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Zaizi Alfresco Solutions: Alfresco Implementation Best Practice


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Alfresco Implementation Best Practices Aingaran Pillai Founder & Managing Director, Zaizi Limited.06/16/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 1
  • 2. About Zaizi  A consulting and systems integration firm helping clients across finance, travel, publishing, engineering and public sectors successfully implement and roll out Alfresco.  Using open source software and open standards, Zaizi offers assembled innovative solutions quicker and at lower costs.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 2
  • 3. Open Enterprise Solutions16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 3
  • 4. Agenda  Private Investment Bank  North London Waste Authority  Your Day Out (Travel)  Financial Services Firm  Next projects16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 4
  • 5. Alfresco  The leading Open Source Enterprise Content Management System (ECM).  Alfresco is led by John Newton, founder of Documentum, and John Powell, former COO of Business Objects, and is backed by Accel Partners, Mayfield Fund and SAP Ventures.  Based in Maidenhead, UK.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 5
  • 6. Alfresco Tiered Architecture16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 6
  • 7. A Private Investment Banks Simple Audit Requirement  All documents assigned sensitivity level and a retention period.  Workflow initiated at the end of the retention period.  Version all documents.  Access permissions based on Active Directory group membership.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 7
  • 8. Simply done with Alfresco  Alfresco mounted as virtual drive.  Content inherit sensitivity level and retention period.  Single sign-on against Active Directory.  Users asked to copy files to new shared drive.  Migration done and Alfresco is live!16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 8
  • 9. Implementation Statistics  150+ Users using Alfresco as regular shared drive.  Single instance of Alfresco on Windows 2003.  MySQL database.  200+ GB of data migrated.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 9
  • 10. Data Storage Capacity  Alfresco stores all content on the file system.  Only metadata, permissions, etc are stored in database.  There is no size limit on content or how much content you can store.  Database management is significantly easier.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 10
  • 11. Complex Business Rules  Additional meta-data look up from external system such as database or back office application.  Based on document name, action a specific rule or rules.  Depending on who adds content start a custom work flow.  Based on all of the above auto classify document.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 11
  • 12. Seven London Boroughs use Alfresco for partnership working16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 12
  • 13. Partnership Working  Secure electronic delivery of procurement documents to authorised recipients.  Restrict information leakage such as via careless onward transmission of documents, interception and lack of security of electronic equipment.  Enable recipients to have early, but controlled sight of document contents.  Enable collaboration and support partnership working through faster communications and improved relationships.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 13
  • 14. Secure collaboration for joint procurement16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 14
  • 15. Secure Document Distribution  Restrict document printing and copying based on role of user downloading the document.  Use open source iText, a Java PDF library.  Configure complex transformation to convert MS Office and Open Office documents to PDF and then to Secure PDF on download.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 15
  • 16. Why Alfresco Share?  No COTS products available with all the functionality.  Councils have MS Sharepoint Enterprise agreement. However, this does not cover using it with external partners.  Alfresco was the low-cost quick-to- implement option.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 16
  • 17. Open Source Sharepoint  Open source implementation of Sharepoint Protocol.  Microsoft Office suite application to work with Alfresco as if it was Sharepoint.  Edit documents online.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 17
  • 18. A Financial Services Firms Portal  Firms financial data portal provides access to large number of documents and reports.  Recent events resulted in an increase in the number of reports published and the number of customers accessing the reports.  Previously documents stored in Oracle database.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 18
  • 19. Alfresco integration with Portal  Embedded Alfresco to provide document management services.  Integration with back office system for additional metadata lookup.  Documents fully indexed and searchable.  Alfresco Web Scripts leveraged for REST web service integration.  Oracle cluster re-deployed.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 19
  • 20. Easy integration  A service bound to a URI which responds to HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.  Automatically available as JSR-168-compliant portlets.  Easily useable as a Google Web Toolkit end- point.  Based on Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 20
  • 21. Your Day Out  Niche travel specialist with global presence in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and UK.  Selling experiences and other associated products.  Enable small providers to market and sell globally through the Your Day Out brand.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 21
  • 22. Global Distribution Platform  Multi lingual (both client & content)  Multi version  Multimedia – video and images  Documents and Contracts  Workflow  Integration with booking engine  Full audit16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 22
  • 23. Platform Architecture Pricing / Booking Engine .Net Application Alfresco Content Platform Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 23
  • 24. JBoss jBPM  Create business processes that coordinate people, applications, and services.  A key component of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.  Embedded within Alfresco.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 24
  • 25. Next projects  Engineering company with remote access to design documents for field agents.  Extend audit requirements to emails & attachments.  MoReq2 (EU records management) implementation.16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 25
  • 26. Mobile Access  Smartphone Clients ● Lightweight Consumption and Simple Editing ● Collaboration on the move  Access from mobile device ● iPhone, Blackberry16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 26
  • 27. Email Management  Email Archive and Management ● Drag ‘n drop, move/copy, client side rules ● Email metadata extraction, attachments as associations  IMAP Virtualised Repository ● Navigate spaces and Share sites as virtual email folders ● View metadata, actions as links, content as16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 27 attachments
  • 28. Records Management  Enhancements to Records Management  DOD 5015.2 enabled ● Certification set for September 2009  Implementation ready to support other RM standards (e.g. MoReq2)16/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 28
  • 29. Thank You  Questions?  Contact: ● Aingaran Pillai ● ● 077 9868 447016/06/09 Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi Ltd. 29