Utilising mobile media and customer insight to improve loyalty and profitability


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Presentation in IQPC conference "Customer Insight in Telecoms" in Berlin on 22.5.2012

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Utilising mobile media and customer insight to improve loyalty and profitability

  1. 1. Utilising mobile media and customer insight to improve loyalty and profitability Juha Meronen, Blyk @_wideangle Berlin, 22.5.20121 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  2. 2. Part I: Sun shine, spring flowersand…A Perfect Service Fairy Tale!2 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  3. 3. The Perfect Service would be easily discovered and people wouldlove to discuss about it3 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  4. 4. The customer experience would include several wow-effectsand even the smallest details would be taken care of4 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  5. 5. The user would be in the drivers seat in privacy matters andthe data benefits would be shared across the stakeholders http://www.waze.com5 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  6. 6. The consumers would be emotionally and rationallylocked-in - instead of the usual lock-in methods6 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  7. 7. Eventually the Perfect Service needs to have the businessmodel right as well and benefit from the loyal users Discovery Experience Control Recurrence Monetization7 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  8. 8. Part II: Lizards, onions and ...Common traps to avoid!8 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  9. 9. There is a wealth of services, applications and sites for theconsumer to choose from - and to forget!9 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  10. 10. Small details and issues in the service might ruin the wholeexperience – Think about the whole customer lifecycle!10 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  11. 11. Too often the consumer is given only two options to choosefrom: Take it or Leave it!11 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  12. 12. The initial interest to the service can be quickly ramped up –but providing a service is a marathon rather than a sprint event!12 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  13. 13. The monetization method should be clear from the beginning.Otherwise it will feel like an add-on for the consumers13 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  14. 14. Part III: Blyk, Mobile mediaand the Operators14 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  15. 15. Blyk engages subscribers with their real passions andinterests - entertainment, sport, fashion...NOT handsets,top-up and tariffs. It’s like a magazine delivered to theinbox15 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  16. 16. Blyk works with together with the local operator, delivers mobile media forits subscribers in order to create attachment to the operator16 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  17. 17. The media content is of interest for the subscribers and theadvertisers. The themes range from sports and music, from polls tocompetitions17 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  18. 18. Blyk has a great advantage: Access to the Inbox, which is to betaken advantage of but not over-exploited18 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk Picture: Metro International (http://www.metro.lu/photo_library)
  19. 19. The information is flowing smoothly between the stakeholders to create common benefits to be shared Benefits: Benefits: Right audience targeted Churn propensity, with the campaigns, Operator cross/upsell opportunities, Responses to campaigns Brands (share of the ad/media benefits)Data: Media AgenciesDemographics,(Telecom usage patterns,Location information) Ad Agencies Blyk Data: Expectations, market perspective, Campaign performance and other feedback Benefits: Targeted campaigns, Data: offers and competitions Responses to campaigns 19 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Member Blyk
  20. 20. There are several ways to gather understanding of customerspreferences and interestsOption 1: Data analysis Option 3: To the point question at the right time l traveOption 2: Explicit profiling in advance20 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  21. 21. Learning about the customers is crucial to success. Question isan extremely powerful means of understanding your customersbetter! Materialistic wishes -> More offers in the media delivery Abstract and social wishes -> More social good related campaigns21 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  22. 22. Responses to simple questions may reveal powerful thingsabout the subscribers – How likely they are to churn, forexample!22 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  23. 23. From the analytics and insight perspective Blyk utilizes simpleand straightforward methods to create value for stakeholders 1. Responses from the members are worth of gold 2. Data is best fresh 3. Improve media efficacy 4. Loyalty is about getting all service elements right23 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  24. 24. Creating loyalty is about getting all service elements right Discovery "Easy to be discovered, lot to be talked about" Experience "All details right, in all customer touch points" Control "Letting customer be in drivers seat on privacy matters" Recurrence "Positive stickiness to your service" Monetization "Having a clear and communicated business model"24 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  25. 25. Thank You! Juha Meronen, Blyk juha@blyk.com @_wideangle25 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk
  26. 26. About BlykFounded in 2006, Blyk is amobile media company thatworks with operators tostrengthen and monetize theirrelationship with subscribersA pioneer in permission-basedmarketing, Blyk’s operatorpartners include EverythingEverywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) in the UK and Aircel inIndia. For more details pleasesee www.blyk.com26 © Blyk torstai, 10.1.2013 Blyk