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  • 1. Name: ZairianiPresentation Title: How to print a document
  • 2. Before going to print we Lets follow the following steps1.Text or copy typing that you wants as example here under :
  • 3. 2. Once you type, Select and Click the File Menu
  • 4. 3. Prior results have typed document, you first see it in Print Preview to see theafter dokemen typed before. If the documents have been good results, you maycontinue. And if the outcome document good yet, then you have to fix it first.
  • 5. 4. Print Preview dialog box will appear
  • 6. 5. After viewing the document in Print Preview, select and click Print (CTRL + P)
  • 7. 6. A dialog box will appear as below:
  • 8. 7. If you want to print the entire document, and click Select All.See the example below:
  • 9. 8. If you want to print a specific page, select and click Pages.See the example below:
  • 10. 9. If you want to print the contents of the page on which the insert is, chooseand click Current page.See the example below:
  • 11. 10. In the Number of Copies box, enter the number of copies you want. Seethe example below:
  • 12. 11. In the Pages per sheet list the Zoom box, Select and Click the pagenumber you want printed on each page of the paper.
  • 13. 12. In the list of options Scale to paper size that is on the Zoom box, Selectand Click-scale printing size to match the size of paper to be used.
  • 14. 13. Once everything is complete, click OK!! Thanks for All