44. Proper inventory
    • Expected:
      • Questions and small inconveniences
      • 45. Reset Rules and authorisations
  • 46. Zarafa Archiver
    • Unlimited mail storage
    • 47. Hybride storage for email
    • 48. Quick Search: old emails are indexed
    • 49. Email easily accessible: stubbing of emails
  • 50. Architecture layout
  • 51. Conclusions
    • Ede now has a future ready ICT ecosystem
    • 52. Ede gained much knowledge and reliable partnerships
    • 53. Ede gets value for money
    • 54. Ede made a next step in translating and executing the Manifest Open Goverment