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Did you know that over 500 million people around the world actively use Twitter today? Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become one of the top 10 most visited websites on the Internet, and has been described as "the SMS of the Internet." In this presentation, I explore Twitter, and how it can be used for learning, teaching and research. Twitter is also a great tool to engage students in the classroom, and during large lectures. This lunch-time workshop was conducted at Unirazak on the 3 October, 2012.

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Twitter for Learning

  1. Tweet!Zaid Ali Alsagoff
  2. Twitter!Twitter image:
  3. Surgeons Tweet During Brain Surgery‬ … Video:
  4. Twitter Mission!Article:
  5. CONTENTS1. Twitter?2. Why Use?3. Twitter Basics4. Twitter #Hashtags5. For Learning?6. Twitter Apps7. Tweeting Forward!
  6. Twitter?More Twitter Cartoons:
  7. Twitter in Plain English?
  8. What is Twitter? Easy way to discover the LATEST NEWS related to subjects you care about.A free Web 2.0 social networking service that allows users to send and receive short messages (140 characters or less) known as TWEETS.
  9. Twitter is… User-created communication – Text Unlimited – Links to web pages, images, videos Free – Trending topics SMS! Multi-directional AWESOME! – Simultaneous 1 to 1, 1 to many, many to 1 Time-independent – Features such as @replies and #hashtags enable asynchronous communicationSource:
  10. Important! “To fully appreciate Twitter, you should have a reason for using it!” So, What is your reason for using it?Adapted from here:
  11. Why Use?More Twitter Cartoons:
  12. Did You Know? 500+ Million Users 340+ Million tweets are posted per day!1.6 billion search queries per day! Source (as of 20/09/2012):
  13. Celebrities Use Twitter to ENGAGE Fans! The ROCK FOLLOWS NO ONE! 87% of the Billboard Top 100 Musicians of 2010 use Twitter.Source:
  14. Did You Know? I am the KING now! Change, the KING has…Source:
  15. Twitter is Connecting…Easy way to discover the LATEST RESEARCHyou care about.
  16. Doctors using Twitter? @holisticmd @drval @KevinMD @FredHowardMD @joannadolgoffmd @drmikesevilla @GarthFisherMD @hjluks @Leslie_SeppinniDr. Kevin Pho @StepAheadnj @harrygreenspun @CesarLaraMD @tomheston @DrEvaSelhub @DrStevesBanjo@DrKimMD@DrJAshton
  17. Twitter #Hashtags Amplify Sharing… Examples #MedEd – Medical Education #edchat - Education ##edutech - Educational Technology #web20chat - Web 2.0 #DistEd – Distance education and e-learning #innochat – Innovation in education #Lrnchat – Learning issues for educators #ellchat – English Language Learners
  18. Twitter BasicsMore Twitter Cartoons:
  19. Language of Twitter Tweet: An individual post. RT (Retweet): re-telling someone else’s tweet. @username (Reply): open message to specific person. Message: Direct message to a follower (private). #Hashtag: Use Hashtag to group & track discussions (conference, seminar, classroom activity, etc.).Source:
  20. Tweet Example: @zaidlearn Lets use #licircle to create a learning stream for LIT!UploadImage Add Click to Location Tweet @ZaidLearn Number of characters Hashtag: remaining in current Tweet/Reply to Tweet content #licircle tweet (counts down ZaidLearn from 140).Adapted from:
  21. Twitter #HashtagsArticle:
  22. What is a Twitter #Hashtag? "The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to markkeywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages"Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets in that category. Hashtags canoccur anywhere in the Tweet. If you tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search forthat hashtag may find your Tweet. Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic.
  23. Creating a #Hashtag REMEMBERMake it Unique, Short & Simple! #edchat – Education #finnedchat – Finnish Education #MedEd – Medical Education #edutech - Educational Technology #DistEd – Distance education and e-learning #Lrnchat – Learning issues for educators #ellchat – English Language Learners #esl – English for Second Language
  24. A True Story Nov 12, 2009
  25. #moodlewish May 07, 2010
  26. #moodlewish Amplified…
  27. Twitter #Hashtag – How?
  28. For Learning?More Twitter Cartoons:
  29. Twitter Can Be Awesome For… F2F Sessions  Classroom activity  Large lectures  Seminar discussions  Conferences  Etc. Information Sharing  Events  Course updates  Latest research (articles)  Deadlines  Reading lists  Latest items (library)Twitter in the Classroom: Twitter during Conference:
  30. The Twitter Classroom Experiment
  31. Twitter in the classroom?
  32. Does Twitter Hurt Grades? Results? • Twitter allows for a constant ongoing discussion that goes beyond the one hour class session. • Students took full advantage of using Twitter as a forum for their questions, generating a wide range of questions that what would typically would occur in class.Source:
  33. Twitter Adoption Matrix
  34. Source:
  36. More Tips on Using Twitter?
  37. Twitter Apps
  38. Real-time Updates on Tweets & Hashtags? Tools to Explore: Monitter Twitterfall  TweetGrid TweetChat Great for Q&A sessions during lectures! TweetGrid: Monitter: TweetChat: Twitterfall:
  39. Stats on User Participation?
  40. Document Hashtag Conversations? A tweetdoc is a document that brings together all the tweets from a particular event or search term. It allows you to keep a record of an event through twitter.
  41. Get Feedback Using Polls?
  42. Share Pictures?
  43. Share Videos?
  44. Stream/Broadcast Live on Twitter?
  45. Send Direct Messages to a Group?
  46. Filtering out the Juiciest Tweets? Newspaper Magazine
  47. Own Personalized Magazine?
  48. Instant Screencasts for Twitter?
  49. Embed Tweets on a Blog/Website?
  50. Backup My Tweets?
  51. Measuring Influence?Is a standard for measuring onlineinfluence. Use it to discover yourinfluence and compare with othersyou may know.
  52. Need Help?
  53. More Twitter Tools?RIGHT HERE:
  54. TweetingForward
  55. Challenges1. Tools overload2. Role of Twitter in LEARNING3. Firewall blocking4. Usability & ease-of-use5. Content ownership6. Not all use Twitter7. Learner confidence & support8. Out of the comfort zone9. Control Vs. Empowerment10. Testing & assessment
  56. Individual Strategy?
  57. University Strategy? Used For:  Latest Updates  Latest Events  News  Announcements  Publications Programmes Dept/Centers  Class UpdatesTwitter feed for every Twitter feed for:  Quick Discussions programme  Library  Collaborations  Teaching & Learning  Share Links (URLs)  E-Learning  Course updates Twitter Feeds  Student Services  Q&A  Healthcare Services  Learning Courses  Academic Affairs  Etc. Student Batches  Alumni… Communities Clubs…
  58. Tweeting Forward?USE Twitter to: FOLLOW relevant experts, lists and #hashtags (learning streams) to keep yourself updated with the latest discoveries in your learning domains. SHARE your own interesting discoveries (resources, ideas and events) with your students and wider learning community. ENGAGE with your students in and beyond the classroom to explore, discover, question, discuss and collaborate. BUILD your own learning communities through lists, #hashtags, and Twitter Apps. REMEMBER Twitter is just a tool (enabler)…Explore it to find your own magic portion for learning and teaching.
  59. Mission:"To Rid the World of Bad Learning & Teaching!"
  60. ‘IMU Learning Series’‬is about connecting inspiring and exceptional educators around the world to… JOIN THE LEARNING ADVENTURE!
  61. You Are Not Alone, Please Join Us!
  62. Finally, You Might Want To… Have a ZaidLearn!
  63. Zaid Ali Alsagoff E-Learning ManagerE-mail : zaid.alsagoff@gmail.comBlog : : : +603-2731 7327Ext. : 3115