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John Mancini, President of AIIM keynote presentation the at AIIM Roadshow 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. John Mancini President, AIIM Twitter and LinkedIn = Jmancini77 Blog = DigitalLandfill.orgInformation Opportunities in theSocial, Local & Mobile Era
  • 2. The Chessboard Fable
  • 3. Engagement is the Objective.
  • 4.
  • 5. Systems of Engagement Social and  Era Mainframe Mini PC Internet Cloud Systems of Record Years 1960‐1975 1975‐1992 1992‐2001 2001‐2009 2010‐2015 Typical  A batch  A dept A  An  thing  A web page trans process document interaction managedBest known  Digital  IBM Microsoft Google Facebook company Equipment Social  Content  Image  Document  Content  Microfilm Business mgmt focus Mgmt Mgmt Mgmt Systems
  • 6. Consideration Systems of Record Systems of EngagementFocus Transactions InteractionsGovernance Command & Control CollaborationCore Elements Facts & Commitments Ideas & NuancesValue Single Source of Truth Discovery & DialogStandard Accurate & Complete Immediate & AccessibleContent Authored CommunalPrimary Record Type Documents ConversationsSearchability Easy HardUsability User is trained User “knows” Accessibility Regulated & Contained Ad Hoc & OpenRetention Permanent TransientPolicy Focus Security (Protect Assets) Privacy (Protect Users)
  • 7. The Business Needs to Reclaim IT Leadership.
  • 8. Every Revolution Needs a Manifesto
  • 9. – FREE eBook
  • 10. Every Revolution Needs a Manifesto – and a Marx
  • 11. "A child of five wouldunderstand this. Sendsomeone to fetch a childof five.” – FREE eBook
  • 12. Our Demands.
  • 13. #1 – Commit to the Cloud.
  • 14. #1 – Commit to the Cloud.1. 60 percent of organizations are ready to embrace cloud computing. [IBM CIO Survey]2. The market for virtual private cloud solutions will grow from $7.5 billion in 2011 to $66.4 billion in 2020. [Forrester]3. However, 1/3 of organizations still unlikely to use cloud-based or SaaS solutions. [AIIM]
  • 15. #2 – Mobilize Everything.
  • 16. #2 – Mobilize Everything.1. 67% of organizations believe mobile important or very important to shaping processes. [AIIM]2. The median organization that has “mobilized” a process responds 2.7X faster. [AIIM]3. However, 76% of organizations have no mobile processes. [AIIM]4. Only 2.5% of the processes that could be mobile are. [AIIM]
  • 17. #3 – Make the Business Social.
  • 18. #3 – Make the Business Social.1. 70% of young professionals have “friended” either their colleagues, their manager, or both. [Cisco]2. 68% of young professionals believe that company-issued devices should be available for both work and play. [Cisco]3. 51% of organizations consider social business to be “Imperative” or “Significant” [AIIM]
  • 19. #4 – Digitize Anything That Moves.
  • 20. #4 – Digitize Anything That Moves.1. The median cost to process a paper invoice is still > $9. [AIIM]2. 52% of organizations have yet to adopt any automated AP systems. [AIIM]3. Median % of processes that could be paper free that actually are = 14%. [AIIM]4. 45% of documents that are scanned are “born digital” [AIIM]
  • 21. #5 - Prepare for Extreme Information Management.
  • 22. #5 - Prepare for Extreme Information Management.1. The amount of information will grow by 44X by 2020 and the # of containers by 67X. [IDC]2. The # of IT staff will grow by 1.4X [IDC]3. Two-thirds of organizations have an Information Management Strategy, only 22% use it. [AIIM]4. 79% of organizations have an Information Retention policy, but only 32% enforce it. [AIIM]
  • 23. The Revolution will be led by a new breed ofInformation Professional.
  • 24. Not just IT.
  • 25. Not just Process People.
  • 26. Not just Lawyers.
  • 27. Not just Records Managers.
  • 28. These are Information professionals. IT Legal professional Risk/Liability  Records Manager Focus Digital Archivist Business Process Owners Professionals Information  Value Focus Business Analyst Knowledge Manager Information/Data Scientist Ent Information Manager Governance Focus Info/Data Stewards Ent Information Architect Social Focus Information Curators Community Managers Most roles from Deb Logan and Regina Casonata, Gartner
  • 29. The demand for information professionals will grow by 50% by 2015.Information Professionals can put these skills inCONTEXT.
  • 30. Information Professionals
  • 31. Join the Revolution on Facebook
  • 32. – FREE eBook