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Zaizi tackles your data with the right Alfresco content solution to drive process efficiency, improve data and process quality, and build better channels for your customers and employees.

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Zaizi Alfresco Solutions

  1. 1. Solutions “...productivity of professional staff would be improved by 30% if they could find internal information and documents as quickly and as easily as they find information on the web” - Capitalising on Content: A Compelling ROI for change, AIIM Tackling Enterprise Content Growth Think Big. Think Smarter. Content is growing rapidly. And your and leverage your data for real growth in business is inundated with the sheer the business, not just in your data. volume of documents and content accumulating on shared drives, in email Zaizi tackles your data with the systems, on mobile devices and in paper right Alfresco content solution to files. drive process efficiency, improve General estimates are that at least 80% data and process quality, and of all data is unstructured. And analysts, build better channels for your including Forrester estimate that data will customers and employees. grow at least 800% over the next 4 years. If you are a CIO or information manager, you know this translates into an 80% asset loss and a critical issue in real costs (e.g. storage, disaster recovery, decommissioning) and soft costs (e.g. employee time spent looking for and re- creating data). So how do you address it? Think big. Think smarter. Find the right Alfresco content solution to address your issues 1
  2. 2. Solutions Alfresco Content Hub Global Information Management Traditional approaches to structuring data have been to target a specific data set and use a single content management system to organize it. So your organization improved at managing silos of information and provided real value to groups of customers along these targeted lines of business. But depending on how well you implemented traditional line of business systems to manage a single service, now ๏ Content aggregation you have multiple ECMs that arenʼt ๏ Enhanced security “A collaborative, integrated and multiple datasets with widely accessible ๏ Storage management team-site valuable metadata that canʼt be environment is repurposed by other departments or ๏ Global distribution likely to improve project delivery services within your business. by 23% on Alfresco content hub enables you to Zaizi enables global enterprises average in terms store all your organisationʼs content is a manage their growing of timescales and information volumes by project costs.” cloud scalable repository, provide enhanced security around it and make it leveraging Alfresco’s - AIIM Market available to the whole of your global outstanding performance and Intelligence organisation. scalability. Semantic ECM "Properly Connect Distributed Data designed, the Semantic Web can assist the across the Enterprise evolution of human knowledge as a whole" Knowledge workers deal with huge Zaizi’s Alfresco semantic amounts of information. Their daily solution links your data to - Tim Berners- routine involves analysing documents Lee, Hendler, public knowledge and lets and Lassila and data records, extracting essential you search, navigate and bits to then mash up and interlink with mine causality other information. relationships over this A semantic ECM can alleviate this by; information. ๏ Extracting meaning from content ๏ Connecting information to form knowledge ๏ Reasoning about this knowledge ๏ Presenting this knowledge in actionable form For content producers and publishers, a semantic engine can make their content findable, usable, and useful. 2
  3. 3. Intelligent Search SolutionsMultilingual Search and Text AnalyticsAs the number of documents within yourcontent hub grows, so does the average “For 72% ofnumber of results returned by each search. respondents, it’s harder toGenerally the number of results returned find informationmirrors the growth of the number of owned by theirdocuments. organization Solutions than An expensive search engine isnʼt the information notanswer. It will find the relevant documents owned by thembut in a global content hub this can be over – i.e, on the Web.”thousands of documents. The advantagegained from search relevancy is wiped out - AIIM Marketby a large result set. Intelligence Link ranking is non-existence within the ๏ Language identification - Automaticallycorporate network. classify documents by language. It gets impossible for search engines to ๏ Entity extraction - Locate key semanticguarantee the best answer at the top of the concepts, including people, places andresults list every time. organisations, which can then be used forZaizi’s intelligent search solution faceted navigation.empowers the user to see what ๏ Hit highlighting - Provide context toresults are available and gives them search results.convenient power tools to refine and ๏ Auto-classification of content - Groupnavigate through those results. similar content together.Mobile AccessAlfresco EverywhereMore and more of Zaizi’s customers areaccessing and actioning their enterprisecontent from mobile devices. Be it forboard meeting, industrial engineeringprojects or business continuity plans theyare accessing content in Alfresco fromeverywhere. “By 2013, mobile devices will account forSo at least 50% your customers and your nearly half of thestaff are already using the internet from world’s internet ๏ Mobile working best devices, and to compete, youʼve got access, and into get your content to them. So how do you ๏ Branded iOS and Android applications for the UK, 45% either App Store or enterprise roll out. internet users aredeliver secure, reliable access to this content going online viawithout issuing everyone with a corporate ๏ Secure and scalable Alfresco extranet mobile phonelaptop and a security token? This means a data solution for remote access from mobile connections,mobile or tablet app and some creative devices. according to thethinking about what activities need to Office forhappen on the go. National Statistics.”3
  4. 4. Solutions Document Security and Protection Facilitating Secure Collaboration Zaizi enhanced Alfresco Records Management enables a global enterprise to restrict access to content based on user’s Alfresco solutions providing comprehensive and nationality or access location. flexible security features that protect information throughout the document lifecycle. ๏ Data encryption both during transmission and data at rest. “The worldwide ๏ Redaction functionality to maintain confidentiality mobile worker within documents. population is set to increase from ๏ Configurable security policies to control information 919.4 million in access and restrict user abilities such as printing or 2008, accounting for 29% of the downloading documents. worldwide ๏ Digital Rights Management and watermarking of workforce, to 1.19 billion in documents. 2013, accounting for 34.9% of the ๏ Enhanced extranet access using two factor workforce.” authentication. - IDC Report ๏ Virus scanning of third party uploads. We are a global network of Alfresco & Liferay engineers and consultants. WWW.ZAIZI.COM Global Headquarters 222 Westbourne Studios 242 Acklam Road London W10 5JJ UK +44 207 193 2307 Iberia Office Nuevo Torneo Parque Empresarial Astronomia 1, Torre 1, Planta 4, Módulos 7 y 8 41015, Sevilla Spain +34 660 474184 Asia / Pacific Office 6 Flower Avenue Colombo 7 Sri Lanka +94 77 298 4212 Africa Office 35 Hope Street Cape Town, 8000 South Africa +27 11 083 6326