Connecting healthcare markets around the globe


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Connecting healthcare markets around the globe

  1. 1. Connecting healthcare markets around the globe A Roadmap to the Future
  2. 2. Our vision is a collaboration of healthcare delivery professionals who are committed to using their skills and resources to foster a positive change at an individual, organizational and global level. Our aim is to engage all segments of the healthcare sector to transform their visions of a better and connected world into action.
  3. 3. To achieve our mission, we will focus and serve healthcare organizations around the globe, connecting them together by means of an Integrated Health Network. Based on successful implementations in USA, UK and UAE, we have developed the expertise to match the most relevant technology, consultancy, implementation and support services to each situation and the unique challenges healthcare organizations face.
  4. 4. Our experience tells us that healthcare professionals around the globe want to be part of a growing community of those envisioning and building a better yet connected world. To respond to this need, we will serve as a resource for connecting healthcare projects, care delivery networks, insurance payers, clearing houses and above all sharing of information through a sustainable solution.
  5. 5. Integrated Health Network Pragmedic Electronic Health Record Other Clinics & Hospitals Radiology Centers Pharmacies Inter and Intra Team Connectivity Referring Providers Laboratories PragEnterprise ™ Insurance Clearing House PragRecord ™ PragManage ™ Internet PragPortal ™ SpritEnterprise ™ Hospitals Kiosks Patients Clinics
  6. 6. Healthcare providers today face increasing pressures which go far beyond the demands of delivering quality patient care. They must deliver patient satisfaction, take action on patient safety initiatives, meet compliance, and—as a result—turn an explosion of data into usable information. And that means the data centers being designed today will need to accommodate such challenges for years to come.
  7. 7. We will help customers develop the healthcare solutions that they imagine rather than forcing them to specify each detail. With deep expertise in this complex market, we possess a keen understanding of the unique needs of healthcare professionals.
  8. 8. 24x7 ongoing technical support will be provided by individuals with expertise in all areas of healthcare delivery management as well as computers and operating systems. Latest communication tools will be utilized to answer the questions and solve customer problems not only on-line but also on-site.
  9. 9. Business Unit needs to be set up within the overall corporate identity where the management will conduct strategic planning in relation to products, services and markets.
  10. 10. The Business Unit will focus on designing strategies that help the organization become successful at solution sales. It will also help nurture the capabilities of sales people to “talk business” with customers. To jumpstart a sales force toward the right selling behaviors, we have developed industry leading training and development approaches that can help sales people perform more effectively in a solution-selling environment.
  11. 11. The Business Unit will bring business process capabilities, industry experience, and solution and market expertise in order to support the implementation and training teams to provide customers consulting, integration, implementation and training services for products and solutions.
  12. 13. Some facts and description. Why to choose this location? Strategic importance?
  13. 14. Some facts and description. Why to choose this location? Strategic importance?
  14. 15. Some facts and description. Why to choose this location? Strategic importance?
  15. 16. Some facts and description. Why to choose this location? Strategic importance?