Diameter routing & interworking in NFV


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Jörgen Tränk
Strategic Product Manager
Tieto Signaling
presented in Signalling Focus Day of LTE World Summit 2014

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Diameter routing & interworking in NFV

  1. 1. Jörgen Tränk Strategic Product Manager Tieto Signaling Diameter routing & interworking in NFV
  2. 2. ©Tieto Corporation2 CONNECTIVITYEXPERIENCE INALL DIMENSIONS #1 Telecom R&D In Europe >25 years of Signaling experience World-wide customer base >500 Signaling experts
  3. 3. ©Tieto Corporation3 TIETOARE LONG TERM EXPERTS IN SIGNALING World class signaling products for all connectivity needs Full Range of Professional Services Deep signaling expertise Long term commitment and partnership
  4. 4. Diameter routing in 4G/LTE networks Diameter in 4G/LTE
  5. 5. ©Tieto Corporation5 4G/LTE Network Signaling Diameter Signaling Controller LTE ROAMING V-PCRF MME DEA Diameter Edge Agent GSMA IR-88 DRA Diameter Routing Agent 3GPP TS 29.213 SGW MME PCRF PGW (PCEF) GGSN EIR Diameter Load Balancer DA Diameter Agent RFC 3588 SGSN HSS HOME MOBILE NETWORK OCS OFCS
  6. 6. ©Tieto Corporation6 LTE traffic complexity and traffic explosion Number of devices growth Mobile traffic growth Number of users growth Tieto Virtualized Diameter Signaling Controller Services and legacy integration
  7. 7. ©Tieto Corporation7 Impact of NFV cloud on Diameter signaling. Challenges for scalable Diameter routing in the cloud. Diameter in NFV cloud
  8. 8. ©Tieto Corporation8 • EPC/IMS functions (nodes) are considered to be Virtual Network Functions in the ETSI NFV architecture • Dynamic use of resources and the ability to upscale/downscale VNF resources and resize ”clusters” of VNFs must be transparent • Multi vendor environment should be supported by the infrastructure • Load balancers are components for building a cloud solution • Lower level of load balancers are part of the NFV infrastructure EPC/IMS in NFV VNF (E.g. PCRF) VNFC VNFC VNFC VNFC
  9. 9. ©Tieto Corporation9 • 3GPP defined control signaling protocols used in EPC/IMS (e.g. Diameter and SIP) are: • Point to point protocols • Multiple users share the same peer to peer connection. • Users are identified by logical information within the protocols • EPC/IMS protocol aware load balancers are essential for building and cloud solution Handling control plane traffic in NFV Session 1 Session n … Common peer connection
  10. 10. ©Tieto Corporation10 • Diameter enabled VNFs require Diameter aware load balancers: • Re-distribute load in a controlled way to support VNF’s dynamic behaviour • Dynamically adding/removing peers to a VNF pool • Perform topology hiding • Session aware • Provide essential security Diameter Load Balancers in NFV VNF (PCEF) VNF (Diameter LB) VNF (OCS) Orchestrator VNF (PCEF) VNF (Diameter LB) VNF (OCS)
  11. 11. ©Tieto Corporation11 • Controllable from a Cloud Orchestrator • Performs load distribution • Provides input and statistics to orchestrator • Protect peers from overload • Provide an overview of network status Diameter Signaling Controller in NFV
  12. 12. ©Tieto Corporation12 • Have the future architecture in mind when designing your network today • Many of the Diameter load balancing and routing features are very useful, regardless if NFV is used or not • Early introduction gives you an opportunity to learn and provide feedback to suppliers that will benefit when moving into the cloud Be prepared!
  13. 13. ©Tieto Corporation13 Diameter interworking and mediation use cases. Diameter Interworking
  14. 14. ©Tieto Corporation14 • Ensure monetization of existing network equipment • Ability to adapt to any type of Diameter flavor • Provide service continuity over network borders • Enable roaming between operators/networks Importance of Mediation & Interworking Diameter Mediation GW SS7 MAP/CAP SS7 LEGACY OPERATOR HLR EIR SSF WIFI PROVIDER RADIUS LDAP SOAP HSS 3G/4G OPERATOR MME OCS PCRF DIAMETER
  15. 15. ©Tieto Corporation15 • 2G/3G subscriber with LTE device visiting an LTE network • MAP-Diameter Interworking according to 3GPP TS 29.305 Case 1: Connection to 2G/3G HLR and EIR MME HLR IWF MAP-Diameter Gateway S6a+S13 Gr EIR Gf SGSN S6d+S13’ Diameter MAP/SS7
  16. 16. ©Tieto Corporation16 • Provide WiFi access for 3G/4G subscribers Case 2: Service continuity across networks WLAN Access Diameter Gateway RADIUS HSS Diameter S6 Support Server SOAP HLR MAP Gr
  17. 17. ©Tieto Corporation17 • Diameter is by nature extensible and causes issues • Diameter Mediation solves this problem Case 3: Diameter translation & mediation DPI Diameter Mediator Diameter Gx’ Diameter Gx PCRF
  18. 18. ©Tieto Corporation18 • Common prepaid charging system for 4G, 3G and 2G • One single instance for prepaid charging • Reduce charging traffic • Less maintenance cost and complexity • Simplified maintenance Case 4: Multi-network charging MSC CAP-Diameter Interworking Diameter Gy OCS SGSN CAP/SS7
  19. 19. ©Tieto Corporation19 • Support for multiple interfaces/protocols • Ability to map and modify parameters between protocols • Possibility to “chain” operations • Easily and live configurable • Easily adaptable to new situations/scenarios • Carrier Grade solution • Virtualization support (NFV) Requirements for Diameter Mediation
  20. 20. ©Tieto Corporation20 • ANY TO ANY protocol interworking • Integration enablement WITHIN HOURS OR DAYS • ADVANCED service logic • WIDE RANGE OF IT, LEGACY AND DIAMETER PROTOCOLS • POWERFUL flow creation environment • Fully CONFIGURABLE INTERWORKING • ON-THE-FLY updates • NFV ready – running on COTS servers Tieto Diameter Mediation Gateway Diameter Mediation Gateway
  21. 21. Changing perspectives Jörgen Tränk Strategic Product Manager Tieto, Signaling Products jorgen.trank@tieto.com