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    Chap2 software Chap2 software Presentation Transcript

    • Computer Software What is software? Types of software Types of system utilities
    • Objectives • Understand well the software names and classifications, functions and roles. • Understand the reason why the operating system is necessary.
    • What is computer software? • Set of programs aimed at efficient use and control of different types of resources. • Helps users to make effective use of the hardware functions.
    • User Application Software Word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics, etc Device drivers System Software Utility programs Hardware (computer plus peripheral devices)
    • Types of Software 1. Application software: - perform useful work on general-purpose tasks (word, spreadsheet, adobe photo shop and etc…) BACK
    • Types of Software 2. System software - enables the application software to interact with computer. - Helps the computer manage its internal and external resources.
    • Operating System • Acts as a bridge between the application software and the hardware is the operating system (OS). OS Control program General-purpose language processors Service programs
    • Purpose 1. Efficient use of the resources - Using resources without relying on humans. 2. Consecutive job processing - Eliminating as much as human intervention as possible. 3. Multi-programming -simultaneously processing multiple jobs with the same processor NEXT
    • The operating time of a job processed in a computer can be divided into the following: • Time during which the data to be processed is entered. • Time during which calculations and other processes are performed using the processor. • Time during which process results are outputted. BACK
    • Purpose 4. Reduction of the response time - e.g. Online transaction processing system 5. Improve of reliability
    • What is a user interface?  The part of the operating system that enables the user to interact with it  Two types of user interfaces:  Command-line- Requires the user to type keywords or commands to enter data or give instructions  Graphical user interface (GUI)- Uses a graphics environment made up of objects, icons, buttons and menus; User is able to use a pointing device (mouse, joy stick, etc) or keyboard to enter data and issue commands
    • Types of User interfaces Command-line Graphical user interface BACK
    • What are system utilities?  Programs that help the operating system manage the computer system’s resources  Types of utilities:  File management  File finders  Backup utilities  Antivirus software  File compression  Disk scanning  File defragmentation BACK
    • 14
    • What are file management utilities?  Known as a file manager  Enables the user to perform various tasks with files, folders, and directories on storage devices  Tasks include:  Creating folders  Saving, deleting, copying and moving files and folders  Examining the contents of files  Launching application programs BACK
    • What are file finders?  A program that enables the user to find files on a storage device BACK
    • What are backup utilities?  A program that enables the user to copy data from the hard disk to another storage medium BACK
    • What is antivirus software?  A program that protects the computer from computer viruses BACK
    • What is a file compression utility?  A program that reduces the size of a file BACK
    • What is a disk scanning utility?  A program that detects and fixes physical and logical problems on storage devices BACK
    • What is a file defragmentation utility?  A program that moves data on a storage device to improve performance BACK
    • Research the following topics: 1. Types of Software. Name two functions of each. 2. Give five purpose of an operating system. 3. Give five types of system utilities? CS/IT 110