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Hul presentation

  1. 1. HUL PRESENTATION - Presentation Transcript<br />Submitted by:-<br />Richasharma<br />Shefaligarg<br />Shiprasingh<br />Tanushreebaral<br />V satyadeepak<br />Vikramsingh<br />INTRODUCTION….<br />India’s largest fast moving consumer goods company<br />In India since 1895<br />Formally incorporated in 1956<br />A subsidiary of Unilever (51.5%)<br />A $ 2.2 billion company<br />16% operating margin<br />Market Capitalization: $14 billion<br />Market Leader across categories<br />Fabric wash, Personal wash, Dish wash, hair wash, skin applications, Talcum powders, packet tea, Jams<br />Number two: Toothpaste, instant coffee, ketchup<br />JOURNEY AT A GLANCE….<br />1888 Sunlight soap introduced in India<br />1895 Lifebuoy soap launched; Lever Brothers appoints agents in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Karachi<br />1902 Pears soap introduced in India<br />1905 Lux soap and Lux flakes introduced<br />1913 Vim scouring powder introduced<br />1930 Unilever is formed on January 1st through merger of Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie<br />1941 Agencies in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Karachi taken over; Company acquires own sales force<br />JOURNEY CONTD…….<br />2001 With the goals of improving hygiene, fighting disease and generating rural incomes for small communities, Project Shakti is launched as a pilot in Andhra Pradesh<br />2002 Yashodadham, a village reconstructed in Kutch district of Gujarat is dedicated to<br />1,100 residents, a year after their homes were wrecked by a devastating ear thquak<br />2005 Management Committee formed, organisation structure simplified<br />2007 Name formally changed to Hindustan Unilever Limited<br />BRAND PORTFOLIO….<br />HOME CARE BRANDS<br />PERSONAL CARE BRANDS<br />WATER<br />“As Safe As Boiled Water”<br />Doesn’t need gas, electricity, or continuous water supply<br />Water clear, odorless and tasty<br />No residual chlorine<br />Free home demonstrations<br />COMPETITORSLux,Rexona,Breeze,Lifebuoy,Pears,Dove,Hamam,Liril.Pepsodent,Close UpSunsilk,ClinicPlus,DoveSurf Excel, Wheel, RinKwality wallsKnorrAnnapurna saltBrook bond teaRin, Surf exelSantoor, Chandrika,Cinthol, Mysore Sandal,Godrej no. 1, Nirma,Dettol, Santoor, Savlon,Camay ,Margo ,CintholColgate,Meswak,DaburRed,AnchorPantene,Head & Shoulders,L’Oreal, GarnierTide,Nirma,ArielAMULMaggiTata saltTata teaTide <br />CHALLENGES BEFORE HUL<br />Inflation reducing Profit<br />Raw materials.<br />Reduction in consumer income.<br />Competition in core categories.<br />Price positioning.<br />Advertising costs.<br />Competitors focusing single category.<br />Emerging.<br />Consumer behavior.<br />Changing habits<br />Confused with competitors products.<br />Traditional.<br />Rapid innovation in designing new products.<br />CHALLENGES BEFORE HUL contd..Create a new & different mindset.Turn a problem into a solution.Help to improve the nation’s nutrition.<br />MARKET SHARE ACROSS VARIOUS SEGMENTS<br />DISTRIBUTION CARRIED OUT IN PROGRAMS<br />THE YEAR OF INNOVATION-2006<br />SALES PROMOTION….<br />AXE: Sales promotion by iphone<br />LIFEBUOY: a)Swasthya chetna<br />b)Silver coins<br />LUX: a)Gold coins<br />b)Top models,50 years completion,Shahrukh<br />c)3+1 packs<br />d) Zee cine awards<br />HUL'S PUREIT:1 crore purity challenge<br />RIN: 1 crore challenge<br />BRU: Co promotional alliance with movie aisha<br />LAKME: Lakme Fashion Week<br />VASELINE: Tied to lifetime miseries of maneater<br />PEPSODENT: Toothbrush and toothpaste combo packs<br />BROOKEBOND:Sehatmand parivar sehatmand bharat campaign<br />SALES PROMOTION CONTD…..<br />Hire top celebs as brand ambassador<br />Use of big hoardings<br />BRU’s discover something new promotion is being conducted between 11th december 2010 & 11th march 2011.<br />Done in all the leading newspapers,magazines,internet,hoardings,rodio announcements,etc.<br />In 2008 HUL came up with offers like buy 3 get 1 free.<br />Providing tooth brush with the combo pack of ‘PEPSODENT’.<br />Conducting road shows to spread awareness during the lifebuoy campaign.<br />Campaigning against H1N1 disease to promote ‘HEALTHY BHARAT ABHIYAAN’.<br />Ageless miracle challenge to promote the ponds.<br />Beauty ticket contest inviting women to buy lux.<br />FAMOUS TAG LINES<br />RIN: dugni safedi, dugni chamak.<br />AXE: the axe effect.<br />SURF EXCEL: daag acche hai.<br />BRU : bru se hoti hai khushiyaan shuru.<br />LIFEBUOY : lifebuoy hai jahaan tandurust hai wahaan.<br />LUX INTERNATION :not just soap, its skin care.<br />TAJ MAHAL : wah! Taj<br />SUNSILK : “All you need is Sunsilk”<br />HUL Corporate social Responsibility….<br />Provided income-generating opportunities to45,000 Shakti entrepreneurs in rural areas across 15 states in 100,000 villages through Project Shakti<br />~ Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna has touched 120 million people in more than 50000 villages across India since 2002<br />~ Fair and lovely foundation has awarded more than 790 scholarships to women with limited financial resources for higher studies<br />~HUL & vanrai have undertaken a forestation in the area bringing close to 40 hectares of land under mango plantation<br />~ Reduced CO2 emissions from energy manufacturing operations by 28% (measured per tonne of production over 2004 baseline)<br />~ More than 75% of the units are zero discharge sites.<br />~Launching of the shakti-man program(a parallel program targeting the men folk in the villages).<br />~others..<br />PROJECT SHAKTI<br />