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  • 1. 7: Looking back at your preliminary task (school magazine), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  • 4. What I Have Learnt…
  • 5. Photoshop Skills
    • My knowledge of how to use Photoshop has increased from the preliminary task to the main task. During the preliminary I used an older version of Photoshop (Elements), and then used Photoshop CS3 for my music magazine. Photoshop CS3 was more of a challenge to use than the older version, but I soon got used it and realised that its features and the things you can do with it are much better.
    • 6. My skills using Photoshop have also improved dramatically, and I found that I was able to use it a lot more efficiently and quickly the second time around. This enabled me to work at a faster pace.
    • 7. In particular, my ability to cut out images using Photoshop has improved. I found that during my preliminary, I did not know how to use Photoshop very well. I found it hard to cut out my image for my front cover. I was able to do this with ease for the main task.
  • Photographic Skills
    • I also feel as though my photography skills have improved.
    • 8. In the preliminary task, I found it harder to shoot with the correct mise-en-scene, compared to my main task where this was less of a challenge for me.
    • 9. This is because I had more experience for my main task, and I knew from previous photoshoots, what works and what doesn’t work. I.e. Shooting indoors is not a good idea unless you have the correct equipment (lighting etc...) to do so.
  • Management Skills
    • During my preliminary, I found it quite a challenge to manage myself as well as other people.
    • 10. For my music magazine, I was able to arrange photoshoots easier, because I now know how to get people motivated and organised.
    • 11. I also produced a production schedule which kept me organised and helped me to complete tasks on time.
  • Research Skills
    • A big advantage for the main task, was knowing which questions asked in my survey would benefit me whilst producing my magazine. For my preliminary, I carried out a questionnaire. I found that some questions were unnecessary. Therefore, I knew what to ask in my main research.
    • 12. I also found it easier to analyse magazines and notice representation in the second project. Because I analysed magazines for my preliminary task, this gave me a great deal of knowledge and a basis for a better analysis of music magazines.
  • Overall…
    I feel as though my improved skills have helped me to create a much better, more professional looking product than my preliminary.