oneM2M - A Global Initiative for M2M Standardization


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oneM2M - A Global Initiative for M2M Standardization

  1. 1. oneM2M  -­‐  A  Global  Ini/a/ve  for  M2M  Standardiza/on Joachim      Koss ETSI  Board  Member  and  TC  M2M  Vice-­‐Chairman   Presenta:on  to  3rd  FOKUS  FUSECO  Forum,  November2012 © ETSI 2012. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Content   !   M2M  –  Challenges   !   oneM2M  Partnership  Project   !   Scope  and  Objec:ves   !   Par:cipa:on   !   Structure   !   Secretariat  Func:ons   !   Work  Program  2 !   Benefits  
  3. 3. M2M  -­‐  Challenges   !   High  fragmenta:on  of  exis:ng  M2M  solu:ons   !   Technology  is  typically  dedicated  to  a  single  applica/on   (e.g.  fleet  management,  meter  reading,  vending  machines)   !  Missing  interoperability   !  Slow  development  of  the  global  M2M  market   !  Management  and  provisioning  of  the  mul:tude  of  networked   devices  and  applica:ons,  network  capacity   !  Fulfilling  the  special  needs  of  industry  –  future  proof,  long   las:ng       !  New  legal  risks   !  Regulatory  issues  may  raise  on  world  wide  deployments   !  Partnerships,  redefining  business  models  3
  4. 4. Responses  to  the  Challenges   !   Standardiza/on  is  a  key  enabler  to  remove  the  technical   barriers  and  ensure  interoperable  M2M  services  and   networks,  that  may  be  deployed  worldwide   !   Standardized  PlaYorm  for  M2M  Services  and  Technologies   enable  new  business  and  partnering  models   !   ETSI  published  in  January  2012  the  first  Release  of  its  M2M   Service  Layer  standard  defining  a  standardized  plaYorm  for   administra:ng  Mul:  M2M  Services   !   On  July  24,  2012  seven  of  the  world’s  leading  ICT  Standards   Development  Organiza:ons  (SDOs)  launched  a  new  global   organiza:on  to  ensure  the  most  efficient  deployment  of   machine  to  machine  (M2M)  communica:ons  systems:   the  oneM2M  Partnership  Project  hap://  4
  5. 5. oneM2M  Partnership  Project 5
  6. 6. oneM2M  Partnership  Project !   oneM2M  is  a  Partnership  Project,  established  in  order  to   cooperate  in  the  produc:on  of  globally  applicable,  access-­‐ independent  M2M  Service  Layer  specifica:ons,  including   Technical  Specifica:ons  and  Technical  Reports  related  to  M2M   Solu:ons   Public  Web  Site   Members  Portal   hap://   hap://   !   Par/cipa/on  is  open  to  interested  organiza:ons  and  par:es  to   provide  opportuni:es  for  various  levels  of  par:cipa:on  and   provide  flexibility  for  inputs  from  all  market  segments  6
  7. 7. Scope  and  Objec/ves !   The  Partners  agree  to  co-­‐operate  in  the  produc:on  and  maintenance  of   globally  applicable  Technical  Specifica:ons  and  Technical  Reports  related  to   M2M  Solu:ons  with  the  ini:al  focus  on  Service  Layer.     !  To  develop  globally  agreed-­‐upon  M2M  end-­‐to-­‐end  specifica/ons  using  common  use   cases  and  architecture  principles  across  mul:ple  M2M  applica:ons  to  connect  M2M   devices  with  applica:on  servers  worldwide  with  an  access  independent  view  of  end-­‐to-­‐ end  services   !  To  define  a  Service  Layer  plaJorm  with  high  level  and  detailed  service  architecture   including  protocols/APIs/standard  objects  based  on  this  architecture  (open  interfaces  &   protocols);   focus  on  interoperability,  test  and  conformance  specifica/ons   !  Common  use  cases,  terminal/module  aspects,  including  Service  Layer  interfaces/APIs   between:   !   Applica:on  and  Service  Layers   !   Service  Layer  and  communica:on  func:ons   !  Security  and  privacy  aspects  (authen:ca:on,  encryp:on,  integrity  verifica:on)   !   Ini:ally,  oneM2M  shall  prepare,  approve  and  maintain  the  necessary  set  of  7 Technical  Specifica:ons  and  Technical  Reports  for    ...  (see  next  slide)  
  8. 8. Scope  Areas Area  of     oneM2M   Descrip/on     Scope   1.   Use  cases  and  requirements  for  a  common  set  of  Service  Layer  capabili:es;     2.   Service  Layer  aspects  with  high  level  and  detailed  service  architecture,  in  light  of   an  access  independent  view  of  end-­‐to-­‐end  services;     3.   Protocols/APIs/standard  objects  based  on  this  architecture  (open  interfaces  &   protocols);     4.   Security  and  privacy  aspects  (authen:ca:on,  encryp:on,  integrity  verifica:on);     5.   Reachability  and  discovery  of  applica:ons;     6.   Interoperability,  including  test  and  conformance  specifica:ons;     7.   Collec:on  of  data  for  charging  records  (to  be  used  for  billing  and  sta:s:cal   purposes);     8.   Iden/fica/on  and  naming  of  devices  and  applica:ons;     9.   Informa/on  models  and  data  management  (including  store  and  subscribe/no:fy   func:onality);     10.   Management  aspects  (including  remote  management  of  en::es);     11.   Common  use  cases,  terminal/module  aspects,  including  Service  Layer  interfaces/ APIs  between:   -­‐  Applica:on  and  Service  Layers;    8 -­‐  Service  Layer  and  communica:on  func:ons.  
  9. 9. Horizontal  PlaJorm  Vision   Pipe (vertical): Horizontal (based on common Layer) 1 Application, 1 NW, Applications share common infrastructure, environments 1 (or few) type of Device and network elements Business   Business Business Business Application #1 Application #i Application #N Applica:on   Common  Applica:on  Infrastructure   Communication Network (mobile, fixed, Powerline ..) Communication Communication Network 1 Network 2 Gateway   IP Gateway   Local NW Local NW Device   Device   Device   Device   Device  9
  10. 10. Par/cipa/on Partner   Partner   Type  1   Type  2   7   1   214   0   Associate   Member   Status:   Member   2012-­‐10-­‐16  10
  11. 11. Founding  Partners  (Type  1) •  CCSA  -­‐  China  Communica:ons  Standards  Associa:on              CHINA   •  TTA  -­‐  Telecommunica:ons  Technology  Associa:on                 ASIA   KOREA   •  ARIB  -­‐  Associa:on  of  Radio  Industries  and  Businesses              JAPAN   •  TTC  -­‐  Telecommunica:on  Technology  Commiaee  of  Japan              JAPAN   EUROPE   •  ETSI  -­‐  European  Telecommunica:ons  Standards  Ins:tute   NORTH   •  ATIS  -­‐  Alliance  for  Telecommunica:ons  Industry  Solu:ons   AMERICA   •  TIA  -­‐  Telecommunica:ons  Industry  Associa:on   In  addi:on  the  Open  Mobile  Alliance  (OMA)  has  been  accepted  as  a  oneM2M  Partner   Type  2,  and  addi:onal  organiza:ons  are  in  the  process  of  applying  for  a  Partner  status11
  12. 12. Par/cipants  -­‐  Partners !   Partner  Type  1   !   Legal  en:ty  and  member  based  organiza:on,   IPR  policy  compa:ble  to  the  other  Partners  Type  1’s   !  Provide  strategic  direc:on,  no  technical  contribu:ons   !  Submit  for  poten:al  transfer,  work  that  overlaps  with  the  work  of   oneM2M,  and  avoid  respec:ve  further  development   !  Convert/transpose/publish  all  relevant  Technical  Specifica:ons  and   Technical  Reports  resul:ng  from  the  work  in  oneM2M  into  its  own   relevant  deliverables  through  its  normal  processes   !  Contribute  to  the  opera:on  of  oneM2M   !  Admit  organiza:ons  as  oneM2M  Members  to  facilitate  the  technical   work  of  the  Partnership,  who  agreed  to  abide  by  its  IPR  Policy,  to   par:cipate  in  the  technical  work  (own  members  admiaed  by  default)   !  Par:cipate  in  Steering  Commiaee  (vo:ng  rights),  Technical  Plenary  and   its  subgroups  12
  13. 13. Par/cipants  -­‐  Partners !   Partner  Type  2   !   Legal  en:ty  and  member  based  organiza:on,   IPR  policy  compa:ble  to  the  Partners  Type  1’s  (or  wriaen  assurance,   that  contribu:ons  made  in  accordance  with  PT1  IPR  policy  and   members  are  bound  by  it)   !   Provide  strategic  direc:on  and  contribute  technically  represen:ng  input   from  its  members   !   Contribute  to  the  opera:on  of  oneM2M   !   Par:cipate  with  vo:ng  rights  in  Steering  Commiaee,  Technical  Plenary   and  its  subgroups  13
  14. 14. Par/cipants  -­‐  Members !   Member   !   Legal  en:ty,  organiza:on,  admiaed  through  a  specific  Partner  Type  1   and  agreed  to  abide  by  the  IPR  Policy  of  the  specific  Partner  Type  1   !   Contribute  technically  to  Technical  Plenary  and  its  subgroups     !   Contribute  to  the  opera:on  of  oneM2M  via  their  specific  Partner  Type  1   !   Par:cipate  in  Steering  Commiaee,  Technical  Plenary  (vo:ng  rights),  and   its  subgroups  (vo:ng  rights)   !   Associate  Member   !   Government  or  regulatory  agency   !   Aaend  in  Technical  Plenary  and  its  subgroups   !   Contribute  to  Technical  Plenary  and  its  subgroups  limited  to   clarifica:ons  regarding  regulatory  maaers  and  informa:onal   contribu:ons  14
  15. 15. Structure Steering   CommiZee   Finance  CommiZee   Marke/ng  and  Communica/ons  Group   Technical  Plenary   Working  Group  1   Working  Group  2   Working  Group  N   Requirements   Architecture   …     A  simple  and  effec+ve  opera:onal  structure.  15
  16. 16. Structure  –  Governance !   Steering  CommiZee   !   Manages  oneM2M  purpose  and  scope   !   Approves  applica:ons  from  organiza:ons  wishing  to  join  oneM2M  as  new  Partners   !   Approves  Working  Procedures,  Terms  of  Reference  of  the  TP,  liaison  rela:onships   !   Manages  the  oneM2M  Secretariat,  resources,  the  register  of  Partners  and   Members  eligible  to  par:cipate  in  oneM2M,  marke:ng  and  public  rela:ons   ac:vi:es   !   Finance  CommiZee   !   Develops  the  calendar  year  2014  financial  plan  including  budget   !   Develops  annual  financial  plans  including  budgets  for  subsequent  years   !   Analyzes  and  reviews  future  financial  ac:vi:es  of  oneM2M  as  necessary   !   Marke/ng  and  Communica/ons  Group   !   Provides  direc:on  and  planning  for  Secretariat   !   Develops  and  Maintains  Working  Procedures   !   Tbd  16
  17. 17. Structure  –  Technical  Work !   Technical  Plenary   !   Crea:ng  WGs  and  approving  their  scopes  and  terms  of  reference   !   Resolving  deadlocks  within  and  between  WGs   !   Providing  coordina:on  of  the  technical  Work  Programme  and  its  management   !   Managing  and  approving  work  items  and  study  items  within  the  agreed  scope  of   oneM2M,  including  the  scope,  detailed  :meline,  and  responsible  groups   !   Handling  the  document  release  process  and  change  management  process  while   examining  improved  processes  for  document  handling   !   Working  Group  1  –  Requirements   Joint  co-­‐convened   !   ToR  tbd.   WG1/2  mee:ngs  in   !   Working  Group  2  –  Architecture   ini:al  phase  un:l   !   ToR  tbd.   TP#2   Working  PlaJorm:  hap://    17
  18. 18. Secretariat  Func/ons !   Provision  of  the  Secretariat  func/ons  in  2012  and  2013   provided  by  the  Partners  on  voluntary  base:   !  Support    to  Steering  Commiaee  including  its  subgroups   !  Support    to  Technical  Plenary  and  its  subgroups  (Working  Group  support  officers)   !  Web  site  hos:ng  and  support,  maintain  cross  reference  data  showing  transposed  SDO   versions  of  document  deliverables   !   Members  portal  hos:ng  and  support   !   Virtual  mee:ng  hos:ng   !   Maintain  and  manage  the  email  exploder  lists   !   Marke:ng  and  Communica:ons   !   Membership  support   !   Work  Program  Support   !   Review  and  monitor  execu:on  of  legally  binding  contracts/agreements   !   Maintain  policies,  propose  and  procure  IT  related  equipment   !   On-­‐Site  mee/ng  IT  support   !  Will  be  provided  by  the  mee:ng  hosts  for  2012  and  2013  18
  19. 19. Work  Program As  part  of  the  ini:al  oneM2M  work  program,  the  following  Work   Items  were  created:   !   WG1  -­‐  Requirements   !   Technical  Report  (TR):  oneM2M  Use  cases  collec/on     !   Technical  Report  (TR):  Benefits  of  oneM2M  technology   !   Technical  Specifica:on  (TS):  oneM2M  Requirements   !   WG2  -­‐  Architecture   !   Technical  Report  (TR)   !   Part  1:  Analysis  of  the  architectures  for  transfer  to  oneM2M   !   Part  2:  Study  for  the  merging  of  the  architectures  proposed  for  transfer                            to  oneM2M  and  resolve  cri/cal  poten/al  gaps   !   Technical  Specifica:on  (TS):  M2M  Architecture  19
  20. 20. Dra_  Timeline 4Q12   1Q13   2Q13   3Q13   4Q13   …   Evaluation of initial inputs Assessment Co-convened TP#2 TP#3 Phase WG1/2 Initial set Initial set Initial of WI of WG’s Requirement Set ? Baseline Phase WG’s focus on Baseline Draft Baseline initiated First release of a minimally deployable solution Evolution Phase Transition to Future Releases Subsequent Release Source:  oneM2M-­‐TP-­‐2012-­‐0042R03-­‐Consolidated_Workplan_Summary  20
  21. 21. Benefits The enable aim of oneM2M communication technology is to cost savings for M2M Application stakeholders Less  load  on  Transport   Reusable  Components,   Resources,  Lower  OPEX,  Be8er   Reliability   ba8ery  life   Efficient   Economies          use  of                      of  Scale                      Transport   Cost   Savings   Remote                    Simplified          Device        Applica:on           Management    Develop-­‐   Lower  device  /soAware   ment   lifecycle  costs   Lower  development  costs  21
  22. 22. Benefits !   Boost  M2M  economies  of  scale  and  shorten  :me-­‐to-­‐market     •  Lower  capital  and  opera:ng  expenses   •  Foster  and  op:mize  future  investments  of  all  involved  par:es   !   Simplify  development  of  applica:ons     •  Intra-­‐  and  inter-­‐industry  integra:on  of  services   •  Allow  same  applica:on  to  be  used  across  different  service  plaYorms   !   Leverage  the  worldwide  network  for  enhanced  poten:al  of  services   and  to  expand  business  opportuni:es   •  Greater  reach  of  services  through  broader  network  interoperability   !   Reduce  standardiza:on  overlap  and  confusion  and  provide  ongoing   standards  support   •  Enhance  interoperability   •  Reduce  market  fragmenta:on   •  Future  proof  services  via  collabora:on   •  Enhance  security  and  reliability  22
  23. 23. Invita/on  to  Target  Par/cipants !   Organiza/ons   !   ICT/Telecom  SDO   !   Others  standards  and  specifica/ons  se`ng  organiza/ons   !   Industry  groups   !   Associa/ons   !   Specific  technology  organiza/ons !   Individual  Companies   !   Service  Providers  (e.g.,  M2M  SPs,  Telecom  SPs,  Service  Layer  SPs)   !   M2M  service  users  (e.g.,  U/li/es)   !   Vendors  (e.g.,  M2M  Applica/on  Providers)   !   Regional/Country  Governmental  En//es  23
  24. 24. Joachim  Koss     Director Standardization ETSI Board Member / TC M2M Vice Chairman   Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH Portfolio Management Siemensdamm 50 13629 Berlin Phone: +49 30 31102-8255 Fax : +49 30 31102-8405 Mobile: +49 172 3911249 www.cinterion.com24
  25. 25. Annex   Dates  to  note:   !   TP#2  10-­‐14  December  2012  Beijing   !   TP#3  25  February-­‐01  March  2013  North  America   !   TP#4  15-­‐19    April  2013    Europe     !   TP#5  17-­‐21  June  2013    Asia   !   TP#6  05  -­‐09  August  2013    North  America   !   TP#7  14-­‐18  October  2013    Europe     !   TP#8  09-­‐13  December  2013  Asia  25