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This video details Zaizi's background and story.

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Zaizi's Background

I've got a software engineering background. I've been working for open source ECM systems for 10 years. I started working for a small company called ArsDigita which then became RedHat, working on open source ECM back then.

I heard about Alfresco in 2005, used it for a project for the employer I was working with at the time. Loved the technology. Quit my job to do more Alfresco projects. There weren't many partners around back then, so I was being recommended to customers by Alfresco. That gave me the inspiration to setup a company and sign up as an Alfresco partner and we started off by doing small implementations and taking on projects that other companies have failed to deliver. Technically challenging projects that involved the entire Alfresco product stack.

And bit by bit, we've proven ourselves to Alfresco and to our customer that we can deliver really challenging projects. Based on that recommendation, we were referred to some other customers and got bigger projects and through now through that determined growth to be the best Alfresco system integrator out there, we are now recognized as an Alfresco Platinum Partner.

Zaizi's biggest Achievement

Our biggest achievement in terms of orders, is we've not lost a customer to date. We're really proud of that fact that we work really hard with our customers. Even the true value of an open source software is that the software is free and customers are paying for the support and the services around it. So the fact that customers have chosen us for that supporting services and not given them a reason to not use us in the future, is just testament to how well work as an open source system integrator. That's our biggest achievement.

The other biggest achievement is we've worked on very large projects for some large system integrators, where we've taken on projects where they've had problems implementing themselves and being able to deliver it successfully on budget, on time and see those projects go live. And some of those projects are quite large, big global companies. So being a small SME and growing up doing some these large, big projects is a big achievement for us.

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