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Harun Yahya Islam   The Skulls That Demolish Darwin
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Harun Yahya Islam The Skulls That Demolish Darwin


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Published in: Spiritual
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  • 1. TO THE READER •A special chapter is assigned to the collapse of the theory of evolution because this theory consti - tutes the basis of all anti-spiritual philosophies. Since Darwinism rejects the fact of creation—and therefore, Allah's existence—over the last 140 years it has caused many people to abandon their faith or fall into doubt. It is therefore an imperative service, a very important duty to show everyone that this theory is a deception. Since some readers may find the chance to read only one of our books, we think it appropriate to devote a chapter to summarize this subject. •All the author's books explain faith-related issues in light of Qur'anic verses, and invite readers to learn Allah's words and to live by them. All the subjects concerning Allah's verses are explained so as to leave no doubt or room for questions in the reader's mind. The books' sincere, plain, and fluent style ensures that everyone of every age and from every social group can easily understand them. Thanks to their effective, lucid narrative, they can be read at one sitting. Even those who rigorously reject spirituality are influenced by the facts these books document and cannot refute the truthful - ness of their contents. •This and all the other books by the author can be read individually, or discussed in a group. Readers eager to profit from the books will find discussion very useful, letting them relate their re - flections and experiences to one another. •In addition, it will be a great service to Islam to contribute to the publication and reading of these books, written solely for the pleasure of Allah. The author's books are all extremely convincing. For this reason, to communicate true religion to others, one of the most effective methods is encouraging them to read these books. •We hope the reader will look through the reviews of his other books at the back of this book. His rich source material on faith-related issues is very useful, and a pleasure to read. •In these books, unlike some other books, you will not find the author's personal views, explanations based on dubious sources, styles that are unobservant of the respect and reverence due to sacred sub - jects, nor hopeless, pessimistic arguments that create doubts in the mind and deviations in the heart. All translations from the Qur'an are from The Noble Qur'an: a New Rendering of Its Meaning in English by Hajj Abdalhaqq and Aisha Bewley, published by Bookwork, Norwich, UK. 1420 CE/1999 AH. GLOBAL PUBLISHING May, 2008 Talatpasa Mah. Emirgazi Caddesi Ibrahim Elmas Ismerkezi A Blok Kat 4 Okmeydani - Istanbul/Turkey Phone: (+90 212) 222 00 88 -
  • 2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Now writing under the pen-name of HARUN YAHYA, Adnan Oktar was born in Ankara in 1956. Having completed his primary and second- ary education in Ankara, he studied arts at Istanbul's Mimar Sinan University and philosophy at Istanbul University. Since the 1980s, he has published many books on political, scientific, and faith-related issues. Harun Yahya is well-known as the author of important works disclosing the imposture of evolutionists, their invalid claims, and the dark liaisons between Darwinism and such bloody ideologies as fascism and communism. Harun Yahya's works, translated into 57 different languages, constitute a collection for a total of more than 45,000 pages with 30,000 illustrations. His pen-name is a composite of the names Harun (Aaron) and Yahya (John), in memory of the two es- teemed prophets who fought against their peoples' lack of faith. The Prophet's seal on his books' covers is symbolic and is linked to their contents. It represents the Qur'an (the Final Scripture) and Prophet Muhammad (saas), last of the prophets. Under the guidance of the Qur'an and the Sunnah (teachings of the Prophet [saas]), the author makes it his purpose to disprove each funda- mental tenet of irreligious ideologies and to have the "last word," so as to completely silence the ob- jections raised against religion. He uses the seal of the final Prophet (saas), who attained ulti- mate wisdom and moral perfection, as a sign of his intention to offer the last word. All of Harun Yahya's works share one single goal: to convey the Qur'an's message, encourage read- ers to consider basic faith-related issues such as Allah's ex- istence
  • 3. and unity and the Hereafter; and to expose irreligious systems' feeble foundations and perverted ideologies. Harun Yahya enjoys a wide readership in many countries, from India to America, England to Indonesia, Poland to Bosnia, Spain to Brazil, Malaysia to Italy, France to Bulgaria and Russia. Some of his books are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu, Arabic, Albanian, Chinese, Swahili, Hausa, Dhivehi (spoken in Mauritius), Russian, Serbo- Croat (Bosnian), Polish, Malay, Uygur Turkish, Indonesian, Bengali, Danish and Swedish. Greatly appreciated all around the world, these works have been instrumental in many peo- ple recovering faith in Allah and gaining deeper insights into their faith. His books' wisdom and sincerity, together with a distinct style that's easy to understand, directly affect anyone who reads them. Those who seriously consider these books, can no longer advocate atheism or any other per- verted ideology or materialistic philosophy, since these books are characterized by rapid effec- tiveness, definite results, and irrefutability. Even if they continue to do so, it will be only a senti- mental insistence, since these books refute such ideologies from their very foundations. All con- temporary movements of denial are now ideologically defeated, thanks to the books written by Harun Yahya. This is no doubt a result of the Qur'an's wisdom and lucidity. The author modestly intends to serve as a means in humanity's search for Allah's right path. No material gain is sought in the pub- lication of these works. Those who encourage others to read these books, to open their minds and hearts and guide them to become more devoted servants of Allah, render an invaluable service. Meanwhile, it would only be a waste of time and energy to propagate other books that create confusion in people's minds, lead them into ideological chaos, and that clearly have no strong and precise effects in removing the doubts in people's hearts, as also verified from previous experience. It is impossible for books devised to emphasize the author's literary power rather than the noble goal of saving people from loss of faith, to have such a great effect. Those who doubt this can read- ily see that the sole aim of Harun Yahya's books is to overcome disbelief and to disseminate the Qur'an's moral values. The success and impact of this service are manifested in the readers' con- viction. One point should be kept in mind: The main reason for the continuing cruelty, conflict, and other ordeals endured by the vast majority of people is the ideological prevalence of disbelief. This can be ended only with the ideological defeat of disbelief and by conveying the wonders of cre- ation and Qur'anic morality so that people can live by it. Considering the state of the world today, leading into a downward spiral of violence, corruption and conflict, clearly this service must be provided speedily and effectively, or it may be too late. In this effort, the books of Harun Yahya assume a leading role. By the will of Allah, these books will be a means through which people in the twenty-first century will attain the peace, jus- tice, and happiness promised in the Qur'an.
  • 4. INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Turtle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72 The Impact of Fossil Skulls on Asian lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .74 Darwinism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Donkey skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .75 Lynx skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76 SOME SPECIMENS OF FOSSIL SKULLS Arctic fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .77 Monkey skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Jackal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78 White wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Coyote skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .79 Panda skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Seal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80 Hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Leopard skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81 Horse skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Wild cat skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .82 Snow leopard skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 Red wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .83 Bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84 African lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39 Brown bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85 Golden monkey skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Asian black bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86 Pony skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 Polecat skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87 Caribbean monk seal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42 Spotted seal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .88 Grey wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Grey fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89 Raccoon skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44 Red fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90 Zebra skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45 Jackal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .91 Bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46 Brown bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92 Horse skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47 Wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94 Panda skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48 Black bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95 Indian civet cat skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49 Striped jackal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .96 Malayan sun bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50 Wild dog skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .97 Siberian wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51 Bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .98 Tasmanian devil skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Aardwolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .99 Tibetan wild donkey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 Bat-eared fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100 Maned wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54 Bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .101 Monkey skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Aardwolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .102 Asian wild horse skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56 Lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103 Grizzly bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57 Tasmanian devil skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .104 Snow leopard skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 Weasel skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .105 Foal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 Wild boar skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .106 Tasmanian wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .60 Wild boar skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .107 Wild horse skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61 Zebra skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .108 Jungle cat skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62 Cheetah skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109 Jackal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 Lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .110 Wild dog skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64 Brown hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111 Pony skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65 Antelope skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .112 Lynx skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .66 Antelope skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 Camel skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67 Polar bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .114 Grizzly bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68 Wild dog skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115 Bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69 Grizzly bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .116 Hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70 Black wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .117 Lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71 Jaguar skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .118
  • 5. Lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .119 Weasel skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .165 Small Indian civet cat skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . .120 Turtle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .166 Wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .121 Brown bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .167 Asian golden cat skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .122 Wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .168 Red wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .123 Arctic fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .169 Giraffe skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .124 Tiger skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .170 Zebra skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .125 Panda skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .171 Red panda skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .126 Bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .172 Fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .127 Siberian wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .173 Wild donkey skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128 Tiger skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .174 Wolverine skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .129 Antelope skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .175 Hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .130 Spotted deer skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .176 Asian wild dog skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .131 Rhinoceros skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .177 Tiger skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .132 Hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .178 Fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .133 Dhole skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .179 Red panda skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .134 Wild boar skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .180 Wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .135 Wolverine skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .181 Hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136 Wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .182 Caribbean monk seal skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .137 Fisher marten skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .183 Wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .138 Tibetan sand fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .184 Black bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .139 Spectacled bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .185 Lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .140 Wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .186 Brown bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .141 Dhole skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .187 Grizzly bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .142 Brown bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .143 C O N C L U S I O N . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 188 Siberian wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144 The Burial of Darwinism as Europe Steppe polecat skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .145 Awakens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .190 Hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .146 Panda skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .147 Zebra skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .148 Hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .149 Wild hunting dog skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .150 Brown bear skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .151 Lion skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .152 Asian wild horse skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .153 Tiger skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .154 Fox skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .155 Rabbit skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .156 Cormorant skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .157 Raccoon skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .158 Coyote skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .159 Zebra skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .160 Antelope skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .161 Tiger skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .162 Wolf skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .163 Hyena skull . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .164
  • 6. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN INTRODUCTION According to Darwinists’ erroneous way of thinking, they supposed there is only one explanation for the emergence of living things in nature: All are descended from the very first living cell, which developed spontaneously as the result of blind coincidences. Over the course of time—and again by chance—earlier species gradually trans- formed into other genetically different species. To put it another way, Darwinism feels that in order to account for the emergence of life, all that’s needed are coincidences, nat- ural events and long periods of time. According to Darwinists, life emerged through a combination of these accidents, for which reason there can be no question of such con- cepts as reason, intelligence or even consciousness (Allah is beyond this) playing any part in the process. From their assertion, it follows that the fossil record—and specifically, fossil skulls— should contain clear evidence of this imaginary unconscious process that took place over millions of years. If species really are descended from earlier life forms, then inter- mediate signs of the process should be visible throughout the fossil record. If life forms reach their most advanced forms at the end of a number of previous stages, then the number of fossilized life forms in the process of changing—from fish to reptiles, from reptiles to mammals, and from mammals to intermediate life forms that supposedly took to flying in the air, should be much greater than the number of fossils that had completed the imaginary evolutionary process. There should be billions of such fossils, and the fictitious process of evolution should be crystal clear from them. The fossil record, therefore, should constitute one of the most important proofs of the theory of evolution. And in fact, Charles Darwin himself was well aware of this: If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking most closely all the species of the same group together, must assuredly have existed. . . . Consequently, evidence of their former exis- tence could be found only amongst fossil remains.1 . . . the number of intermediate and transitional links, between all living and extinct species, must have been inconceivably great.2 But the truth revealed by the fossil record is very different! Millions of fossils belong- ing to tens of thousands of different species have been discovered. All of these represent fully formed and complete life forms, each with a perfect appearance and complexity. There is no trace of the intermediate species expected by Darwin and so longed for by all Darwinists since. 10 Harun Yahya
  • 7. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN DARWIN’S IRRATIONAL AND UNSCIENTIFIC FORMULA ccording to Darwinist logic, tigers, hares, cats, but- A terflies, and brightly colored flowers—as well as thinking, reasoning, feeling human beings capable of tak- ing precautions and signing their names to scientific ad- vances—have all emerged by chance, spontaneously, ever since when natural elements and phenomena such as mud, rain, lightning, thunder and wind combined over long periods of time to create life. However, this myth is so ridiculous that not even a primary school student could possibly believe it. Adnan Oktar 11
  • 8. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN The photo below shows a fossil researcher de- termining the borders between one rock layer and the other strata. This process involves the identification of all the strata present, the for- mation process involved and the movement of the Earth that is still going on. Thus the age of fossils as well as their location can both be determined. Not a single intermediate form has been found anywhere in the world. Life forms tens of millions of years old have exactly the same appearance as their living counterparts today. Ants, flies, fish, bears, spiders, tigers and lions alive today are exactly the same as their counterparts that lived mil- lions of years in the past. All have exactly the same levels of complexity as their ancient counterparts. They have never changed—in other words, they never evolved. This applies to all the other living things on Earth, plants and animals alike. Fish have never changed, and neither have birds. Reptiles have survived unchanged, and so have crustaceans. There are countless fossil specimens that show that living things have never changed. This is the truth placed on display throughout the volumes that comprise the Atlas of Creation series. These books consider only a very small part of all the fossils that demonstrate how living things have always re- mained exactly the same. Without exception, all the millions of fossils obtained to date, constitute ev- idence that evolution never happened. The fossils presented in this book totally demolish one of Darwinists’ major claims: their scenario of mammalian evolution. These fossil skulls, millions of years old, show that these mammals lived in exact- ly the same forms as those alive today—which fact deals a serious blow to Darwinism. The realization 12 Harun Yahya
  • 9. No trace of any life form that could possibly be proposed as the supposed ancestor of the starfish has ever been found. Neither have starfish been observed to develop in- to any other life form. They have been in existence for A 125-million- hundreds of millions of years, and if Darwinist claims were year-old spider true, they should long ago have turned into other forms of fossil and a marine life, or even have become terrestrial creatures. Yet specimen living no such transition has ever taken place. This 430-million- today. year-old starfish fossil completely refutes all claims that evolution represents the origin of new species. One substance in which the very best-preserved fossils appear is amber. Fossils within amber resulted when the clear sap or resin secreted by trees solidifies around living things and preserved them as they were at the very moment of death. These 25-million-year-old flying ants are specimens that invalidate the theory of evolution. Excavations carried out over the last 150 years have always produced evi- dence that totally discredits evolu- tion. One such is this 50-million-year- old crab fossil unearthed at Monte Baldo in Italy, which demonstrates that crabs have always existed as crabs.
  • 10. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN olu tio nis ts ma int ain At an era wh en ev on me nt pre va ile d, tha t a pri mi tiv e en vir co mp lex life for ms alr ea dy the re we re e ap pe ara nc e an d wi th ex ac tly the sam t the y dis pla y to- ph ysi ca l str uc tur es tha llio ns of ye ars ag o, da y. Ev en ten s of mi with highly sophisti- the Earth was filled species with all the cated and well-formed ssess today. characteristics they po This life form, which lived 57 million years ago, is identical to its counterparts living today. Like hundreds of thousands of other spe- cies today, this fossilized one has never undergone any changes in the intervening time. 14 Harun Yahya
  • 11. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN that so many birds, reptiles, fish and finally mammals never underwent evolution strongly suggests that the idea of human evolution is utter nonsense, too. The idea of human evolution, for which Darwinists have been unable to provide any shred of evidence, has been totally discredited by the millions of “living fossils” representing species that are still alive today. The fossils depicted in this book represent just a very few of the mammal skulls discovered to date. Anyone with common sense who examines these will agree that each fossil shows that the given spe- cies of mammal has remained unchanged in the form in which it was originally created. That, in turn, will lead to a better understanding of the deceptive nature of Darwinism, which maintains that hu- man beings are only another species of animal descended from apes. In the same way that evolution never happened over the course of natural history, so there is no equivalent “turning point” in hu- man history. All the hoaxes perpetrated to keep this deception alive have been proven vain. The sub- lime and flawless Creation of our Lord Allah, the Creator and sole Lord of all entities, is plain for ev- eryone to grasp. The artistry of our Lord, Who creates from nothing, is displayed all over the world. You can see this for yourself merely from glancing at a rose in the garden, at a bird’s wing, at all the countless living species in all their variety, or at the magnified image of just one single cell. The fossil record has provided plentiful evidence that makes it impossible to deny this immaculate Creation. No objections can any longer be raised to this conclusive evidence. Darwinists are struggling in vain because willingly or not, they have finally come to admit the death of the theory of evolution. All their efforts aimed at keeping Darwinism alive are helpless and despairing. Nobody any longer attach any credence to Darwinism. No doubt, the most rational course of action is to see the truth and shun one’s past errors, abandon any false dream, and to cease wast- ing one’s time in this world—which was created as a place of testing—on such a hollow goal. Adnan Oktar 15
  • 12. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN THE IMPACT OF FOSSIL SKULLS ON DARWINISM Darwin’s thesis that human beings and apes are descended from a common ancestor was never supported by any scientific findings, neither when he first proposed it, not afterward. All the efforts exerted from then to the present—a period of some 150 years—have been in vain. All the fossils obtained to date have proved that apes have always existed as apes, that human beings have always existed as human beings, that apes did not turn into humans and that apes, and that humans have no common ancestor. Despite Darwinists’ intensive propaganda and efforts aimed at intimidating academic cir- cles, many scientists have nevertheless issued unequivocal statements that the idea of human evolution is not based on any scientific data. One such is the Harvard University paleoan- thropologist David Pilbeam: If you brought in a smart scientist from another discipline and showed him the meager evidence we’ve got, he’d surely say, “Forget it; there isn't enough to go on.”3 William Fox, whose book The Bone Peddlers takes paleoanthropology as its subject matter, also says that so-called human evolution is unsupported by any scientific findings: As we have seen, there are numerous scientists and popularizes today who have the temerity to tell us that This fossil tiger skull shows that ti- gers have been ex- actly the same for the last 80 million years, without un- dergoing any altera- tions. 16 Harun Yahya
  • 13. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN there is “no doubt” how man originated. If only they had the evidence. . . . .4 Faced by the disappointment inflicted on them by the fossil record and their own lack of evidence, evolutionists were reduced to setting skulls out one after the other, in a totally in- valid sequence, and to speculating about these fossils, whose fraudulent nature had in any case long since been documented. In fact, the analysis of skulls belonging to apes, other life forms, and to human races that once lived in the past shows that all of them possessed all their characteristics during the course of their existence, and that they never underwent any changes. Living things never evolved, but were all created by Allah. As you shall see from the specimens included in the following pages, just as numerous life forms such as frogs, lizards, dragonflies, flies and cockroaches have undergone no changes in their limbs and other organs, so have their heads undergone no changes. The head regions of birds and fish have also remained unchanged. The skulls of countless mammals such as leopards, wolves, foxes, tigers, rhinoceroses, ti- gers, pandas, lions and hyenas have also stayed exactly the same over the millions of years since they were first created. This stability constitutes a definitive refutation of the idea that living things evolved. The stability that all these life forms reveal also applies to human beings. In the same way that the skull structures of tens of thousands of species have not changed over millions of years, so there have been no alterations in the human skull. Fish have always existed as fish, birds as birds, rep- tiles as reptiles, and human s as human beings. There is no evidence of steady progress from the primitive to the more advanced, of the kind claimed by evolutionists, in the organs or structures of any living thing. In relating the fictitious story of hu- man evolution, evolutionists point to the volume, eyebrow protrusions or brow structures of the skulls they find, and set up their own supposed evo- Adnan Oktar 17
  • 14. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN lutionary sequence and family trees. But the structural differences in fossil skulls are no evi- dence of evolution: These skulls belong either to extinct species of apes, or else to various hu- man races that once existed. It is entirely logical that skulls belonging to different human ra- ces should display structural differences. Different species of fish have differently shaped heads. For example, the head shape of a trout bears no resemblance to that of an eel, although both are fish. Similarly, there may be differences between the skulls of different human races. It is perfectly natural that there should be differences in the eye sockets, forehead struc- tures, muscular structures and skull volumes between Pygmies and British people, Russians and Chinese, Australian Aborigines and Eskimos, Negroes and Japanese But these differences do not mean that one race is descended from another, or is more prim- itive or more advanced than another. An aboriginal race will al- ways maintain the same distinctive features for as long as it does not intermarry with members of another race. No matter how much time passes, these human beings will never evolve in such a way as to acquire different characteristics. Their skull volumes will not become any larger than they are now, and they will not acquire different anatomi- cal structures. For example, various Many species of ape have existed over Malaysian native peoples living the course of geologic history, and the today possess the same large great majority of them have since be- muscular protrusions and back- come extinct. Darwinists use these ex- tinct apes’ skulls to engage in various ward-slanting brow structure kinds of speculation. as that of the skulls of Homo erectus, which evolution- 18 Harun Yahya
  • 15. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ists regard as being a primitive ancestor. If ev- olutionists’ claims were true, the Malaysian natives in question should have a structure and appearance of humans who have recently evolved from being apes and have not yet de- veloped fully into Homo sapiens. Yet that is not the case at all. The fact that anatomical fea- tures of the H. erectus skull can still be seen to- day shows that H. erectus was not a primitive species and also, that evolutionists’ scenario of the human family tree is a fiction. In short, the fact that some past human ra- ces had anatomical structures different from human beings alive today in no way consti- tutes evidence in favor of evolution. Anatomical distinctions can be seen in all peri- ods of recorded history and among all differ- Features of the Homo ent human races. Americans and Japanese, erectus skull, such as Europeans and Australian Aborigines, the protrusions over Eskimos and Negroes or Pygmies all have the eyebrows and its distinctively different skulls. But this does backward-sloping not mean that some of these races are any brow, can also be seen more developed or more backward than the in certain present-day others. races, such as the na- If, thousands of years in the future, scien- tive Malaysian on the tists discover the skull of an American who left. lived in the 2000s and was some 1.90 meters An aboriginal race will preserve its charac- teristic unless it becomes intermixed with an- other race. It will not, for example, develop into a Western European race. No matter how much time elapses, these people will never evolve in such a way as to acquire dif- ferent characteristics; will never acquire a greater skull size than the one they have now, and will never acquire new anatomical features. Adnan Oktar 19
  • 16. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN tall, and compare it with the skull of a Japanese individual who also lived in the 2000s but was only 1.60 meters tall, they will observe a great many differences between them—first and foremost, in terms of size. If, on the basis of these differences, they then suggest, that the Japanese were primitive and that Americans were several rungs higher up the developmental ladder, of course they will be making an interpretation that in no way reflects the true state of affairs. In addition, skull volume is no criterion for measuring anyone’s intelligence or capacities. There are many humans with well-developed bodies but insufficiently developed intelligence. In the same way, many people have bodies and therefore, skulls, smaller than those of others, but who are nev- ertheless highly intelligent. Their skulls cannot be evaluated by the scientists of the future, at least not in a scientifically valid way and on the basis of dimensions alone, to set out any supposed evo- lutionary line of progression—because that sequence will not reflect the true facts. Differences in skull size are known to be totally unrelated to intelligence and ability. If someone spends his life in intense mental activity, his skull will not grow in size. Only his mental abilities will get stronger.. Intelligence varies, not in relation to skull size, but according to the organization within the brain it- self.5 The following pages offer just a few examples of the countless fossil skulls that invalidate the the- ory of evolution. These specimens all prove that no life form has ever changed during its natural his- tory; they have all existed with the same features they enjoyed when they were first created. In ad- dition to this evidence, this book also contains statements that indicate and emphasize the dilemmas facing Darwinist thinking. For example, Darwinists, who illogically maintain that living things de- velop by constant change, are asked to account for the evident stability in every fossil life form. The theory of evolution, which suggests that human beings are allegedly descended from apes, has to ex- plain why no process, similar to the imaginary one it claims took place in apes, occurred in other life forms. Evolutionists have no answer as to why a bear did not one day decide to walk on two legs, why a fox did not raise its level of intelligence enough to become a professor, or why a panda never became a composer writing stupendous symphonies. The rea- son why the subject is discussed using examples and logical progressions accessible even to children is that Darwinism is constructed upon unbelievable illogicality. Depicted as a scientific theory, Darwinism is in fact an unbelievably illogi- cal ideology. People have now fully realized that Darwinism, the worst scandal in the history of the world, is built around lies, hoaxes and irrational claims. In the 21st century, the whole world is witnessing Darwinism’s collapse. 20 Harun Yahya
  • 17. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN THE NEANDERTHAL: HUMAN RACES THAT ONCE A HUMAN RACE EXISTED IN THE PAST ARE NO EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTION he Neanderthals (Homo neanderthalensis) suddenly T emerged in Europe around 100,000 years ago and became extinct—or else became completely assimilat- ed by other races—some 35,000 years ago. The only differences between them and present-day humans are that their rather more powerful skeletons and their slightly larger average skull sizes. Scientific findings This flute, made by show that the Neanderthals were a human race no dif- Neanderthal man, ferent, in terms of intelligence and cultural levels, from shows that they used ourselves. the seven-note scale Cro-Magnon man, on the other hand, is of a race esti- that constitutes the ba- mated to have lived until 30,000 years ago. It had a sic form of Western dome-shaped skull and a broad forehead. Its 1600-cu- music. bic centimeter skull volume is again, slightly greater than that of present-day humans. Cro-Magnon had thick pro- This needle is an- trusions over its eyebrows, and a bony protrusion on the other proof that back of the head that is a characteristic of Neanderthal Neanderthal man man. was no different The visible differences between the Neanderthals and from present-day Cro-Magnons can also be seen among present-day hu- human beings. man races. In the same way that structural differences between an Anglo-Saxon and an Eskimo or an African and a European do not suggest that one race is more developed or backward than another, so physical differ- ences between races that existed in the past do not im- ply that one was more backward or “ape-like” than any other. These races disappeared from the Earth by be- coming assimilated with other races or by becoming ex- tinct in some other way. But they were still fully fledged human beings, not at all “primitive” or “ape-like.” Neanderthal footprints FALSE IMAGES OF NEANDERTHALS PRODUCED BY EVOLUTIONISTS IN RECENT YEARS 1873 1909 1929 1952 1962 1999 2006 Adnan Oktar 21
  • 18. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN THE MYTH OF HUMAN EVOLUTION IS FILLED WITH HOAXES ore than 6,000 species of ape have existed at one time or another. The great ma- M jority of them have since become extinct and vanished, leaving only some 120 spe- cies alive today. But the fossils belonging to these nearly 6,000 extinct species represent a rich source of hoaxes for evolutionists. Unable to point to any concrete evidence, evolution- ists surround fossils of extinct apes with biased analyses and then present them as evi- dence for evolution. For years now, evolutionists have been employing such methods in order to gather sup- porters and mislead the public. However, they now need to see that these methods are of no use. The false evidence used by evolutionists to make their tall tales of the alleged human evolution seem more credible—and the debunk- ing of that evidence—are summarized below. However, there are many more evolutionist hoaxes than the few considered here. All the “ancestor of man” reports in the media, as well as the illustrations accompanying them are com- pletely fictitious. Concrete scientific discoveries have now demolished the story that human beings DECLASS became human by means of a gradual course of de- IFIED velopment. IN1939 Java Man Piltdown Man: A fossil skull was discovered in 1912 and de- scribed as belonging to a half-human, half-ape species. For the next 40 years or so, evolutionists used this fossil as one of their supposedly strongest pieces of evidence, making count- less analyses and illustrations of it in a statement issued on 21 November 1953, however, Piltdown Man was finally declared to be a hoax. A dating test performed 40 years after its discovery revealed that the jawbone and the skull did not actually belong to each other. Pekin Man More detailed examination revealed that the DECLAS SIFIED “Piltdown Man” skull had been assembled by Fossils discovered on the islands of IN 19 53 adding an orangutan jaw to a hu- Java in 1891 and 1892 were given the man skull, which was then aged name Java Man (Pithecanthropus erec- using potassium dichromate. The tus). Fossils discovered near Pekin in way that the skull had been dis- 1923-1927 were given the name Pekin played in London’s Natural Man (Sinanthropus pekinensis) . In History Museum for 40 years and 1939, however, two experts, Ralph von that no permission had been giv- Koenigswald and Franz Weidenreich, en for detailed scientific studies revealed that both were actually normal to be carried out during that time human beings.(1) And Ernst Mayr from Piltdown Man has gone down as a major scien- Harvard University had classified both tific scandal. as human in 1944. (2) 22 Harun Yahya
  • 19. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ALL THE SKU LL IFIED THOUGHT TO DECLASS REPRE- IN1970 SENT EVIDEN CE FOR EVOLUTION HAVE BEEN DECLA SSIFIED! Z i n j a n t h r o p u s : A fossil discovered in 1959 and declared to be the ancestor of man. However, subsequent investigations revealed that Zinjanthropus was in fact an ordinary ape in all respects. Zinjanthropus, whose sci- entific name was twice revised, is regarded by contemporary evolutionists as an extinct life form with nothing to do with human be- ings.(3) These three completely different illustrations pro- duced for the Zinjanthropus fossil are examples of how evolutionists interpret fossils in a highly imagi- native manner. DECLASS IFIED IN1927 Nebraska Man: A single tooth, discovered in 1922 by Henry F. Osborn of the American Museum of Natural History, was depicted as belonging to an intermediate life form between apes and human beings. However, in an article published in Science magazine in 1927, Osborn’s colleague William Gregory stated that the tooth actually be- longed to a wild boar—whereupon all evolutionist claims regarding the fossil were quietly laid aside. The illustration to the side, produced on the basis mag inary I ction of a single tooth by evolutionists of the time, was stru published in the press. econ This attempt by evolutionists to reconstruct a liv- ing thing on the basis of a single tooth is a strik- ing instance of how biased and misleading they can be when it comes to defending and imposing R their theories. Adnan Oktar 23
  • 20. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN Neanderthal Man: After the first speci- mens were discovered in the Neander DECLASS Valley in 1856, evolutionists suggested IFIED that Neanderthals were primitive ape-men. IN1978 Subsequent archaeological discoveries, however, revealed that there was no scientif- ic basis to that claim. Erik Trinkhaus, an expert on the subject of the Neanderthals and also an evolutionist, has ad- mitted that, “Detailed comparisons of Neanderthal skeletal re- mains with those of modern humans have shown that there is nothing in Neanderthal anatomy that conclusively indicates loco- motor, manipulative, intellectual, or linguistic abilities inferior to those of modern humans.”(4) The illustration above shows the In addition, the size of Homo sapiens neanderthalensis the Neanderthal Man Amud 1 skull discovered in skull—200 cubic centime- Israel. Its owner has been esti- mated to be 1.80 meters. tall, ters greater than that of and its brain volume is the present-day humans—re- greatest so far discovered: 1740 veals the invalidity of the cubic centimeters. claim that it was an inter- mediate form between hu- mans and apes. IFIED DECLASS IN 1954 A fossil belonging to the Neanderthal race The Taung child fossil The Taung Child: A fossil skull discovered by Raymond Dart in South Africa in 1924 was ini- tially depicted as a supposed ancestor of man. However, contemporary evolutionists can no longer maintain that it represents such an ancestor—because it subsequently transpired that the skull belonged to a young gorilla! The famous anatomist Bernard Wood stated that this fos- sil constitutes no evidence in favor of evolution in an article published in New Scientist maga- zine. (5) 24 Harun Yahya
  • 21. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN Lucy: This fossil, discovered in Africa in 1974, was widely esteemed by evolutionists and was the subject of some of the most intensive spec- ulation. Recently however, it has been revealed that Lucy (A. afarensis) had an anatomy ideally suited to climbing trees and was no different from other apes we are familiar with. (6) The French scientific journal Science et Vie covered the story in 1999 under the headline “Adieu, Lucy.” One study, performed in 2000, discov- ered a locking system in Lucy’s forearms ena- bling it to walk using the knuckles, in the same way as modern-day chimps.(7) In the face of all these findings, many evolution- ist experts declared that Lucy could not have IFIED been a forerunner of man. (8) DECLASS IN 1999 Ramapithecus: A partial jawbone, consist- ing of two parts, was discovered by G.E. Lewis in India in the 1930s. Based on these two jaw bone fragments, claimed to be 14 million years old, evolutionists reconstructed Ramapithecus’s family and supposed natural habitat (at side). For fifty years, the fossil was portrayed as an ancestor of Man but follow- ing the results of a 1981 anatomical compar- IFIED DECLASS ison with a baboon skeleton, evolutionists IN 1981 were forced to quietly set it aside.(9) (1) B. Theunissen, Eugene Dubois and the Ape-Man from Java, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1989, p. 39. (2) Garniss Curtis, Carl Swisher and Roger Lewin, Java Man, London: Abacus, , 2000, p. 87. (3) sei.htm (4) Erik Trinkaus, “Hard Times Among the Neanderthals,” Natural History, Vol. 87, December 1978, p. 10. (5) Bernard Wood, “Who Are We?.” New Scientist, 26.10.2002, p. 44. (6) Solly Zuckerman, Beyond The Ivory Tower, New York: Taplinger Publications, 1970, pp. 75-94; Fred Spoor, Bernard Wood, Frans Zonneveld, “Implication of Early Hominid Labryntine Morphology for Evolution of Human Bipedal Locomotion,” Nature, Vol. 369, 23 June 1994, pp. 645-648. (7) Richmond, B.G. and Strait, D.S., “Evidence that humans evolved from a knuckle-walking ancestor.” Nature 404(6776): 382, 2000. (8) “Discovery rocks human-origin theories,” Tim Friend, 21 March 2003: science/2001-03-21-skull.htm (9) Science Digest, April 1981. Adnan Oktar 25
  • 22. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN NOT ONE OF THE INTERMEDIATE FORMS WITH ABNORMAL STRUCTURES—WHICH SHOULD HAVE EXISTED OVER MILLIONS OF YEARS—HAS EVER BEEN FOUND f evolution truly did take I place, then the Earth’s strata should be full of bil- lions of intermediate-form fos- sils. In addition, these millions of living things should have been dis- tinctly abnormal in appearance be- cause of the effects of mutations. Organs subjected to mutation many times over should have turned into abnormal forms. Before attaining their perfect and attractive present ap- pearance, these living things must first have had abnormal transitional ap- pearances. For example, before the emergence of the highly sym- metrical human face with its two ears, two eyes, nose and mouth, there must have been a great many abnormal mu- tated faces with impaired symmetry, imperfect ears and eyes, the nose sited right between the eyes or on the chin, or where the ear should have been, and countless other such abnormalities. 26 Harun Yahya
  • 23. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN Were Darwinists’ claims true, then the remains of a great many peculiar living things should be encoun- tered in the fossil record, as shown in these illustra- tions: a large number of eye sockets, noses in different places, a jaw in both in the front and the back, an abnormally devel- oped skull, etc. However, research conducted over the last 150 years has produced absolutely no such fossil remains. On the contrary, all the fossils unearthed so far show that all liv- ing things have been flawless, exhibiting no deficiencies since the moment they were first created, and have never changed or developed new features throughout the course of their existence. Adnan Oktar 27
  • 24. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN THE INVALIDITY OF THE EQUINE EVOLUTION SERIES SCENARIO ll the horse skulls so far unearthed have been flaw- A less and free from deficiencies, just like those of present-day horses. None of them have any pathological features such as semi-developed bones, teeth atop of the skull, misplaced eyes in the jaw or asymmetrical three nostrils. If—as evolutionists would have us believe— horses attained their present forms by constantly chang- ing and going through a great many different stages, then a great many skulls should exhibit structural impair- ments, as seen here. Traces of the mutations to which horses were subjected should also be visible in the fossil record. Yet no such tra- ces have ever been en- countered. Fossils are proof that horses never evolved. Horses have a wide capacity for variation among themselves. Breeds of horse living today, though all of the same species, are very different in terms of their structures and dimensions. The error of the evolu- tionists who set up the so-called equine evolution series lay in depicting fossils of these different breeds as an evolutionary sequence. 28 Harun Yahya
  • 25. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN A great many different breeds of hors- es are living in different parts of the world today. Many evolutionists openly admit the invalidity of the equine evolution scenario. A four-day conference at- tended by 150 evolutionists held at the Chicago Museum of Natural History in November 1981, consid- ered the problems facing the gradual theory of evolu- tion. At that conference, Boyce Rensberger stated that there was no basis in the fossil record for the equine evolution scenario and that no such process as grad- ual equine evolution ever happened: The popularly told example of horse evolution, sug- gesting a gradual sequence of changes from four-toed fox-sized creatures living nearly 50 million years ago to today’s much larger one-toed horse, has long been known to be wrong. Instead of gradual change, fossils of each intermediate species appear fully distinct, per- sist unchanged, and then become extinct. Transitional forms are unknown. (Boyce Rensberger, Houston Chronicle, 5 November, 1980, Part 4, p. 15.) Adnan Oktar 29
  • 26. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN MONKEY SKULL Age: 32 million years Period: Oligocene Location: Qing Dao, China There are countless scenarios concerning the myth of hu- man evolution, none any scientific basis. All consist of speculations invented to persuade people to view them- selves as chance entities descended from apes. All the fossils that Darwinists claimed as intermediate fossils in the imaginary human evolution series were subsequent- ly proven to belong either to various species of monkey or else to human races. It is a scientific fact that monkeys have always existed as monkeys and never developed into any other life form. One of the proofs documenting this is the 32-million-year-old monkey skull illustrated. This fossil is identical to to the skulls of present-day monkeys. There are no traces showing any changes in the direction of Homo sapiens. 32 Harun Yahya
  • 27. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 4.9 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Gan Su, China No one lacking preconceived ideas, but who thinks in a free and honest manner, can possibly believe that unconscious atoms assembled them- selves as the result of chance, organized them- selves, and gave rise to human beings who think, reason, feel see, hear, make discoveries and pro- duce works of art. Yet Darwin’s theory of evolu- tion imposes just that irrational assumption. Countless discoveries made in tens of different fields of science have shown that the supersti- tious beliefs of Darwinism can no longer be maintained. One such piece of evidence is the 4.9-million-year-old wolf skull shown here. As they are regarding all other living things, Darwinists are in a hopeless position in the face of this fossil, which proves that wolves never evolved. Adnan Oktar 33
  • 28. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN PANDA SKULL Age: 40 million years Period: Eocene Location: Si Chuan, China Panda remains dating back 90 million years, 73 million years and this 40-mil- lion-year old skull shown here are all identical to those of present-day pandas. Whichever panda remains we may ex- amine we still see no difference between them and their present counterparts. The fossil record contains no trace of pandas’ imaginary forerunners. Darwinists’ spec- ulation on the subject of the supposed evolution of pandas and other living things is meaningless. The scientific evi- dence cannot be concealed with myths and suppositions. The theory of evolu- tion is fated to be condemned as one of the 20th century’s worst deceptions. 34 Harun Yahya
  • 29. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HYENA SKULL Age: 4.6 million years Period: Pliocene Location: An Hui, China The theory of evolution, developed in the prim- itive scientific climate in Darwin’s time and maintained in an environment of ignorance through such tactics as imagination, prejudice, sleight of hand and demagoguery, has now col- lapsed in the face of modern scientific discover- ies. The fossil record has shown that intermedi- ate forms exist only in evolutionists’ imagina- tions and that each species was individually cre- ated. One important example of this is a 4.6-mil- lion-year-old hyena skull. Living things ap- peared exactly the same millions of years in the past as they do today. Adnan Oktar 35
  • 30. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HORSE SKULL Age: 4.3 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Ji Lin, China The history of paleontology is full of examples of fos- sils that invalidate evolution being hidden away in museum warehouses. Pictures of the first specimens of Cambrian Period fossils to be discovered were con- cealed for 70 years in the storerooms of the Smithsonian Institution because they represented ma- jor evidence that fundamentally refuted evolution. Given such an example, it was inevitable that the the- ory of evolution would attempt to conceal specimens of countless living fossils subsequently unearthed, and for exactly the same reason. However, the situation was by no means what Darwinists had been expecting. Darwinists never imagined that so many specimens of so-called “living fossils” would be discovered. The number of fossil specimens unearthed in excavations carried out to date is exceedingly high. One example is this horse skull dating back 4.3 million years, which is identical to the skull of present-day horses. 36 Harun Yahya
  • 31. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SNOW LEOPARD SKULL Age: 67 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Yun Nan, China Snow leopards, with their magnificent ap- pearance, elegant fur and extraordinary equipment, were in existence as long as 67 million years ago. This 67-million-year- old snow leopard skull, identical in all re- spects to the skulls of snow leopards liv- ing today, makes this crystal-clear. Contrary to Darwinists’ expectations, this animal which, according to the theory of evolution, should have taken a very long time to develop gradually actually ap- pears suddenly and fully formed in the fossil record with no intermediate form or forerunners behind it. Evolutionists need to account for this sudden and flawless appearance in the fossil record; yet they are silent and despairing, because they know that these remains from the past are actually evidence of Creation. Adnan Oktar 37
  • 32. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BEAR SKULL Age: 48 million years Period: Eocene Location: Shan Dong, China The late evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould ad- mitted that fossils have never provided any support for the theory of evolution: The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of pa- leontology . . . We fancy ourselves as the on- ly true students of life’s history, yet to pre- serve our favored account of evolution by natural selection we view our data as so bad that we never see the very process we profess to study.6 As Gould admitted, there is no evidence that any evolutionary process ever took place. All scientific findings reveal that life is actually the work of Almighty Allah. One such find- ing is a 48-million-year old bear skull. 38 Harun Yahya
  • 33. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN AFRICAN LION SKULL The record jumps, and all the evidence shows that the record is real: the gaps we see reflect real events in life's history-not the artifact of a poor fossil record.7—Evolutionist Niles Eldredge What Eldredge means is that now we have a sufficiently high number of fossil specimens to let us see how natural history developed. In terms of the supposed process of evolu- tion, however, there are also huge gaps between these specimens. The reason for this is not any lack of fossilized examples, but rather that these fos- sils are incompatible with any ev- olutionary scenario. The fossil record documents that evolu- tion never took place. Age: 3.5 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Yun Nan, China Adnan Oktar 39
  • 34. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN GOLDEN MONKEY SKULL Age: 36 million years Period: Eocene Location: Si Chuan, As a basis for claiming that human beings are descend- China ed from apes, Darwinists point to the imitative ability of certain species of monkey. Monkeys are able to mimic actions and behavior they see, but this does not allow them to eventual- ly evolve into human beings. If it did, then other species of animal also known to be in- telligent should also have become possessed of human attributes. Parrots, for example, are also able to mimic human speech. Therefore, according to Darwinists’ nonsensical claims, there must be a greater likelihood of parrots develop- ing human speech. Countless findings, such as the 36-mil- lion-year-old monkey skull illustrated here, prove that living things have always remained the same, have never changed, and never developed into any other life form—and that it’s meaningless to insist on such illogical claims. 40 Harun Yahya
  • 35. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN PONY SKULL If evolutionist logic were correct, ponies should long since have Age: 53 million years developed into larger horses. However, as the fossil record Period: Eocene makes perfectly clear, ponies have survived for tens of millions Location: Gui Zho-u, of years without undergoing even the slightest change. China This stability, or stasis, applies to all living species, and repre- sents one of the most serious problems confronting Darwinism, because it demolishes evolution’s fundamental claim, that all living things are descended from a supposed common ancestor and have diversified by one species evolving into others. Adnan Oktar 41
  • 36. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN CARRIBEAN MONK SEAL SKULL Age: 3.1 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Yun Nan, China Darwinists cannot account for the trilobite’s eye, which these crustaceans already possessed as long as 530 million years ago. Darwinists cannot explain how living things in the sea, on land and in the air appeared suddenly and survived unchanged for the entire course of their exis- tence. Darwinists maintain that one species developed into another, but they cannot explain how a single original cell could change in such a way as to assume different functions in a mul- ti-cellular creature. Darwinism is a theory at a dead end, and is gradually dying out as new dis- coveries are made with every passing day. The 3.1-million-year-old Caribbean monk seal skull shown here is one of the many proofs to accelerate this process of disappearance. 42 Harun Yahya
  • 37. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN GREY WOLF SKULL As evidence for the so-called evolution of man, Darwinists pointed to a very limited number of fossils. Many years ago, they interpreted them as their most important specimens of intermediate forms. However, subsequent scientific progress has shown that the fossils in question be- longed either to monkeys or else to hu- man races that existed at some time in the past. For that reason, all the so-called evidence for human evolu- tion has gradually been removed from the scientific literature. The on- ly reason why some Darwinist publi- cations still refer to these fossils is en- tirely speculative—they are of no scien- tific value at all. Another scientific finding that reveals that the evolution of man is a lie and that human beings did not evolve from any previous life form is the countless num- bers of fossils unearthed. One such ex- ample is this 69-million-year-old grey wolf skull, showing that this species of animal has never changed over the course of millions of years. This stasis, which applies to all living things, cer- tainly applies to monkeys as well. Age: 69 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Shan Dong, China Adnan Oktar 43
  • 38. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RACCOON SKULL Age: 4.3 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Gan Su, China Fossil specimens dating back millions of years, when compared with present-day life forms, reveal that there was no transition in morphology and that evolution from one species to another never happened. This fact applies equally to ants and butterflies, polar bears and lizards, and fruit flies and zebras. Darwin’s theory of evolution is unsupported by any scientific findings whatsoever. No evidence to support it has ever been produced since Darwin’s day. And with every passing day, the fossil record makes that lack of evidence even more obvious. This 4.3-million-year-old raccoon skull clearly shows that Darwin was completely wrong. 44 Harun Yahya
  • 39. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ZEBRA SKULL Age: 3.4 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Quing Hai, China Allah has created the zebra with all its magnificent attributes, as He has all other living things. It is Allah Who created their distinguishing and highly attract- ive stripes that set them apart from other four- footed species. This is the reality that Darwinists are unable to understand, find it difficult to grasp and even, in the ma- jority of cases, stubbornly refuse to see. Paleontology reveals this reali- ty, however, through countless ex- amples. The 3.4-million-year-old zebra skull shown here refutes evolution and declares that Creation is the truth. Adnan Oktar 45
  • 40. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BEAR SKULL Darwinists have created a story to explain the sup- posed evolution of every single life form. Since Darwinism is not based upon reason, logic or any scientific evidence, producing a scenario regard- ing the development of a specific life form de- pends on the power of conjecture, Darwinists’ most highly developed talent. But Darwinists nev- er expected that so many fossils would be discov- ered revealing that living never changed with the passage of time. They imagined that “living fossils” were very few in number and could easily be ex- plained away, at least to their own minds. They never thought that such definitive proof would be unearthed that all living things have re- mained exactly the same. Therefore, they never expected that one by one, all their tall tales would be totally discredited. They were una- ware that every plot would eventually, as a law of Allah, be neutralized. Since this 4.4-million-year-old bear skull is iden- tical to the skulls of bears alive today, it constitutes a definitive refutation of the theory of evolution. Age: 4.4 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Zi Bo, China 46 Harun Yahya
  • 41. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HORSE SKULL Age: 2.8 million years Period: Pliocene Location: He Zheng, China The fossil illustrated on this page constitutes yet another piece of evidence that de- molishes the equine evolution myth, which Darwinists are still employing today as one of their most important propaganda tools. This 2.8-million-year-old horse’s head was identical to horses living in the present day, showing that the equine ev- olution sequences still displayed in natu- ral history museums today are false, and of no scientific value. Given this scientif- ic reality, it is pointless for Darwinists to place representative illustrations in their publications, in an attempt to reinvigor- ate this fictitious scenario through the use of reconstructions and displays of fraudulent evolutionary series in natural history museums. The theory of horse evolution has been totally and utterly disproved. Adnan Oktar 47
  • 42. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN PANDA SKULL Age: 4.6 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Gan Su, China This fossil shows that pandas have always existed as pandas, and also totally refutes the idea of the evo- lution of living things. To date, they never have found one single fossil indicating the supposed an- cestor of the panda or that indi- cates that pandas underwent vari- ous intermediate stages before at- taining their present-day form. No matter how old, every single pan- da fossil unearthed discovered has exactly the same characteristics as those possessed by present-day pandas. Darwinists are completely helpless in the face of this reality.
  • 43. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN INDIAN CIVET CAT Age: 48 million years Period: Eocene Location: Gan Su, China In 1993, Stephen Jay Gould wrote in the magazine Natural History about the way living species things can be observed to have exactly the same characteristics throughout the fossil record: Stasis, or nonchange of most fossil spe- cies during their lengthy geological life- spans, was tacitly acknowledged by all paleontologists, but almost never stud- ied explicitly because prevailing theory treated stasis as uninteresting nonevi- dence for nonevolution . . . [T]he over- whelming prevalence of stasis became an embarrassing feature of the fossil record, but left ignored as a manifesta- tion of nothing (that is, nonevolution).8 The only reason why evolutionists refer to the stasis in the fossil record as “em- barrassing” is that if living things expe- rience no changes, that invalidates the theory of evolution. This information, which shows that evolution never hap- pened, is evidence for the fact of Creation. Adnan Oktar 49
  • 44. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN MALAYAN SUN BEAR Age: 6.7 million years Period: Miocene Location: Shan Dong, China In his book In Search of Deep Time, Henry Gee states that no evidence in the fossil record supports the theory of evolution and that on the contrary, evolutionists interpret the infor- mation available to them in a biased manner, in the light of their own preconceptions: The reason for this lies with the fact of the scale of geological time that scientists are deal- ing with, which is so vast that it defies narra- tive.9 As Gee makes clear, the fossil record has shown that Darwinism’s claims regarding life and the origin of life are totally unrealistic. Countless examples, such as the 6.7-million-year-old sun bear skull shown here, prove that Darwinism consists of a hypothesis bearing no relation whatsoev- er to the true facts. 50 Harun Yahya
  • 45. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SIBERIAN WOLF SKULL Age: 47 million years Period: Eocene Location: Shan Dong, China The 47-million-year-old Siberian wolf skull shown illustrated has been perfectly preserved for 47 mil- lion years, and its appearance is no different at all from that of present-day Siberian wolves. Such important indications in the fossil record entire- ly defeat all the various efforts to keep the theory of evolution alive over the last 150 years or so. All the fossils we have in our possession say the same thing; Animals have remained unchanged for millions of years and look just like their present-day counterparts. In other words, they nev- er evolved. Adnan Oktar 51
  • 46. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TASMANIAN DEVIL SKULL Age: 32 million years Period: Oligocene Location: An Hui, China The British paleontologist Derek W. Ager describes how the fossil record poses a major difficulty for the theory of evolution: The point emerges that if we examine the fossil record in detail, whether at the level of orders or of species, we find— over and over again—not gradual evolution, but the sudden explosion of one group at the expense of an- other.10 One fossil that proves that its spe- cies never passed through any in- termediate stages is the 32-million- year-old Tasmanian devil skull pic- tured here. 52 Harun Yahya
  • 47. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TIBETAN WILD DONKEY Age: 29 million years Period: Oligocene Location: Yin Chuan, China Evolutionists’ attempts to portray the wild don- key as the ancestor of the horse are totally hol- low. Fossils have proved that wild donkeys have always existed as wild donkeys, and are not descended from any other life form. The fossil illustrated shows that wild donkeys liv- ing 27 million years ago were identical to those living today—which effectively silences all evo- lutionist claims. New species did not emerge as the result of mu- tations and blind coincidences. It is Almighty Allah, Who possesses a sublime creative power, Who created them all. Adnan Oktar 53
  • 48. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN MANED WOLF SKULL Age: 7.3 million years Period: Miocene Location: An Hui, China The fossil record poses a major problem for the theory of evolution. From time to time, this fact is admitted by evolutionists themselves, as in the words of the evolu- tionist and paleontologist Mark Czarnecki: A major problem in proving the theory [of evolution] has been the fossil record; the imprints of vanished spe- cies preserved in the Earth’s geological formations. This record has never revealed traces of Darwin’s hy- pothetical intermediate variants—instead, species ap- pear and disappear abruptly, and this anomaly has fu- eled the creationist argument that each species was cre- ated by God.11 54 Harun Yahya
  • 49. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN MONKEY SKULL Age: 32 million years Period: Oligocene Location: Qing Dao, China Not one single fossil possessing half-ape and half-human char- acteristics has ever been found. All the fossils por- trayed at one time or anoth- er as evidence for the sup- posed evolution of man have later been exposed as hoaxes, and all have been withdrawn by evolutionists themselves. All they have left are scenarios based on Darwinists’ imaginations. Concrete findings have proved that mon- keys have always existed as monkeys, while human beings have always been human. One such finding is the 32-mil- lion-year-old monkey skull shown here. Adnan Oktar 55
  • 50. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ASIAN WILD HORSE SKULL Age: 33 million years Period: Miocene Location: Yun Nan, China Another serious blow to the scenario of horse evolution comes from the 33-mil- lion-year-old Asian wild horse shown here. This creature has exactly the same characteristics as those of present-day Asian horses, and nothing about it sug- gests that it developed from a primi- tive form to a more advanced one. All its exceedingly complex fea- tures are fully complete, and in their modern-day places. The search for an intermediate transition 33 million years ago has ended in disap- pointment for evolution- ists, producing only ex- amples of Asian wild hors- es with the same perfect anatomy as those living to- day. 56 Harun Yahya
  • 51. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN GRIZZLY BEAR SKULL Age: 53 million years Period: Eocene Location: Shan Dong, China Over the last two years, various publications have illustrated countless fossils that prove, that living things did not evolve by chang- ing from one form into another. As with the 53-million-year-old grizzly bear skull shown here, these fossils are all identical to species in existence today and have remained un- changed over millions of years. No scientific objection to this reality has been forthcom- ing from Darwinists. They cannot offer any logical explanation for even one single fossil. The reason is because fossils dating back millions of years represent ancient examples of living things in existence today. Adnan Oktar 57
  • 52. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SNOW TIGER SKULL Age: 32 million years Period: Oligocene Location: Dong Bei, China Darwinism is not able to gloss over the scientific evidence that there is no such thing as evolution. Cellular mutations have no reason or consciousness; they are unable to see, hear, think or take precau- tionary measures; they have no artistic or aesthetic power. Such happenstance events cannot possibly give rise to living things that do take precautions, that ex- hibit artistry and beauty, and offer clear evidence that they were created with in- telligence and consciousness. Fossils dat- ing back millions of years have definitive- ly demolished this Darwinist deception. The life forms in the fossil record appear suddenly, having been created. For exam- ple, this snow tiger skull dating back 32 million years is no different from speci- mens alive today. 58 Harun Yahya
  • 53. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN FOAL SKULL Age: 3.2 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Yun Nan, China That individual kinds of fossils remain recognizably the same throughout the length of their occurrence in the fossil record had been known to paleontologists long before Darwin published his Origin. Darwin himself . . . prophesied that future generations of pale- ontologists would fill in these gaps by diligent search . . . .One hundred and twenty years of paleontological research later, it has become abundantly clear that the fossil record will not confirm this part of Darwin’s pre- dictions. Nor is the problem a miserably poor record. The fossil record simply shows that this prediction is wrong.12 These words from the evolutionist paleontologist Niles Eldredge help explain the 3.2-million-year foal skull in the picture. This creature, which has remained unchanged over millions of years, is a manifestation of a truth that Darwinists have in fact been aware of ever since Darwin’s lifetime. Adnan Oktar 59
  • 54. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TASMANIAN WOLF SKULL Age: 73 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Li Yi, China The Tasmanian wolf became extinct in the mid- 20th century, yet the fossil record contains repre- sentatives of the species that date back 73 mil- lion years. This Tasmanian wolf fossil, 73 mil- lion years old, possesses exactly the same fea- tures as the last Tasmanian wolves that scien- tists observed. This is striking evidence that the various supposed intermediate forms that Darwinists have submitted as supporting their theories are in fact simply conjecture. Living things that have since become extinct, of which no living specimens survive, are all fully formed, complete and highly complex, as the fossil record demonstrates. This means that the evolutionist idea of “gradual development” ab- solutely does not reflect the true facts. 60 Harun Yahya
  • 55. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WILD HORSE SKULL Age: 45 million years Period: Eocene Location: Meng Gu, China Evolutionists attempt to mislead people by tamp- ering with fossils belonging to various extinct life forms and coming up with deceptive scenarios. One of the best-known is the myth of the “evolu- tion” of the horse. Evolutionists set out fossils be- longing to living things that existed at different times in India, South America, North America and Europe in order of size—from small to large—at the prompting of their own imaginations. In this way, they came up with a totally unrealistic sequence. Different researchers have produced more than 20 horse evolution sequences, all very different from one another, and there is no evolutionist consensus regarding any of them. Once again, the heaviest blow to evolutionists’ fictitious family trees came from the fossil record. All the horse fossils ever discovered have proved that horses have always existed as horses. Adnan Oktar 61
  • 56. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN JUNGLE CAT SKULL Fossil skulls are among the best evidence that living things have never changed over the course of history, have never developed into other life forms, and that every living species has been created to- gether with its own unique attrib- utes. These proofs emphasize the dilemmas facing and illogicality of Darwinian thinking. The theory of evolution, which maintains that human beings are descended from apes, needs to explain why it is that no process simi- lar to the imaginary transition from ape to human was ever undergone by any other form of life. Evolutionists have no answer to the question of why, for example, a jungle cat did not one day decide to walk upright on two legs, or Age: 63 million years why a fox did not improve its in- Period: Cretaceous telligence level and turn into a Location: Yun Nan, China professor, or why a panda is una- ble to produce admirable works of art. Darwinism, depicted as a scientific theory, is in fact an un- believable ideology. 62 Harun Yahya
  • 57. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN JACKAL SKULL Age: 48 million years Period: Eocene Location: Shan Dong, China Darwinists claim to speak in the name of sci- ence, but actually violate it by denying the re- ality revealed by fossils. The fossil record, once the theory of evolution’s greatest hope, actually shows that living things did not evolve, but were in fact created. If Darwinists act in the light of the conclusions that science has revealed, then they must not ignore this scientific reality. As this 48-million-year-old jackal skull shows, jackals were the same mil- lions of years in the past as they are today. It is unscientific to suggest anything else. It means persisting in a lie, believing in a hoax and a su- perstition. Adnan Oktar 63
  • 58. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WILD DOG SKULL If evolutionists’ claims were true, then very odd-looking crea- tures bearing characteristics of both wild dogs and of other life forms must once have existed. These remains should be en- countered in the fossil record, and should be immedi- ately recognizable because they possess characteristics belonging to two different species, and would consti- tute an example of evolutionists’ imaginary descend- ant relationships. Yet not one single intermediate form fossil has ever appeared in geologic strata or appeared in evolutionist publications, even though the latter are full of innumer- able myths and imaginary scenarios. No such fossil exists, and no such life form ever existed at any time. Like the 68-million-year-old wild dog illustrated, all living things have come down to the pres- ent day in the same shapes in which they were first created. Natural history definitively refutes the claims of evolution. Age: 68 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China 64 Harun Yahya
  • 59. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN PONY SKULL Age: 48 million years Period: Eocene Location: Xi An, Shan Xi, China These small horses, which still exist today, were also living 48 million years ago. Present-day horses and their subspecies were in existence, with their perfect equip- ment and appearances, at times that Darwinists believe that the horse was be- ginning to evolve. But Darwinists refuse to see this and imagine that they can continue to mislead the public by filling textbooks and articles about evolution with diagrams setting out the horse’s fictitious evolution. However, the scientific evidence, shows that, as with all other living things, the horse never underwent any evolution at all. Adnan Oktar 65
  • 60. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LYNX SKULL Age: 57 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Gan Su, China This mammal that lived 57 million years ago is identical to lynxes living today. Like hun- dreds of thousands of contem- porary species of which fossil remains also exist, it never un- derwent evolution at any time. From fossils such as these, it is not difficult to estimate the kind of living conditions that existed millions of years ago. The Earth of millions of years ago was not all that different from the Earth of today. Apart from a few complex life forms that have since become extinct, contemporary life forms with the same appearances as their survivors have today predom- inated. The fossil record proves this, and Darwinists have no response to give to this proven fact. 66 Harun Yahya
  • 61. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN CAMEL SKULL Age: 3.9 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Gan Su, China According to evolutionist claims, the camel’s large skull, long neck and humps must be the re- sult of a large sequence of mutations. As a result, there should have been innumerable mammals with semi-lengthened necks, odd-shaped heads and incipient humps. These imaginary life forms should be encountered frequently in the fossil record, and there should be no trace of fully- formed camels dating back millions of years, like the one shown here. But data from the fossil record show that such imaginary transitional forms never existed. Camels never passed through any intermediate stages, and have al- ways existed as fully-formed camels. Adnan Oktar 67
  • 62. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN GRIZZLY BEAR SKULL Age: 89 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Liaoning, China Throughout the course of natural history, human beings have always been human, and apes have always been apes. Not one single example of an intermediate form indicating some transition between the two has ever been found. This applies to all living things as well. Just as with the grizzly bear skull depicted here. This creature had exactly the same appearance when it was first created as it has today, and did not evolve from any other life form. This 89-million-year-old skull is one of the most important proofs. At the same time, this evidence constitutes a sig- nificant response to all Darwinist claims regarding the origin of Man. 68 Harun Yahya
  • 63. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BEAR SKULL Age: 78 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China Darwinists have always produced false evidence in order to make their scenario of human evolution seem more credible, at least in their own eyes. Just a few examples include Piltdown Man, displayed for 40 years and then exposed as a hoax; Nebraska Man, whose entire life was reconstructed on the basis of a single molar tooth; Ramapithecus, portrayed as an in- termediate form for 50 years; and Lucy, which is still depicted as an intermediate form, even though the invalidity of this idea has been clearly established and admitted by scientists. Darwinists attempt to trace the imaginary process known as human evolu- tion from nothing. But all their efforts, all based on falsehoods, have been in vain. In contrast, paleontological research has revealed fossils of species that have remained unchanged for millions of years. This 78-million-year-old bear skull is one example. Since living things have never changed, and not even a shred of evidence supports evolution, all speculation to the effect that human beings also evolved remains groundless. Adnan Oktar 69
  • 64. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HYENA SKULL Age: 73 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Dai Lin, Yun Nan, China The history of evolution is filled with hoaxes. Attempts have been made to portray fossils of various extinct life forms or even a few frag- ments of fossilized bone as evidence of imagi- nary transitions. Fossils of living species have long been described to the public by the evolu- tionists as living things that have been evolving. But a profound silence has now replaced all this misleading speculation regarding fossils. Eventually, as you can see from the 73-million- year-old hyena skull shown here, it was realized that many present-day life forms lived millions of years ago in exactly the same forms they have now and that therefore, they never evolved. The time has now come for evolutionists to put an end to their hoaxes and speculations about the myth of human evolution. 70 Harun Yahya
  • 65. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LION SKULL Age: 82 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Wu Long Mountain, Nan Yang, He Nan, China Details of this fossil’s teeth are shown in the smaller pictures. These 82-million-year-old re- mains are proofs that evolution never hap- pened. This mammal has exactly the same char- acteristics today as it had 82 million years ago. Its dimensions, anatomical features and physical properties are identical to those of lions alive today. This poses a major dilemma for the claims made by Darwinists, because far from revealing the transitional forms ex- pected by Darwinists, the fossil record gives up countless species that never changed at all. Adnan Oktar 71
  • 66. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TURTLE Age: 98 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Shan Li Mountain, China Darwinists, who maintain that living species are de- scended from another and develop by constant small changes, are at a loss to explain the stasis, or total sta- bility, observed within those same species. The theory of evolution, which maintains that human beings are descended from apes, must explain why no other life forms underwent the imaginary transition similar to the one from ape to human. Evolutionists have no ra- tional and logical answer to give. Birds never changed. Rhinoceroses, foxes and hyenas never changed; and neither did the 98-million-year turtle shown here. Neither did human beings. The idea that Darwinists seek to impose on the public—that living things make progress by small changes and eventually develop in- to other life forms entirely—is a massive lie. 72 Harun Yahya
  • 68. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ASIAN LION SKULL Age: 79 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Fu Yang, China No living thing ever decided on its own that its characteristics were insufficient or needed to be improved, and therefore assumed the at- tributes of some other life form. No bear ever decided one day to walk on two legs, and no lion ever one day began speaking words. Lions, tigers and giraffes have always been exactly the same, never altering in the slight- est. This 79-million-year-old Asian lion skull—identical to those of members of the species alive today—is evidence that these an- imals never evolved. Almighty Allah has cre- ated all living things out of nothing, and in their perfect forms. The hopeless position in which Darwinists now find themselves stems from their reluctance to see this. 74 Harun Yahya
  • 69. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN DONKEY SKULL Age: 59 million years Period: Paleocene Location: An Tu, Ka Shi, Xin Jiang, China At heart, Darwinism is built on false logic. Great numbers of people have been convinced that the cell developed spontaneously out of mud- dy water, that hundreds of thousands of species descended from one an- other through random changes by way of mutations—and that interme- diate forms, the evidence left over from these changes, will inevitably be discovered one day. According to Darwinist logic, all living species and even our own civilization are the results of a certain amount of mud, a great deal of time and blind chance. However, the cell cannot be pro- duced even under technological conditions in a controlled environment such as the laboratory. Ninety-nine percent of mutations are harmful, the remaining 1% having no effect at all. And the mechanism known as natural selection has no power to effect evolution. Not one single example of a transitional form has ever been found in the fossil record. All that has been excavated is the remains of living things that remained unchanged for millions of years. The 59-million-year-old donkey skull shown here, identical to the skulls of present-day donkeys, is one of these. Adnan Oktar 75
  • 70. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LYNX SKULL Age: 65 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Ma Ling Mountain, China All the important details, including the teeth, of this animal can be seen in this 65-million- year-old skull. The universe created by Allah contains flawless marvels of Creation. Every mani- festation of beauty created in the universe is also a manifestation of His omniscience and sublime artistry. It is Allah Who cre- ates from nothing, and there are no bounds to His Creation. Darwinism tries to make people forget that we inhabit a universe filled with perfect details. In fact, however, anyone looking at all the innumerable living things and see- ing how these, have all lived in exactly the same form for millions of years—as this 65 million year-old lynx skull demonstrates— will be freed from this indoctrination and come to the conclusion we inhabit a world of true marvels. All entities are the work of Almighty Allah. 76 Harun Yahya
  • 71. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ARCTIC FOX SKULL Age: 59 million years Period: Paleocene Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China This skull of an arctic fox, a member of the canine family, dates back some 59 million years. This animal has exactly same features as contemporary arctic foxes. This animal has never changed at all over the course of millions of years. In order for Darwinist claims to be regarded as true, the arctic fox would have to evolve through countless intermediate stages before it emerged with its flawless, fully formed characteristics. Also, the remains of these innumerable stages should be visible in the fossil record. Yet not only are there no intermediate-form arctic fox fossils, there are no intermediate fossils belonging to any living thing. This 59-million-year-old arctic fox is a proof that the species did not come into being in stages, as evolutionists maintain, but that it came into existence suddenly, together with all its characteristics. In short, the artic fox was created. Adnan Oktar 77
  • 72. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN JACKAL SKULL No fossil indicating that life forms share common ances- tors has ever been found. In the fossil record, there is no sign that living things are in a constant state of change. Then why are Darwinists so determined to cling to their theory? Why do they insist of defending the idea that living things evolved, when there is so much evidence that they were in fact created by Allah? The reason is ideological. Defending the theory of evolution is of vital importance for materialist and atheist ideologies. No matter how much Darwinists per- sist in the theory of evolution, the fos- sil record constantly produces still more evidence that totally discred- its it. The 51-million-year jackal skull pictured is one such exam- ple. The fossil reveals that, just like turtles, tigers, foxes, mink, li- ons, rhinoceroses and all other living things, jackals never un- derwent evolution at any time. Age: 51 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Gao Xiong, Taiwan 78 Harun Yahya
  • 73. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN COYOTE SKULL Age: 65 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Qing Hai, China The teeth of the fossil illustrated can be seen in full detail, offering significant proof that coyotes living 65 million years ago were identical to those alive today. When a living thing first appears in the fossil record, it then continues on in the same form for the millions of years that follow. All the fossils illustrated in this book, such as this 65-million-year-old coyote skull, are just a few examples. Like all other life forms, coyotes of 65 million years ago pos- sessed the same appearance and structures as they do today. This totally demolishes the whole con- cept of evolution. This state of affairs, which applies to all living things, inevitably ap- plies to human beings as well. Humans have always existed as human beings, ever since the mo- ment they were first created, and have never undergone the slight- est change. Given that so many life forms clearly refute all claims of evolution, there can be no sci- entific foundation to the scenarios concerning human evolution dreamed up by Darwinists. Adnan Oktar 79
  • 74. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SEAL SKULL Age: 48 million years Period: Eocene Location: Guang Xi, China Seals are mammals with large eye sockets and special nasal systems. Seeing how these creatures were identical 48 million years ago to specimens living today and how they have remained un- changed over the course of millions of years is major evidence revealing the fact of Creation. Indeed, when fossils of this life form are examined in detail, you can see that the same kinds of seals in existence today were also alive some 48 million years ago and living in the oceans at that time. This and countless other pieces of similar evidence all document how the theory of evolu- tion needs to be consigned to the dusty shelves of history. 80 Harun Yahya
  • 75. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LEOPARD SKULL Age: 73 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Qi Pan, Yun Nan, China The jaw structure and teeth of this fossil can be seen in great detail. Darwinists’ ruses and the techniques they use to mislead people are now totally futile. Faced with atlases that make the fact of Creation crystal- clear—and countless fossils that demonstrate how living things have never changed in the slightest— Darwinists have seen that all life forms were created out of nothing. Their ruses have been exposed and effectively neutralized. By itself, this 73-million-year-old leopard skull is sufficient evidence to show that all tales regarding the changes supposedly undergone by life forms are totally invalid. They show that leopards living 73 million years ago had exactly the same characteristics as leopards living to- day. Adnan Oktar 81
  • 76. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN Age: 80 million years WILDCAT SKULL Period: Cretaceous Location: Qing Dao, Shan Dong, China There is no difference be- tween the tooth structures of wildcats living 80 million years in the past and those living today. Coincidence is Darwinists’ false deity. Darwinists believe that blind coincidence can bestow life on inanimate substances, and can cause one life form to develop in- to another. This superstitious belief was depicted as the truth for 150 years and was described exactly as if it were a reli- gion. But the time has now come for su- perstition to be eradicated. Countless fos- sils prove that life forms were brought in- to being out of nothing and never under- went evolution in any form. The theory of evolution has been left with no room to maneuver. The wildcat fossil shown is just one of the innumerable proofs created by Allah. This 80-million-year-old fossil declares that species have remained unchanged for millions of years—for which reason all Darwinist claims are in fact fabrications. 82 Harun Yahya
  • 77. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RED WOLF SKULL Age: 51 million years Period: Eocene Location: Gao Xiong, China A 51-million-year-old red wolf skull exactly reflects the characteristics and details of this living species. Had no such fossil specimen ever appeared, no doubt Darwinists would have continued to produce innumerable scenarios regarding the supposed ev- olution of red wolves. They would have proposed countless transitional forms and re- lated countless speculations. But this fossil specimen leaves no room for Darwinist fairy tales. This also applies to all other living things, and also to human beings. Every scenario ever dreamed up by Darwinists has been based on a lie. Like all their other physical characteristics, red wolves’ teeth and jaws have undergone not the slightest structural change over mil- lions of years. Adnan Oktar 83
  • 78. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LION SKULL Age: 82 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China The fossil’s teeth have been preserved, right down to the finest detail, for mil- lions of years. According to Darwinists, because this fossil dates back 82 million years, it should display a great many deficiencies and semi-developed organs. There should have been a great many pathologies in its eye sockets, jaw structure and ears. But the true state of affairs is very different. The lion skull illustrated, millions of years old, has been perfectly preserved, and its details show that the animal’s perfect ap- pearance is identical to that of lions today. The only reason for Darwinists’ claims regarding the sup- posed evolution of Man is that they possess a large number of ape fossils which they can use to speculate. Yet the con- clusion shown by the fossil record is a scientific one that no- body can possibly deny: that life never evolved in any way, and that no intermediate forms ever arose. Science totally refutes the theory of evolution. 84 Harun Yahya
  • 79. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BROWN BEAR SKULL Age: 74 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Liao Yang, Liaoning, China Just like an 82-million-year-old lion skull, a 51-million-year-old red wolf skull, a 78-mil- lion-year-old spotted deer skull, a 90-million- year-old hyena skull and many other similar fossils, the 74-million-year brown bear skull pictured has a perfect appearance in terms of shape and detail. If Darwinists were correct, then these fossils dating back millions of years should be semi-developed, with their jaws and eye sockets misaligned. Their noses should not yet have formed fully, and there should be profound defects in the skull inside which the brain is located. Yet these fossils all possess perfect structures and, moreover, anatomies identical to those of their present- day counterparts. In fact, just a single piece of evidence, even this 74-million-year-old brown bear skull, is sufficient to demolish the theory of evolution. Adnan Oktar 85
  • 80. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ASIAN BLACK BEAR SKULL Age: 74 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Xin Jiang, China All the reports from Darwinists carried under such headlines as “Missing Link Discovered!,” or “Evolution Is Still Continuing.” or “The First Ancestor of Man” are in fact completely imaginary. The theory of evolution, which Darwinists depict as literally irrefutable fact, is totally refuted by science. Evolutionists are al- ways claiming that a non-existent missing link has been found, though they have not one shred of evidence to confirm those claims. The evidence constantly refutes the idea of ev- olution. This 74-million-year-old Asian black bear skull is identical to skulls of the same spe- cies alive today. In the face of these significant facts, evolutionist speculation is meaningless and scientifically worthless. 86 Harun Yahya
  • 81. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ARCTIC FOX SKULL Age: 59 million years Period: Paleocene Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China The fossil record has produced a great deal of information to which Darwinists have no scientific or rational response: - As is the case with all life forms, there is not a single intermediate-form fossil to show that the arc- tic fox, developed or evolved in stages, before reaching its final present-day form. - Arctic foxes living millions of years ago possessed the same complete and perfect structures as their present-day counterparts. They had no supposedly more primitive appearances or structures. - There is not the slightest difference between arctic foxes living today and those that lived 59 million years ago. This shows that this species has remained unchanged for all that time. All these facts lead Darwinists into a major quandary. The very fossils they hoped would support ev- olution actually discredit their theories and reveal that the origin of all living things lies in Creation. Adnan Oktar 87
  • 82. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SPOTTED SEAL SKULL Age: 84 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Xi Ma La Ya Mountain, China The ginkgo leaf fossil discovered by Darwin in 1859, the earliest specimens of which date back some 250 million years, caused a terrible panic in him. Darwin described this finding of his as a “living fossil” and regarded it as a ma- jor difficulty for his theory. If Darwin were alive today, he would completely abandon his theory in the face of the scale of the difficulties facing it. Faced with the lack of any fossils to support his theory during his lifetime, Darwin left the problem to the future, hoping that in- termediate forms would one day be discov- ered. Yet Darwin’s followers also failed to find what he had hoped for. As you can see from the 84- million-year-old spotted seal skull fossil pic- tured, fossil specimens dating back millions of years of species still in existence today are emerging all the time. The fossil record re- veals that Darwin was mistaken and that Creation is an irrefutable reality. 88 Harun Yahya
  • 83. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN GREY FOX SKULL Age: 78 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Lan Zhou, Gan Su, China The theory of evolution—about which countless false pieces of evidence have been produced and which has been kept alive by the invention of totally incredible scenari- os—has now come to the end of its life. People are realizing that they have faced a terrible deception. From now on, no scenar- io invented by Darwinists will have any ef- fect, and their theory’s collapse will continue apace, because scientific findings totally re- fute evolution. This 78-million-year-old grey fox skull is just one of the proofs that are accelerating this collapse. Darwinism has been completely discredited in the face of living fossils. Adnan Oktar 89
  • 84. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RED FOX SKULL Age: 67 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: He Nan, China Darwinists regard as a miracle of blind chance the fact that a living chromosome contains more information than a giant li- brary. Darwinism maintains that uncon- scious atoms turned into seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking and conscious human be- ings as the result of the supposed almighty power of chance. Chance, a supposed work- er of miracles, is the false deity of Darwinism. But Darwinism’s dark spell was broken by the scientific evidence. Remains of life forms dating back millions of years clearly indicate that living things have never changed. The red fox skull shown here, for example, is identical to the skulls of foxes alive today. All Darwinists’ false conjectures are of no avail in the face of this fossil which demonstrates that red fox- es have never altered over the intervening millions of years—and clearly, never evolved. 90 Harun Yahya
  • 85. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN JACKAL SKULL Age: 51 million years Period: Eocene Location: Gao Xiong, Taiwan Darwin was unaware of living fossils dating back millions of years. He imagined that the cell was a balloon filled with liquid. In Darwin’s time, there were no laboratories equipped with advanced technology. There were no refrigerators, tele- phones, typewriters or even pens, let alone labo- ratories. The theory of evolution—the product of that environment—is a hypothesis devoid of any evidence, logic or foundation. This false theory, launched in such an amateurish fashion, was adopted for ideological reasons. Yet conditions altered considerably in the 20th and 21st centuries. Investigations performed in labora- tories using the very latest technology revealed that the cell has an unbelievably complex struc- ture. The odds of one single protein in a cell emerging by chance were realized to be 1 in 10950. Most importantly, the countless “living fossils” discovered showed that Darwinist myths regard- ing the origin of life were completely untrue. One of the fossils that have spelled the end of Darwinism is the 51-million-year-old jackal skull pictured here. This specimen, 51 million years old, is identical to present-day jackal skulls. Adnan Oktar 91
  • 86. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BROWN BEAR SKULL Age: 74 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Liao Yang, Liaoning, China Statements by George Gaylord Simpson, one of the 20th century’s leading evolutionists, show just howgreat the predicament facing the theory of ev- olution truly is: This is true of all thirty-two orders of mammals . . . The earliest and [allegedly ]most primitive known members of every order [of mammals] already have the basic or- dinal characters, and in no case is an approximately continuous sequence from one order to another known. In most cases, the break is so sharp and the gap so large that the origin of the order is speculative and much dis- puted. . . .13 As evolutionists admit, Darwinism’s claims re- garding the origin of life is no more than specula- tion. Concrete findings such as the 74-million-year brown bear skull illustrated show that Creation is a manifest reality. 92 Harun Yahya
  • 87. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN During the formation of fossils, hard struc- tures such as bones and teeth are preserved more easily than soft tissues. While soft tis- sues disappear, bony structures gradually turn into inorganic ones. Minerals in bone tissue often have much the same structure as the inorganic minerals in rocks. This replace- ment of molecules enables living things that existed tens of millions of years ago to be preserved right down to the finest detail. The structural detail of the teeth and internal structure of the bone tissue of the 74-million- year-old brown bear pictured can clearly be seen. Living things that existed millions of years ago had exactly the same bone tissue and perfect anatomy as their present-day counterparts. Adnan Oktar 93
  • 88. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 75 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Xin Jiang, China Detailed appearance of the fossil teeth If a mindset can maintain that a living cell with such a complex structure— which scientists have still been unable to replicate—gradually emerged by chance from muddy water over a period of mil- lions of years, it’s not at all difficult to al- so claim that human beings that estab- lish civilizations, govern states, perform operations and give birth to ideas are al- so the product of chance. The Darwinist mindset is actually a very primitive one, within which it is easy to regard the impossible as likely. Behaving as if there were evidence when in fact there is none presents no problem. What is difficult in that mindset is to find the reason and understanding needed to ap- preciate Allah’s creative artistry, no mat- ter how evident it may be. However, it is easy for people who have escaped this primitive logic to see the manifest proofs of the existence of Allah. The 75-million- year wolf skull pictured is one of these proofs. 94 Harun Yahya
  • 89. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BLACK BEAR SKULL Age: 83 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Ning Xia, China The details in the fossil’s jaw structure are some of the proofs that black bears have remained unchanged over tens of millions of years. Being aware that black bears identical to those to- day were also living 83 million years ago is enough to understand the invalidity of evolution. The pres- ence of giant mammals with extraordinarily com- plex structures at a time when, according to evolu- tion, everything was in a highly primitive state and the world was full of semi-developed life forms, is sufficient evidence to show that the theory of Darwinism is obsolete. Even though such proof is perfectly adequate by itself, a wide range of “living fossils” identical to species living today have been discovered. The fossil record, itself the greatest hope of Darwin and all other evolutionists, has led to Darwinism’s fatal collapse. Adnan Oktar 95
  • 90. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN STRIPED JACKAL SKULL Age: 82 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Xi Jiang, China Details such as the fossil’s den- tal structure reveal that the creature was no different 82 million years ago from how it is today. This 82-million-year-old striped jackal skull is just one of the remains of creatures that have survived unchanged down to the present, show- ing that creatures identical to their present-day counterparts inhabited the Earth 82 million years ago. This and countless other examples tell us that when the skulls of jackals, monkeys, oth- er living things and even human races that exist- ed at various times in the past are examined, it appears that not one has ever changed. Not a single intermediate form exists to suggest that any one of these has ever altered. This means that living things never evolved, and that Almighty Allah created each and every one. 96 Harun Yahya
  • 91. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WILD DOG SKULL Age: 50 million years Period: Eocene Location: Britain Darwin, once said “I cannot conceive any ex- isting reptile being converted into a mam- mal.”14 He was unable to imagine such a process because no such thing ever hap- pened. But nevertheless, in the years that followed, this illogical claim was fiercely propounded, despite the absence of any scientific justification. Today, however, countless fossils such as the 50-million- year wild dog skull shown here have proved that this Darwinist conjecture nev- er actually took place. Adnan Oktar 97
  • 92. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BEAR SKULL Age: 63 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Liaoning, China The bear skull pictured is 63 million years old and proves that throughout the course of geologic time, bears have al- ways existed as bears. They are not de- scended from any imaginary ancestor, and neither did they develop into any other life form. Inasmuch as all living things continued to existence with all the characteristics they originally possessed, it is illogical to claim that apes one day turned into human beings. The stability that applies to all other life forms also applies to apes and humans. Apes have always existed as apes, and human be- ings as human beings. 98 Harun Yahya
  • 93. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN AARDWOLF SKULL Age: 49 million years Period: Eocene Location: Xi An, Shan Xi, China The internal structure of the fossil’s bones has been preserved in com- plete detail. If Darwinism were true, then the fossil record should contain transitional species in the process of development, rather than fossils millions of years old that are identical to present-day life forms. But that is not the case; the actual findings are incompatible with Darwinist myths. The American paleontologist S.M. Stanley de- scribes this reality when he says, “The known fos- sil record is not, and never has been, in accord with gradualism.”15 The fossil record is full of millions of species that have never altered at all, as you can see from the 49-million-year-old aardwolf skull pictured. Adnan Oktar 99
  • 94. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BAT-EARED FOX SKULL Age: 71 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Yun Nan, China Bat-eared foxes are distinguished from other species of foxes by their large ears and small- er teeth. This 71-million-year-old bat-eared fox skull has just the same features as those of specimens alive today. Darwinism there- fore has no explanation to offer for either in- dividual species or their tremendous variety. Different fox species have existed in the fos- sil record for millions of years. This is true of a great many other life forms, and there is not a single intermediate form to indicate the imaginary transition from one form to an- other. All this evidence leaves no room for doubting Darwinism’s collapse and reveals that living things were all created, together with all their complex characteristics. 100 Harun Yahya
  • 95. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BEAR SKULL Age: 64 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Xin Jiang and Ning Xia, China In any case, argued Cuvier, drawing on specimens brought back by Napoleon’s savants from the ...French incursions into Egypt, the mummified forms of cats and birds and other or- ganisms—beings that lived literally thousands of years ago—are absolutely identical forms liv- ing today. Where then is the evolution, the change, in all of this? If Lamarck be right, we should expect to see some change right before our eyes, and this we do not see.16 This admission by Michael Ruse emphasizes how living things have been known not to change ever since the idea of evolution be- gan. The reality exhibited by the 64-million- year-old bear skull illustrated is that the species has never changed at any time. Adnan Oktar 101
  • 96. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN AARDWOLF SKULL Age: 48 million years Period: Eocene Location: Shan Dong, China Life on Earth displays a glorious diversity. From the Poles to the Amazon, from the depths of the oceans to freshwater pools, from high mountains to beneath the ground we walk upon, there is an astonishing diver- sity everywhere. This diversity was present millions of years ago, just as it is today. The fossil record represents the remains of that variety. The countless fossils of fish, birds, reptiles and land and sea creatures with their perfect attributes have exactly the same forms as their present-day counterparts. Fossils such as the 49-million-year aardwolf fossil pic- tured are evidence that no species ever turned into any other. The reality they dem- onstrate is Creation. 102 Harun Yahya
  • 97. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LION SKULL Age: 82 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China Darwinists have studied nature and attempted to discover how such diversity came into being. They adopted the primitive methods proposed by Darwin himself and decided that living things must have had a supposed common ancestor. The more they studied the fossil record, however, the more they encountered the counterparts of today’s living things rather than any signs of any fictitious ances- tor. Any rational and logical person who examines at the scientific evidence objectively can easily see that evolution does not constitute the origin of life. But reason, logic, common sense and science were all stifled under the spell of Darwinism. But for those people who have managed to free themselves from Darwinism’s spell, the 82-million- year lion skull pictured is by itself sufficient evi- dence of the invalidity of Darwinism. If this life form has remained unchanged for 82 million years—and if all the fossils of all other currently liv- ing things confirm the same—then that means that evolution never happened. Adnan Oktar 103
  • 98. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TASMANIAN DEVIL SKULL Age: 31 million years Period: Oligocene Location: Jiang Xi, China Hoimar von Ditfurth, author of The Silent Night of the Dinosaurs, says, When we look back, we see that we need not be surprised that we have been unable to find those transitional forms so almost painfully sought. Because in all likelihood, no such intermediate stage ever happened.17 Even though von Ditfurth has tried to rescue evo- lutionists from their predicament by referring to a “strong possibility,” the fact still remains that no stage-by-stage process ever happened. All stages of the fossil record is full of living things that emerged suddenly, fully formed, and with all their limbs and organs, as opposed to entities that came into being through a gradual process. One such ex- ample is the 31-million-year Tasmanian devil skull illustrated here. 104 Harun Yahya
  • 99. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WEASEL SKULL Age: 59 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Jiang Xi, China All the details of this fossil show that weasels living tens of millions of years ago had the same flawless and prefect attributes as those living today. The fossil record has revealed that Darwin’s claims are incompatible with the facts. The ev- olutionist speculation that is still continuing today stems from an inability to accept this er- ror of Darwin’s. The 59-million-year-old wea- sel skull pictured once again proves that this species has never changed. Every fossil exam- ined in this book demolished Darwin’s myth of transition from one form to another. It’s now time for contemporary evolutionists to come to terms with Darwin’s mistake and to admit the scientific facts. Adnan Oktar 105
  • 100. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BOAR SKULL Age: 58 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Shan Dong, China Tigers have never changed over the many millions of years their species has existed; neither have lions, bears, foxes or jackals. The 58-million-year-old wild boar, whose skull is pictured, has not altered, either. Fossils such as these, belonging to count- less life forms, show that living things have never been subjected to the slightest change. This in turn entirely discredits ev- olutionist speculation regarding the ficti- tious evolution of man. There is no evi- dence that living things evolved, and not humans, either. On the contrary, the fossils left behind by all living things completely refute evolution. Evolution never hap- pened, and each of the fossils illustrated in this book is a separate proof of that. 106 Harun Yahya
  • 101. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BOAR SKULL Age: 58 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Shan Dong, China Darwinists were their able to gather their original supporters by using a very primitive logic. In a climate of scientific ignorance, it was easy to convince the public that proteins and eventually, cells could form spontaneously from muddy water that mammals hunting in water eventually devel- oped fins and turned into dolphins and that monkeys decided to stop leaping from tree to tree and instead to walk upright, and thus evolved into human beings. The sciences of genetics and paleontology were unknown, so all these imaginary transitions were depicted as incontrovertible fact. But now Darwinists are in a far more difficult position. The science of genetics has revealed the complex structure of the cell and how traits are passed on from generation to generation. Paleontology has shown that living things have never changed. Countless specimens, such as the 58-million-year- old wild boar skull shown here indicate that liv- ing things exhibited the same complexity mil- lions of years ago as present-day specimens. It is no longer possible for Darwinists to deceive the public. Adnan Oktar 107
  • 102. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ZEBRA SKULL Age: 45 million years Period: Eocene Location: Xi An, China Allah has created all living things with their different appearances and forms. In the same way that their lifestyles and needs differ, so there are profound differences in their body structures. This means it is not difficult to de- scribe the fossils that are unearthed, making it possible to establish the anatomical features of a living thing whose fossil remains have been discovered. The 45-million-year-old zebra fos- sil illustrated makes this distinction. It’s evi- dent that there is no difference between the fossil’s characteristics and those of a present- day zebra’s skull. There is no doubt that this is one of Allah’s di- vine miracles. The scientific evidence to hand is too definitive for scientists to be able to de- ny, even if they are evolutionists. It’s a scientif- ic fact that species have not changed, and they have undergone no evolutionary process. 108 Harun Yahya
  • 103. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN Age: 7.3 million years CHEETAH SKULL Period: Miocene Location: Shan Dong, China On the basis of some elements of ape behavior, Darwinists maintain that monkeys and human beings are both descended from a common an- cestor. They claim that monkeys one day de- cided to descend from the trees, to walk up- right, to speak, sing, and compose music, to construct buildings and to make scientific dis- coveries, and thus turned into human beings. In that case, similar processes of transition must also apply to other living things. Since cheetahs, for example, are able to run very fast, they should one day be able to alter their phys- ical structures and turn into sentient beings winning gold medals at the Olympic Games. However, a look at the scientific facts reveals that cheetahs, tigers, wolves, fox, lions and leopards—in short, all animals—never changed at all. The same stability or stasis also applies to apes and human beings. Apes have always existed as apes, and human beings as human beings. Adnan Oktar 109
  • 104. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LION SKULL Age: 85 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Lin Yi, Shan Dong, China For a long time, a great many people took at face value the statements made by academ- ics and scientists who espoused Darwinism. They imagined that since these experts be- lieved in evolution, there must be something to it, and blindly believed in evolution them- selves. At the root of this error lay their igno- rance of the fact that Darwinism was sup- ported solely for ideological reasons. They did not know that scientists who espoused Darwinism also held such nonsensical ideas as fish left the water and began using legs that formed by chance to walk on land, or chimpan- zees that began using stones to crack open nuts developed into humans who founded civilizations, launched rockets and studied themselves in laboratories. However, the true facts are now out in the open. People now know that the fossil record contains specimens of present-day life forms that were in existence millions of years ago. One of these is the 85-million-year-old lion skull pictured. This fossil proves that, like all other living things, lions never underwent evolution at all. 110 Harun Yahya
  • 105. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BROWN HYENA SKULL Age: 55 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Gan Su, China The record jumps, and all the evidence shows that the record is real: The gaps we see reflect real events in life’s history, not the artifact of a poor fossil record.18 Darwinist confessions of this kind show that no matter how much they may try to cover up the fact, they are actually aware of the reality demonstrated by the fossil record. The fossil record is full of gaps and has produced not the slightest trace of the inter- mediate forms hypothesized by Darwinism. Instead, it is full of “living fossils” that show that contempo- rary life forms with their complex structures have never altered at all. This 55-million-year-old brown hyena skull shows that hyenas have remained un- changed for millions of years, and that the species has never evolved. No matter how much Darwinists may search, they will never be able to find a single intermediate form to show that living things ever did evolve. Adnan Oktar 111
  • 106. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ANTELOPE SKULL Age: 66 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Gan Su, China Many more species have remained unchanged over the course of tens of millions of years that could ev- er be contained in the pages of a single book. If evo- lution were a valid theory, then there should be bil- lions of intermediate forms to show that countless species did, in fact, change. Instead of fully-devel- oped life forms, we should be able to see the re- mains of developing entities that only recently at- tained their present-day forms. But Darwinists have been unable to point to a single transitional form. On the other hand, millions of fossils in books and on display in exhibitions show that living things have existed unchanged for millions of years. In contrast to Darwinists’ lack of evidence, the proofs of the fact of Creation are increasing with ev- ery passing day. One example of this is the 66-mil- lion-year-old antelope skull illustrated here. 112 Harun Yahya
  • 107. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ANTELOPE SKULL Age: 66 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Gan Su, China Studies of the anatomical details of another antelope skull dating back 63 million years have revealed it to be identical to those of specimens alive today. The fact that this mammal has remained the same for 63 million years, and the lack of any evidence that it ever changed, certainly show the complete invalidity of the theory of evolution. It is not hard to appreciate the conclusion that this evi- dence all leads to. Living things are all sublime works of art, created at Allah’s command. He has no need of natural causes or means to bring them into being from nothing (Surely Allah is beyond that). His command is sufficient to bring a life form into existence. A person can see this just by looking at the sublime Creation in his or her own body. To regard this as the result of chance is evidence of a complete logical collapse. Does not man see that We created him from a drop, yet there he is, an open antagonist! He makes likenesses of Us and forgets his own Creation, saying, “Who will give life to bones when they are decayed?” Say “He Who made them in the first place will bring them back to life. He has total knowledge of each created thing.” (Surah Ya Sin, 77-79) Adnan Oktar 113
  • 108. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN POLAR BEAR SKULL Age: 74 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Liaoning, China The Atlas of Creation series and this book offer important evidence that can only add to Darwinists’ panic, showing them that evolution is dead and that they can no longer deceive the world. This 74-million- year-old polar bear skull, for instance, is identi- cal to the skulls of polar bears alive today—suf- ficient on its own to undermine Darwinists’ ar- guments. As the evidence increases declaring that Darwinism is invalid, the more Darwinists seek to give the impression that “We are alive and well.” They try to use propaganda techniques to fight an intellectual struggle that they were unable to wage with science. They attempt to cover up studies that demolish Darwinism. But this behavior does not prevent them from see- ing, albeit subconsciously, the scale of the col- lapse that has taken place. 114 Harun Yahya
  • 109. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WILD DOG SKULL Age: 50 million years Period: Eocene Location: England The details of the bone structure of the fossil illus- trated can be seen clearly. Wild dogs are just one of the millions of species of living fossils. All evidence goes to show that present-day wild dogs, bears, jackals and tigers were also living 50 mil- lion years ago, and even earlier. Millions of years ago, the Earth was inhabited by present-day life forms with their present- day characteristics. Contrary to what evo- lutionists suggest, it was not inhabited by odd, semi-developed life forms. The fossil record presents a completely different pic- ture from what Darwinists suggest. Adnan Oktar 115
  • 110. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN GRIZZLY BEAR Age: 81 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China At the present stage of geological research, we have to admit that there is nothing in the geological records that runs contrary to the view of conservative creation- ists, that God created each species separately. . . .19 The biologist Edmund J. Ambrose is one evolu- tionist who admits the realities demonstrated by science. The fossil record, having demol- ished evolution, is producing more evidence of the fact of Creation every day. This 81-million- year-old skull shows that grizzly bears had ex- actly the same appearance then as they do now. Any objective evaluation of the scientific proof shows that the same applies to so-called human evolution. Since there has been no change in any living species, we can be quite sure that hu- man beings have never changed, either. Every living thing has been created, together with all its particular characteristics. The claim that primitive animals or primitive humans used to live in the past is not supported by any evi- dence. 116 Harun Yahya
  • 111. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BLACK WOLF SKULL Age: 42 million years Period: Eocene Location: Shan Dong, China Fossils may tell us many things, but one thing they can nev- er disclose is whether they were ancestors of anything else. 20 The evolutionist Colin Patterson admits that fossils consti- tute no evidence for evolution. On the contrary, the fossil record shows that living things have constantly appeared as if out of nothing, with exactly the same appearances they have today. The 42-million-year-old skull illustrated is important evidence that black wolves have remained un- changed for 42 million years. This is the reality demon- st strated by the fossil record in the 21 century. Adnan Oktar 117
  • 112. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN JAGUAR SKULL Age: 87 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Shan Dong, China When he first proposed it, Darwin’s thesis that hu- mans and apes are de- scended from some com- mon ancestor was not sup- ported by any scientific evidence, and that has re- mained the case ever since. All efforts made in the in- tervening 150 years to sup- port the myth of human evo- lution have been in vain. The fossils obtained have proved that apes have always existed as apes and humans as humans; that apes did not turn into human beings and that hu- mans and apes share no common an- cestor. Faced with the disappointment inflict- ed on them by the fossil record and their lack of any supporting evidence whatsoever, all that evolutionists had left to do was to arrange fossil skulls out one after the other in totally arbi- trary ways and to engage in conjecture, whose unrealistic nature has long been documented. However, fossils such as the 87-million-year-old jaguar skull fossil in the picture totally invalidate such speculation. In the same way that there has been no change over tens of years in the skulls of these mammals, so there have been no changes in apes or humans, either. 118 Harun Yahya
  • 113. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LION SKULL Age: 65 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Yun Nan, China Darwinists constantly suggest that evolution is a proven theory. They trace the imaginary descent from one species to another, and adorn such scenarios with plentiful Latin terminology. But not a single piece of scientific evidence showing that this claim is true has ever ap- peared in any Darwinist publication. Indeed, it’s impossible for any such evi- dence to be published, since no such evi- dence exists. Their main obstacle, however, is that Darwinists are unable to account for the origin of life, how life first emerged, how the first cell came into being. Darwinists have stumbled at this very first hurdle. The reaction they have shown to proofs of Creation is nothing more than a requirement of their ideology. On its own, the 65-million-year-old lion skull illustrated is sufficient evidence to consign evolution to the dustbin of history. There is no difference between this fossil skull and those of lions living today. Adnan Oktar 119
  • 114. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SMALL INDIAN CIVET CAT SKULL Age: 4.2 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Ma Ling Mountain, China Instead of filling the gaps in the fossil record with so-called missing links, most paleontologists found themselves facing a situation in which there were only gaps in the fossil record, with no evidence of transformational interme- diates between documented fossil spe- cies.21 The 4.2-million-year-old small Indian civet cat skull illustrated con- firms these words by Jeffrey H. Schwartz. The fossil record reveals no intermediate forms of the kind anticipated by evolutionists, but does exhibit examples of contempo- rary life forms together with all their complex structures, as with this 4.2- million-year-old animal. 120 Harun Yahya
  • 115. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 82 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China Wolves are exactly the same today as they were 82 million years ago. These animals have undergone no change over the course of mil- lions of years. Their structures have all been exceedingly complex from since they were first created, and there are no signs of any changes having taken place. Since there is no sign of any change in countless life forms such as wolves, cats, lions, tigers, foxes and bears— and since the skulls of all these creatures have remained exactly the same over tens of mil- lions of years—there is no scientific grounds for claiming that the bodies and skulls of apes changed as these animals turned into human beings. This myth has been refuted by concrete findings. There is no such thing as the evolu- tion of M. Adnan Oktar 121
  • 116. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ASIAN GOLDEN CAT Age: 5.1 million years Period: Miocene Location: Gan Su, China David M. Raup, formerly the head of the Geology Department at the Chicago Museum of Natural History, admits that the fossil record in- validates evolution: [Darwin] was embarrassed by the fossil record. . . . Well, we are now about 120 years after Darwin and the knowledge of the fossil record has been greatly expanded. We now have a quarter of a mil- lion fossil species, but the situation hasn’t changed much. The record of evolution is still surprisingly jerky. 22 One of the fossils that undermines the myth of evolution is this 5.1-million-year-old Asian gold- en cat skull. 122 Harun Yahya
  • 117. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RED WOLF SKULL Age: 66 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Lan Zhou, China Life on Earth emerged in a single moment, 530 million years ago. The endless variety of living things—belong- ing to more phyla than there are today—and all the life forms that appeared since, all appear in the fossil record suddenly, with no evolutionary ancestors preceding them. The 66-million-year-old red wolf skull in the pic- ture, for example, has shown that wolves appeared on Earth all of a sudden and that they have always had the same appearance and anatomical structures as they do today. These facts refute the claim of evolution on Earth and show the presence of a glorious Creation. 123
  • 118. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN GIRAFFE SKULL Age: 65 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Meng Gu, China Giraffes are noted for their extraordinarily long necks. Darwinists hypothesized that the necks of these animals lengthened gradual- ly as they stretched to reach higher branches. This, one of the best known deception of the theory of evolution, is totally refuted by the fossil evidence: giraffes were exactly the same 65 mil- lion years ago as they are today. There is no trace of any specimens in the fos- sil record undergoing constant change and growing longer necks in order to reach higher branches. The giraffe today is exactly the same as it was 65 million years ago. 124 Harun Yahya
  • 119. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ZEBRA SKULL Age: 45 million years Period: Eocene Location: Xi An, China Zebras were same 45 million years ago as how they are today. In the same way that wolves, giraffes, bears and cheetahs have never changed over the course of millions of years, neither have zebras. The data re- vealed by science constitute no evi- dence for the supposed evolution of living things. This stasis in the fossil record cannot be accounted for in terms of evolution. The fossil record shows that living things are created from nothing by Allah’s will, and how they survive perfectly preserved, with all their wonderful features. Adnan Oktar 125
  • 120. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RED PANDA SKULL Age: 67 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Qing Hai, China Allah’s artistry is unrivalled. His artistry en- folds the Earth, the sky and the living world. His sublime and wondrous existence is mani- fested in every life form that He has created from nothing. Unable to comprehend Allah’s sublime Creation, evolutionists produce various sce- narios to account for the origin of life. These, however, have never been verified by any branch of science. Paleontology is one of the branches of science that has dealt a lethal blow to Darwinism. The millions of fossils un- earthed bear not the slightest indication to show that evolution ever happened. The 67- million-year-old red panda fossil in the pic- ture, identical to those of the pandas alive to- day, once again confirms this reality. 126 Harun Yahya
  • 121. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN FOX SKULL Age: 7.3 million years Period: Miocene Location: Lan Zhou, China All the characteristics of the heads of foxes alive today are also present in this 7.3-million-year-old fox skull. Like other living things, foxes have the same features today as they had 7, or 90 million years ago in the past. No odd-looking, semi-developed foxes whose identification is unclear have been found. Hundreds of thousands of fossil skulls have proved that foxes have always lived as foxes, leopards as leopards, lions as lions, cats as cats, apes as apes and human beings as hu- mans. The fossil record has completely disproved the lie that Man is a species of animal. Allah created man from nothing, as He did all living things, and breathed His soul into him. The efforts of those who seek to portray Man as a kind of animal have been to- tally invalidated by science. Adnan Oktar 127
  • 122. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WILD DONKEY SKULL Age: 66 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China According to Darwinism, there should be enormous differences between present-day life forms and those whose fossil skulls and other remains have been unearthed. And again ac- cording to them, contemporary life forms should be found in the course of evolving in the fossil record. For example, there should be remains of a great many semi-fish and semi- reptile, or half-reptile and half-mammal crea- tures. There should be fossil remains of strange-looking animals reminiscent of don- keys but which haven’t yet assumed complete appearance of a donkey. Those donkey skulls unearthed should have misaligned eye sock- ets, or as yet no nostrils yet, or peculiarly shaped jawbones. However, all the donkey fossils discovered have the same anatomical features as those of donkeys living today, showing that this spe- cies have been exactly the same since they first came into being. 128 Harun Yahya
  • 123. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLVERINE SKULL Age: 33 million years Period: Oligocene Location: He Zheng, Shan Dong, China Wolverines had exactly the same struc- tures and appearance 33 million years ago as their counterparts have today. They fed, reproduced and lived just the same as their present day counterparts. Almighty Allah, the Lord and Judge of all living things, Who created them 33 million years ago, creates them today. Allah shapes them and determines their lifestyles. Like all other living things, the wolverine is not the product of blind co- incidence. Adnan Oktar 129
  • 124. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HYENA SKULL Age: 33 million years Period: Oligocene Location: He Zheng, Shan Dong, China The emergence of the detailed remains of a creature that is millions of years old is a true miracle. Had Allah so willed, its bones as well as its soft tissues could have disintegrated under the ground, with no trace at all remaining. In that case, Darwinists would have had some basis for their spec- ulations, and could have used the non-existent fossil record to advance their scenarios, even though the theory would not have explained the fields of biology, microbiology and genetics. However, the facts are actually very different. The perfect- ly preserved skeletal remains of living things are constant- ly being unearthed. All their details can be analyzed, com- parisons made with life forms existing today and—thanks to the countless details obtained—these species’ similarity to present-day counterparts can be determined. That is why Darwinism has collapsed in the paleontological arena, as well as in all other branches of science. One of these perfect remains is this 33-million-year hyena skull, identical to the skulls of hyenas alive today. 130 Harun Yahya
  • 125. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ASIAN WILD DOG SKULL Age: 48 million years Period: Eocene Location: Kai Feng, He Nan, China The Asian wild dog skull pictured shows that no changes have affected this species over the last 48 million years. According to Darwinism, 48 mil- lion years is a comparatively long time in the supposed evolution of a living thing. Over such a period, any species should un- dergo countless coincidental changes, and the transition from one species to others by way of random processes should be visible. In order to achieve the perfect structure it enjoys today, the Asian wild dog should have evolved through countless intermediate stages, and 48 million years ago, it should have looked very different from how it appears today. However, there is no difference between this 48-million-year-old fossil and the skulls of Asian wild dogs living today. This is yet more concrete evidence that evolution is a myth. Adnan Oktar 131
  • 126. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TIGER SKULL Age: 76 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: He Zeng, China Tiger skulls dating back 90, 80 and 78 million years, as well as to other periods, have been un- earthed from various sites. The ti- ger skull illustrated here is 76 million years old. All these fos- sils, unearthed at very different times, are identical to present- day tigers. Not one shows any changes, and there is no evidence to suggest that any one ever evolved in any way. None is any more or less developed than any other. This species is exactly the same today as it was millions of years in the past. 132 Harun Yahya
  • 127. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN FOX SKULL Age: 53 million years Period: Eocene Location: Quing Hai, China Foxes have not changed at all over the last 46 or even 53 million years. If even older fox re- mains are discov- ered, these will also be seen to have undergone no changes at all. It is therefore meaningless for Darwinists to keep insisting on their myth of evo- lution. The science of genetics has done away with evolution’s supposed “mechanisms”, and microbi- ology has demonstrated that living systems cannot evolve. Paleontology has proved that species do not change. Evolutionists must now put an end to their artifi- cial efforts to keep alive this theory, which is on the point of collapse. All the evidence and all the scien- ces show that living things are created. Adnan Oktar 133
  • 128. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RED PANDA SKULL Age: 67 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China As revealed by the paleontological findings, red pandas have never changed. Neither have bears. Nor tigers, nor wolves, nor fish, reptiles, birds or insects. All the fossils dis- covered to date show that living species have not changed, so there is no scientific meaning in claiming that apes changed in such a way as to turn into human beings. If apes did change, then red pandas should also have one day decided to walk on two legs, to de- velop their brains and expand their skull vol- umes, and to develop their hands and feet appropriately. Yet neither red pandas nor apes have ever undergone such a process of change. They never evolved. 134 Harun Yahya
  • 129. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 73 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Quing Hai, China The details of the teeth of this fossil are perfectly clear. All living things—both those in existence today and those dating back millions of years that we encounter in the fossil record—have flawless, reg- ular and symmetrical skulls that exhibit no sign of any deformities. Yet evolutionists claim that any species would have to go through a great many imperfect stages before arriving at a flawless skull. There should be a great many more asymmetrical forms, for instance, before perfect symmetry is achieved. There should have been millions of im- perfect skulls with a jaw pointing to the right of left, with a nose close to the right cheek, or one eye socket above the other. Yet no such mutant life forms appear in the fossil record. All have skulls that are just as regular and symmetrical as their descendants in existence today. The 73-million-year wolf skull pictured is one of these flawless structures, which refute all claims regarding evolution. Adnan Oktar 135
  • 130. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HYENA SKULL Age: 82 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: China Allah has created living things with very different, complex features. Mammals, with their highly equipped body systems, exhibit this complexity. There exists not one single finding to indicate that mammals’ characteristic features emerged by way of a supposed process of evolution. On the contrary, countless fossils demonstrate that living things have never changed, and never underwent any evolu- tionary process. It is highly illogical to seek to postulate a separate evolutionary scenario for human beings, given the obvious stasis in all other life forms. Semi-ape crea- tures that tried to communicate through grunts, that were totally covered in hair and gradually turned into human beings—these exist only in Darwinists’ imaginations. Human beings have always existed as humans and have always lived with the intelligence and conscience inspired in them by Allah. 136 Harun Yahya
  • 131. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN CARIBBEAN MONK SEAL SKULL Age: 36 million years Period: Eocene Location: Guang Zhou, China With the last specimen recorded in Jamaica in 1952, the Caribbean monk seal survived un- changed from 36 million years ago right up to the mid-1900s. The features unique to this spe- cies—rather smaller than other species of seal, can be seen in full detail in the fossilized skull, lit- erally identical to members of the same species living up until 60 years ago. Faced with the in- controvertible fact that this life form never altered at all over the course of 36 million years, Darwinism is in a state of terrible and insuperable collapse. Adnan Oktar 137
  • 132. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 72 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Yun Nan, China Darwinists have been unable to provide any evidence to show that wolves evolved. Evolutionist publications see that they re- fer solely to hypotheses and conjectures. You will never find any concrete evidence showing the wolf’s supposed ancestor or by what stages the wolf evolved until at- taining its present form. On the other hand, countless fossil specimens make it obvious that wolves have always existed as wolves and have never evolved in any way. The 72-million-year-old wolf skull pictured is one such fossil. 138 Harun Yahya
  • 133. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BLACK BEAR SKULL Age: 55 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Si Chuan, China Darwin invented unbelievable scenarios regard- ing the illusory development of living things, but found it no easy task to account for ocean- dwelling mammals like the whale. This life form could not be located anywhere on the im- aginary tree of life that Darwin imagined. For that reason, he put forward another unbelieva- ble theory, suggesting that whales were de- scended from bears that had used to hunt along the sea shore. This claim—a source of embar- rassment even for Darwin’s own supporters— was logically bankrupt. Present-day bears and fossils of bears dating back millions of years have done away with this claim of Darwin’s. The two look exactly the same. Bears 55 million years ago had no arms beginning to turn into fins or legs developing into flukes. Bears have remained completely un- changed for millions of years. Adnan Oktar 139
  • 134. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LION SKULL Age: 65 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China So irrefutable is the fossil record and so definitive the remains now in our possession that it is possible to determine all of a fossilized lion’s features, its age and how it lived. Indeed, all the details in the skull illustrated can be seen clearly and it is simple for pa- leontologists to declare that there is no difference be- tween this specimen and its counterparts today. This fossil reveals that lions have remained unaltered for 65 million years. Lions alive today are exactly the same when they were first created. Contrary to what Darwinists claim, they never evolved in any way, and the fossil record proves this. 140 Harun Yahya
  • 135. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BROWN BEAR SKULL Age: 8.9 million years Period: Miocene Location: Yun Nan, China The variety of life created by Allah is so glorious that it can be appreciated everywhere in the world. A single species will have countless sub-species, all with their own unique attributes. Examples of nearly all these forms, with all their features, are present in the fossil record. There are no intermediate forms of the kind evolution suggests must have existed, no semi-developed spe- cies that ever emerged, and there is no sign of the “common ancestor” that various species are claimed to be descended from. Yet species and even their sub-species manifest themselves in the most perfect states, identical to present-day life forms, in the fossil record. One such example is this flawless fossil skull of a brown bear, which dates back 8.9 million years—proof that this life form never changed, and never underwent evolution. Adnan Oktar 141
  • 136. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN GRIZZLY BEAR SKULL Age: 7.5 million years Period: Miocene Location: Gan Su, China Like millions of other life forms such as tigers, wolves, foxes, rhinoceroses, pandas, leopards, li- ons and hyenas, bears have remained exactly the same for tens of millions of years, since the mo- ment of their first Creation. That refutes the claim that living things evolve. The stasis that applies to all living species also applies to hu- mans. In the same way that no change ever took place in the skulls of tens of thousands of species over millions of years, so there has been no evo- lutionary change in the human skull. In the same way that fish have always existed as fish, birds have always existed as birds and reptiles have always existed as reptiles, so humans have always been humans. There is no question of any direct progression from the primitive to the advanced, of the kind maintained by evolution- ists, in any organ or structure of any living thing. The 7.5-million-year-old grizzly bear skull pic- tured here is one proof of this. 142 Harun Yahya
  • 137. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BROWN BEAR SKULL Age: 8.9 million years Period: Miocene Location: Yun Nan, China In his 1991 book Beyond Natural Selection, the American paleontologist R. Wesson describes the in- formation provided by the fossil record regarding the origin of life: The gaps in the record are real, however. The absence of a record of any important branching is quite phenomenal. Species are usually static, ... for long periods, ... genera never show evolution... 23 Darwinist propaganda, indoctrination and myth are all made meaningless by this fact, demonstrated by countless proofs. Like the 8.9-million-year-old brown bear skull pic- tured, all fossils show that evolution is a hollow theory. Adnan Oktar 143
  • 138. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SIBERIAN WOLF SKULL Age: 42 million years Period: Eocene Location: Qing Hai, China If Darwinists are to verify the tales they have been re- lating for the last 150 years, they must be able to point to the supposed evolutionary traces that the Siberian wolf, for example, underwent before assuming its pres- ent form. They have to be able to explain, with full sup- porting evidence, how Siberian wolves acquired their eyes, teeth and noses, and how their skull structures as- sumed their present-day shapes. In addition, they must do that for all other living things. Yet Darwinists can never provide such a scientific account for Siberian wolves or for any other life form. All they can offer is fictitious chronologies, hypothetical illustrations and reconstructions that fail to reflect the truth. Concrete findings such as fossils, however, show that Siberian wolves have always existed as Siberian wolves. 144 Harun Yahya
  • 139. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN STEPPE POLECAT SKULL Age: 73 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Xian, Shan Xi, China The close-up shows the fossil’s jaw and dental structure. The steppe polecat, approximately the same size as the domestic cat, is a member of the cat family. The features visible in this 73-mil- lion-year-old skull reveal that present-day steppe polecats have never changed over tens of millions of years. It is impossible to find a single piece of evidence showing that the creature ever evolved. Steppe polecats are of the countless species that never un- derwent evolution. Adnan Oktar 145
  • 140. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HYENA SKULL Age: 42 million years Period: Eocene Location: Gui Lin Gui Zhou, China The fossil history of the hyena goes back to very ancient times. None of the fossils dis- covered so far is any different from present- day hyenas. In order to verify its claims, the theory of evolution must point to at least one concrete piece of evidence—an inter- mediate form, showing that these present life forms are descended from other, earlier ones. But that is totally impossible. The evi- dence revealed by paleontology consists of fossils of living things that have never changed and thus constitute significant proof against the theory of evolution. The 42-million-year-old hyena fossil illustrated is one of the proofs that demolish that theo- ry and shows that hyenas have never al- tered in any way. 146 Harun Yahya
  • 141. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN PANDA SKULL Age: 73 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: China Darwinists describe science as chance. They believe that chance works miracles and at- tempt to account for the perfections they encounter, the sublime life forms and gran- diose civilizations, in terms of coincidence. They try to brand any other alternative ex- planations as unscientific. That is why they produce chance-based developmental chro- nologies and look in the fossil record for ev- idence to support them. Yet the way this desperate logic has been portrayed as “scientific” is the disgrace of the century. As with the 73-million-year-old panda skull pictured here, the science of pa- leontology reveals examples of living things that have never changed. Adnan Oktar 147
  • 142. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ZEBRA SKULL Age: 47 million years Period: Eocene Location: Nei Meng Gu, China This 47-million-year-old zebra skull is literally identical to those of present-day zebras. Remaining loyal to Darwinism when the evi- dence contradicts the claims of the theory of evolution, one by one, is obviously a total waste of time, resources and energy. These ef- forts by Darwinists do not give the results they hoped for, and bestow no credibility on them or their theories. On the contrary, their refusal to abandon their claims despite all the scientific evidence to the contrary further in- creases the suspicion with which they are re- garded. There is absolutely no room for the theory of evolution in the findings that science has now obtained. 148 Harun Yahya
  • 143. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HYENA SKULL Age: 52 million years Period: Eocene Location: Hua South, China As Darwinists continue to await the appear- ance of intermediate-form fossils, the fossil record pushes the dating of so-called “living fossils” ever further into the remote past. For example; hyenas existed 50 million years ago, 80 million years ago, and even 90 million years ago. No matter how much Darwinists try to in- vent an imaginary evolutionary history, every hyena fossil ever discovered is identical to present-day specimens. The 52-million-year- old hyena skull pictured is further confirma- tion of this. As with other examples, this fossil shows that the animal has never changed over the course of aeons. Adnan Oktar 149
  • 144. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WILD DOG SKULL Age: 5.3 million years Period: Miocene Location: Xi An, China This is how Darwin described the dilemma confronting his theory in his book: . . . Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined? . . . But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth? 24 Some 160 years later, evolutionists are still faced by the same difficulty: While millions of fossils have been unearthed to date, why has not a single intermediate form ever been found? For anyone who can think unfettered by preconceptions the answer is obvious: be- cause no intermediate forms have ever existed. Species did not come into being by evolving from one another. Almighty Allah creates all living things together with the sublime fea- tures they all possess. 150 Harun Yahya
  • 145. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BROWN BEAR SKULL Age: 42 million years Period: Eocene Location: Zhe Jiang, China The known fossil record is not, and has never has been, in accord with gradualism. What is re- markable is that, through a variety of historical circum- stances, even the history of opposition has been obscured. . . . “The majority of paleontologists felt their evidence sim- ply contradicted Darwin’s stress on minute, slow, and cu- mulative changes leading to species transformation.” . . . their story has been suppressed. 25 As Professor S. M. Stanley of Harvard University describes it, the theory of evolution is full of lies, implied confessions and objections—because Darwinists are well aware that the fossil records in- validate their theory. One of these specimens that discredit the theory of evolution is the 42-million- year-old brown bear skull pictured. Adnan Oktar 151
  • 146. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN LION SKULL Age: 3.3 million years Period: Pliocene Location: Gan Su, China The evolutionist and paleontologist David Pilbeam admits that the fossil findings dis- prove the theory of evolution: If you brought in a smart scientist from another dis- cipline and showed him the meager evidence we’ve got, he’d surely say, “Forget it: There isn't enough to go on.”26 There are no scientific grounds for Darwinists persisting in their claims. On the other hand, countless fossils such as the 3.3-million-year li- on skull illustrated make clear the true state of affairs: Evolution is an unscientific fantasy. Almighty Allah, Lord of all, has created the universe and all living things. 152 Harun Yahya
  • 147. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ASIAN WILD HORSE SKULL Age: 33 million years Period: Oligocene Location: Yun Nan, China The myth of the evolution of the horse is one of Darwinism’s best- known frauds. This scenario—which many contemporary evolution- ists admit is untrue—is still defended by a number of fanatical Darwinists. However, this claim is full of extraordinary inconsisten- cies and lacks any scientific evidence, and has been totally refuted. Horses have remained unchanged over millions of years. The 33- million-year-old Asian wild horse skull illustrated shows that horses lived in exactly the same way then as they do now. This by itself is sufficient to demolish all Darwinist claims about the alleged horse evolution. Adnan Oktar 153
  • 148. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TIGER SKULL Age: 9.8 million years Period: Miocene Location: Yun Nan, China Every new paleontological finding over the last 100 years or so has dealt a new blow to evolution. The intermediate forms that Darwin hoped would one day be found are still conspicuous by their absence. An arti- cle in Nature magazine made the following admission on this subject that proves the collapse of the theory of evolution: Missing links in the sequence of fossil evidence were a worry to Darwin. He felt sure they would eventually turn up, but they are still missing and seem likely to remain so.27 154 Harun Yahya
  • 149. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN FOX SKULL Age: 53 million years Period: Eocene Location: Yun Nan, China Darwinists have no scientific evidence that evolu- tion ever happened. This lack of evidence is appar- ent in their works and papers. The evolutionist and paleontologist Collin Patterson reveals the dilemma facing evolutionists with his response to criticism that he failed to include intermediate forms in his book Evolution: I fully agree with your comments on the lack of direct il- lustration of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly have in- cluded them. . . ..I will lay it on the line, There is not one such fossil for which one might make a watertight argu- ment.28 Adnan Oktar 155
  • 150. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RABBIT SKULL Age: 30 million years Period: Oligocene Location: White River Formation, Wyoming, USA Natural history is full of countless fossil specimens pre- served together with their perfect structures. One such is this 30-million-year-old fossil rabbit. On close examination, it can be seen that there is no difference between rabbits that lived 30 million years ago and their counterparts living today. To put it another way, all rabbits have always existed as rabbits right through the course of history—they are not descended from any other life form and never turned into any other. The frauds, distortions and propaganda techniques to which Darwinists resort in order to keep their theory alive are now utterly meaningless. The fossil record has clearly demon- strated the unchanging nature of living things and has inval- idated all the conjectural accounts that can be proposed on the subject. 156 Harun Yahya
  • 151. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN CORMORANT SKULL Age: 18 million years Period: Miocene Location: Chile Cormorants are waterfowl with long bodies and broad tails, and their counterparts 18 million years ago dis- played exactly the same characteristics. Darwinists try to give the impression that living things are in a con- stant state of change and evolve by passing through various transitional stages. The truth is very different, however: As with the fossil illustrated here, the count- less cormorant fossils unearthed to date all declare that these living things have never altered at all. Adnan Oktar 157 157
  • 152. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RACCOON SKULL Age: 12 to 7 million years Period: Miocene Location: China There is no difference between the teeth of raccoons living some 12 million years ago and those alive today. This raccoon fossil from the Miocene Period documents that these animals have never altered over the past 12 mil- lion years or so. The anatomical features in this fossil show that raccoons were the same then as they are today. Natural history is very different from what Darwinists claim. There were no odd, semi-developed creatures or mam- mals that had yet to complete their devel- opment millions of years ago. On the contrary, the Earth of millions of years ago was inhabited by many life forms still in existence today. The extraordinary variety of life is the scientific reality that alarms and terrifies Darwinists. 158 Harun Yahya
  • 153. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN COYOTE SKULL Age: 90 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China The fossil’s teeth are clearly visible in the photograph. Coyotes living 90 million years ago were complete- ly identical to coyotes living today. Millions of years in the past, these animals had exactly the same features as members of the species do today. They have never changed in 90 million years. Coyotes have never turned into or evolved from another species. This applies to all the other life forms that existed millions of years ago. That being so, there is obviously no logic to the evolutionist ac- count of how human beings have changed. Like all the other scenarios, these go no further than decep- tive speculations. Adnan Oktar 159
  • 154. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ZEBRA SKULL Age: 70 to 40 million years Period: Cretaceous-Eocene Location: China Zebras living today have exactly the same characteristics as those in existence around 70 million years ago. Detailed inspection of this fossil skull shows that all its features are identical to those of present-day zebras. This proves that zebras have never been subjected to any alterations since the mo- ment of their first Creation and that they were created in a single moment, together with all their perfect attributes. This same sublime Creation applies to humans and all other living things, and in the face of these realities, Darwinists are reduced to silent despair. 160 Harun Yahya
  • 155. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ANTELOPE SKULL Age: 50 million years Period: Eocene Location: Da Quing, Hei Long Jiang, China Specimens of these mammals dating back 50 million years have been perfectly preserved. This specimen, also millions of years old, shows that antelopes have never been subject- ed to any alteration, and neither descended from nor evolved into any other life form. Just like zebras, wolves, tigers and foxes millions of years old, these living things were also cre- ated in the manner determined by Allah, and never changed since. As is the case with all other life forms, there is not a single interme- diate form to support the myth of human ev- olution. As with all other evolutionist claims, this one is completely false. Living things on Earth never evolved. Adnan Oktar 161
  • 156. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TIGER SKULL Age: 90 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Si Chuan, China So far, Darwinists have been unable to offer any scientific evidence to support their theories. Through reconstruc- tions, examples of hoaxes and deceptive television and newspaper reports, they try to misdirect people into think- ing that evolution really happened. However, the scientific evidence shows that living things millions of years ago had exactly the same appearances and complex structures as they do today, and have never changed. The 90-million- year-old tiger skull in the picture makes this quite clear. Just like other animals and human beings, tiger have never un- dergone evolution. 162 Harun Yahya
  • 157. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 120 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Qing Hai, China With their powerful structures and sublime anatomies, wolves are mar- vels of Creation, specially created with pads for walking on snow and the stamina to travel huge distances. These animals had exactly the same characteristics 120 million years ago in the past. This wolf skull, perfectly preserved for 120 million years, proves that wolves were living at a time when, according to the theory of evolution, they should still have been in the process of development. Darwinists are unable to account for this stasis within species, but still in- sist in their thesis of human evolu- tion. Yet there is no scientific evi- dence to support these claims. Just as with this 120-million-year-old wolf and other living things, human be- ings have never been subjected to ev- olution. Adnan Oktar 163
  • 158. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HYENA SKULL Age: 80 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gui Zhou, China In the middle of the 20th century, the unearthing of fossils that were com- pletely unchanged—from the fossil record in which Darwin and the Darwinists who came after him placed such great hopes—instilled terrible panic in the adherents of the theory of evolution. They gave the name stasis to this stability in fossils and, in the face of this unexpected development re- vealed by the fossil record, they came up with the “punctuated evolution” theory to make these new fossils fit in with their earlier main thesis. They imagined that this claim, devoid of any scientific evidence and in fact a totally ludicrous ideas, would be their salvation. Yet they never expected that the fossil record would then inflict an even greater disappointment: In the early 1970s, when punctuated evolu- tion was regarded as a literal savior, only a few specimens of “living fos- sils” had been identified in the fossil record. But Darwinists never thought that these living fossils would later ac- tually number in the millions. Today, the countless documented living fos- sils have demolished all the assump- tions of the theory of evolution. One of these is the 80-million-year-old hyena skull illustrated. 164 Harun Yahya
  • 159. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WEASEL SKULL Age: 60 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Shan Dong, China From the first cell that coalesced in the primor- dial soup to the magnificent intricacies of Homo sapiens, the evolution of life—as every- body knows has been one long drive toward greater complexity. The only trouble with what everybody knows. . . is that there is no ev- idence it’s true.29 These words from Lori Oliwenstein, a for- mer editor of Discover magazine, reveal the undeniable dilemma facing the theory of evolution. Fossils unearthed provide no evidence in favor of evolution. On the con- trary, they disgrace the adherents of evolu- tion. This 60-million-year-old weasel skull, identical to those of present-day weasels, reminds Darwinists of exactly the same re- ality and proves the invalidity of myths of evolution. Adnan Oktar 165
  • 160. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TURTLE Age: 60 million years Period: Paleocene Location: Yun Nan, China Darwinists allow 20 million years for the imagi- nary process of human evolution to have taken place. That is the period of time that human be- ings are estimated to have taken to develop from chimpanzees into their present form—the period of time best suited to the theory of evolution. Accordingly, there should be countless interme- diate forms demonstrating that 20-million-year transition from chimpanzee to human. Yet out of all the transitional forms that should once have existed, there is not even one. Instead, we have fossils of terrestrial life forms with perfect struc- tures that lived for much longer periods of time. This 60-million-year-old turtle skull proves that these animals have remained unchanged for 60 million years, which represents powerful evi- dence against evolutionists’ claims regarding human evolution, for which there is no scientific proof whatsoever. That being so, all Darwinist incitement is mean- ingless. Life forms have never changed, and the evolutionary history the public are indoctrinated with never happened. Allah created all living things, human beings included, from nothing. 166 Harun Yahya
  • 161. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BROWN BEAR SKULL Age: 90 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gui Zhou, China If, as Darwinists maintain, bears descended from other life forms by way of small, gradual chan- ges, then 90 millions years ago there should have been odd-looking mammals indicating such a change. There should have been peculiar entities with as yet undeveloped eye sockets, lacking ears or whose claws had only begun to form—entities reminiscent of bears, but which had not yet turned into them. In addition, the fossil record should contain a great many traces of these strange beings. However, when we look at fossil remains dating back 90 million years we see that the bears were no different from their counterparts living today. Brown bears alive then had perfectly formed physical structures. The fossil record shows that no other living things have ever changed—in oth- er words, that they never evolved. Adnan Oktar 167
  • 162. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 9.3 million years Period: Miocene Location: Yun Nan, China Darwinists never reflect on living things. They are unwilling to consider how they have perfect structures and sub- lime features, and how not one of them could have de- veloped by chance from a single cell. That means they are unable to appreciate the sublime might and om- niscience of Allah. According to irrational and unsci- entific Darwinist thinking, there is but one explana- tion for all the complexity in the universe: The very first cell supposedly emerged from a collection of muddy water and then later gave rise to the lions, ot- ters, rabbits, cats and humans you see around you. However, the message with which Darwinism seeks to indoctrinate the public is now discredited and mor- ibund. Fish dating back hundreds of millions of years, reptiles, birds and this 9.3-million-year-old wolf skull all point to one single truth: The theory of evolution is a lie. 168 Harun Yahya
  • 163. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ARCTIC FOX SKULL Age: 8.2 million years Period: Miocene Location: Si Chuan, China In order for a mammal like the arctic fox to un- dergo evolution in the way Darwinists claim, it must undergo comprehensive and intensive changes. In order for these alterations to take place, countless supposedly beneficial muta- tions have to take place, undeveloped organs must be eliminated, new ones must develop, and all of a living thing’s limbs must change and diversify in such a way as to give rise to new shapes. Moreover, traces of these changes should be visible in the Earth’s strata, and the fossil record should contain evidence of rep- tiles’ limbs turning into fox legs in the course of time. But there is not a single example of these imaginary transitions in the fossil record. Instead, the fossil record shows that foxes iden- tical to those seen today were also living mil- lions of years in the past. The 8.2-million-year- old Arctic fox skull pictured is confirmation of this. Darwinists have no rational claim they can make in the face of this important evidence. Adnan Oktar 169
  • 164. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TIGER SKULL Age: 78 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Guang Dong, China This tiger skull shows that tigers have re- mained unchanged for 78 million years. The scenarios that evolutionists have been relating for decades—that living things are descended from a single com- mon ancestor, that they are in a constant state of change and that this is how they develop—are scientifically invalid. Not a single fossil finding will support these scenarios. Excavations have demolished, with an abundance of scientific evidence, the supposed evolution of mammals, as with that of all living things. Fossils rep- resent a lethal blow to Darwinism but de- finitive and absolute proof of the fact of Creation. 170 Harun Yahya
  • 165. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN PANDA SKULL Age: 88 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Pan Zhi Hua, Si Chuan, China Considered in terms of Darwinist claims, in or- der for any large omnivore such as the panda to evolve, it would require countless transitional stages. In order for these fictitious transitional stages to occur, millions of years and countless changes would be required. But the surprising thing for evolutionists is that the fossil record reveals only pan- das exactly the same as those alive to- day. The proofs that show how pres- ent-day pandas were living 88 million years ago and the absence of a single one of the countless intermediate forms that should have once existed— according to Darwinists—are some of the lethal blows that have been dealt to the theory of evolution. It is a simple matter for Allah, Who has created all living things from nothing, to create such a life form today, as well as 88 million years ago. Yet Darwinists are unable to accept this. Adnan Oktar 171
  • 166. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BEAR SKULL Age: 80 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Yun Nan, China When we look at any life forms in existence today, we see that they are identical to specimens that lived millions of years ago. Neither bears, pandas, tortoises or any other living thing has ever evolved. This 80-million-year-old bear skull is just one of the proofs confirming this. All the anatomi- cal features of this fossil, pre- served for 80 million years among the strata of the Earth, are identi- cal to those of present-day bears. Inasmuch as none of the living things in the Earth’s strata have ever changed, it is utterly illogical for Darwinists to insist that hu- man beings did evolve. 172 Harun Yahya
  • 167. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SIBERIAN WOLF SKULL Age: 80 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China The stasis in the fossil record has now as- sumed a state that Darwinists cannot pos- sibly deny. Many who have begun accept- ing the fact that species have not changed have also had to abandon their insistent claims on the subject. Livings fossils— more of which are being discovered by the day—have revealed stasis over the course of tens of millions of years, rather than the slow change expected by Darwinists. The evidence is mounting that species never evolved. Living speci- mens of the Siberian wolf, an 80-million- year-old fossil skull of which can be seen in the picture, show that these animals have never altered in the slightest. Adnan Oktar 173
  • 168. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TIGER SKULL Age: 80 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gui Zhou, China The photograph shows details of the fossil’s dental structure. 80 million years is a significant length of time for evolutionists. Darwinists have constructed countless imaginary evolutionary scenarios for periods as long as 80 million years. They imagine they have identified the supposed ancestors of the tiger and invent fantasies regarding how these may have changed and how the tiger came into possession of its characteristics on a gradual basis. Thus they produce a totally fictitious, chance-based evolutionary scenario for the tiger, one devoid of any scientific evidence. Because in the eyes of Darwinism, time creates, develops and alters. However, the fossil record contains no odd-look- ing entities in the process of developing, but rather tigers that appear just like those in the present day. This fossilized tiger skull 80 million years old, clearly reveals all its details and refutes Darwinism with definitive scientific evidence. 174 Harun Yahya
  • 169. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ANTELOPE SKULL Age: 83 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China This 83-million-year-old antelope skull discovered in China reiterates a fact that the fos- sil record makes clear for all other antelopes: No matter how much time may have gone by, ante- lopes have never altered at all. There is absolutely no difference between antelopes that lived tens of mil- lions of years ago, nor between them and antelopes living today. The further down one digs, the older the fossil specimens one uncovers, and all show that evolution never happened. Not a single instance of the intermediate fossils that evolutionists for decades expected would eventually turn up has ever been discovered. Darwinists should offer rational and scientific explanation for this. And if they have no explanations to offer, they should accept the reality revealed by science: that our Almighty Lord Allah has created all liv- ing things. Adnan Oktar 175
  • 170. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SPOTTED DEER SKULL Age: 78 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Xin Jiang, China The details of the teeth and bone structure of the fossil illustrated are seen clearly. A large number of fossil specimens have been dis- covered of countless species belonging to the deer family. Each one has its own characteristic struc- tures, and can be seen in fossils dating back mil- lions of years. The 78-million-year-old spotted deer skull pictured bears all the characteristics of pres- ent-day deer. This extraordinary state of affairs shows that Darwinism is complete and utter non- sense. Darwinism is finally in its death throes, though some of its adherents still refuse to let it die. But it is no longer possible to preserve a theory that has long since been discredited, whose final rem- nants are now collapsing. 176 Harun Yahya
  • 171. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN RHINOCEROS SKULL Age: 75 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China Darwinists claim that living things are de- scended from one another and assumed their present form by way of gradual changes over time. If this claim were true, then it should be apparent from the fossil record. Yet the Earth produces nothing but fossils dating back mil- lions of years that are identical to specimens alive today. There is not a single transitional form to verify Darwinists’ claims. All living things, from the smallest to the largest, existed millions of years ago in the same forms as they are today. If other living things never changed, then there are no rational and scientific grounds for claim- ing that human beings changed. Humans have always been fully human, and have never al- tered. Adnan Oktar 177
  • 172. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN HYENA SKULL Age: 90 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Gan Su, China Portions of the visual and written media are pro-Darwinist. For that reason, almost no examples of “living fossils” appear in the press reports concerning human evolu- tion. One hardly ever encounters a report describing how living things have never changed. One never finds information that creatures living millions of years ago had the same complex features that their coun- terparts possess today. Indeed, constant propaganda suggests the exact opposite. For years now, Darwinists have been using the same tactics to mislead people. However, that deception has finally come to an end. The fossil record reveals a wide- spread stasis, and most people are finally aware of this. This 90-million-year-old hye- na skull is just one instance of these life forms that have never changed. An exami- nation of at the fossil immediately reveals that it is identical to the skull of present-day hyenas. This is a great miracle of Allah. 178 Harun Yahya
  • 173. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BINTURONG SKULL Age: 88 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Yun Nan, China Darwin imagined that living things changed slowly. In his view, all living things, humans included, were descended from other species and thus arrived at their modern-day appearances. Given that 19th- century science provided no evidence to support his hypothesis, Darwin believed that the intermediate-form fossils that should exist would be found at a later date. Darwin’s closest followers inherited this legacy of belief. Ever since that time, they have ceaselessly looked for the intermedi- ate forms that Darwin believed would eventually be forthcoming. However, it did not take long to realize that Darwin had been mistaken. The unaltered life forms in the fossil record definitively refuted Darwinism. One blow to this superstitious belief, sought to be kept alive solely as an ideology, is the 88-million-year binturong skull illustrated. Adnan Oktar 179
  • 174. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN BOAR SKULL Age: 87 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Yun Nan, The fossil record’s failure to confirm Darwin’s expecta- China tions eradicates all claims regarding the supposed evolu- tion of Man. If there has been no change at any stage of natural history, if there is no single trace of any transition from one species to an- other, then claims to the effect that hu- mans are descended from another species are untrue. The wild boar skull pictured, 87 million years old, shows that wild boars have existed unaltered for millions of years. This and other examples repre- sent a major dilemma for the Darwinist claim that human beings evolved. The ev- idence that living things do not change indicates that evolution never happened, and by analogy, that human beings are definitely not the product of evolution. 180 Harun Yahya
  • 175. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLVERINE SKULL Age: 90 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Zhou Kou Dian, Beijing, China The wolverine skull illustrated, 90 million years old, possesses all the characteristics of living wolverines and is by itself proof that this species was never subject to any change at all. All evolutionary scenarios based on such supposed changes are now invalid. Evolution cannot explain how a living thing millions of years in the past could exhibit such complex features, nor why the life form in question never changed. All the facts we have here are scientific and undeniable. All living things are the flawless works of Allah. Adnan Oktar 181
  • 176. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 80 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Du Lan, Qing Hai, China The dental detail shown in this 80- million-year-old fox fossil is proof that evolutionists are mistaken. Foxes were created as foxes, tortoises as tortois- es, cats as cats, tigers as tigers and wolves as wolves. There is much evidence that they were created in the forms they have today, and none to suggest that they have ever changed. This 80- million-year wolf skull is a significant indication that wolves too created in their present-day forms. Just like all these other species, human beings never evolved either, but were created. They have always existed as human beings since the beginning. Just as no chimpanzee has been observed to develop into a human being, so there are no examples of chimpanzees in the past becoming human, and no fossil evidence to suggest that this ever happened. 182 Harun Yahya
  • 177. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN FISHER MARTEN SKULL Age: 78 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China Allah has the power to create from nothing. Failing to com- prehend this, Darwinists cannot or will not understand that Allah creates a living thing whenever He so desires, simply by commanding it to Be! This lack of belief and lack of awareness of the true facts underlie the illogical scenar- ios and false proofs they come up with. Yet people who are not influenced by the Darwinist spell have no difficulty in grasping the magnificent Creation in the world. Clearly, living things have been created and equipped with perfect systems. They have been the same down through their generations, since the moment they were first created. The 78-million-year-old fisher marten skull illus- trated is one of the representatives of this reality. Adnan Oktar 183
  • 178. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN TIBETAN SAND FOX SKULL Age: 86 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Du Lan, Qing Hai, China Darwinists have to explain why an 80-million-year wolf, a 96-million-year-old panda or a 75-million- year-old rhinoceros have never changed since. They have to explain why an 83-million-year-old ante- lope, a 90-million-year-old hyena and a 70-million- year-old zebra have remained exactly the same. Darwinists must also account for how the 86-mil- lion-year-old Tibetan sand fox illustrated and mil- lions of other specimens are absolutely no different from members of the same species alive today. If Darwinists are unable to provide a scientific expla- nation for a single one of these—as they are indeed unable to—then they must accept and declare that evolution is a false theory. So long as they fail to do so, they will be speaking in the name of ideological obsessions, but not of science. 184 Harun Yahya
  • 179. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN SPECTACLED BEAR SKULL Age: 85 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Zhou Kou Dian, Fang Shan, Beijing, China In the face of the countless “living fossils” that have been found, evolutionist conjecture is ut- terly worthless. Darwinists may publish as many articles containing unscientific myths in scientific journals as they wish, and portray as many hoax fossils and illustrations as actually depicting the truth as they wish, but a single fossil belonging to life forms in existence today is still enough to obliterate this unscientific the- ory. The 85-million-year-old spectacled bear skull illustrated, for instance, by itself invali- dates the theory. It is identical to those of pres- ent-day spectacled bears. The species has re- mained unchanged over 85 million years. Adnan Oktar 185
  • 180. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN WOLF SKULL Age: 88 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China Darwinism depends on creating confusion. Darwinists try to distract people, to prevent them reflecting on larger issues and instead, to mislead them with conjecture. They try to convince people that transitional life forms once existed, by constant- ly repeating the same tall tales. The fact is, however, that fossils represent concrete scientific evidence. Though constantly searching for evidence to con- firm the theory of evolution, Darwinists have never found any. The evidence obtained so far—of count- less living fossils—all refutes evolution. One such piece of evi- dence is the 88-million- year-old wolf skull pic- tured, proving that wolves living 88 million years ago had the same cranial features they have today and have never changed at all. 186 Harun Yahya
  • 181. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN ASIAN WILD DOG SKULL Age: 65 million years Period: Cretaceous Location: Dong Liang, Shan Dong, China . . . no real evolutionist, whether gradualist or punctuationist, uses the fossil record as evi- dence in favor of the theory of evolution as op- posed to special Creation.30 These words by Richard L. Kleiss state that the fossil record has demolished all the claims of evolution. Evolution has suf- fered a terrible defeat at the hands of the fossil record. The 65-million-year-old Asian wild dog skull fossil illustrated has exactly the same features as members of the species living today. This means that the animal lived with exactly the same characteristics then as now. It is one of the scientific proofs that cast Darwinists into an ever-greater state of despair. Adnan Oktar 187
  • 182. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN CONCLUSION D arwinism is a dogmatic belief, a supersti- tious faith. This is the reason why evidence opposed to the theory of evolution is con- stantly being brought up through countless proofs, Atlas of Creation series, fossil exhibitions and detailed descriptions of individual fossils are provided to show that life forms never changed: to be a means whereby some people who have lost the ability to think objec- tively under the spell of a superstitious religion can see the truth. For the last 150 years or so, the theory of evolution has been kept alive through speculation and propaganda. People are constantly subjected to subconscious in- doctrination. Although evolution is based on no scien- tific evidence at all, it is still taught in schools, exhibit- ed in museums with imaginative reconstructions and is the subject of frequent reports in the press. The true source of this effective indoctrination is not science, but rather a false belief system. The religion of Darwinism has convinced people of an untruth and Charles Darwin has depicted a lie as true science. le and Science Peop Eureka Mome EXAMPLES OF THE EVOLUTIONIST PROPAGANDA THAT HAS DECEIVED THE WORLD FOR 160 YEARS S peculation, slogans incompatible with the truth, and imaginary reconstructions olecula are Darwinism’s main propaganda tools. By these means, the public is con- Darwin and M Revo lution stantly indoctrinated with the idea that the theory of evolution is a scientific. In fact, however, evolution cannot explain how even the first living cell came into being. Evolutionists have no answer as to why there is not a single intermediate form fos- sil to support the theory—or why, if evolution really took place, living things re- mained unchanged for tens of millions of years, or how and when unconscious at- oms originally decided to see, hear, touch feel and think. The claims of the theory of evolution are illogical; even a primary-school student would find them ridiculous. Increasingly large numbers of people are aware that this irrational propaganda, produced with media backing, is totally worthless. What Make Us Different 188 Harun Yahya
  • 183. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN Fictitious Museums of Evolution But a falsehood without supporters cannot sur- vive long. The theory of evolution is losing its adherents, one by one. People who learn the true nature of Darwinism can clearly see the illogical- ity of defending it and therefore, reject the theo- ry. Evolutionary scientists who see the emer- gence of countless unchanged living fossils real- ize that they have dedicated their lives to a lie, and suffer due regret. All who remain are a few admirers of Darwin, and all they can do is to recite the same old sce- narios. Willingly or not, they too have recog- nized the defeat of Darwinism. They are unable to find anyone to address their conferences and suffer the shame of that fact whenever Darwinism is defended. That shame can only grow, because fossils con- stantly produce enough evidence to demolish Darwinism, showing that living things never evolved, and were created exactly as they are to- day. The truth revealed by fossils cannot be con- cealed or ignored. The religion that is Darwinism has come to an end. d ent Hominid Baby Gorilla is Found. ar Adnan Oktar 189
  • 184. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN EUROPE IS WAKING UP, AND DARWINISM IS BEING CONSIGNED TO THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY W ith the arrival of Adnan Oktar’s Atlas of Creation, Europe’s materialists and Darwinists were seized by serious panic. Many stated that Atlas of Creation, which was unlike any anti-evolution work they had ever seen before, represented more of a threat to their ideas than all the other books opposing Darwinism that had appeared so far. They even at- tempted to have the book banned. The Atlas of Creation revealed with full supporting evidence that there was no scientific ba- sis to the theory of evolution. It elicited a huge reaction in a large number of countries, such as Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Denmark. The im- pact of Atlas of Creation was made clear in countless press reports, articles by commenta- tors, television programs and websites. With Atlas of Creation, a genuine awakening has begun. The European public, long subject- ed to Darwinist and materialist indoctrination, have begun to see that the theory of evolution is of no scientific worth, being kept alive solely for ideological reasons. Surveys in different countries have revealed a significant fall in the numbers of people who believe in Darwinism. For instance, one poll conducted by the French journal Science Actualités revealed that 92% of people did not believe that human beings came into existence by way of evolution, while a mere 5% believed in evolution. In another survey by the famous German daily Süddedeutsche Zeitung, the level of people believing that Man is the work of a Creator was 85%, while only 9% believed that the theory of evolution is true. One survey which made this change of opinion crystal-clear appeared in Blick, published in Switzerland: A full 85% of re- spondents believed in Creation, while only 8% believed in the theory of evolution. This awakening led to serious unease among European materialist circles. Aware that the supposed scientific basis for their ideology was collapsing, they began what they thought was a series of precautionary measures. One of these was the “Dangers of Creationism in Education” report prepared by the Council of the European Parliament Culture, Science and Education Committee. The report consisting of 104 articles, requested that the 47 member countries take action against Creationist thinking and claimed that Europe was facing a major threat. “We are witnessing a growth of modes of thought which, the better to impose religious dogma, [Surely religion is beyond this] are attacking the very core of the knowledge that we have Adnan Oktar 190 Harun Yahya
  • 185. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN patiently built up on nature, evolution, our origins and our place in the universe.” This extract from the report set out the real reason for this concern: that Darwinism is being kept alive be- cause of the supposed scientific support it gives to materialism. The collapse of Darwinism means materialism and atheism are deprived of one of their most important props. Indeed, the report stated that the teaching of Creation rocked the world view, in other words materialism, that had been “patiently built up.” Article 12 of the report referred to Adnan Oktar’s anti- Darwinist activities and to the impact of his Atlas of Creation in Europe, saying that no other work to date had had such a major effect. Article 57 read: The Harun Yahya offensive: In early 2007, the Turkish creationist Harun Yahya sent his work entitled The Atlas of Creation to a very large number of French schools and resource centers . . . He [Hervé LeGuyader] considers the book to be “Much more dangerous than the previous creationist initiatives, which were often of Anglo-Saxon origin.” He believes that . . . the meth- od employed by the author could “PROVE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in the case of an uninformed public . . . .” The report ended with the words, “If we are not careful, the values that are the very essence of the Council of Europe will be in danger of being di- rectly threatened by the Creationist fundamentalists. It is part of the role of the Council’s parliamentarians to react before it is too late.” The report’s main aim was to ban the teaching of the fact of Creation. This demand—a violation of democracy, fundamental hu- man rights and intellectual freedom—shed light on an important truth: European materialists are in a state of complete panic. Circles keen to maintain the mate- rialist domination of science are unable to defend Darwinism in intellectual terms. In fact, however, prohibiting ideas does no good: Ideas must be opposed by other ideas. In any climate in which ideas of all kinds can be freely expressed, reason, good conscience and common sense will prevail. And the reality to which reason, good con- science and common sense all point is Creation. Switzerland 03-05-2007 Germany, 09-07-2007 France, 16-02-2007 7 De nm ark , 29- 06- 200
  • 186. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN THE RENOWNED PHILOSOPHER ANTHONY FLEW DECLARED THAT SCIENCE POINTS TO CREATION As people have certainly been influenced by me, I want to try and correct the enormous damage I may have done. —Anthony Flew Anthony Flew, one of the best-known atheist philosophers of his day, admitted that the athe- ism he had espoused for the previous 66 years was a philosophy that had collapsed in the face of the complex structure in DNA. The 81-year-old British professor became an atheist at the age of 15 and first made his name in the academic field with an article published in 1950. Over the next 54 years, he espoused atheism at the universities of Oxford, Aberdeen, Keele and Reading, where he taught, at a large number of U.S. and Canadian universities he visited, and in debates, books, lectures and articles. Not long ago, however, Flew renounced his error and admitted that the universe was creat- ed. In a report carried by The Sunday Times, he said: “I have been persuaded that it is sim- ply out of the question that the first living matter evolved out of dead matter and then devel- oped into an extraordinarily complicated creature.” (Stuart Wavell, Will Iredale, “Sorry, says athe- istinchief, I do believe in God after all,” The Sunday Times, 12 December 2004; http://www.timeson-,,2087-1400368,00.html) A single consciousness, a universal wisdom, pervades the universe. The discoveries of sci- ence, those that search the quantum nature of subatomic matter, have moved us to the brink of a startling realization: all existence is the expression of this wisdom. In the laboratories we experience it as information that first physically articulated as energy and then con- densed into the form of matter. Every particle, every being, from atom to human, appears to represent a level of information, of wisdom. (Gerald Schroeder, The Hidden Face of God, New York: Touchstone, 2001, p. XI.) 04-11-2007 09-12-20 12-12-2004 Anthony Flew’s abandonment of athe- ism elicited a wide reaction in the do- mestic and international press. News organizations such as the Times, The New York Times and MSNBC de- 13-1 2-20 04 scribed the development as “Leading Atheist Admits: I now Believe in God,” “An Aatheist’s U-turn” and “Leading Atheist Concludes: God does Exist.” 192 Harun Yahya
  • 187. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN THE DIRECTOR OF THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT DESCRIBES HIS FAITH IN ALLAH (GOD) The well-known scientist Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, had been an atheist since the age of 27. But in later years, Collins would see the “stupendous information” contained in DNA and turned into a believer, describing why he believed in his book The Language of God. The book states that there is a logical basis for the existence of a Creator and that scientific discoveries “draw man closer to God.” An article in the 11 June, 2006, edition of the Sunday Times, headed “I’ve Found God, Says Man Who Cracked the Genome,” read: One of the great tragedies of our time is this impression that has been created that science and religion have to be at war. I don’t see that as necessary at all and I think it is deeply disappointing that the shrill voices that occupy the extremes of this spec- trum have dominated the stage for the past 20 years. When you make a break- through it is a moment of scientific exhilaration because you have been on this search and seem to have found it. But it is also a moment where I at least feel closeness to the Creator in the sense of hav- ing now perceived something that no human knew before but God knew all along. When you have for the first time in front of you this 3.1 billion-letter instruction book that conveys all kinds of information and all kinds of mystery about humankind, you can’t survey that going through page after page without a sense of awe. I can’t help but look at those pages and 004 have a vague sense that this is giving me a glimpse of God’s mind. Francis Collins Adnan Oktar 193
  • 188. THE SKULLS THAT DEMOLISH DARWIN Darwinists have been silenced, with nowhere to turn. Utterly discredited, they are constantly losing supporters and are unable to find new ones. The death throes serve no purpose, and they have no means of salvation. Darwinism is dead, and even Darwinists can see this. Darwinist propaganda techniques no longer serve any purpose. With full supporting evidence, science has shown that Allah creates living things from nothing. The complex structures of living things, new details of which are emerging all the time—plus the fossil ev- idence that these structures were present millions of years ago—has killed Darwinism, revealing Allah’s glory of Creation and infinite might. Almighty Allah is the one Creator, the Lord of all living things and of all on Earth and in the heavens. Allah, the Lord of the worlds, is sublime and mighty. He is Allah—the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and Earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surat al- Hashr, 24) NOTES: 1 Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, p. 179. 2 Ibid., p. 234. 3 Richard E. Leakey, The Making of Mankind, Barcelona : Sphere Books Limited, , 1982, p. 43. 4 William R. Fix, The Bone Peddlers , New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, , 1984, p. 150-153. 5 Marvin Lubenow, Bones of Contention, Grand Rapids: Baker, 1992, p. 136. 6 S. J. Gould, “Evolution's Erratic Pace”, Natural History, Vol. 86, No. 5, May 1977, p. 14. 7 Niles Eldredge and Ian Tattersall, The Myths of Human Evolution, Columbia University Press, 1982, p. 59. 8 S. J. Gould, “Cordelia’s Dilemma” , Natural History, February, p. 10-18. 9 Henry Gee, In Search of Deep Time , Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1999, p. 1-2. 10 Derek A. Ager, “The Nature of the Fossil Record” , Proceedings of the British Geological Association, Vol. 87, 1976, p. 133. 194 Harun Yahya
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  • 190. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism APPENDIX The Deception of Evolution D arwinism, in other words the theory of evolution, was put forward with the aim of denying the fact of creation, but is in truth nothing but failed, unscientific nonsense. This theory, which claims that life emerged by chance from inanimate matter, was invalidated by the Charles Darwin scientific evidence of miraculous order in the universe and in living things. In this way, science confirmed the fact that Allah created the universe and the living things in it. The propaganda carried out today in order to keep the theory of evolution alive is based solely on the distortion of the scientific facts, biased interpretation, and lies and false- hoods disguised as science. Yet this propaganda cannot conceal the truth. The fact that the theory of evolution is the greatest deception in the history of science has been expressed more and more in the scientific world over the last 20-30 years. Research carried out after the 1980s in particular has revealed that the claims of Darwinism are totally unfounded, something that has been stated by a large num- ber of scientists. In the United States in partic- ular, many scientists from such different fields as biology, biochemistry and paleontol- ogy recognize the invalidity of Darwinism and employ the fact of creation to account for the origin of life. 196 Harun Yahya
  • 191. The Deception of Evolution We have examined the collapse of the theory of evolution and the proofs of crea- tion in great scientific detail in many of our works, and are still continuing to do so. Given the enormous importance of this subject, it will be of great benefit to sum- marize it here. The Scientific Collapse of Darwinism Although this doctrine goes back as far as ancient Greece, the theory of evolu- tion was advanced extensively in the nineteenth century. The most important development that made it the top topic of the world of science was Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species, pub- lished in 1859. In this book, he denied that Allah created different living species on Earth separately, for he claimed that all living beings had a common ancestor and had diversified over time through small changes. Darwin's theory was not based on any concrete scientific finding; as he also ac- The claims made by Darwin, who developed cepted, it was just an "assumption." Moreover, as his theory in the wake of a voyage to the Darwin confessed in the long chapter of his book ti- Galapagos Islands on board the Beagle, con- tled "Difficulties on Theory," the theory failed in the sisted of a fantasy reflecting the primitive sci- face of many critical questions. entific conditions of the time. Launched at a Darwin invested all of his hopes in new scientific time when the biro had not yet been invented discoveries, which he expected to solve these difficulties. and when people thought the cell was a bal- loon filled with water, the theory of evolu- However, contrary to his expectations, scientific findings tion has been dealt any number of lethal expanded the dimensions of these difficulties. The defeat blows by the scientific advances of the 20 th of Darwinism in the face of science can be reviewed un- and 21 st centuries. der three basic topics: 1) The theory cannot explain how life originated on Earth. 2) No scientific finding shows that the "evolutionary mechanisms" proposed by the theory have any evolutionary power at all. 3) The fossil record proves the exact opposite of what the theory suggests. In this section, we will examine these three basic points in general outlines: Adnan Oktar 197
  • 192. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism The First Insurmountable Step: The Origin of Life The theory of evolution posits that all living species evolved from a single living cell that emerged on the primitive Earth 3.8 billion years ago. How a single cell could generate millions of complex living species and, if such an evolution really occurred, why traces of it cannot be observed in the fossil record are some of the questions that the theory cannot answer. However, first and fore- most, we need to ask: How did this "first cell" originate? Since the theory of evolution denies creation and any kind of supernatural intervention, it maintains that the "first cell" originated coincidentally within the laws of nature, without any de- sign, plan or arrangement. According to the theory, inanimate matter must have produced a living cell as a result of coincidences. Such a claim, however, is inconsistent with the most unassailable rules of biology. "Life Comes From Life" In his book, Darwin never referred to the origin of life. The primitive understanding of science in his time rested on the assumption that living beings had a very simple structure. Since medieval times, spontaneous generation, which asserts that non-living materials came together to form liv- ing organisms, had been widely accepted. It was commonly believed that insects came into being from food leftovers, and mice from wheat. Interesting experi- ments were conducted to prove this theory. Some wheat was placed on a dirty piece of cloth, and it was believed that mice would originate from it after a while. Similarly, maggots developing in rotting meat was assumed to be evidence of spontaneous generation. However, it was later understood that worms did not appear on meat spontaneously, but were carried there by flies in the form of larvae, invisible to the naked eye. Even when Darwin wrote The Origin of Species, the belief that bacte- ria could come into existence from non-living matter was widely accept- ed in the world of science. However, five years after the publication of Darwin's book, Louis Pasteur The French biologist announced his results after long studies and experiments, that disproved sponta- Louis Pasteur neous generation, a cornerstone of Darwin's theory. In his triumphal lecture at the Sorbonne in 1864, Pasteur said: "Never will the doctrine of spontaneous generation recover from the mortal blow struck by this simple experiment."1 For a long time, advocates of the theory of evolution resisted these findings. However, as the development of science unraveled the complex structure of the cell of a living being, the idea that life could come into being coincidentally faced an even greater impasse. Inconclusive Efforts of the Twentieth Century The first evolutionist who took up the subject of the origin of life in the twentieth century was the renowned Russian biologist Alexander Oparin. With various theses he advanced in the 1930s, 198 Harun Yahya
  • 193. The Deception of Evolution he tried to prove that a living cell could originate by coincidence. These studies, however, were doomed to failure, and Oparin had to make the following confession: Unfortunately, however, the problem of the origin of the cell is perhaps the most obscure point in the whole study of the evolution of organ- isms.2 Evolutionist followers of Oparin tried to carry out experiments to solve this problem. The best known experiment was carried out by the American Russian biologist chemist Stanley Miller in 1953. Combining the gases he alleged to have existed in the pri- Alexander Oparin mordial Earth's atmosphere in an experiment set-up, and adding energy to the mixture, Miller synthesized several organic molecules (amino acids) present in the structure of proteins. Barely a few years had passed before it was revealed that this ex- periment, which was then presented as an important step in the name of evolution, was invalid, for the atmosphere used in the experiment was very different from the real Earth conditions.3 After a long silence, Miller confessed that the at- mosphere medium he used was unrealistic.4 All the evolutionists' efforts throughout the twentieth century to explain the origin of life ended in failure. The geo- chemist Jeffrey Bada, from the San Diego Scripps Institute accepts Stanley Miller this fact in an article published in Earth magazine in 1998: Today as we leave the twentieth century, we still face the biggest unsolved problem that we had when we entered the twentieth century: How did life originate on Earth?5 The Complex Structure of Life The primary reason why the theory of evolution ended up in such a great im- passe regarding the origin of life is that even those living organisms deemed to be the simplest have incredibly complex structures. The cell of a living thing is more complex than all of our man-made technological products. Today, even in the most developed laboratories of the world, a living cell cannot be produced by bringing organic chemicals together. The conditions required for the formation of a cell are too great in quantity to be explained away by coincidences. The probability of proteins, the building blocks of a cell, being synthesized coincidentally, is 1 in 10950 for an average pro- tein made up of 500 amino acids. In mathematics, a probability smaller than 1 over 1050 is considered to be impossible in practical terms. The DNA molecule, which is located in the nucleus of a cell and which stores ge- Adnan Oktar 199
  • 194. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism netic information, is an incredible databank. If the information cod- ed in DNA were written down, it would make a giant library con- sisting of an estimated 900 volumes of encyclopedias consisting of 500 pages each. A very interesting dilemma emerges at this point: DNA can replicate itself only with the help of some specialized pro- teins (enzymes). However, the synthesis of these enzymes can be realized only by the information coded in DNA. As they both depend on each other, they have to exist at the same time for replication. This brings the scenario that life originated by it- self to a deadlock. Prof. Leslie Orgel, an evolutionist of repute from the University of San Diego, California, confesses this fact in the September 1994 issue of the Scientific American magazine: It is extremely improbable that proteins and nucleic acids, both of which are structurally complex, arose spontaneously in the same place at the same time. Yet it also seems impossible to have one without the other. And so, at first glance, one might have to conclude that life could never, in fact, have originated by chem- ical means.6 No doubt, if it is impossible for life to have originated from natural causes, then it has to be accepted that life was "created" in a supernatural way. This fact explicitly invalidates the theo- ry of evolution, whose main purpose is to deny creation. Imaginary Mechanism of Evolution The second important point that negates Darwin's theory is that both concepts put forward by the theory as "evolutionary mechanisms" were understood to have, in reality, no evolutiona- ry power. Darwin based his evolution allegation entirely on the mech- anism of "natural selection." The importance he placed on this mechanism was evident in the name of his book: The Origin of Species, By Means of Natural Selection… Natural selection holds that those living things that are stronger and more suited to the natural conditions of their habi- tats will survive in the struggle for life. For example, in a deer herd under the threat of attack by wild animals, those that can run faster will survive. Therefore, the deer herd will be com- prised of faster and stronger individuals. However, unques- 200 Harun Yahya
  • 195. The Deception of Evolution tionably, this mechanism will not cause deer to evolve and transform themselves into another liv- ing species, for instance, horses. Therefore, the mechanism of natu- ral selection has no evolutionary power. Darwin was also aware of this fact and had to state this in his book The Origin of Species: Natural selection can do nothing until favourable individ- ual differences or variations occur.7 Lamarck's Impact So, how could these "favorable variations" occur? Darwin tried to answer this question from the standpoint of the primitive understand- ing of science at that time. According to the French biologist Chevalier de Lamarck (1744-1829), who lived before Darwin, liv- ing creatures passed on the traits they acquired during their life- time to the next generation. He asserted that these traits, which accumulated from one generation to another, caused new spe- cies to be formed. For instance, he claimed that giraffes evolved from antelopes; as they struggled to eat the leaves of high trees, their necks were extended from generation to generation. Darwin also gave similar examples. In his book The Origin of Species, for instance, he said that some bears going into water to find food transformed themselves into whales over time.8 However, the laws of inheritance discovered by Gregor Mendel (1822- 84) and verified by the science of ge- netics, which flourished in the twen- tieth century, utterly demolished the legend that acquired traits were passed on to subsequent generations. Thus, natural selection fell out of favor as an evolutionary mechanism. Adnan Oktar 201
  • 196. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism Neo-Darwinism and Mutations In order to find a solution, Darwinists advanced the "Modern Synthetic Theory," or as it is more commonly known, Neo-Darwinism, at the end of the 1930s. Neo-Darwinism added mutations, which are distortions formed in the genes of living beings due to such external factors as radiation or replication errors, as the "cause of favorable variations" in addition to natural mu- tation. Today, the model that stands for evolution in the world is Neo-Darwinism. The theory maintains that millions of living beings formed as a result of a process whereby numerous complex organs of these organisms (e.g., ears, eyes, lungs, and wings) underwent "mutations," that is, genetic disorders. Yet, there is an outright scientific fact that totally undermines this theory: Mutations do not cause living beings to develop; on the contrary, they are always harmful. The reason for this is very simple: DNA has a very complex structure, and random effects can only harm it. The American geneticist B. G. Ranganathan explains this as follows: First, genuine mutations are very rare in nature. Secondly, most muta- tions are harmful since they are random, rather than orderly changes in the structure of genes; any random change in a highly ordered system will be for the worse, not for the better. For example, if an earthquake were to shake a highly or- dered structure such as a building, there would be a random change in the frame- work of the building which, in all probability, would not be an improvement.9 All mutations observed are harmful. Mutation cannot improve a species nor give rise to any new species. That is because there is a highly complex order in living things' DNA. Any ran- dom change arising in that molecule will only harm the organism in question. The only changes mutations bring with them are death, disease and deformity. 202 Harun Yahya
  • 197. The Deception of Evolution Not surprisingly, no mutation example, which is useful, that is, which is observed to develop the genetic code, has been observed so far. All mutations have proved to be harmful. It was under- stood that mutation, which is presented as an "evolutionary mechanism," is actually a genetic oc- currence that harms living things, and leaves them disabled. (The most common effect of mutation on human beings is cancer.) Of course, a destructive mechanism cannot be an "evolutionary mech- anism." Natural selection, on the other hand, "can do nothing by itself," as Darwin also accepted. This fact shows us that there is no "evolutionary mechanism" in nature. Since no evolutionary mechanism exists, no such any imaginary process called "evolution" could have taken place. The Fossil Record: No Sign of Intermediate Forms The clearest evidence that the scenario suggested by the theory of evolution did not take place is the fossil record. According to this theory, every living species has sprung from a predecessor. A previously ex- isting species turned into something else over time and all species have come into being in this way. In other words, this transformation proceeds gradually over millions of years. Had this been the case, numerous intermediary species should have existed and lived within this long transformation period. For instance, some half-fish/half-reptiles should have lived in the past which had acquired some reptilian traits in addition to the fish traits they already had. Or there should have existed some reptile-birds, which acquired some bird traits in addition to the reptilian traits they already had. Since these would be in a transitional phase, they should be disabled, defective, crippled liv- ing beings. Evolutionists refer to these imaginary creatures, which they believe to have lived in the past, as "transitional forms." If such animals ever really existed, there should be millions and even billions of them in num- ber and variety. More importantly, the remains of these strange creatures should be present in the fossil record. In The Origin of Species, Darwin explained: If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking most closely all of the species of the same group together must assuredly have existed... Consequently, evidence of their former existence could be found only amongst fossil remains.10 F SO- THERE IS NO TRACE O FORMS CALLED INTERMEDIATE Not a single trace has been found in the fossil record to show that one life form ever turned into another. Just about the entire Earth has been dug up, but nothing has ever been found apart from perfect life forms possessed of all their relevant features. Fossils prove that living things have never changed over the course of millions of years, in other words, that they never evolved. Adnan Oktar 203
  • 198. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism LIVING FOSSILS REFUTE EVOLUTION Fossils are proof that evolution never happened. As the fossil record reveals, living things suddenly appeared to- gether with all the characteristics they possess, and they never undergo the slightest change so long as they re- main in existence. Fish have always existed as fish, insects as insects, and reptiles as reptiles. There is no scien- tific validity to the claim that species emerged gradually. Sea Urchini Sun Fish Period: Paleozoic Age, Period: Cenozoic Age, Carboniferous Period Eocene Period Age: 295 million years Age: 54-37 million years Crane Fly Period: Cenozoic Age, Eocene Period Age: 48-37 million years 204 Harun Yahya
  • 199. The Deception of Evolution Starfish Period: Paleozoic Age, Ordovician Period Age: 490-443 million years Birch Tree Leaf Period: Cenozoic Age, Eocene Period Age: 50 million years Cicada Period: Mesozoic Age, Cretaceous Period Age: 125 million years Sequoia Leaf Period: Cenozoic Age, Eocene Period Age: 50 million years Adnan Oktar 205
  • 200. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism Darwin's Hopes Shattered However, although evolutionists have been making strenuous efforts to find fossils since the middle of the nineteenth century all over the world, no transitional forms have yet been uncovered. All of the fossils, contrary to the evolutionists' expectations, show that life appeared on Earth all of a sudden and fully-formed. One famous British paleontologist, Derek V. Ager, admits this fact, even though he is an evo- lutionist: The point emerges that if we examine the fossil record in detail, whether at the level of orders or of species, we find - over and over again - not gradual evolution, but the sudden explosion of one group at the expense of another.11 This means that in the fossil record, all living species suddenly emerge as fully formed, with- out any intermediate forms in between. This is just the opposite of Darwin's assumptions. Also, this is very strong evidence that all living things are created. The only explanation of a living species emerging suddenly and complete in every detail without any evolutionary ancestor is that it was created. This fact is admitted also by the widely known evolutionist biologist Douglas Futuyma: Creation and evolution, between them, exhaust the possible explanations for the origin of living things. Organisms either appeared on the earth fully developed or they did not. If they did not, they must have developed from pre-existing species by some process of modification. If they did appear in a fully developed state, they must indeed have been created by some omnipotent intelligence.12 Fossils show that living beings emerged fully developed and in a perfect state on the Earth. That means that "the origin of species," contrary to Darwin's supposition, is not evolution, but creation. The Tale of Human Evolution The subject most often brought up by advocates of the theory of evolution is the subject of the origin of man. The Darwinist claim holds that modern man evolved from ape-like creatures. During this alleged evolutionary process, which is supposed to have started 4-5 million years ago, some "transitional forms" between modern man and his ancestors are supposed to have existed. According to this completely imaginary scenario, four basic "categories" are listed: 1. Australopithecus 2. Homo habilis 3. Homo erectus 4. Homo sapiens Evolutionists call man's so-called first ape-like ancestors Australopithecus, which means "South African ape." These living beings are actually nothing but an old ape species that has become extinct. Extensive research done on various Australopithecus specimens by two world famous anat- omists from England and the USA, namely, Lord Solly Zuckerman and Prof. Charles Oxnard, shows that these apes belonged to an ordinary ape species that became extinct and bore no resem- blance to humans.13 206 Harun Yahya
  • 201. The Deception of Evolution Evolutionists classify the next stage of human evolution as "homo," that is "man." According to their claim, the living beings in the Homo series are more developed than Australopithecus. Evolutionists devise a fanciful evolution scheme by arranging different fos- sils of these creatures in a particular order. This scheme is imaginary because it has never been proved that there is an evolutionary relation between these different classes. Ernst Mayr, one of the twentieth century's most important evolutionists, contends in his book One Long Argument that "particularly historical [puzzles] such as the origin of life or of Homo sapiens, are extreme- ly difficult and may even resist a final, satisfying explanation."14 By outlining the link chain as Australopithecus > Homo habilis > Homo erectus > Homo sapiens, evolutionists imply that each of these species is one another's ancestor. However, recent findings of paleoanthropologists have revealed that Australopithecus, Homo habilis, and Homo erectus lived at different parts of the world at the same time.15 Moreover, a certain segment of humans classified as Homo erectus have lived up until very modern times. Homo sapiens neandarthalensis and Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man) co-ex- isted in the same region.16 This situation apparently indicates the invalidity of the claim that they are ancestors of one another. Stephen Jay Gould explained this deadlock of the theory of evolution although he was himself one of the leading advocates of evolution in the twentieth century: What has become of our ladder if there are three coexisting lineages of hominids (A. africanus, the robust australopithecines, and H. habilis), none clearly derived from another? Moreover, none of the three display any evolutionary trends during their tenure on earth.17 Put briefly, the scenario of human evolution, which is "upheld" with the help of various drawings of some "half ape, half human" creatures appearing in the media and course books, that is, frankly, by means of propaganda, is nothing but a tale with no scientific foundation. Piltdown Man, the first so- called "ape-man", was dis- played in museums and adorned the covers of "sci- entific" publications for 40 years before it emerged that it was actually a hoax. E FALS Adnan Oktar 207
  • 202. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism Lord Solly Zuckerman, one of the most famous and respected scientists in the U.K., who car- ried out research on this subject for years and studied Australopithecus fossils for 15 years, finally concluded, despite being an evolutionist himself, that there is, in fact, no such family tree branch- ing out from ape-like creatures to man. Zuckerman also made an interesting "spectrum of science" ranging from those he considered scientific to those he considered unscientific. According to Zuckerman's spectrum, the most "scien- tific"-that is, depending on concrete data-fields of science are chemistry and physics. After them come the biological sciences and then the social sciences. At the far end of the spectrum, which is the part considered to be most "unscientific," are "extra-sensory perception"-concepts such as telep- athy and sixth sense-and finally "human evolution." Zuckerman explains his reasoning: We then move right off the register of objective truth into those fields of presumed biological sci- ence, like extrasensory perception or the interpretation of man's fossil history, where to the faithful [evolutionist] anything is possible - and where the ardent believer [in evolution] is sometimes able to believe several contradictory things at the same time.18 The tale of human evolution boils down to nothing but the prejudiced interpretations of some fossils unearthed by certain people, who blindly adhere to their theory. Darwinian Formula! Besides all the technical evidence we have dealt with so far, let us now for once, examine what kind of a superstition the evolutionists have with an example so simple as to be understood even by children: The theory of evolution asserts that life is formed by chance. According to this claim, lifeless and unconscious atoms came together to form the cell and then they somehow formed other living things, including man. Let us think about that. When we bring together the elements that are the building-blocks of life such as carbon, phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, only a heap is formed. No matter what treatments it undergoes, this atomic heap cannot form even a single living being. If you like, let us formulate an "experiment" on this subject and let us examine on the behalf of ev- olutionists what they really claim without pronouncing loudly under the name "Darwinian formu- la": Let evolutionists put plenty of materials present in the composition of living things such as phosphorus, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, iron, and magnesium into big barrels. Moreover, let them add in these barrels any material that does not exist under normal conditions, but they think as nec- essary. Let them add in this mixture as many amino acids and as many proteins-a single one of which has a formation probability of 10-950-as they like. Let them expose these mixtures to as much heat and moisture as they like. Let them stir these with whatever technologically devel- oped device they like. Let them put the fore- most scientists beside these barrels. Let these 208 Harun Yahya
  • 203. The Deception of Evolution experts wait in turn beside these barrels for billions, and even trillions of years. Let them be free to use all kinds of conditions they believe to be necessary for a human's formation. No matter what they do, they cannot produce from these barrels a human, say a professor that examines his cell structure under the electron microscope. They cannot produce giraffes, lions, bees, canaries, hors- es, dolphins, roses, orchids, lilies, carnations, bananas, oranges, apples, dates, tomatoes, melons, watermelons, figs, olives, grapes, peaches, peafowls, pheasants, multicoloured butterflies, or mil- lions of other living beings such as these. Indeed, they could not obtain even a single cell of any one of them. Briefly, unconscious atoms cannot form the cell by coming together. They cannot take a new decision and divide this cell into two, then take other decisions and create the professors who first invent the electron microscope and then examine their own cell structure under that microscope. Matter is an unconscious, lifeless heap, and it comes to life with Allah's superior creation. The theory of evolution, which claims the opposite, is a total fallacy completely contrary to rea- son. Thinking even a little bit on the claims of evolutionists discloses this reality, just as in the above example. Technology in the Eye and the Ear Another subject that remains unanswered by evolutionary theory is the excel- lent quality of perception in the eye and the ear. Before passing on to the subject of the eye, let us briefly answer the question of how we see. Light rays coming from an object fall oppositely on the eye's ret- ina. Here, these light rays are transmitted into electric signals by cells and reach a tiny spot at the back of the brain, the "center of vision." These electric signals are perceived in this center as an image after a series of processes. With this technical background, let us do some thinking. The brain is insulated from light. That means that its inside is com- pletely dark, and that no light reaches the place where it is located. Thus, the "center of vision" is never touched by light and may even be the darkest place you have ever known. However, you observe a luminous, bright world in this pitch darkness. 209 Adnan Oktar
  • 204. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism The image formed in the eye is so sharp and distinct that even the technology of the twentieth century has not been able to attain it. For instance, look at the book you are reading, your hands with which you are holding it, and then lift your head and look around you. Have you ever seen such a sharp and distinct image as this one at any other place? Even the most developed television screen produced by the greatest television producer in the world cannot provide such a sharp im- age for you. This is a three-dimensional, colored, and extremely sharp image. For more than 100 years, thousands of engineers have been trying to achieve this sharpness. Factories, huge premises were established, much research has been done, plans and designs have been made for this pur- pose. Again, look at a TV screen and the book you hold in your hands. You will see that there is a big difference in sharpness and distinction. Moreover, the TV screen shows you a two-dimensional image, whereas with your eyes, you watch a three-dimensional perspective with depth. For many years, tens of thousands of engineers have tried to make a three-dimensional TV and achieve the vision quality of the eye. Yes, they have made a three-dimensional television system, but it is not possible to watch it without putting on special 3-D glasses; moreover, it is only an arti- ficial three-dimension. The background is more blurred, the foreground appears like a paper set- ting. Never has it been possible to produce a sharp and distinct vision like that of the eye. In both the camera and the television, there is a loss of image quality. Evolutionists claim that the mechanism producing this sharp and distinct image has been formed by chance. Now, if somebody told you that the television in your room was formed as a re- sult of chance, that all of its atoms just happened to come together and make up this device that produces an image, what would you think? How can atoms do what thousands of people cannot? If a device producing a more primitive image than the eye could not have been formed by chance, then it is very evident that the eye and the image seen by the eye could not have been formed by chance. The same situation applies to the ear. The outer ear picks up the available sounds by the auricle and directs them to the middle ear, the middle ear transmits the sound vibrations by Compared to cameras and sound recording devices, the eye and ear are much more complex and pos- sess far superior features to these products of high technology. 210 Harun Yahya
  • 205. The Deception of Evolution intensifying them, and the inner ear sends these vibrations to the brain by translating them into electric signals. Just as with the eye, the act of hearing finalizes in the center of hearing in the brain. The situation in the eye is also true for the ear. That is, the brain is insulated from sound just as it is from light. It does not let any sound in. Therefore, no matter how noisy is the outside, the inside of the brain is completely silent. Nevertheless, the sharpest sounds are perceived in the brain. In your completely silent brain, you listen to symphonies, and hear all of the noises in a crowded place. However, were the sound level in your brain measured by a precise device at that moment, complete silence would be found to be prevailing there. As is the case with imagery, decades of effort have been spent in trying to generate and repro- duce sound that is faithful to the original. The results of these efforts are sound recorders, high-fi- delity systems, and systems for sensing sound. Despite all of this technology and the thousands of engineers and experts who have been working on this endeavor, no sound has yet been obtained that has the same sharpness and clarity as the sound perceived by the ear. Think of the highest-qual- ity hi-fi systems produced by the largest company in the music industry. Even in these devices, when sound is recorded some of it is lost; or when you turn on a hi-fi you always hear a hissing sound before the music starts. However, the sounds that are the products of the human body's tech- nology are extremely sharp and clear. A human ear never perceives a sound accompanied by a hiss- ing sound or with atmospherics as does a hi-fi; rather, it perceives sound exactly as it is, sharp and clear. This is the way it has been since the creation of man. So far, no man-made visual or recording apparatus has been as sensitive and successful in per- ceiving sensory data as are the eye and the ear. However, as far as seeing and hearing are concerned, a far greater truth lies beyond all this. Adnan Oktar 211
  • 206. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism To Whom Does the Consciousness that Sees and Hears within the Brain Belong? Who watches an alluring world in the brain, listens to symphonies and the twittering of birds, and smells the rose? The stimulations coming from a person's eyes, ears, and nose travel to the brain as electro- chemical nerve impulses. In biology, physiology, and biochemistry books, you can find many de- tails about how this image forms in the brain. However, you will never come across the most im- portant fact: Who perceives these electro-chemical nerve impulses as images, sounds, odors, and sensory events in the brain? There is a consciousness in the brain that perceives all this without feel- ing any need for an eye, an ear, and a nose. To whom does this consciousness belong? Of course it does not belong to the nerves, the fat layer, and neurons comprising the brain. This is why The brain admits no light nor sound. Therefore, no matter how loud a sound may be, the inside of the brain is still silent. Yet there is a consciousness in that silence that interprets electrical signals as love- ly music, a friend's voice or the ringing of a tele- phone. This consciousness is the soul. The inside of the brain is pitch-black. No light can enter the brain. All the components of our lives, people, buildings, cities and cars, in short, everything we see, touch, hold, smell, taste or listen to are actually images and sensations arising in the brain. But who gives rise to these images? Can it be the brain that forms bright, lu- minous images with depth, a whole world in fact, out of electrical signals in such a restricted space? The brain is just a damp, soft, knobbly piece of tissue. Can such a piece of tissue create a perfectly clear image, in the most vivid colors, with no spots or poor focus, an image far superior to that provided by the most high-tech televisions? Or can it produce a far better quality, clearer and sharper sound than the most advanced music set? It is, of course, impossible for a piece of tissue such as the brain, weighing just 1.5 kilos, to create such immaculate perceptions. It is thanks to the creation of Almighty Allah, our Lord, that we see electrical signals as a vivid, brightly colored world of millions of hues and tones, and that our souls delight in these perceptions. 212 Harun Yahya
  • 207. The Deception of Evolution Darwinist-materialists, who believe that everything is comprised of matter, cannot answer these questions. For this consciousness is the spirit created by Allah, which needs neither the eye to watch the images nor the ear to hear the sounds. Furthermore, it does not need the brain to think. Everyone who reads this explicit and scientific fact should ponder on Almighty Allah, and fear and seek refuge in Him, for He squeezes the entire universe in a pitch-dark place of a few cu- bic centimeters in a three-dimensional, colored, shadowy, and luminous form. A Materialist Faith The information we have presented so far shows us that the theory of evolution is incompat- ible with scientific findings. The theory's claim regarding the origin of life is inconsistent with sci- ence, the evolutionary mechanisms it proposes have no evolutionary power, and fossils demon- strate that the required intermediate forms have never existed. So, it certainly follows that the the- ory of evolution should be pushed aside as an unscientific idea. This is how many ideas, such as the Earth-centered universe model, have been taken out of the agenda of science throughout his- tory. However, the theory of evolution is kept on the agenda of science. Some people even try to represent criticisms directed against it as an "attack on science." Why? The reason is that this theory is an indispensable dogmatic belief for some circles. These cir- cles are blindly devoted to materialist philosophy and adopt Darwinism because it is the only ma- terialist explanation that can be put forward to explain the workings of nature. Interestingly enough, they also confess this fact from time to time. A well-known geneticist and an outspoken evolutionist, Richard C. Lewontin from Harvard University, confesses that he is "first and foremost a materialist and then a scientist": It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us accept a material expla- nation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce ma- terial explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, so we cannot allow a Divine [intervention]...19 These are explicit statements that Darwinism is a dogma kept alive just for the sake of adher- ence to materialism. This dogma maintains that there is no being save matter. Therefore, it argues that inanimate, unconscious matter created life. It insists that millions of different living species (e.g., birds, fish, giraffes, tigers, insects, trees, flowers, whales, and human beings) originated as a result of the interactions between matter such as pouring rain, lightning flashes, and so on, out of inanimate matter. This is a precept contrary both to reason and science. Yet Darwinists continue to defend it just so as "not to allow a Divine intervention." Anyone who does not look at the origin of living beings with a materialist prejudice will see this evident truth: All living beings are works of a Creator, Who is All-Powerful, All-Wise, and All- Knowing. This Creator is Allah, Who created the whole universe from non-existence, designed it in the most perfect form, and fashioned all living beings. Adnan Oktar 213
  • 208. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism The Theory of Evolution: The Most Potent Spell in the World Anyone free of prejudice and the influence of any particular ideology, who uses only his or her reason and logic, will clearly understand that belief in the theory of evolution, which brings to mind the superstitions of societies with no knowledge of science or civilization, is quite impossible. As explained above, those who believe in the theory of evolution think that a few atoms and molecules thrown into a huge vat could produce thinking, reasoning professors and university stu- dents; such scientists as Einstein and Galileo; such artists as Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti; as well as antelopes, lemon trees, and carnations. Moreover, as the scientists and professors who believe in this nonsense are educated people, it is quite justifiable to speak of this theory as "the most potent spell in history." Never before has any other belief or idea so taken away peoples' powers of reason, refused to allow them to think intelligently and logically, and hidden the truth from them as if they had been blindfolded. This is an even worse and unbelievable blindness than the totem worship in some parts of Africa, the people of Saba worshipping the Sun, the tribe of Prophet Ibrahim (as) worshipping idols they had made with their own hands, or the people of Prophet Musa (as) worshipping the Golden Calf. In fact, Allah has pointed to this lack of reason in the Qur'an. In many verses, He reveals that some peoples' minds will be closed and that they will be powerless to see the truth. Some of these verses are as follows: As for those who do not believe, it makes no difference to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe. Allah has sealed up their hearts and hearing and over their eyes is a blindfold. They will have a terrible punishment. (Surat al-Baqara, 6-7) … They have hearts with which they do not understand. They have eyes with which they do not see. They have ears with which they do not hear. Such people are like cattle. No, they are even further astray! They are the unaware. (Surat al-A'raf, 179) Even if We opened up to them a door into heaven, and they spent the day ascending through it, they would only say: "Our eyesight is befuddled! Or rather we have been put under a spell!" (Surat al-Hijr, 14-15) 214 Harun Yahya
  • 209. The Deception of Evolution Words cannot express just how astonishing it is that this spell should hold such a wide com- munity in thrall, keep people from the truth, and not be broken for 150 years. It is understandable that one or a few people might believe in impossible scenarios and claims full of stupidity and il- logicality. However, "magic" is the only possible explanation for people from all over the world be- lieving that unconscious and lifeless atoms suddenly decided to come together and form a universe that functions with a flawless system of organization, discipline, reason, and consciousness; a plan- et named Earth with all of its features so perfectly suited to life; and living things full of countless complex systems. In fact, the Qur'an relates the incident of Prophet Musa (as) and Pharaoh to show that some people who support atheistic philosophies actually influence others by magic. When Pharaoh was told about the true religion, he told Prophet Musa (as) to meet with his own magicians. When Musa (as) did so, he told them to demonstrate their abilities first. The verses continue: He said: "You throw." And when they threw, they cast a spell on the people's eyes and caused them to feel great fear of them. They produced an extremely powerful magic. (Surat al-A'raf, 116) As we have seen, Pharaoh's magicians were able to deceive everyone, apart from Musa (as) and those who believed in him. However, his evidence broke the spell, or "swallowed up what they had forged," as the verse puts it: We revealed to Musa: "Throw down your staff." And it immediately swallowed up what they had forged. So the Truth took place and what they did was shown to be false. (Surat al-A'raf, 117- 8) As we can see, when people realized that a spell had been cast upon them and that what they saw was just an illusion, Pharaoh's magicians lost all credibility. In the present day too, unless those who, under the influence of a similar spell, believe in these ridiculous claims under their scientific disguise and spend their lives defending them, abandon their superstitious beliefs, they also will be humiliated when the full truth emerges and the spell is broken. In fact, world-renowned British writer and philosopher Malcolm Muggeridge, who was an atheist defending evolution for some 60 years, but who subsequently realized the truth, reveals the position in which the theory of evolu- tion would find itself in the near future in these terms: I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it's been applied, will be one of the great jokes in the history books in the future. Posterity will marvel that so very flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has.20 That future is not far off: On the contrary, people will soon see that "chance" is not a deity, and will look back on the theory of evolution as the worst deceit and the most terrible spell in the world. That spell is already rapidly beginning to be lifted from the shoulders of people all over the world. Many people who see its true face are wondering with amazement how they could ever have been taken in by it. Adnan Oktar 215
  • 210. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism WHO SEES? F rom the moment a person is born, he becomes subject to the steady indoc- trination of the society. Part of this indoctrination, possibly the most persua- sive, holds that reality is what the hands can touch and the eyes can see. This un- derstanding, which is quite influential in the majority of the society, is carried without question from one generation to another. But without being subjected to any indoctrination, a moment of objective thought would make one realize an astonishing fact: Everything we confront from the moment we come into existence-human beings, animals, flowers, their colors, odors, fruits, tastes of fruits, planets, stars, mountains, stones, buildings, space-are perceptions presented to us by our five senses. To further clarify this, it will help to exam- ine the senses, the agents that provide us with information about the exterior world. All of man's sensory faculties-sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch-function in the same way. Stimuli (lights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures) from objects in the external world are carried through nerves to the sensory centers in the brain. All these stimuli that reach the brain consist of electric signals. For example, during the process of vision, light rays (or photons) radiating from sources in the exterior world reach the retina at the back of the eye and, through a series of process- es, are transformed into electric signals. These signals are transferred along nerves to the brain's vi- sion center. There, a colorful, bright and three-dimensional world is perceived with- in the space of a few cubic centimeters. The same system applies to other senses as well. Cells on the surface of the tongue transform chemical traces into electric signals that become tastes. Odors are transformed into electric signals by cells in the epithelium of the nose. Special sensors lodged beneath the skin transform impulses of touch (such as the sensations of hardness or softness) into electric sig- nals, and a special mechanism in the ear does the same with sound. All these signals are sent to appropriate centers in the brain, where they are perceived. 216 Harun Yahya
  • 211. Who Sees? To clarify the point, assume that you're drinking a glass of lemonade. The hard, cool surface of the glass you're holding is transformed into electric signals by special receptors under your skin and sent to the brain. Simultaneously, the smell of the lemonade, its taste, and yellowish color all become signals that reach the brain. Likewise, the clink you hear when the glass touches the table is perceived by the ear and transmitted to the brain as an electric signal. All these perceptions are interpreted in the brain's relevant centers, which work harmoniously with one another. As a cumu- lative result of these impulses, you sense that you are drinking a glass of lemonade. Concerning this important fact, consider the thoughts of B. Russell and L. J. J. Wittgenstein, two famous philosophers: For instance, whether a lemon truly exists or not and how it came to exist cannot be questioned and investigated. A lemon consists merely of a taste sensed by the tongue, an odor sensed by the nose, a color and shape sensed by the eye; and only these features of it can be subject to examina- tion and assessment. Science can never know the physical world.21 In other words, it is impossible for us to reach the physical world. All objects we're in contact with are actually collection of perceptions such as sight, hearing, and touch. Throughout our lives, while processing the data in the sensory centers, we confront not the "originals" of the matter existing out- side us, but rather copies inside our brain. At this point, we are misled to assume that these copies are instan- ces of real matter outside us. This obvious fact has been proven by science to- day. Any scientist would tell you how this system works, and that the world we live in is really an aggregate Adnan Oktar 217
  • 212. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism of perceptions formed in our brains. The English physicist John Gribbin states that our sens- es are an interpretation of stimulations coming from the external world-as if there were a tree in the garden. He goes on to say that our brain perceives the stimulations that are filtered through our senses, and that the tree is only a stimulation. So, he then asks, which tree is real? The one formed by our senses, or the tree in the garden?22 No doubt, this reality requires profound reflection. As a result of these physical facts, we come to the following indisputable conclu- sion: Everything we see, touch, hear, and call "matter," "the world" or "the universe" is nothing more than electrical signals interpret- ed in our brain. We can never reach the original of the matter out- side our brain. We merely taste, hear and see an image of the ex- ternal world formed in our brain. In fact, someone eating an apple confronts not the actual fruit, but its perceptions in the brain. What that person considers to be an ap- ple actually consists of his brain's perception of the electrical information concerning the fruit's shape, taste, smell, and texture. If the optic nerve to the brain were suddenly severed, the image of the fruit would instantly disappear. Any disconnection in the olfactory nerve traveling from receptors in the nose to the brain would interrupt the sense of smell completely. Simply put, that ap- ple is nothing but the interpretation of electrical signals by the brain. Also consider the sense of distance. The empty space between you and this page is only a sense of emptiness formed in your brain. Objects that appear distant in your view also exist in the brain. For instance, someone watching the stars at night assumes that they are millions of light-years away, yet the stars are within himself, in his vision center. While you read these lines, actually you are not inside the room you assume you're in; on the contrary, the room is inside you. Perceiving your body makes you think that you're inside it. However, your body, too, is a set of images formed inside your brain. Millions of Colors in a Pitch-Black Location Considering this subject in greater detail reveals some even more extraordinary truths. Our sense centers are located in the brain, a three-pound piece of tissue. And this organ is protected inside an array of bones called the skull, which neither light, nor sound, nor odors can penetrate. The inside of the skull is a dark, silent place where all smells are absent. But in this place of complete darkness occur millions of color shades and sound tones, as well countless different tastes and smells. So how does this happen? What makes you perceive light in a location without light, odors in a place without smell, sounds in total silence and the objects of all other senses? Who created all of this for you? In every moment of your life, a variety of miracles take place. As mentioned earlier, anything your senses can detect in this room you're in, are sent as electrical signals to your brain, where they then combine. Your brain interprets them as a view of a room. Put another way, while you assume 218 Harun Yahya
  • 213. Who Sees? that you are sitting in this room, that room is actually inside you, in your brain. The "place" where the room is assembled and perceived is small, dark, and soundless. And yet a whole room or a whole landscape, regardless of its size, can fit into it. Both a narrow closet and a wide vista of the sea are per- ceived in the exact same place. Our brains interpret and attribute meaning to the signals relating to the "external world." As an example, consider the sense of hearing. It's our brain that in fact interprets and transforms the sound waves into a symphony. That is to say, music is yet another perception created by our brain. In the same manner, when we perceive colors, what reaches our eyes is merely light of different wave- lengths. Again, it's our brain that transforms these signals into colors. There are no colors in the "ex- ternal world"; neither is an apple red, nor the sky blue, nor the leaves green. They appear as they do simply because we perceive them to be so. Even a slight defect in the eye's retina can cause color blindness. Some sufferers perceive blue and green as the same, some red as blue. At this point, it does not matter whether or not the outside ob- ject is colored. The prominent thinker George Berkeley also addresses this fact: At the beginning, it was believed that colors, odors, etc., "really exist," but subsequently such views were renounced, and it was seen that they only exist in dependence on our sensations.23 In conclusion, the reason we see objects in colors is not because they are actually colored or have a material existence in the outer world. The truth, rather, is that the qualities we ascribe to objects are all inside us. And this, perhaps, is a truth you have never considered before. Adnan Oktar 219
  • 214. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism Mankind's Limited Knowledge One implication of the facts described so far is that actually, man's knowledge of the external world is exceedingly limited. That knowledge is limited to our five senses, and there is no proof that the world we perceive by means of those senses is identical to the "real" world. It may, therefore, be very different from what we perceive. There may be a great many dimensions and other beings of which we remain unaware. Even if we reach the furthermost extremities of the uni- verse, our knowledge will always remain limited. Almighty God, the Creator of all, has complete and flawless knowledge of all beings who, having been created by God, can possess only the knowledge that He allows them. This fact is related in the Qur'an thus: God, there is no god but Him, the Living, the Self-Sustaining. He is not subject to drowsiness or sleep. Everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. Who can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them but they cannot grasp any of His knowledge save what He wills. His Footstool encompasses the heavens and the Earth and their preservation does not tire Him. He is the Most High, the Magnificent. (Qur'an, 2: 255) Who Is the Perceiver? In order to perceive, no external world is necessary. Given the right kind of stimulation to the brain, sensations of touch, sight, and sounds, can be recreated in the brain. The best example of this process is dreams. During dreams, your body typically remains still and motionless in a dark and quiet bedroom, and your eyes remain shut. Neither light nor sound nor any other stimuli from the exterior world is reaching your brain for it to perceive. Yet in your dreams, you still perceive experiences very similar to real life. In your dreams you also get up and go to work, or go on vacation and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Furthermore, in dreams you never feel doubts about the reality of what you experience. Only after you wake up you realize your experiences were on- ly dreams. You not only experience such feelings as fear, anxiety, joy and sadness but also see different images, hear sounds and feel matter. Yet there is no physical source producing these sensations and per- ceptions; you lie motionless inside a dark and quiet room. 220 Harun Yahya
  • 215. Who Sees? René Descartes, the renowned philosopher, offered the following reasoning on this surprising truth about dreams: In my dreams I see that I do various things, I go to many places; when I wake up, however, I see that I have not done anything or gone anywhere and that I lie peacefully in my bed. Who can guarantee to me that I do not also dream at the present time, further, that my whole life is not a dream?24 We are therefore looking at a manifest truth: There is no justification for our claiming that we es- tablish direct contact with the original of the world that we claim to exist and to be living in. Is Our Brain Distinct from the Outside World? If everything we know as the outside world is only perceptions produced internally, what about the brain which we think does the seeing and hearing? Isn't it composed of atoms and molecules like everything else? The brain, too, is a piece of tissue that we perceive through our senses. This being so, what is it, if not the brain, that perceives everything-that sees, hears, touches, smells and tastes? At this point, we face the obvious fact: that man, a being of consciousness who can see, feel, think and exercise reason, is much more than a mere assemblage of atoms and molecules. What defines a human being is the "soul" granted to him by God. Otherwise, it would be highly un- reasonable to attribute his consciousness and other faculties to a three-pound piece of flesh: He Who has created all things in the best possible way. He com- menced the creation of man from clay; then produced his seed from an extract of base fluid; then formed him and breathed His Spirit into him and gave you hearing, sight and hearts. What little thanks you show! (Qur'an, 32: 7-9) Adnan Oktar 221
  • 216. The Skulls That Demolish Darwinism The Being Nearest to Us Is God Since a human being is not merely a lump of matter but a "soul," then who makes that soul feel the sum of perceptions which we call the external world? Who continues to create all these perceptions, ceaselessly? The answer is obvious. God, Who breathed into man His spirit, is the Creator of all things. He is also the real source of all perceptions. The existence of anything is possible only through God's cre- ation. God informs us that He creates continuously and that whenever He stops creating, everything will disappear: God keeps a firm hold on the heavens and the Earth, preventing them from vanishing away. And if they vanished no one could then keep hold of them. Certainly He is Most Forbearing, Ever- Forgiving. (Qur'an, 35: 41) This verse is describing how the material universe is maintained under the might of God. God cre- ated the universe, the Earth, mountains, and all living and non-living things, and maintains all these under His power at every moment. God manifests His name al-Khaliq in this material universe. God is al-Khaliq, in other words, the Creator of all things, the Creator from nothing. This shows that there is a material universe, outside our brains, consisting of entities created by God. However, as a miracle and manifestation of the superior nature of His creation and His omniscience, God shows us this ma- terial universe in the form of an “illusion,” “shadow,” or “image.” As a consequence of the perfection in His creation, human beings can never reach the world outside their brains. Only God knows this re- al material universe. Another interpretation of the above verse is that God constantly maintains the images of the ma- terial universe that people see. (God knows best.) If God wished not to show us the image of the world in our minds, the entire universe would disappear for us, and we could never again make contact with it. Faced with such facts, one must conclude that the only absolute being is God, Who encompasses everything in the heavens and the Earth: What! Are they in doubt about the meeting with their Lord? What! Does He not encompass all things! (Qur'an, 41: 54) Both East and West belong to God, so wherever you turn, the Face of God is there. God is All- Encompassing, All-Knowing. (Qur'an, 2: 115) What is in the heavens and in the Earth belongs to God. God encompasses all things. (Qur'an, 4: 126) When We said to you, "Surely your Lord encompasses the people with His knowledge"… (Qur'an, 17: 60) … His Footstool encompasses the heavens and the Earth and their preservation does not tire Him. He is the Most High, the Magnificent. (Qur'an, 2: 255) God's knowledge and ability surrounds us from the front and back, from right and left-that is to say, He encompasses us completely. He observes us everywhere, at every moment. He holds absolute control over us, from inside and outside. He, the Owner of infinite might, is closer to all of us than our own jugular veins. 222 Harun Yahya
  • 217. Who Sees? Conclusion It is of the utmost importance to understand correctly the secret beyond matter explained in this chapter. Mountains, plains, flowers, people, seas-briefly everything we see and everything that God in- forms us in the Qur'an that exists and that He created out of nothing is created and does indeed exist. However, people cannot see, feel or hear the real nature of these beings through their sense organs. What they see and feel are only their copies that appear in their brains. This is a scientific fact taught at all schools of medicine. The same applies to the book you are reading now; you can not see nor touch the real nature of it. The light coming from the original book is converted by some cells in your eyes into electrical signals, which are then conveyed to the visual center in the back of your brain. This is where the view of this book is created. In other words, you are not reading a book which is before your eyes through your eyes; in fact, this book is created in the visual center in the back of your brain. The book you are reading right now is a “copy of the book” within your brain. The original book is seen by God. It should be remembered, however, that the fact that the matter is an illusion formed in our brains does not “reject” the matter, but provides us information about the real nature of the matter: that no person can have connection with its original. Moreover, the matter outside is seen not just by us, but by other beings too. The angels God delegated to be watchers witness this world as well: And the two recording angels are recording, sitting on the right and on the left. He does not utter a single word, without a watcher by him, pen in hand! (Qur'an, 50: 17-18) Most importantly, God sees everything. He created this world with all its details and sees it in all its states. As He informs us in the Qur'an: … Heed God and know that God sees what you do. (Qur'an, 2: 233) Say: "God is a sufficient witness be- tween me and you. He is certainly aware of and sees His servants." (Qur'an, 17: 96) It must not be forgotten that God keeps the records of every- thing in the book called Lawh Mahfuz (Preserved Tablet). Even if we don't see all things, they are in the Lawh Mahfuz. God reveals that He keeps every- thing's record in the "Mother of the Book" called Lawh Mahfuz with the following verses: It is in the Source Book with Us, high-exalted, full of wisdom. (Qur'an, 43: 4) … We possess an all-preserving Book. (Qur'an, 50: 4) Certainly there is no hidden thing in ei- ther heaven or Earth which is not in a Clear Book. (Qur'an, 27: 75) 223
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