How to write and publish good paper

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How to write and publish good paper

How to write and publish good paper

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  • 1. Zaid Abdi Alkareem Alyasseri University of Kufa – ITRDC 18-2-2014
  • 2. » What is academic publication? » Why, When, Where to publish? » Structure of own paper » Getting ideas? » Academic Social Networking Sites (ASNS)
  • 3. » Examples: Journal, Research reports, Academic books, Proceedings..etc » There are specific ethics, specific procedures, specific systems, specific guidelines, specific formats in academic publication » Academic publication is always rigorous and recognized by peers and experts.
  • 4. Share and spread new knowledge and ideas Improve existing knowledge and ideas Recognize scholarship & work Establish expertise For promotion Publish or Perish? For self-satisfaction
  • 5. » Before Research? » After Research? » During Research? » After completion of PhD or Masters? » When can you publish and be recognized as an expert in that field?
  • 6.  Conference proceeding  Chapter in a book  National journal  International journal  An ISI journal  An ISI journal with an impact factor
  • 7. Planning Outlining Drafting Formatting Submitting Editing Writing Peer review by Editorial Peer review by reviewer Revision GETTING IDEAS TO WRITE AN ARTICLE THAT WILL BENEFIT READERS
  • 8. » Listen to plenary and keynotes with a critical mind – these are current issues » Attend sessions similar to your research and understand how your research is similar or different; and what can you learn from them » Journals tend to publish articles that are current in terms of knowledge
  • 9. » Introduction – current problems/situation (newspapers, book chapters, book, bulletins) » Literature Review – Meta analysis of previous research, the matic analysis (journals)
  • 10. » Methods – development of instrument, pilot study, innovative methods (journal, book chapters) » Discussion and Conclusion – Recommendations, models, implications (journal, book chapters, books, newspaper)
  • 11. » Work-place related » Very personal (interaction with others) » Working with colleagues » Working with organization » Family and friends
  • 12. Newspapers – look for controversial issues; examine, investigate (true, false?) Journal publication – look at the Conclusion. What does the author say about future research? What is missing or lacking from previous research?  Identifying the gap and filling in the gap is IMPORTANT in journal publication!
  • 13. » What is happening around you, own country, other countries in terms of your field? What is current? » What conclusions can I make from the observations of the current situations? What can I learn and apply? » What is missing or lacking? Identifying the gap and filling in the gap is IMPORTANT in journal publication!
  • 14. » Failed research and publication attempt could also be a source of publication. Learn from what had gone wrong » Suggest new ways instead of just looking at the problems. » Have new perspectives on ‘old’ issues…
  • 15. » Examine the journal » What was published in the last 3 years? What kind of study? » What are the key areas of research that were given priority? » Is my research relevant to the journal?
  • 16. Do research! Find out more of the journal. Who is the editor? What kind of academic he/she is? What kind of research or publication he/she has done? What are the aims, objectives and scope of the journal? 3/7/2014 21 7 August 2010
  • 17. » Write to editor and seek clarification if a proposed title will be considered for publication - title and abstract. » Who is the audience? What kind of readership? What are the types of articles published in the journal during the current editor? 3/7/2014 22 7 August 2010
  • 18. » Use theories, methodologies, findings, suggestions and recommendations from articles published recently in the journal » Pay attention to journal requirement details and format - referencing, number of words, reference to author in article, table and figures in text etc. 3/7/2014 23 7 August 2010
  • 19. Article Author
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  • 21.
  • 22. What are the social networking sites that you are joint ? 9% Facebook 16% 38% Youtube Twitter Google+ 13% LinkedIn 4% 4% 28 16%
  • 23. Question & Answer