Small Cells a Vital Part of Building a No-Edge Network
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Small Cells a Vital Part of Building a No-Edge Network






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Small Cells a Vital Part of Building a No-Edge Network Small Cells a Vital Part of Building a No-Edge Network Presentation Transcript

  • Small Cells a Vital Part of Building a No-Edge Network Xiangjun Zhang/George Zhao Huawei SmallCell Production Line 5 Nov. 2013
  • Trends
  • The Next Wave MBB, Everything on Wireless Everything on wireless, MBB is changing people’s life Connection (Bil.) Digitalization • People to people 50 Internet-formation • People to people • People to PC • 3 minutes/day online 40 30 20 10 1980 Mobilization • People to people • People to machine • M2M • 20 minutes / day online Intelligent • 7*24 online 95%+ connection on wireless People Things Data 10 million APP mobile internet user ratio: 50%+ 2020 1 million mobile APP 2013 iPhone launched 2011 Mobile user ratio: 2007 50% 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 Resource: KPCB, comScore, IDC, Google, Apple, ITU
  • Mobile Network Transforming to Experience Oriented Voice business Coverage = Service Voice requirement = 12kbps Data business Experience = Service Normal video (240p) = 300kbps HD Video (1080p) = 5Mbps Operators Voted for important issue on MBB Network Others Source: Huawei user group meeting 2013, 300+ customers from 103 operators /organizations
  • Unbalanced Service Lead Challenges for Experience Sharp Capacity Demand in Hot Zone Tokyo Hotspot traffic will increase 2000~ 3000 times, in Tokyo, there’re more than 100 site per KM2 Indoor Takes Up 90% Data Traffic. Small cell will be 50 times more than Macro Voice Service 69.7% 30.3% Outdoor Data Service 90% 10% Outdoor Indoor In China, 60% traffic in 20% cell and 60% users in 20% cell 60% 60% traffic in 20% cell 40% 60% user in 20% cell Indoor
  • Traffic load ratio SmallCell+WiFi Co-Deployment to Capture Traffic on Hot Area A typical MBB network traffic load distribution ( Statistics 8000 Cells network) Hotspot Dense urban Urban / Sub-Urban 80% Traffic Rural scenarios 20% traffic SmallCell+WiFi LTE UMTS GSM Small+Wifi Co-deployment: Economical MBB Solution in valuable Hot Zone
  • SmallCell+Wi-Fi Complement Each Other for Better MBB Experience Spectrum and deployment decide quality of network Small Cell + Wi-Fi : 1+1>2 License spectrum Mobility Fetmo (Home) User deployed Small Cell (Hotspot + public) 5 4 3 2 1 0 Terminal QoS Operator controlled Wi-Fi (Home) Wi-Fi (Hotspot + Enterprise) Unlicensed spectrum Coverage Small Cell WiFi Capacity
  • Huawei SmallCell Solution
  • Main Concerns for SmallCell Outdoor Implementations 1. Installation: How SmallCell to Satisfy Complex and Comprehensive Site Scenarios? 2. Transmission: How to Provide Flexible Backhaul for Complex and Comprehensive Site Scenarios? 3. Experience: How to guarantee user experience among macro & micro, cellular & wifi? Street Pole Street Tel-booth Roof-top Gymnasium Metro-line Residential Indoor Penetration
  • Installation: AtomCell Micro, One Box for Easy Deployment ‘one site, one box, one cable’: Quick Deployment:30 minutes install,1 Engineer Mounting Dock BTS 3 PoE output • Compact Design: 5L/6kg • Dock: power, Lighten protection, backhaul • AAS Beamforming: adaption for target area
  • Transmission: multi Backhaul for all senarios V-band: The smallest MW backhaul TDD eRelay: Leading industry NLOS PtMP RRN • 2.1L • PoE •400m@300Mbps eRelay BS RRN M2000 Complete Backhaul Solution FE/GE Macro site Microwave/Wi-Fi/eRelay xDSL xPON xPON intergation Dock • FE/GE optical • Integration with SFP ONU (xPON) •xDSL
  • Experience: provide Always-Best-Connection Enhance operation experience MSA solution: Multi service aggregation • Unified authorization • Unified Charging SRC (Single Radio Controller) Macro Enhance terminal experience • Small Cell & Wi-Fi Convergence • wifi Small Cell Intelligent Wi-Fi Discovery • Smart Traffic Steering Dual-stream High Speed Reception
  • Case 1: SmallCell for LTE Capacity Layer in Korea LTE Subscriber Increase 9 Fold in 2012 Micro for capacity layer Deployment: Lamppost + PON Hotspot capacity 1 Lamppost for easy site acquisition LTE occupy 50%+ in Total Wireless Traffic 55963 60000 47581 50000 40000 30000 41985 33900 29748 27687 2 Rich EPON resource for backhaul Micro L2100 19532 20000 10000 Independent deployment with dedicated carrier Macro L800 12578 2838 SFP ONU insert to BTS 5525 0 201201 201203 201206 201209 201212 Wireless Traffice(TB) LTE Traffic(TB)
  • Case 2: Macro/Micro Co-Channel Deployment in Barcelona Enhance Outdoor Coverage & Capacity by Outdoor Small Cell 4 Macro + 6 Micro lasted for 1.5 months Outdoor RSCP -70 Macro3 -90 Macro -4 d Cluster Traffic b 10000 a 79% 33% Macro1 S0 S1 HSUPA mW per Mbps 1.6 10% f2 11% 1.1 Power Consumption Saved f3 Macro Baseline Shared Carrier Scenario 0 (S0) Scenario1 (S1) Seprate-Carrier Scenario 2 (S2) 0.6 S0 S1 S2 Data Traffic Increased ~50% 0 HSDPA f1 S2 46% 24% 5000 Macro-2 13dB Scenario Scenario Scenario 0 1 2 15000 c Coverage improved -80 e f 12.8dB 13.3dB S3 10%
  • Case 3 : Provide Best Experience for Bullfighting Event in Madrid •Small Cell hidden in the ceiling •eRelay backhaul Micro expand capacity 250% Macro capacity limited by Connections & congestions 120m HSDPA&HSUPA Volume (MB/hour) eRelay BS 1 600m eRelay BS2 RRN1 small cell1 small cell2 small cell3 RRN2 small cell4 small cell5 RRN3 small cell6 small cell7small cell8 350m Operator: SmallCells deployed shall manage 100% traffic created by events in Las Ventas
  • Huawei Solution: LampSite for Indoor Coverage&Capacity On wall On ceiling pRRU pRRU • Multi Mode • MIMO • Only 2.5L,3kg Cat5/6 Ethernet High Capacity Support UL,WiFi evolution rHUB Optical Fibre • CPRI Hub for pRRU • 4 level cascade • 8pRRU/rHUB Capacity expansion by Software LTE 2*2 MIMO rHub BBU • Multimode • Share BB with Macro • SingleOSS Fast Deployment 3box, Ethernet+Fibre Ethernet replace RF cable 60% labor cost saving Manageable E2E OM, same M2000 as macrocell
  • LampSite Deliver Services to Enterprise: New Customer, New Revenue •IP PBX •Location Analytics … LIPA Mobile Fixed Cloud service enabler Coverage & Capacity •2013, 3G & LTE Value Added Services •Location Analytics •IP PBX •Wi-Fi •LIPA for FMC •Cloud services
  • Summary: AtomCell+WiFi Portfolios Satisfy Multiple Scenarios U+L Pico RRU, Wi-Fi Office Area UMTS Micro, Wi-Fi Commercial Squares shopping Street LTE Micro, Wi-Fi Large scale Indoor LTE Pico, Wi-Fi Office Residential area Hotel Cafe Shopping Mall Residential Enterprise Public Family Suburban Gymnasium Opera house Downtown Street Airport Terminal Rural Campus
  • Cellular/Wi-Fi Coordination HetNet Macro/Micro Co-Carrier Interference Control Indoor/Outdoor Share BBU Reduce the interference Carrier Grade WiFi Convergent with RAN 70% Traffic generated from indoor Single BBU serve outdoor and indoor High utilization of Frequency double capacity WiFi/3GPP WiFi as 4th mode eCordinator ,Share controller with GUL WiFi WiFi LTE Same BBU Micro UMTS GSM Macro pRRU by LampSite eCo
  • Thank you Copyright©2010 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The information contained in this document is for reference purpose only, and is subject to change or withdrawal according to specific customer requirements and conditions.