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No283 newslettr daily e-1-11_2013

  1. 1. 2013/11/1 -NO. (283) Killed Libyan in the battles of the countryside of Damascus…mortars in al-Dowelaa ISIS storms a school for girls Army restores al-Safirah PAGE 4 Al-Zoubi …….AlIbrahimi does not dare PAGE 4 The coalition guarantees to attend Genève PAGE 3 The killing of the header of the soldiers of God in Homs.a Chechen in Lattakia PAGE 2
  2. 2. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )283( Page NO .2 2013/11/1 Army restores al-Safirah A military source announced that the Syrian Army dominated on al-Safirah Region in the countryside of Aleppo after fierce confrontations against the armed groups.The sources of opposition said that the gunmen announced their withdrawal from al – Safira after their steadfastness for 27 days, while opponent information sources considered that the domination on al-Safira is a strategic important victory for the Syrian Army.A military source said that confrontations happened between the forces of army and the gunmen in the Central Prison of Aleppo, the army seized heavy machine guns, explosive devices and rocket- propelled grenades in a headquarter for gunmen on the way Hama-Aleppo. ISIS storms a school for girls The sources of opposition said that the gunmen of the Islamic State in Iraq and Cham stormed a school for girls in the neighborhood of Tareek al-Bab in order to prevent the gatherings between the male teachers, female teachers and the students, the gunmen expelled twenty of teachers and informed the students not to come to the school until the assignment of female teachers only, also they took over thirty houses in Aazaz and expelled its people.The sources added that the gunmen of ISIS decided to execute the leader of the battalions of the strangers of al-Sham ”Hassan Jazarah” because they accuse him that he deal with the Syrian Army, the legitimate council in Aleppo decided to establish a legitimate school in the town of Kifir Hamra. The correspondent of alMayadeen Channel said that the units of protection of Kurdish People dominated on al-Ziarah Town near to Eivreen in the countryside of Aleppo.
  3. 3. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )283( 2013/11/1 Page NO .3 Killed Libyan in the battles of the countryside of Damascus…….mortars in alDowelaa Fierce battles happened in the countryside of Damascus between the units of Syrian Army and the gunmen of the opposition, the most prominent of them was in al-Hojaira in which the Syrian Arab Army advanced after the surrendering of many gunmen to the army, in Jobbar and Zamalk were fierce confrontations.An official source talked that the forces of army destroyed a factory of explosive devices in Yabroud and a warehouse of weapons in the western orchards in Jeroud, the Libyan”Obaid al-Daees” was killed in addition to twenty gunmen and injuring of fifty others in al-Nashabia. The army targeted headquarters of gunmen in Deir alAssafer and Marj-al-Soultan, unofficial media sources said that the Syrian Army is ready to implement many operations in Bait al-Jin and Sasaa. The sources of opposition announced that the Syrian Arab Army bombed al-Qalamoun in the countryside of Damas- cus, in addition to the killing of five gunmen of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham.12 civilians were injured including children because of mortars were fired on the buildings in al-Dowelaa in the countryside of Damascus. The killing of the head of the soldiers of God in Medical equipment in Homs ……..a Chechen in Lattakia Daraa In Homs, an official source said that a unit of the Syrian Army confronted an armed group tried to attack on a military checkpoint of the army near to the bridge of al-Zarah and killed the head of the battalion of God’s soldiers “ Mutassim al-Dandashy “.A military source in the countryside of Lattakia talked about the killing of the in their headquarters durChechen” al-Mutassim bil- ing their targeting the Syrian lah” and “Maher Al-Sabagh” Army in Beit al-Sikhtaa. In the countryside of Daraa, a military source said that The Syrian Army targeted headquarters of gunmen and seized medical devices in the villages of al-Shajrah and Taffas, the army confronted attempts of attack on militarily posts in the neighborhood of al-Hmadin .“Jassim al Harry “ and “Ali al-Mosalemma” were killed in a fight between two groups in the camp of the displaced persons.
  4. 4. The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )283( The coalition guarantees to attend Genève Hitham al-Maleh, the member of the opponent Syrian Coalition criticized the International Community especially America which sold the Syrian People and its bloods by its dealing with Russia, asserting in a statement for Okaz Newspaper that there is not any avail from the holding of an international conference which keeps on the Syrian Government , hoping that the leaders of the coalition through their meeting in Istanbul to take a decision equals the sacrifices of the Syrian People and to refuse attending of Genève without guarantees. 2013/11/1 Page NO .4 Al-Zoubi …….Al-Ibrahimi does not dare The Syrian Minister Information, Omran al-Zoubi considered that the national envoy to Syria does not have a specific speech and he does dare to call the things by its names, because he wants to satisfy all the people even above the interests of Syrians, noting that al-Ibrahimi reflexes that he does not understand the field and military situation and he should be a biased and honest envoy Al-Ibrahimi …….Syria will attend Genève and the opposition searches for a way to represent it Awards for Syrian Information in Iraq The Syrian National Information got for five awards in the festival of seventh international al-Ghadeer for information which was in alNajaf yesterday The envoy of United Nations, Al-Akhdar al-Ibrahimi announced taht the Syrian Government will attend the conference of Genève, indicating that the opposition still seeks for a way to represent it in the conference, asserting in a press conference that there is not any military solution for the crisis in Syria and we must work for political solution, hoping to hold the conference of Genève during weeks.