Employee Referral Programs - Evaluation Checklist for 2014


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A successful employee referral program has tremendous potential but at the same time may have its problems and sometimes might not work to your advantage. When you evaluate and then solve these problem areas, you’ll start to see some real, long-lasting results. Here are some guidelines which can be used to evaluate your existing referral program.

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Employee Referral Programs - Evaluation Checklist for 2014

  1. 1. Employee Referral Programs Evaluation Checklist for 2014
  2. 2. Is your ERP OR helping you achieve: Is your ERP in the face of increased Hiring Targets • High Volumes • Quality Hires • Outdated & Stale • High Interview to Hire Ratio • High Retention ratios • Showing a Plateau in Performance • Necessitating a Quick Program Audit • Low Time-to-Fill • Satisfaction of Managers, Employees & Prospects • Increased ROI Here’s a checklist to evaluate your employee referral program and thus make sure if you are on the right path as you begin recruiting in the 2014
  3. 3. Optimal Use of Social Recruiting Solutions Is your Referral Program making Optimal use of Social Recruiting Solutions? An effective Employee Referral Software, must facilitate the Employee’s Social Media Relationships & provide Easy Tools to convert them into referrals. Structured technology solutions which empower employees in the Referral process work better than fitting your process into the design of an available tool
  4. 4. Maintaining Operational Responsiveness Is your Organization as Proactive as you would like it to be? Slow Response Time is likely to affect the Referrals negatively, as also to frustrate Employees. In order to keep Interest Levels High: • Both the Referral & the Employee must be responded to, within a pre agreed time frame • The time frames must be communicated early on, to set common expectations Opt for an Agile Employee Referral Tracking Software, that can keep employees updated about the status of the Referral made by them • Should you be unable to reduce the turnaround time, it will be advisable to seek volunteers or reduce the scope of the program.
  5. 5. Ease of Use Is your ERP a maze for employees to trudge through? • Even large rewards can fail to get employees to act, if the referral program is not backed by operational ease. It is worthwhile to consider: • Does the process have too many complicated steps? • Are the Employees able to access the program easily? • Employee A User Friendly Social Recruiting Software can go a long way in improving Employee Usage & Efficiency Referral Programs should be integrated with the overall Recruitment Program
  6. 6. Relevant Reward Programs Is your Reward Program customized to excite your Target Audience? Employees can also be motivated & engaged in Referral Programs through non monetary appreciation such as: • Personalized Thank You Notes • Opportunities to Interact with Top Management • Choice of vacation or work shift schedules • Additional Awards can be granted for Referrals Public Recognition of an Employee making Great Referrals, goes a long way in Employee Motivation who turn out to be High Performers • Rewards can also be offered for candidates who come close to requirement, but are not hired
  7. 7. Appropriate Employee Education How important is Employee Education in your Organization? Organizations need to provide adequate support & training to enable employees to unearth their contacts. Some important areas of education are: • Where to look for Prospects? • Best Practices to build Online Relationship with Industry Resources • Tips to help them leverage their Social Media Provide Effective Tool Kits that reduce Trial & Error for Employees Networks • Provide Improved Job Descriptions
  8. 8. With these simple steps you are sure to see improved results in your referral program. And if you need a tool that will help you seamlessly achieve all of this, ZALP is just a click away You may also opt for a free consultation on improving your referral program results. Our employee referral specialists would be glad to help.
  9. 9. For more information, visit www.zalp.com To book a free demo, drop a mail to info@zalp.com www.linkedin.com/company/zalp www.facebook.com/zalp03 www.twitter.com/zalptweets You may also call us for any other assistance 1-866-217- 1267