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Kraf Mozek Kertas

  1. 1. Paper MosaicWhat you will make -Learn how to make paper mosaics to decoratecrafts and give as gifts, while recycling the paperscraps from other projects. As an introduction tomosaics, this project takes you through the stepsof making a paper mosaic plaque. The finishedplaque can be hung on the wall, with or without aframe. Make a mosaic of you own design or baseone on a favorite image or photograph. Moms willenjoy receiving a mosaic for Mothers Day! Onceyou learn this decorative technique, use yourcreativity to apply it to other purposes and crafts.This project is great for family, classroom orgroup craft time. It requires no patterns and usessimple materials. With a little preparation by theadult or teen leader this project is easy and funfor children.Heres what you need -White cardstock or construction paperColorful paper scraps
  2. 2. Ruler or paper trimmer (for adult prep)Optional: wax paper, acrylic sealer (Mod Podge), clearContac paper, picture framePencilScissorsGlue stickHow To Make Paper MosaicsRead all of the steps before starting.Step 1: Project Preparation Cut white cardstock or white construction paper as mosaic bases. Squares of 8 to 9 inches or rectangles 9 inches by 12 inches work well. Precut strips of colored paper in 1 inch and ½ inch widths. The children will cut the strips to make square, rectangle and triangle pieces.
  3. 3. Step 2: Create Design Create a design for your mosaic on a piece of scratch paper. When creating a design, it is important to make it strong, clear and simple – flowers, birds, fish, and fruit work well. Remember that the empty spaces of a design are just as important as the drawn objects. Sketch your design to size on the mosaic base of white cardstock or white construction paper. Step 3: Cut Tiles Sort through the precut paper strips, selecting colors that fit with your design and make pleasing color combinations. Cut tiles from the paper strips in squares, rectangles, triangles, and diamonds, as needed.
  4. 4. Step 4: Glue TilesGlue the tiles to the paper to fill in the design. Place thetiles close together with white showing between the tileslike grout. Its best to work in small areas. Apply gluewith a glue stick to a small area of the paper and thencarefully place the paper tiles. Step 5: Finish MosaicThe mosaic can be used as is, or you may want to seal it,frame it, and/or mount it. For an easy frame, glue it to alarger sheet of colored construction paper. You couldsandwich the mosaic between two sheets of clear Contacpaper—cut the sheets 1 inch larger than the mosaic tocreate a ½ inch border. The mosaic could also be sealedwith one or two coats of acrylic sealer (Mod Podge) andmounted on a board.