Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Book Review


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Book Review Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Book Review

  1. 1. ==== ====To Learn More About This Amazing Book Click here!! ====Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Book ReviewCatching Fire will be the 2nd book in The Hunger Games Trilogy, and nearly half a year after Iread the 1st book, I get to read the sequel. I willingly controlled myself from purchasing the lasttwo publications due to a self-imposed book challenge I set at the start of the year.Catching Fire starts with Katniss Everdeen returning at District 12 getting ready for the VictoryTour. Occasionally, she sneaks into the forest and meets up with her best friend Gale as shenormally did prior to the Games. Katniss is starting to eventually take pleasure in her victory fromthe Games - a brand new and far comfortable home, loads of food on the table, and a chance tosupport a few of her neighbors. But situations are beginning to alter in her District - the activationof the electric barrier around the District, the appointment of the new Head Peacemaker, thedemolition of the hob. Katniss then receives a visit from President Snow himself, who specificallyconfronted her if she doesnt behave according to the wishes of the Capitol. Gossips of rebellionwithin the encircling districts are heard and Katniss is found in the middle of a rebellion she hasnot prepared to get involved with.So, as I have stated, before I got to study Catching Fire, I have high anticipations about this. Whocan not, when nearly all reviews I see in Goodreads are 5 stars. Unfortunately, though, I dontshare the same euphoria.Catching Fire doesnt have the identical quick-paced action and suspense as The Hunger Games.I have found the 1st half of the novel dragging and uninteresting, and this is when I start to getirritated with Katniss. She just cant makeup her mind. However, I have to acknowledge, she hasbeen through a great deal, to not discount the truth that she has gone through near-deathexperiences in the Games. Nevertheless, a 17-year old can make decisions for herself. Like whenshe chose to take the place of Prim during the reaping, or when she decided to eat those berrytowards the end of the Games. Why then cannot she makeup her mind what she feels towardsPeeta? Or even to ale? Then again, that actually occurs. Being ripped in between two lovers, butstill, I count on a smarter and much more determined Katniss, after all that she experienced whenshe was battling for her life in the arena. And all that kissing, I can be a little prudish right here, buta 17 year-old girl who goes about kissing a male she claimsshe doesnt have any affectionate feelings for, is for me, just a little over the top. Katniss mighthave been doing it for the cameras; however I believe Suzanne Collins here is attempting to drivethe romance viewpoint to get more publicity.If I can break down and rate the book in two sections, I give 3 stars to the first part - before theQuarter Quell, and 4 stars for the second part - the Quarter Quell itself. I really like the genius
  2. 2. concept of a game that mimics a clock. I enjoy the action and also the suspense and how you cannot know who the adversaries are and who the allies are. You will find characters too from the firstbook that I have become keener on like China and Hay Mitch and President Snow. I like thatPresident Snow has more appearances here than in the first book. His character is very intriguing.Catching Fire, in spite of its somewhat stagnant pace, offers plenty of promise. It gives you just theright degree of suspense - teasers - to encourage me to immediately read the final book in thetrilogy. I am ready to overlook the obvious lull in the pace of the story and discover whetherSuzanne Collins can in fact provide the best conclusion for this remarkable tale.Customer ReviewPro: 5 Star RatingAnd you thought the Capitol couldnt get any more twisted...If you thought the Capitol couldnt get any more twisted... you were wrong.The highly-anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games is the kind of novel that has you pulling backto take a breath and go, "How did the author think of this?" (if you can stop turning the pages longenough to breathe) Catching Fire picks up right where Hunger Games leftCon: 3 Star RatingThe Biggest Problem with Trilogies . . .. . . is that darn book in the middle! You know how it goes - the first book is dynamite, because itsall new and theres so much to discover. The last book is explosive too, since we find out whathappens "in the end." But the book in the middle . . . well, its sort of like treading water. Its a placeholder, filler maybe, a way to stall the reader until the good...==== ====To Learn More About This Amazing Book Click here!! ====