Introducing the NON Employee Referral Program


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Increase your referral hires by engaging your trusted non-employees in your referral program. Join us & learn why you're losing 41% of your potential referral hires, and how to get them back!

This free webinar will cover best practices for how to increase referrals from your trusted network, aka your non-employees.

Find out who your non-employees are and why they are becoming increasingly valuable to referral programs. Including and engaging these non-employees can bring your program even better results, and greatly increase your % of referral hires. Learn more in our Non-Employee Referral Program Webinar hosted by Ziv Eliraz, CEO of Zao.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• The biggest setbacks in referral programs today
• How to increase your referral hires by 41%
• How to engage non-employees in your referral program
• How to boost participation in your ERP

Even if you can't make it, register and we'll send you a recording.

About the host:

Ziv is the founder and CEO of Zao. He has extensive experience in recruiting and building teams from the ground up. Ziv is an expert when it comes to employee referral programs and social recruiting, having worked with many companies to launch and maintain their employee referral programs. He passionately believes trusted referrals are the best way to hire well, fast!

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Introducing the NON Employee Referral Program

  1. 1. THE NON-EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAM A Webinar About the Hosts Ziv is the founder and CEO of Zao. Ziv is an expert when it comes to employee referral programs and social recruiting, having worked with many companies to launch and maintain their employee referral programs. He passionately believes trusted referrals are the best way to hire well, fast! Thanks for joining us! The webinar will begin in a few minutes Hilary is in charge of Customer Success at Zao. She has worked with many companies ensuring the success of their referral programs!
  2. 2. Tweet = During the webinar, please use #ZAOdotcom for live discussion For direct questions, please use the chat box anytime. We will answer your questions at the end of the webinar We will be sending the webinar recording and slides to all attendees and registrants within the next few days 2 1 3 During the Webinar
  3. 3. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom In this webinar, we’ll explore Who are these “trusted non-employees”? Why do you want to include them in your referral program? 14 Best practices and tips for engaging both employees and non-employees!
  4. 4. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom You have the chance to win... An Amazon gift card! Stay tuned...
  5. 5. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom REFERRALS YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW THAT.. Referrals are #1 in employee retention rate after one year at 46% vs. 22% for job boards Employee referrals are the #1 source of hire Referrals are the #1 ROI Referrals produce the highest quality candidates - they are 5 times more likely to be hired Referrals are the highest quality hire You can’t beat them!
  6. 6. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom NON-EMPLOYEE REFERRALS • Dr. John Sullivan recommends expanding referral program eligibility to non-employees • CareerXroads found that 43% of companies hired a non-employee referral • CareerXroads also found that another 43% of companies had successful hires from vendors, and 36% had successful hires from Alumni referrals • 69% more referral hires were reported when non- employees were involved and rewards were offered (Zao) Image courtesy of SOMMAI / Bruno would be great for that job Source: 1 Referrals are #1, but should we include non-employees? 1
  7. 7. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom WHO ARE THESE NON- EMPLOYEES? • Former employees • Vendors and Business partners • Consultants and contractors • Advisors • Trusted business contacts • Your employees trusted network They look familiar... Image courtesy of sattva /
  8. 8. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom WHY INCLUDING TRUSTED NON-EMPLOYEES MAKES SENSE • They are people you know • They know people in your industry • They know if people are ready to move
  10. 10. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom MISSED OPPORTUNITIES Image courtesy of Ambro / Is this the response you’re getting when you ask employees for referrals?! low employee engagement
  11. 11. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom NON EMPLOYEES: HOW DO WE GET THEIR ATTENTION? Image courtesy of Ambro /
  13. 13. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom $ • Offering a referral reward to non-employees increases engagement 10-50X • Unlike employees, non-employees don’t have the same intrinsic motivators for referrals • Referral rewards are an extremely important motivator in this case TIP #1 EXTEND REWARDS TO NON EMPLOYEES
  14. 14. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom • Cash is the preferred reward • What is the right amount? • We’ve seen $1,000 to $2,000 work well • Offer a cash reward for a successful hire • Set a specific cash reward for each position Image courtesy of satcreativedoxfototva / TIP #2 OFFER CASH REWARDS
  16. 16. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom • Change the question you ask your employees to: “Who do you know that might know someone for this job”? • It’s a question more people can answer! • This let’s you keep going with referrals even if you've maxed out the number of candidates your employees know directly. TIP #3 LEVERAGE EMPLOYEES’ NETWORKS: CHANGE THE QUESTION ?
  17. 17. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom Image courtesy of stockimages / What the $#@! happened to that guy I referred last week?!? TIP #4 GIVE FEEDBACK • Avoid the “black hole” of referrals • Different stages of feedback ✓ Qualified ✓ Interviewed ✓ Hired • Important for employees & non-employees!
  18. 18. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom • Just because this outside referrer is not a member of your team, doesn’t mean they don’t want to see how they’re doing! • Offer points for achievements in your referral program TIP #5 MAKE IT FUN
  19. 19. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom • Career sites help non-employees view all open jobs at your company, so sharing one job is like sharing all of them • According to CareerXRoads 2013 source of hire survey, Career Sites were the number one influencer on referrals • And you don’t need the help of your IT department to build one! TIP #6 LEVERAGE A BRANDED CAREER SITE
  20. 20. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom • Mobile recruiting is on the rise! • 19% of job seekers use mobile devices but.. 57% would like to use mobile devices to search for jobs! • Offer them a platform that allows mobile recruiting • This goes for your employees as well! Make sure they can refer on the go Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / Our world today TIP #7 MAKE SURE YOU’RE MOBILE
  21. 21. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom Image courtesy of Michal Marcol / • Your employees and their friends are connected to hundreds of people • They don’t have time to scan all your open jobs and match people manually • Take the hard work out of referrals • Referrals without smart matching are like blind dating - not something you want to do without filtering... TIP #8 MAKE IT EASY WITH SMART MATCHING
  22. 22. ENGAGING YOUR REFERRERS How to increase long-term participation
  23. 23. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom TIP #9 RECOGNIZE EFFORT
  24. 24. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom Image courtesy of Naypong/ • You email people you trust every day, and those people know people. Why not remind them you’re offering referral rewards? • Add a link to your email signature • Be creative! Add graphics! • Make a signature for your employees too TIP #10 USE YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE (OFFER IT TO YOUR EMPLOYEES, TOO!) $2,000 REWARD Refer-a-friend & get rewards! If you refer someone who’s hired
  25. 25. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom Image courtesy of AscensionDigital/ • Since companies typically hire 10-15% of their workforce over a year, even if most of your hires are referrals, more than 90% of your employees will be left out! • Allow points to be redeemable for prizes • For example: Offer 100 points or a small reward for referring a qualified candidate TIP #11 ALLOW MORE WINNERS
  26. 26. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom • Create different competitions to fuel engagement and buzz around your referral program. • Competitions can be between departments or between office locations! • Example: offer movie tickets or even a day off to the team that refers the most applicants! • You can also offer fixed rewards to the top 5 people on the leaderboard TIP #12 CREATE FRIENDLY COMPETITION
  27. 27. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom • Consider a month or quarter, where instead of rewarding employees, the entire company works towards social goals • For example, donate toys for tots or a meal for those in need for every qualified applicant • Let your employees choose the social goals they want to work towards TIP #13 GIVE BACK
  28. 28. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom • Don’t forget you need to pay your taxes, and referrers need to pay theirs • If you handle it yourself, speak with your accounting firm • Remember there are different laws in different countries • If you work with us, we’ll take care of payments to non employees for you (Audited by E&Y) TIP #14 TAX PAYMENTS Image courtesy of cooldesign/
  30. 30. The Non-Employee Referral Program #ZAOdotcom QUESTIONS Send us your questions in the Q & A box ? ? ? ? ?
  31. 31. THANKS FOR ATTENDING We will be sending the recording and slides within the next couple days! Reach out any time at