Solution of Pakistan's Energy Cricis


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  • Why can´t Pakistan invest in clean Energy. Even Pakistan is world largest in coal, we have to think about environment. Pakistan has a great opportunity for wind power. Since it is unregulated, Pakistan should try to invest in new technology where they can combine these two energy resources. In this way we don´t have much
    emissions of CO2.
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  • Solution of Pakistan's Energy Cricis

    1. A simple solution of complex problemProposal ForECO-FRIENDLY ENERGYIN PAKISTAN
    2. Problem Current Solution Situation Agenda of our Presentation
    3. Problems and their causes Always hope for the best!
    4. • Pakistan is in the grip of a serious power shortage crisis that is affecting all sectors of the economy and various segments of the society.• This situation has pushed the people of Pakistan to bear 8 to 16 hours load shedding, which is increasing with time.• The abundance of power shortages in Pakistan is harmful to the country’s economy and it is pulling down Pakistan’s GDP growth.• According to World Bank, Pakistan Peak demand is more than 14,000 MW while the total capacity is 19,500 MV.• The funds spent on the import of power generators and their fuel is an enormous burden on the economy. Overview of Problems
    5. Causes of energy Crisis in Pakistan Lack Of Energy Conservation: Currently, the elite class is consuming maximum energy even with prior knowledge and understanding. A recent estimate shows that 15 to 20 percent of energy is either theft or wasted through poor distribution systems. High Cost Of Fuel: The high cost of fuel i.e. the price of crude has increased from $40 to $140 a barrel. This obscene rise in cost means that the thermal source of production is resulting in exorbitant prices.
    6. Lack Of Political Will And Leadership:• Leaders have poor management qualities and lack of accountability.• Politicians are just busy in making money. They don’t feel the sorrow of people.• They are not using new and advance means to solve energy crisis.• Officials are just doing politics on such serious issue (like kala Bagh Dam)• They are not regulating prices like of CNG and Petroleum. Its outcome is that now a day’s we have the large cues in front of CNG pumps.• Pakistan is lacking behind the needs of natural gas at about 27 million ton of energy in current year and this ratio will rise in upcoming years. Golden Words said by“31st December will be the end of load-shedding” Raja Pervez Ashraf
    7. Current Situation and itseffects We can change this!
    8. Current Situation in Power Sector Comparison between Electricity Production Decade vise Analysis of Electricity and Consumption consumption per capita (KWh)
    9. Effects of this Situation in Pakistan
    10. Solution and Recommendations A simple solution of complex problem
    11. As one of our great scientist “Dr. Ehsan Mund “said: “If government will allow me to have authority to use coal for power generation(Electricity), I will provide electricity at the rate approximately Rs.1 to every citizen of Pakistan.”
    12. You might be thinking that why only COAL?Check some Facts
    13. • Coal is one of the cheapest ways to produce electricity; globally, the share of coal in power generation is 41 percent, compared Distribution of Coal to 0.2 percent in Pakistan. • In fact, countries like Australia and ChinaProvince ResourcesSindh 184,623 produce 77% to 80% of their electricity fromBalochistan 217 coal.Punjab 235 • Pakistan could generate 20,000 MW fromKPK 91 coal alone.AJK 9 • 175.5 billion tones of coal in Thar area ofTotal 185,175 Sindh is present
    14. In the Thar area, Pakistan has the 7th largest coal reserve in the world and yet Pakistan only produces 0.2% of its electricity from coal. If all the oil reserves of Saudia Arabia & Iran Put together, these are approximately 375 Billion Barrels, but A Single Thar Coal Reserve of Sind is about 850 Trillion Cubic Feet, which is More Than Oil Reserves of Saudia & Iran.Thar Coal Resources
    15. How to produce energy from COAL? Thermal Plant Process:• First the coal is mined and taken to a power plant.• Then the coal is burned in a boiler which causes the water in the boiler pipes to become steam.• The steam travels through the pipes to the turbine.• The steam spins the turbine blades.• The spinning blades turn a shaft connected to the generator.• In the generator, big magnets spin close to coils of wire.• When this happens, electrical current is produced in the wires.• Then the electricity goes out through wires to homes, schools, and businesses.
    16. Coal Gasification Process:
    17. Solution and recommendations“Well, if it can be thought, it can be done, aproblem can be overcome”― E.A. Bucchianeri
    18. CollaborationGovernment should use modern technologyto ensure desired results, turbines generatorsand other equipments may also be importedfrom Germany or China.Chinese and other companies had not onlycarried out surveys and feasibilities of thisproject but also offered 100 percentinvestment for last 7 to 8 years.
    19. Government should take steps toutilize the coal reserves though it will give us energy for at least next 25 years.
    20. Government should ensure the immediate issuance of fund for the project. Area cost (5 acre) Rs. 5 billion Thermal power plant cost Rs. 1.5 billion Machinery rent Rs. 50 million. Funding for engineers Rs. 65 million. Cost of hiring fifty technician Rs. 7 million Funds for management team Rs.10 million Funds for auditing team 3 million Funds for financial department Rs.2 million Cost of hiring workers Rs.40 million
    21. BROADCAST IT»Show and tell others about this proposal.»The best way to make it happen quickly, is to spread our words
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