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Exploring membership 4

  1. 1. To the Nova Church EXPLORING MEMBERSHIP GroupThis 4 week class is designed to introduce participants to: 5.Biblical Discipleship – 2 weeks 6.Nova Church Membership – 2 weeks
  2. 2. Who are Southern Baptists? The organizational structure of the SBC was the brain- child of Richard Furman; He was instrumental in the founding of the Charleston Baptist Association in 1792 and the South Carolina Baptist Convention in 1821; Furman died in 1825, 20 years before his vision for a unified organization of Baptists in America was fulfilled; The SBC was formed in Augusta, Ga. in 1845
  3. 3. Who are Southern Baptists? The purpose statement adopted by the original 236 messengers established the SBC “for the purpose of carrying into effect the benevolent intentions of our constituents by organizing a plan for eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the who denomination in one sacred effort – for the propagation of the gospel . . .” That ‘plan’ became a reality 80 years later with the adoption of “The Cooperative Program;” The CP allows the 45,000 churches of the SBC to support over 10,000 career missionaries and 6 seminaries;
  4. 4. Who are Southern Baptists? There are 42 State Conventions, 1,125 local Associations, 45,000 churches and over 16 million members making it the largest protestant denomination in the country; Over 5,000 career missionaries serve in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa as North American Mission Board missionaries or church planters; Over 5,000 career missionaries serve in 153 other nations around the world ;
  5. 5. Who are Southern Baptists? By design, every Southern Baptist Church is a fully autonomous body. A church “cooperates” by choice, but no ecclesiastical hierarchy exists to issue mandates; Each church decides what portion of their funds are forwarded to the Cooperative Program. Currently Nova Church is giving 5% of undesignated funds to the CP. Some churches give as much as 25%; Funds are forwarded to the state Baptist convention, which keeps a portion for missions within the state. The rest is forwarded to the national convention for dispersal;
  6. 6. Who are Southern Baptists? SC Baptists are working toward a 50/50 split, beginning this year; This kind of giving allows Southern Baptists to support Missions, Education, & Benevolence. We fund colleges, seminaries, & Bible institutes. We fund children’s homes, homes for the aged, and hospitals. We fund crisis pregnancy centers, disaster relief ministries, & counseling services; One missionary is quoted as saying, ‘The sun never sets on your Cooperative Program dollars at work.’
  7. 7. Who are Southern Baptists? www.sbc.net www.namb.net www.imb.org www.wmu.comThese websites can provide most of the information needed to clearly understand the vision, purpose, plan, & work of Southern Baptists around the world.
  8. 8. Who are Southern Baptists? Locally, Southern Baptist Churches choose to cooperate in local Baptist Associations. There are 1,125 local Baptist associations nationally; Some, but not all, associations benefit from Cooperative Program funding. Colleton Baptist Association receives NO CP funding; Local associations are comprised of autonomous churches joining together to accomplish missions that most churches could not do alone;
  9. 9. Who are Southern Baptists? Local Baptist Associations depend on the direct missions gifts from member churches; Nova Church currently gives 5% of undesignated funds to the Colleton Baptist Association; Our local association helps to support: ABC Regional Hispanic Ministry, Covenant Counseling Center, Colleton Christian Women’s/Men’s Job Corps; Our Association consists of 31 cooperating churches, all of which average less than 200 in attendance;
  10. 10. Who are Southern Baptists? Southern Baptists practice baptism by immersion as an ordinance. This means that baptism is symbolic as a representation of death to sin & self and resurrection to a new life in Christ; Southern Baptists view communion/Lord’s Supper as an ordinance – the drink symbolizing the blood of Christ and the wafer/bread symbolizing the body of Christ. This ordinance is served as a memorial to the sacrificial death of Christ; Southern Baptists view the Bible as the inspired word of God without error & authority for issues of faith and life;
  11. 11. What is the Nova Nation? Nova Church launched on January 8, 2012, after being birthed by God in August of 2011; Nova’s “Rules of Order” are contained throughout a book called “The Bible;” To be a part of Nova’s leadership constellation, one must be comfortable with servanthood; Nova’s 11 core values reveal the priorities of the church community;
  12. 12. What is the Nova Nation? Nova’s vision can be stated succinctly as ‘Removing Barriers, Building Bridges, and Sharing the Love of Christ.’ We seek to engage our context with a ‘Great Commission’ mentality that seeks to use creative, Christ-honoring methods to reach, win, & develop those apart from Christ and deploy them into the world as ministers of the gospel in everyday life; Nova Church will have expectations of members, primarily that they strive to live according to the teachings of God’s word;