Ringing the changes: transforming teams and technologies


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In what context is using digital media
An appropriate response to the
challenges of teaching and learning?

Let's investigate some key scenarios

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  • AULIC Summer conference 2012Ringing the changes: transforming teams and technologiesDigital media: supporting teaching and learningZak MensahJISC Digital Media
  • 24/7 demands1 to many relationshipcost cutting everywhereduplicationnot data lead
  • Bath spa, Bath University, UWE and University of Bristol – AULIC libraries
  • See https://www.gov.uk/designprinciples#eighth
  • http://www.bris.ac.uk/it-services/survey/student2012
  • http://www.bris.ac.uk/it-services/survey/student2012
  • Graphic credit: http://thenounproject.com/noun/magnifying-glass/#icon-No95
  • https://www.gov.uk/designprinciples#third
  • 1,117 responses were received, roughly a 25% decrease compared to the 2009 survey.
  • Now that is not a user friendly naming convention for a book
  • Used with permission by http://www.flickr.com/photos/cmt2779/2054181548/in/photostream/
  • http://www.tonybates.ca/2012/03/10/pedagogical-roles-for-video-in-online-learning/
  • http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/
  • Ringing the changes: transforming teams and technologies

    1. 1. Ringing the changes: transforming teams and technologies AULIC Summer conference 2012Digital media: supporting teaching and learning Zak Mensah / JISC Digital Media @zakmensah / @jiscdigital
    2. 2. • Photo of me
    3. 3. In what context is using digital mediaAn appropriate response to thechallenges of teaching and learning?Lets investigate some key scenarios
    4. 4. What DOESNT digital affect?
    5. 5. Interaction Pointsbook search, journal search, authorsearch, How to use a resource, renewbook, ...pay book fine, meet colleagues, discovery, get in touch,complain
    6. 6. New digital opportunities Digital spaces Social Barriers Opportunities
    7. 7. #Digital services
    8. 8. We have all these tools andtechnologies at our disposal yet ourability to make sense of it all is still in itsinfancy.How can I put things out of socialnetworks? does Google maps tell mewhich is the most beautiful route?
    9. 9. # You are not your user
    10. 10. What are they asking for? Access Blackboard, printing and photocopying, access to electronic library resources These are the services with average levels of satisfaction. 58% rated Blackboard either excellent or good, 48% rated printing and photocopying satisfactory or poor. There has been a dip in the satisfaction ratings for electronic library resources, with only 61% of responses rating it excellent or good compared to nearly 80% in 2009. p6 of surveyCollaboration Spaces Discovery Social *
    11. 11. #Data led
    12. 12. Tony BatesIssues as user searching for works
    13. 13. https://www.gov.uk/designprinciples#t hird https://www.gov.uk/designprinciples#third
    14. 14. User needsDo Review Iterate
    15. 15. Measure impact
    16. 16. Why ask why?• "Why?" is the most important question, not asked nearly enough. Hint: "Because I said so," is not a valid answer.Why does it work this way?• Why is that our goal?• Why did you say no?• Why are we treating people differently?• Why is this our policy?• Why dont we enter this market?• Why did you change your mind?• Why are we having this meeting?• Why not?• http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2012/05/why-ask-why.html
    17. 17. #fix pinch points
    18. 18. Student Survey : IT Services 2012Library online system needs better interface, more access to eBooks and have an alerts system p26
    19. 19. • 3-s2.0-B9780750656672500008-main.pdf
    20. 20. #Filter
    21. 21. #CommunicationSharing Comment Discovery Discussion
    22. 22. Digital Media uses
    23. 23. Communication - how can i help via skype,gather insightsSupport - demonstrate and illustrate viascreencasts, FAQsDiscovery - digital tours in multiple languages,rare works, common works,Content - audio, video collections, opencollections?
    24. 24. Pedagogical uses for video
    25. 25. ...we need to rethink the stories we tell about socio- technical change and the future of education. We need to reclaim the right of educators, students and communities to challenge the orthodox future we are being sold, and to imagine and build viable alternatives. Only by rewriting the stories we tell ourselves about the relationship between education, technology and social change we ensure that schools are really equipped to prepare all of their students for the future. - Keri Facer, "Learning Futures"