Will a Soft SIM Change Everything?

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  • 1. Gemalto Will a Soft SIM Change Everything? Jean-Louis Carrara November 2011
  • 2. 50 Billion Connections… Consumer Industrial M2M Wireless Electronics Payment Tablet terminal E-book reader fleetstrackingterminal Data only Cars Game Console healthcare Signage Camera Surveillance Maintenance handset PC Meter PND Devices & subscriptions Device owned by a physical person Device & subscription owned by a corporation Network Subscription paid by an company owned by an individual … with different distribution models 2
  • 3. Can We Simplify the Current Subscription Provisioning Model? IOT UICC/SIM Solution Device Maker Provider Requirements UICC Device Requirements Profiles SubscriptionsDevice Distributor MNO Stocks/Batches Device UICCs Multi-sourcing Subscription Device retailer retailer Device UICC 3
  • 4. Is the time ripe for a “soft sim”? 4
  • 5. Mobile Requires Hardware-Based Security Behavioral Security (Countermeasures) Velocity checks + Easy and fast to adopt - Loss Fraud detection Limits Logical Security Software-based encryption + Relatively quick deployment, Location-based security not much of an impact for users Digital Device Fingerprints - Not available in all channels, Multi-channel authentication still vulnerable to attacks Physical Security Certified Secure Elements: + Most secure UICC, Secure µSD, embedded SE - Increased cost if not done at Hardware-based encryption & biometry the right time Trusted Execution Environments on App Processors 5
  • 6. The Soldered UICC:3 Main Possible Provisioning Models Flexible OperatorComplexity Subscription Selection-Technical- Regulation- Business models Multi MNO profile Factory Personalization Last Stage • MNO profile/subscription Personalization selected & activated OTA or OTI Personalization • Perso at SIM factory with several subscriptions • Activation of one of the subscriptions Personalization • Part at SIM factory • Part before sales channel introduction Number of MNOs 1 2 3 6
  • 7. From Removable to Embedded Chip Operator Profile Operator Profile User Profile User Profile SP Profile SP Profiles OS Applications SP Profiles SP Profile OS5 components with different lifecycle management 7
  • 8. Embedded UICC: Flexible Card Implementation UICC iSD SD SD MNO 1 MNO 2 (bootstrap) MNO 1 MNO 2 Profile Profile 8
  • 9. The eUICC: Challenges to Overcome Legal issues: - Regulation Business issues : - Liabilities - Subsidy / Subscription period - Property -Third party - SegmentationSecurity issues:-Certification Technical issues:-Transfer of credentials - High Availability-Subsidy Lock - Compliance with requirements-Trust model - Multi-sourcing User experience: - Activation method/time - Customer care - Device renewal - Device resell 9
  • 10. eUICC Requirements Define a new ecosystem where a traditional SIM becomes embedded into a device, and remotely provisioned or activated. Security level shall be at least equivalent to the current one. Impacts for MNOs on the way to manage Subscriptions shall be limited as much as possible. Multiple eUICC manufacturers and Subscription providers (MNOs) shall be supported Four Use cases: First Subscription installation Subscription replacement (by another MNO) Change device (subscription transfer / re-issuance) Terminate a subscription Gemalto Confidential 10
  • 11. Thank you!