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Welcome to RedLink the largest platform for Semantic Content Enrichment and Search.


  1. 1. Welcome to RedLink the largest platform for Semantic Content Enrichment and Search.
  2. 2. Problem 2 Complexity is an important concern for enteprises looking at Semantic Web and Big Data. Dataset are hard to manage; keeping content assets linked with the rest of the LOD cloud is even harder. Content enhancement for multilingual enviroments is not trivial: requires large RTD investements and continuous updates.
  3. 3. Solution 3 Platform-as-a-Service running Apache Stanbol, Apache Marmotta and Apache Solr combined with premium datasets where customers can: Help users find Enrich their Index them Link them to them using textual using custom the LOD Semantic contents. vocabularies. Cloud. Search.
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. DPU = data processing unit,EcoSystem Model describes a unit of computation in cloud computing. 5 License Professional Services 3rd Parties bring datasets and enhancing Currency functionalities to the Exchange CERTIFIED 3rd Parties platform. APIs END USERS (Developer) END USERS (Enterprise) End users (developers and non developers) access the service by calling REDLINK’s APIs in the cloud. REDLINK develops and mantains the centralized platform as well as the Enterprise built. DPU is the unit of measurement for the service usage.
  6. 6. RedLink Platform 6 Linked Media Framework ‣ Administration/Configuration ‣ Data Management (SKOSjs) ‣ Workflows ‣ Search User Interface ‣ Content Enhancement ‣ Linked Data Publishing ‣ Full Text Indexing ‣ Entity interlinking ‣ Metadata Storage ‣  Faceted Search
  7. 7. Core Benefits 7 Content Analysis Data Publishing Semantic Search ‣  Detect Language ‣  Integrate datasets ‣  Full Text Search ‣  Detect topics ‣  Provide dataschemas ‣  Faceted Search ‣  Detect concepts/facts ‣  Publish linked data ‣  Context-based search ‣  Connect with open ‣  Connect with open and ‣  eDiscovery and premium datasets premium datasets
  8. 8. How to use RedLink? 8 RedLink Cloud Platform RedLink Cloud Dedicated RedLink Cosmos (onsite server) RedLink Do-it-Yourself
  9. 9. Tested by Early Adopters 9 Apache Stanbol and LMF are behind 16+ products covering 12 different verticals. REDLINK brings to the Cloud the power of both solutions combined.
  10. 10. Comparative Advantages 10 Integrated with Support of Multilingual WordPress, Highly user-defined Support. Drupal, Typo3 Customisable vocabularies. and Alfreso. Featuring Featuring Open Linked [Open] Semantic Easy of use. Eco System. Data Services. Search.
  11. 11. Get in Touch with us! John Pereira, Co-founder and CEO