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Facebook for Learning at #IMEC8


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Presentation slides for the Facebook session during the 'Facebook & Twitter for Learning' workshop on the 13th March at the 8th International Medical Education Conference (IMEC-2013). Venue: …

Presentation slides for the Facebook session during the 'Facebook & Twitter for Learning' workshop on the 13th March at the 8th International Medical Education Conference (IMEC-2013). Venue: International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia

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  • @ikostello Agree (50%)! Though, my key points were that Facebook is a good tool to connect, communicate, share and connect with students. Essential? Not necessarily... There are other tools we can use, too...However, this presentation (and workshop) was about Facebook and how we can use it for learning and teaching :)
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  • @zaid well, as the main point of ur presentation is that facebook is essential for young folks, so it's good to use it as a portal for links etc and use any mashups
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  • @ikostello Cool! Thanks for sharing! Though, I would rather skip Facebook and use Google Community fused with Hangouts to collaborate on Google Docs :)
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  • @zaid although right now there is no direct integration between Google Docs and Facebook, you can look at UniShared that allows to create course hubs for online and offline courses and invite Facebook friends to collaborate over Google Docs
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  • @ikostello Thanks for that! As I was doing the workshop, I realized that. Too lazy to update for now, but certainly I will mention that again should I ever conduct another Facebook workshop. Facebook might even include Google Drive by then, but since Facebook and Google can't really see eye to eye that might not become a reality. But, if you ask me, I would like to see Google Drive integrated with Facebook for sure. I suppose there are Facebook Apps to support this, but it would be nicer to see it fully integrated. Technically this should not be difficult, but personal relations between these two giants is whole other ball game :)

    Thanks again!
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  • 1. 2013Zaid Ali Alsagoff
  • 2. Top 3Countries on acebook? (as of 22/12/2011) (number of users)
  • 3. Answer 1 2 3Source (As of 16/01/2013):
  • 4. TOP (Number of Fans)
  • 5. AnswerSource (As of 16/01/2013):
  • 6. TOP (Number of Fans)
  • 7. AnswerALAYSIA Source (As of 16/01/2013):
  • 8. Did You Know…1 BILLION+ Facebook users. More than 50% log on to Facebook in any given day. 250 million+ photos are uploaded per day. 604 million+ active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices.Source:
  • 9. CONTENTS1. Facebook2. Groups3. Pages4. For Learning?5. 8 Donts!6. 8 Do’s!7. Moving Forward?
  • 10. 1 FACEBOOK?
  • 11. Facebook? Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, families and coworkers.Source:,Zuckerberg
  • 12. Facebook Stats (As of 16/01/2013) 18. MalaysiaSource:
  • 13. Facebook Users in Malaysia? (As of 16/01/2013) Facebook Users: + 13.08 Million Last 6 Months Penetration: 46.28 %Source:
  • 14. Demographics – Malaysia (As of 16/01/2013) 46% 54%Source: :
  • 15. Facebook Groups & Pages Groups PagesClosed Groups Open CommunitiesCourses Promotion & BrandingProjects Products Ideas CelebritiesAlumni Self-Promotion
  • 16. Where to Start? ClickFacebook
  • 17. 2 GROUPS
  • 18. Introduction to Facebook Groups
  • 19. Facebook Groups Facebook Groups ( are online spaces where people can INTERACT, SHARE and COLLABORATE with others. You DON’T NEED TO BE FRIENDS with someone to interact with them in Facebook Groups. Use Facebook Groups to provide students with ON-DEMAND and MOBILE LEARNING opportunities. Adapted from: LIC:
  • 20. Privacy on Facebook Groups3 types of Facebook Groups: Open Closed (recommended) SecretContent of ‘closed’ groups are private, available only to members of the group. Though, the groupsmembership list is visible to outsiders. You can change the privacy settings for your group by clicking the“Edit Settings” box located in the top right corner of Facebook Groups.Adapted from:
  • 21. Facebook Groups Features 1. Files 1 Allows you to upload a file (25 MB), or create a Doc (wiki) where people can collectively write and edit notes. 2. Group Chat 2 Allows members of the group to talk to group members in real time, or catch up with the 3 conversation later. 3. Ask Question Allows you or students to poll members of your group and have them share their opinions or add a new question of their own.Adapted from:* Learn more about ‘Ask Question’:
  • 22. Facebook Groups Features4. Add Photo / Video 4 Allows you to upload photos and videos, and share them privately with just the members of your group. 55. Events You can use Facebook Events to automatically remind students about upcoming tests, events, and due dates for term papers or projects.6. Group Email You can set up an e-mail address for your group. Emails 6 sent to this address will go to all group members. 77. Write Post (Wall) Allows you to easily and quickly share content you find on the web with any of your Facebook Groups.Adapted from:
  • 23. Learning Beyond the Classroom!“Think of Facebook Groups as an opportunity for you to extend learning outside the walls of the traditional classroom. When you use Facebook Groups to compliment what you teach in the classroom, you are providing students with on- demand and mobile learning opportunities.” F Source:
  • 24. 3 PageS
  • 25. Create a Facebook Page!
  • 26. Example?
  • 27. Differences Between Pages & Groups Feature Pages GroupsMake it private (open to members/fans only) No YesAllows distinct URLs Yes NoIndexed by search engines like Google Yes NoAdmin can access visitor statistics (Insights) Yes NoCan be cross-promoted on other fan pages Yes YesAbility to create events and invitations Yes YesAdd Apps (e.g. Twitter or blog feeds) Yes NoFans/Members can leave comments and “likes” Yes YesCan send out bulk emails to your members’ in No YesboxesCan create Docs (Wikis) No YesGroup Chat No YesInformation posted on your wall will appear on Yes Noyour fans’ wallsThe administrator’s personal information isn’t Yes Nolisted Adapted from: Slidecast:
  • 28. So, Why Use Facebook Pages?More FREEDOM to customize DESIGN
  • 29. Infographic:
  • 30. 4 FOR LEARNING?
  • 31. Why Not Use Facebook…
  • 32. Use Facebook Groups/Pages to Amplify…PRE-CLASS Remind and gage how many that will be coming for class/tutorial/event (Event). Introduce lessons or the content/discussions to be covered (Wall/Docs). Students post questions before class/tutorial (Wall/Questions).DURING CLASS Post comments/questions during class/tutorial (Wall/Questions). Share opinions/resources during class/activities (Wall/Docs/Photos/Video).POST-CLASS /BETWEEN CLASSES Post reflections/questions/notes after the class (Wall/Questions). Facilitate discussions on relevant issues (Wall/Questions/Photos). Students share their learning discoveries/findings (Docs/Photos/Video). Lecturer/students comments links and resources shared during class (Wall). Send message reminders/announcements about upcoming quizzes, assignments, etc. Share informal learning nuggets (Wall/Questions/Docs/Photos/Video). Adapted from:
  • 33. AWESOMEfor Video and/or Photo Assignments!
  • 34. Use Facebook with LMS? *LMS: Learning Management SystemSocial Learning Formal Learning Informal • Course Notes Easy-to-Use • Schedules Sharing • Assignments Communication • Quizzes Collaboration • Grades Communities Mobile Learning Always Connected! Article:
  • 35. 5 8 Don’ts!
  • 36. 8 Things Educators should… NEVER DO Source:
  • 37. 6 8 Do’s!
  • 38. 8 Things Educators Should Do… Source:
  • 39. 7 Moving Forward?
  • 40. Moving Forward? Update your privacy settings. Get over the term "friend" inviting atmosphere. Create a Facebook Group (closed) or Page (open) for your course, event or learning activity. Use Facebook to Update, Share and Engage your students. Use Facebook for interactive visual assignments. HAVE FUN!
  • 41. University Strategy? Use For:  News & Updates  Events  Sharing Resources  Discussions Programmes Dept/Centers  Communication Facebook page for Facebook page for:  Collaboration every programme  Library  Learning  E-Learning  Photos  Student Services  Videos  Academic Affairs  Field Trips Groups or Pages  Alumni  Etc. Courses  Etc. Student Batches Communities Clubs
  • 42. Great Starting Point?
  • 43. Facebook in Education To serve as an ongoing resource for information about how educators can best use Facebook.
  • 44. Facebook: Academic Research A group for anyone conducting or (interested in) academic research into Facebook.
  • 45. OFF YOURImage Source:
  • 46. Finally, You Might Want To… Have a ZaidLearn!
  • 47. Zaid Ali Alsagoff E-Learning ManagerE-mail : zaid.alsagoff@gmail.comBlog : : : +603-2731 7327Ext. : 3115