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ZALP Brochure

  2. 2. Zalp was built keeping in mind the two mostimportant yet strikingly contrasting facts ofrecruitment:• Employee referrals are the most valuablesource of recruitment for every organization.• Employee referrals are the mostunderutilized source of recruitment in everyorganization.Zalp is a unique recruitment tool that intelligently usessocial media with a single point focus of improving anorganizations employee referral program.Why Zalp?Zalp is a specialized SAAS (software-as-a-service) based social recruitment tool thatexhaustively exploits the potential of social media with a focussed approach towards reducingthe cost per hire and time to fill byunleashing the true potential of anorganizations employee referralprogram.ZALP is the perfect solution forevery organization looking to tapthe unexplored potential of theirreferral program while at the sametime exploiting the potent potentialof social media in recruitment.
  3. 3. The potential of employee referralsConsider an organizationwith just 100 employees100 150 =x 15,000POTENTIALCANDIDATESEMPLOYEES CONNECTIONSEach employee havinga minimum of 150 connectionson their social networksHow many employees does your organization have?Imagine the vast pool of candidatesyou can tap into through this rich resourceA total number of 15,000cprospective andidates
  4. 4. EMPLOYEE REFERRALSJOB BOARDSCAREER SITEAGENCYNOTIFICATIONOTHERS15%21%36%19%19%0.4%43%32%15%8%1%2%Employee referrals v/s other sourcesWhere does your current conversion stand?APPLICATIONS HIRESZalp promises 50% more referralsthan your traditional employee referral programem loyee r ferrals h tp e ave hem x mu c nver ion-to h re r tesa i m o s - i a
  5. 5. Lower time to fillEMPLOYEEREFERRALSJOBBOARDSCAREERSITES 55DAYS39DAYS29DAYS0 DAYS 20 DAYS 40 DAYS 60 DAYSl i t lowest t me o fi lHow soon do your positions close?With Zalp, see the time to fill positions drop significantly
  6. 6. Lower attrition rateHIREDTHROUGHEMPLOYEEREFERRALSJOBBOARDSCAREERSITESYEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 333%22%34%20%32%14%46% 45% 42%42% of eferral hire stayed for s rmore than 3 years as c mpare too djust 14% of thosehired throu h job boardsgWhat is your current attrition rate?Zalp not only helps you attract but also retain the best talent
  7. 7. Social recruitment adoption2010201173%63%58%2012YEAR ON YEAR GROWTHsignifi ant rise in thecper nta e of ucces f l hir sce g s s u ehrough S i l Re ruitmentt oc a cHave you explored social recruiting yet?Zalp will be every organizationsperfect Socially Intelligent Recruitment Buddy
  8. 8. QuickRefer:Analyze:Share:Notify:Track:Match:QuickAdd:Employeescannowrefertheirconnectionstoopenjobswithjustaclick.Tracktheperformanceofyourreferralprogramthroughdetailedanalytics.Increase the reach of yourreferral program by sharingunique job links on socialnetworks.Ensures that the recruitersas well as the employees are wellupdated on the entire job circuitand referral process within theorganization.Realtime status tracking onthe referral progress thusgenerating transparency at every stage leaving employees satisfied with their efforts.Empowers employees with the most relevant matches to a job.Allows you to instantly on-board all your employees to Zalp with just a click.Quick ReferAnalyzeShareNotifyTrackMatchQuick AddQuick ReferTrackMatchShareQuick AddMatchNotifyFeaturesEach of Zalps features have been specially designed to addressthe pain points of an employee referral program. With itsunique social media integration it becomes everyorganizations perfect Socially Intelligent Employee ReferralTool.
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