Network security 2013: Managing Trust in the Smartphone age


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Network security 2013: Managing Trust in the Smartphone age

  1. 1. 22 - 23 MAY 2013, HILTON PADDINGTON, LONDON Karim Lesina, Vice President Int. Ext Affairs, AT&T Steve Babbage, Distinguished Engineer Security research Manager, Vodafone Group Jens Backes, VP Access Services, Deustche Telekom Feride Cetin, Group Strategy & Innovation Security & Intelligence, Swisscom Business Opportunities 20+ Operator Case Studies Network Intelligence Applications Impact of LTE Multiple Devices 150 M2M Attendees DDoSOfficial Exhibiting Partner:Partner:
  2. 2. The ONLY Mobile Telco Focused Event for Network Security Representing the ENTIRE global security ecosystem, with 30+ Speakers and 18+ Case Studies + RAISING YOUR COMPANY’S PROFILE! Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at Network Security 2013 Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and provide solutions to potential clients face to face. Informa Telecoms & Media conferences have an unrivalled reputation for attracting senior SECURITY SPEED decision making delegates, providing an excellent opportunity to raise your profile and NETWORKING demonstrate your expertise before a valuable group of potential customers at Network 10 REASONS TO ATTEND Bring your cards on day one for 2 Security 2013. minutes fast action introductions. MarcusZoller at +44 (0)20 701 7 74833 or All exhibitors / sponsors are email eligible however places are allocated on a first come first For speaking opportunities please contact:1 TheglobesONLY dedicatedmobile telconetworksecurityforum serve basis! MarkCallender at +44 (0) 207 017 4890 or email mark.callender@informa.com2 PartneredbyETSI3 Get to grips withtheevolutionof applications,cloudcomputingand + Tuesday 21st May 2013 mobiledevices BYOD: The Threats and the Opportunity for Carriers4 Discover howoperatorsaroundthe worldareprotectingtheirnetwork Hosted by: AdrianDrury,Practice Leader Senior Consultant, Ovum anddata Media5 Take part ininteractivedebateson thelatestsecuritytrends How big is the BYOD trend, and is it being properly managed? The BYOD trend is bigger than any one country, vertical, or job role: it is happening everywhere, with 57.1% of all full-time employees using a personal device6 Prearrange 1-on-1meetingswith to access corporate data. This half day workshop analyses the threats and opportunities for potentialpartners,suppliersand carriers, including: customerswithouronline I The scale of BYOD: key findings from Ovum’s BYOD multi-market networkingtool employee survey7 I How BYOD is shaping the future of enterprise mobility Visit ourexhibitionandstayupto I Why enterprise managed mobility threatens to be the missed B2B datewiththelatestdevelopmentsin VAS opportunity for carriers mobilenetworksecuritytechnology I What is the carrier opportunity and best practice strategy AboutOvum8 Security Boot Camp - freetoattend analyst-leddebateoverbreakfast Ovum is a global IT and telecoms advisory firm providing high- value advice on the commercial impact of technology and market changes in telecoms, software, and IT services. Ovum9 Break theiceandgetofftoagood startwithourDayOnespeed research provides organizations with independent and objective analysis to enable them to make better business and technology decisions. networking! The company acts as a well-respected and trusted source of industry data, knowledge and expertise on the commercial impact of technology, regulatory10 Permanent post-eventaccessto presentationsandslides;continueto and market changes. Ovum engages in continuous research and industry analysis to determine market dynamics in its specialist sectors. learnoncetheeventisover! REGISTER TODAY +44 (0) 207 017 5506
  3. 3. “Great opportunity to meet colleagues who are exploring this fascinating topic” Du DAY 1 | Wednesday22May2013 K Keynote O Operator A Analyst P Panel discussion A Association 07.45am - 8.45am BREAKFAST BOOTCAMP Security on a plate. Hear, probe and learn from leading analysts in the security space! MonicaPaolini, ZahidGhadialy, DavidRogers, President, Senza Fili Consulting Managing Director, eXplanoTech Director, Copper Horse Solutions Limited 08.15 Registration Coffee PROTECTING THE CUSTOMERS: BEATING 08.50 Conference Welcome Speed Networking Session ROGUE APPLICATIONS MarkCallender, Conference Researcher, 12.35 Managing Rogue Applications Informa Telecoms Media Educating application developers to more aware of security 09.00 Chairman’s Introduction Managing signaling flood on the LTE and GSM networks CharlesBrookson,Chair, GSMA Security, Chairman OCG Security, ETSI O Rogue Applications running in place with data pricing What tools can you use to build security on the smartphone and OS? Trusted hardware and software for handsets UNDERSTANDING THE BUSINESS CASE FOR FerideCetin,Group Strategy Innovation Security Intelligence, Swisscom NETWORK SECURITY 13.00 Networking Lunch Exhibition Visit 09.15 Is Mobile Security Mature Enough at the Moment? PROTECTING THE CUSTOMERS: BEATING ROGUE What is the current level of urgency? APPLICATIONSLTE WITH NETWORK INTELLIGENCE How big is the threat of security? Is network security a technical issue or a brand / marketing issue? 14.15 Analysing Threats on the Network and Base What is the true cost for the network? Station P What should be the future direction? Certification of network elements Effective Strategies for monitoring user traffic and terminals? SteveBabbage,Distinguished Engineer, Security Technologies Manager, O Importance of being traffic aware and aware of what can be done in the K Vodafone Group backhaul Implementing solutions and building secure security gateways PatWalshe, Director of Privacy, GSM Association WiFi offload and Small Cell deployment KarimLesina,Vice President, Int Ext Affairs, EU, Caribbean, Central and HenriSetiawan,Business and Project Development Manager, Latin America, Trans-Atlantic Relations, ATT PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia CenkTasdan,Information Security Manager, Turkcell 14.40 Security Tradeoffs and Priorities: Cost, 09.55 GSMA: Fraud Security Policies Complexity, PrivacyA K Please visit for more information PatWalshe,Director of Privacy,GSM Association Security is crucial, but at what point cost and complexity outweigh the A benefits of security management? Can security management have an impact on subscriber privacy? 10.20 Privacy and Legal Issues for Mobile In the rapidly evolving security landscape, what are the most immediate Role of public policy in data protection concerns and how do they determine operator’s priorities? MonicaPaolini, President, Senza Fili Consulting K EU perspective on privacy issues What is the interest of customers? What should operators be doing on these issues? 15.05 Adding Intelligence to the Network: But at What O What is the impact of these issues? Cost? KarimLesina, Vice President, Int Ext Affairs, EU, Caribbean, Central How aggressive should you be against threats? and Latin America, Trans-Atlantic Relations, ATT Controlling CAPEX within the backhaul 10.45 Networking Coffee Break Exhibition Visit P Where should you prioritise? Security as a differentiator on quality of service: Providing a ‘Best of Breed’ Service 11.45 Maintaining Trust in the Customers: Are MonicaPaolini,President, Senza Fili Consulting HenriSetiawan,Business and Project Development Manager, Consumers Aware of the Threats? PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia What is the risk for customers? O How aware are consumers of the security threat? 15.45 Networking Break Exhibition Visit Is consumer perception different to reality? Managing the impact of security on QoS to the end users IMPACT OF DDOS ON THE NETWORK CenkTasdan,Information Security Manager, Turkcell 16.25 Operating Data Networks Under Hostile EW 12.10 Value of Security (Electronic Warfare) environment How effective is current security measures in protecting content? O Understanding the challenges and Impact on Net Centric Operations Where is the ROI with security? SyedHasnain, Senior Network Engineer Technology, Du Over the top services and the value change O Reliance on security providers is increasing such as cloud services, outsourcing: 16.50 IP Gateway Security: The Impact of DDoS Is this an issue? Overcoming loop holes in the network O Issues of allowing users to use their own devices, BYOD – Bring Your Own Device URL Filtering: Enforcing regulations in different countries TalalFaroug,Quality Assurance Senior Manager, MTN Sudan Developing SIM to protect authority as a whole AtherBaig,Senior Engineer IP Core Operations, PTCL Etisalat 12.45 Networking Lunch Exhibition Visit 17.15 End of day one Start of Drinks Reception www.te l c o n e t wo r k s e c u r i ty.c o m
  4. 4. “Excellent event which includes many great presentations and excellent networking opportunities” DeteconDAY 2 | Thursday23May201308.30 Re-registration Coffee 12.00 How Do You Stop People Getting Access to Vulnerable Access Points? Privacy issues: Maintaining freedom for the subscribers09.00 Chairman’s Introduction Adding multiple layers of security within the network DavidRogers, Director, Copper Horse Solutions Limited Physical Security and testing Protecting against Roaming and Internet partners P What is the best practice approach to managing vulnerability? GROWTH IN M2M AND PROTECTING MohammadRuhulAmin,VAS Data Services, Robi Axiata ZahidGhadialy, Managing Director, eXplanoTech UNMONITORED DEVICES EdCandy, Technology Strategist, Three09.15 Remote Control and Device Security: How Cyber- 12.40 Networking Lunch Exhibition Visit Attacks Can Impact M2M: 14.00 Impact of Open Devices on Delivering QoS to the K Overview of infrastructure related risks and protection schemes End User Risks of unprotected devices and how to protect devices Critical National Infrastructure O How is an open device network become attractive for activists O Software Defined Radios Risk and protection of sensor networks What tools can you add to the device to improve security? Securing the communication line to back-end systems Improving mobile architecture in smartphones and operating systems ChristophPeylo, VP Cross Domain Middleware, MohammadRuhulAmin,VAS Data Services, Robi Axiata Deutsche Telekom AG FUTURE OF TELCO NETWORK SECURITY09.40 Current and Future M2M security challenges 14.25 Telco ID Management Services and Value for Firewall, access to machines, access to data center, solutions in place A Cookie-Free Mobile Targeted Ads K Internet of things, people behind machines (health, consumer AdrianDrury, Practice Leader Senior Consultant, Ovum Media electronics), big data and related information privacy issues O EmmanuelRoutier, Director B2B Partnerships Intl M2M Center, 14.50 Emerging business Opportunities in M2M Solution Mobistar / Orange Security Value generation in future Security Viewpoints from interactions between leading and emerging Security A players: Mobile Networks, Enterprise Systems, Silicon Integration ,DEVICES: MANAGING THE INCREASE OF ENTRY POINTS Embedded Systems more Turning M2M Network Security challenges solutions from resented costs into value generating propositions JonHowes, Senior Consultant, Beecham Research10.05 Access Control: Managing different Interfaces on the Network 15.55 How do you secure End-to-End Devices? K Understanding the capabilities of the mobile network and implementing Device security: Controlling the operating systems key solutions Securing the software and hardware of the device O Protecting internet access across different interfaces A How to ensure security will last 15 to 20 years Transferring data on the internet and avoiding data loss to ensure Intelligence in the network not in the device integrity Managing the traffic with more services in the transport layer JensBackes,VP Access Services, T-Mobile When will Regulation be required for M2M? ReinderWolthuis, Project Manager Information Security, TNO 15.15 Networking Break Exhibition Visit10.30 Networking Coffee Break Exhibition Visit 16.20 Small Cells in a Hostile Environment How vulnerable is the network to new threats within femto and small11.10 Extending Coverage Beyond Traditional Services cells? to Cloud Services O What tools are available to meet the developing threat? Building essential security measures and how to test if they meet 3GPP Cloud Security: Providing Sustainability in the IT Space Standards O New opportunities: What can you do with identity in the cloud? RavishankarBorgaonkar,Researcher, Deutsche Telekom Gaining value with IDM cloud services Cloud Security requirements CarlosOlea, Network Security Manager, Telefonica International 16.45 Future Security Strategies of Network Operators? ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems): Automotive Control How can operators add value and differentiate their services? Vision / future of security threats on the network11.35 The Growing Importance of Data Security in the Providing different services to the customers Era of Cloud and the Digital Society P Maximising traffic flow whilst minimising the impact on the network Do customers know about threats of the internet? When will M2M growth need regulating? In what extent should be Security as a default network feature? EmmanuelRoutier,Director B2B Partnerships Intl M2M Center, Mobistar / Orange O Telcos introducing Security as a value add for customers understanding its importance ChristophPeylo,VP Cross Domain Middleware, Deutsche Telekom AG Hacking internet objects not always a crime: goal to increase awareness CarlosOlea, Network Security Manager, Telefonica International and security in general BorbasSandor, Senior Business Development Manager, 16.25 End of Day 2 Close of Conference T-Systems @ Te l c o N e t w o r k s
  5. 5. + Dear Colleague, Therearemanyimportantsecurityissuesbeingraisedandtopicsthat ONLINE NETWORKING TOOL Allconferencedelegates,exhibitors,sponsors meritattention:  andspeakerswillreceiveauniqueloginandpinto I’dhighlightinfrastructureweaknessandtheimportanceofcorrect theWiFiWorldSummitonlinenetworking community.Anopportunityforyoutobrowsethe securitymanagementofnetworks,privacyofthecustomer delegatelist,makecontactandsetupmeetings, information,Cybersecurity,andthesecurityofthedeviceitself.  before,duringandaftertheevent.Loginsand Smartphonesnowhaveanumberofattackvectorsandaccess passwordswillbeemailed2weeksbeforethe methods,arecapableofrunningprogramscanbeaffectedby event. malware,usedforsensitivecompanyandpersonalinformation,and usedformanypurposessuchasbanking,paymentsandshopping.We BREAKFAST BOOTCAMP Asktheexpertsin-depthquestionsatthe arealsoseeingusessuchassmartmeters,intelligenttransportand interactiveroundtablebreakfastbriefings medical,allofwhichrequiresecuredevelopmentanddeployment. Iwillbelookingforwardtohearingastimulatingandinterestingrange NETWORKING REFRESHMENT ofexpertspeakerstalkingaboutthesesubjectsandmore,andseeing BREAKS youallattheforum. Meetyourindustrycolleaguesanddiscusstheir viewsonthemarketoverateaorcoffee Charles Brookson PRE CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Networkandhearfromkeyindividualsonamore ChairmanETSIOCGSecurity personallevel ChairmanGSMASecurityGroup SPEED NETWORKING Achancetomeetyourpeersinafun,informal atmosphere,takingtheconceptof‘speeddating’ JOIN OUR COMMUNITY: STAY IN CONTACT VIA intothebusinessarena TWITTER NETWORKING LUNCH /linkedin @TELCONETWORKS Taketheopportunitytorelaxandmeetnewfaces #NETWORKSECURITY overlunchatournetworkingluncheon. 35+ KEY SPEAKERS FROM ACROSS THE TELCO SECURITY ECOSYSTEM INCLUDING... Charles Brookson, Emmanuel Routier, Steve Babbage, Chair, GSMA Security, Chairman OCG Director B2B Partnerships Intl M2M Security Technologies Manager Security, Center, Vodafone Group ETSI Mobistar / Orange Borbas Sandor, Pat Walshe, Feride Cetin, Senior Business Development Manager, Director of Privacy, Group Strategy Innovation Security T-Systems GSM Association Intelligence, Swisscom Ather Baig, Jens Backes, Senior Engineer IP Core Operations, Christoph Peylo, VP Access Services, PTCL Etisalat VP Cross Domain Middleware, T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom Mohammad Ruhul Amin, Cenk Tasdan, VAS Data Services, Information Security Manager, Robi Axiata Karim Lesina, Turkcell Vice President, Int Ext Affairs, EU, Syed Hasnain, Ed Candy, Caribbean, Central and Latin America, Technology Strategist, Trans-Atlantic Relations, ATT Senior Network Engineer (FAN Planning) Technology, Three Du Eric Gauthier, Talal Faroug, Head of Technical Fraud and Revenue Carlos Olea, Quality Assurance Senior Manager, Assurance, Network Security Manager, MTN Sudan France Telecom *tbc Telefonica International Emmanuel CarlosOlea Routier Network Security ChristophPeylo PatWalshe Director B2B Manager VP Cross Domain Director of Partnerships Telefonica Middleware Privacy Intl M2M Center International Deutsche GSM Mobistar Telekom Association
  6. 6. www.te l c o n e t wo r k s e c u r i ty.c o m+ TELCO OPPORTUNITY: BECOME TRUSTED IDENTITY BROKERS Theexplosioninsmartphonesandubiquitousnetworkconnectivity position in the service value chain. Telcos that hasresultedinsubscribersconductingmanydailyactivitiesonline. undertake strong IDM service programs can Rapidgrowthine-commerceiscreatingmoredemandforidentity capitalize on their existing assets to create services,whichpromisegreaterconvenienceforusersandgreater additional revenue streams with subscriber assuranceforInternet-businesses. identity data. The telecommunications industry is going through a period of intense IDM is as strategic for IT vendors as it for telcos. This Shagu and rapid change as new competitors erode its traditional revenue evolving space has the potential to create cross-sell n Bali streams. Telecom service providers however possess unique assets, and up sell opportunities for other technologies Analys t such as the trust of their customers and massive amounts of subscriber such as SDM. Exploring new revenue streams with Ovum information, which they can use to create new revenue streams based on subscriber data and telcos’ exisiting capabilities brings identity management (IDM). immense opportunities for business however telcos must make IDM projects a high priority in 2013 and IT vendors must help by offering One method of revenue generation is to create new subscriber services products and services that make it easier for them to tap into the value of that are highly personalised and targeted. Another is to offer third-party IDM. IDM services to other industries, in other words to serve as identity brokers between end users and third party product or service providers. They have been cautious about this because IDM is complex and For more information please visit our website expensive, but today, as their revenue needs become more urgent, they are being forced to move further into this area. Today telcos enjoy both an understanding of the customer and a trustedOfficialPartner: OfficialResearchPartners: MediaPartners: EVENTCODE: Managing Trust In The Smartphone Age 22 - 23 MAY 2013, HILTON PADDINGTON, LONDON I799L Prices available for registrations before Prices available for registrations after 12th April 12th April Complete Event (including2dayconference halfdaypre-conference Complete Event £1,799+VAT@20%=£2,158.80 workshopbyOvum) £1999+VAT@20%=£2,398.80 Two Day Conference Two Day Conference £1499+VAT@20%=£1,798.80 £1699+VAT@20%=£2,038.80 Pre-Conference Workshop: Pre-Conference Workshop: Ovum Ovum £399+VAT@20%=£478.80 £499+VAT@20%=£598.80 InformaisfullyPCIcompliantandforsecurityreasonsnowonlyacceptscreditcardpaymentsviathewebsiteandbyphone. K Iamunabletoattend,pleasesendmeaccesstodetailstoviewtheeventdocumentsonlineat£325.00+VAT@20%=£390. TERMS FEE: There are different fees depending on which days you would like to ARE YOU REGISTERED: You will always receive an acknowledgement of PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payment should be made by cheque, credit attend. Paying options include access to the conference, lunch, your booking via email. If you do not receive anything, please call us on card, in Euros, Pound Sterling or US Dollars. Cheques must be made refreshments, online conference documentation. The fees do not +44 (0)20 7017 5506 to make sure we have received your booking. payable to Informa UK Ltd. Payment must be received by 6th May in include hotel accommodation. All fees are subject to 20% (tax rate). CALL MONITORING: Telephone calls to Informa UK Ltd may be order to secure your place. Please quote the delegate name and the TAX: Under UK Customs Excise regulations, all delegates are required recorded or monitored in order to check the quality of the service being Event Code I799L as a reference on all transactions. Informa UK Ltd, in to pay 20% on any conference taking place in UK. provided. conjunction with Tax Back International VAT reclaim, the world’s leading VAT recovery organisation, can help you to make a significant reduction CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations received in writing before 6th May will DATA PROTECTION: The personal information shown, and/or provided on your attendance cost. Once an invoice has been sent to you, Tax Back be subject to a service charge of £125. The full conference fees remain by you will be held on a database and shared with companies in the International will advise you as to how the VAT can be reclaimed. payable on and after 6th May. Substitutions are welcome at any time. It Informa Group. It may be used to keep you, or any additional names may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the Organiser to provided by you, up to date with developments in your industry. alter the content and timing of the programme or the identity of the Sometimes your details may be obtained from or made available to speakers. This contract is subject to English Law. external companies for marketing purposes. If you do not wish your details to be used for this purpose, please write to The Database Manager, Informa UK, Maple House, 149 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7AD. REGISTER TODAY +44 (0) 207 017 5506