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Leader lines 3.3

  1. 1. LeaderLinesPublisher: Zane Brown, D. Min Volume Number: Three Issue Number: Three Date: July 7, 2010Great Lessons in Life Growth & Change: Two Sides of the CoinIn ancient times, a king had a huge boulder placed in the middle of Why They Don’t Come Back by Calvin Ratza roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone Matthew 5:47would remove the boulder. Some of the king‟s wealthiest subjects Visitors can be turned off by behavior, buildings, & disorder. Here is ancame by and simply walked around it. Many were very vocal in inexhaustive list of situations that can place barriers between yourtheir blame for the king not keeping the roads clear, though none congregation and newcomers:did anything to remove the boulder. Then a peasant came alongcarrying a load of vegetables. Seeing the boulder, the peasant put 1. Large Family Networks - These networks tend to have theirdown his load of vegetables and tried to move the large stone. It own social gatherings and often exclude outsiders. Tactfully alertwas almost back-breaking, but after a lot of sweat and effort, he decision makers in these families and challenge them to includesucceeded to pushing the boulder to the side of the road. After the outsiders and newcomers in some of their gatherings.peasant picked up his vegetables, he noticed a bag where the 2. Church History – People looking for answers don‟t go to aboulder had been. It was filled with gold coins and a note from the church because of its history. If they return for a second visit, it‟sking stating that the gold was for the person who removed the usually because they experienced the presence of God and the acceptance of His people.boulder from the road. The peasant learned a great lesson that day. 3. Special Events - If we hold a special event that attracts theEvery obstacle presents us with an opportunity to improve our unchurched, it‟s unlikely they will stick with us unless thatcondition. particular kind of ministry continues. 4. A Reputation of Crisis - Financial crisis or relational crises. Both indicate the questionable nature of the faith the church FISHing for Success proclaims. Be good stewards and emphasize confession, forgiveness, & reconciliation. The Invitation 5. Class & Cultural Distinctions - No church can truly be all With newcomers attending our services, don‟t assume that they things to all people. One social culture is usually dominant.understand what „The Invitation‟ is. Include an explanation in your What we can do is try to sensitize insiders, gently butbulletin. A sample is included on the next page of this document. Also, consistently, to the need to make everyone welcome, whileconsider providing alternative methods of making decisions. Consider recognizing that most of your church growth will reflect yourplacing „decision cards‟ in the pew racks or bulletins and encourage them dominant culture.to fill them out and give them to the pastor as they leave. Consider 6. Poor Attitudes – “Church bosses,” fearing a threat to their powerhaving a “Pastor‟s Tea” after the service. Stay briefly with some light base, might resist newcomers. Existing members can resist therefreshments and drinks and engage anyone who might not want to walk financial costs of growth, Sensitize the congregation by includingthe aisle just yet, but they would like the chance for a non-threatening talk new members on committees.with the pastor.
  2. 2. LeaderLines pg. 2This publication is designed to provide information and inspiration to local church leaders in Colleton Baptist Association. World Changers Walterboro Project What is “the Invitation?” The 2010 World Changers Project will be July 12-17. 18 crews At the end of our service, we offer the opportunity for you to make a publicwill be working 15 projects around the county. We will also be response to what you‟ve heard and experienced in worship today. When thehosting an evangelistic BLOCK PARTY on Wednesday, July 14, congregation begins to sing that last “Hymn of Decision,” you can comeon the vacant lot behind Walterboro First Baptist. We will be down to the pastor and he will pray with you about your decision for Christ.reaching out to the neighborhoods around Rivers St, Black St, & This is an invitation to make a public commitment.Gerideau St. Pray for our World Changers, host churches, and theneighborhoods where they will be working. Pray also for God to Here are some possible decisions/commitments that God could be asking youuse the Block Party to meet needs and share Christ. to make: 1. Receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. 2. Be baptized by immersion and become a member of our church. 3. Transfer your membership from another church. 4. Rededicate your life to Jesus Christ. As a Christian, you realize that you have not been living the way Christ wants you to live. This would be a public renewal of your commitment to Christ. 5. Surrender to God‟s call to some vocational or volunteer service.Dates to Remember If you are uncertain about what God wants you to do, feel free to contact the July 10 8:00am Men‟s Prayer Breakfast @ CBA pastor this week. By phone: _ _ _-_ _ _ _; by email: ______@_________ 9:30am CODE BLUE @ CBA If you choose to use something like this, don’t forget to include an area July 24 9:30am CODE BLUE @ CBA code, since not all newcomers will use cell phones from the 843 area. July 27 7:00pm Men‟s Rally @ Pleasant Grove Include your cell phone if you are willing to receive text. And consider starting a Facebook page for your church. It is a wonderful way for young folks to stay connected to your congregation, even when they are away.