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Employee engagement - Aon Hewitt

  1. 1. Employee EngagementUnderstanding and acting on employee engagement is critical forboosting employee performance and your bottom lineEngaging people has become even more of a business imperative in uncertain times. Organisationsare under unprecedented pressure to deliver greater value to their customers and shareholders. Thisvalue – in all its forms – is created by harnessing the discretionary effort of employees.Our research demonstrates that motivated employees deliver greater productivity, better customerservice, superior quality products and services, and more innovative solutions. Each disengagedemployee, on the other hand, costs an organisation more than £5,000 in annual profits.Understanding the engagement levels in your organisation, knowing what motivates your employeesand how these factors vary across different populations in your organisation can deliver significantcompetitive advantages.Aon Hewitt delivers valueAt Aon Hewitt we believe that employee engagement is not about running an annual survey, butcreating an environment that actively engages the hearts and minds of employees. Our researchshows that engaged employees: Say consistently positive things about their organisation tocolleagues, potential employees and customers, Stay with the organisation for the long haul, andStrive to put in the extra effort needed to succeed. Aon Hewitt’s Engagement consulting measureshow involved employees are – both emotionally and intellectually – and identifies actions to improveresults.The Aon Hewitt engagement benchmark database contains data from more than 5,000 companies inmore than 120 markets and a cross-section of industries. Our global network includes 600 officesin 120 countries.Our reporting methodology and survey tools provide your business with a tangible ‘people measure’that goes beyond benchmarking engagement to identify the key drivers of engagement in yourorganisation. This allows you to identify the paths to enhanced engagement levels in yourorganisation, so that you can take decisions and act strategically.
  2. 2. We invest in ongoing, comprehensive research identifying best-in-class people practices that drive higher levels of employee engagement. Measuring employee engagement with Aon Hewitt will enable you to answer the following types of questions:  Which elements of the work experience have the largest influence on our employee engagement and retention?  How can we improve our Employee Value Proposition to be more attractive to current and potential employees?  How can we improve growth and profitability through our employees?  How can we improve employee retention / reduce employee turnover and save costs?  How does engagement differ for employees in our top-performing units?  What should be on our HR agenda during the next business planning cycle?  In which area will our HR spend deliver the greatest return on investment?  Which actions are best addressed as corporate-wide initiatives and which at a smaller group level? The Aon Hewitt approach We work in partnership with you to tailor all aspects of the engagement strategy and survey process. However, there are typically six broad phases to a survey project: Planning – a dedicated team of employee engagement experts work with you to set up an approach that is most appropriate for your organisation. The survey team clarifies timelines, deliverables, roles and responsibilities. Aon Hewitt can administer the survey for you in a number of ways – the most frequently used methods include online surveys (using a traditional PC or any other digital handheld devices) and / or paper formats. The type of survey (sample, full census, pulse, etc.) is also determined. Design and set-up – Our experienced design experts will help you establish the questionnaire content, with reference to our database of over 200 benchmark questions and any important themes, topics or historical survey items that are important for your organisation. We also establish your reporting requirements and the communication / training strategy needed to ensure success. Administration – Conducting the survey. Employees are invited to complete the questionnaire, responses are captured and reported real-time. Results Analysis & Reporting – Generating insight into the critical issues and formulating recommendations for action. The priority issues to be addressed to enhance or maintain engagement levels in your organisation are identified and reported at the appropriate levels of management using our state-of-the-art technology. Action Planning – Agreeing and preparing actions. We provide an action planning module that allows managers and HR to log and track actions taken to improve levels of engagement. However, this module is more than a tracking system – it provides insights, best practice tips and suggestions on what action to take. We have partnered with Harvard Business Publishing and can include some of Aon Hewitt Contacts: these articles and insights for your managers to refer to. Additionally, we support teams through action planning workshops or train-the-trainer sessions to ensure action planning gets off to a good Jenny Merry start. +44 (0)172 788 8395 jenny.merry@aonhewitt.com Project Review & Next Steps – The project is de-briefed and the learning captured for subsequent Jake Outram survey cycles. +44 (0)207 086 9234 jake.outram@aonhewitt.com Hugh Hawthorne +44 (0)207 086 9131 About Aon Hewitthugh.hawthorne@aonhewitt.com Aon Hewitt is the global leader in people management consulting and outsourcing solutions. We Laura Heathcock +44 (0)207 086 9598 design, implement, communicate, and administer a wide range of people management, retirement,laura.heathcock@aonhewitt.com investment management, health care, reward and talent management strategies. With more than 29,000 professionals in 90 countries, Aon Hewitt makes the world a better place to work for clients aon.co.uk and their employees. www.aonhewitt.com