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LTE Developments worldwide - GSA Update: Dec. 2012
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LTE Developments worldwide - GSA Update: Dec. 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1   Global mobile Suppliers Association Alan Hadden, President GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) 1 Technology Evolution Masterclass - December 4, 2012 Middle East Telco Summit, Dubai Organised by Informa Telecoms & Media
  • 2. GSA – Global mobile Suppliers Association 2   Global mobile Suppliers Association  Non-profit trade association representing suppliers - established October 2, 1998  Promotion, focusing on 3GPP roadmap – GSM/EDGE, WCDMA-HSPA/HSPA+, LTE/LTE-A  Trusted brand and authoritative source of facts, statistics, objective analysis for the industry  Providing regular reports on status of mobile broadband network deployments and development of the supporting devices ecosystems  Show thought-leadership, educate and influence with information papers and white papers  Organise seminars and other events for network operators and GSA member companies  Develop case studies together with operators  Accomplish campaigns e.g. UMTS900, Mobile HD Voice (W-AMR), LTE1800………etc  Website  54,000 registered site users  Growing by ~ 1,000 every 5 weeks  Targeted to the industry - with global reach 2
  • 3. HSPA laid the foundation of Mobile Broadband success 3   Global mobile Suppliers Association  Mobile broadband began with WCDMA and its first evolution - HSPA  100% of WCDMA operators have deployed HSPA  482 commercial HSPA networks in 186 countries  HSPA covers > 50% of global population (85% forecast by 2017)  achieved in 7 years since 1st commercial network launch  1.075 billion WCDMA incl. HSPA subs: Q3 2012  ~ 4,000 HSPA user devices launched 285 suppliers 3  Most operators include mobile broadband in their service portfolio  Mobile broadband is driving traffic, revenue and profit growth in markets throughout the world Source of subscriptions data: Informa Telecoms & Media
  • 4. HSPA+ is mainstream 4   Global mobile Suppliers Association 4 Over 52% of HSPA operators have launched HSPA+ HSPA+ delivers higher capacity and performance and an improved user experience of mobile broadband   254 HSPA+ networks are commercially launched in 118 countries
  • 5. 6 5
  • 6. Relentless drive towards LTE 6   Global mobile Suppliers Association 6  Approx 40% of all phones sold in Q3 2012 were smartphones, and the growth of smartphone data traffic is expected to exceed the overall average  Mobile data traffic doubled between Q3 2011 and Q3 2012, and is expected to grow 12x between 2012 -2018, driven mainly by video  Online video is the biggest contributor to mobile traffic volumes, constituting 25 percent of total smartphone traffic and 40 percent of total tablet traffic  Total mobile subscriptions are expected to reach 6.6 billion in 2012 and 9.3 billion in 2018  There were an additional 13 million LTE subscriptions in Q3 2012, and numbers are predicted to reach 1.6 billion by 2018 November 2012 Mobile broadband subscriptions have grown by around 55% YoY and now reached > 1.4 billion LTE is now growing strongly, with 13 million new subs added in Q3 2012. GSM/EDGE added c. 20 million and WCDMA/HSPA c. 65 million
  • 7. Drivers for LTE deployment 7   Global mobile Suppliers Association 7  The primary drive towards LTE comes from the need for network capacity, performance management and efficiency  Opportunities for new products/services  Opportunities for revenue growth  LTE could be a tool to charge more for mobile data  much faster uplink  lower latency  some new video-based services might only be possible using LTE “LTE is currently being deployed and built-out in all regions and will reach around 1.6 billion subscriptions in 2018” “By mid-2012, LTE was estimated to cover 455 million people globally and by 2017 it is expected to cover around 50% of the world’s population” Ericsson Mobility Report – November 2012
  • 8. LTE network deployments, service launches 8   Global mobile Suppliers Association  The majority of launches use the LTE-FDD mode  LTE networks are deployed in several frequency bands  The LTE TDD mode is getting traction globally: 11 LTE TDD (TD-LTE) systems are commercially launched GSA – Evolution to LTE report November 2, 2012 8 LTE is the fastest developing mobile communications system technology ever !! 33.5 million LTE subs: Q3 2012
  • 9. Global LTE commitments (to November 2, 2012) 9   Global mobile Suppliers Association 360 operators are investing in LTE in 105 countries 113 commercial networks in 51 countries GSA forecasts 209 commercial LTE networks by end 2013
  • 10. 1110
  • 11. LTE1800 Commercial Operators 11   Global mobile Suppliers Association Source: GSA – Status of the Global LTE1800 Market report 1800 MHz is the most widely used band for 4G/LTE systems deployments globally Several additional operators are engaged in LTE1800 trials, studies, etc. including: Oi (Brazil), Bouygues Telecom (France), Orange (France), E Plus (Germany), Cosmote (Greece), Indosat (Indonesia), Beeline (Laos), Celcom (Malaysia), Bayan Telecom (Philippines), Tele2 (Russia), SMARTS (Russia), Dialog Axiata (Sri Lanka), TOT/AIS (Thailand), True Move (Thailand), Avea (Turkey) LTE1800 is deployed in over 37% of commercial LTE networks 11
  • 12. Spectrum used in LTE FDD deployments 12   Global mobile Suppliers Association 0   5   10   15   20   25   30   35   40   45   50   1900  MHz   900  MHz   850  MHz  b5   2100  MHz   800  MHz   b20   AWS   700  MHz   2.6  GHz   1800  MHz   LTE1800  is  used  in  38%  of  commercially  launched  networks   1800  MHz  is  the  most  widely  used  band  for  4G/LTE  systems  deployments  worldwide   130  LTE1800  user  devices  announced   Includes  26  smartphones  –  all  the  leading  brands   Copyright© GSA – November 2012 12
  • 13. LTE TDD – significant activities extend beyond China 13   Global mobile Suppliers Association 14 13
  • 14. LTE TDD Commercial Operators 14   Global mobile Suppliers Association Source: GSA – Status of the Global LTE TDD Market report 14
  • 15. Commercial LTE networks – current situation (estimated) 15   Global mobile Suppliers Association 15 November  2,  2012:  GSA  report   Recent LTE network commercial launches: Bluegrass Cellular, USA Cosmote, Greece Moldcell, Moldova MTN, South Africa Orange, France Orange, Moldova Proximus, Belgium TIM, Italy SFR, France Shentel, USA Swisscom, Switzerland Telcel, Mexico Tele2, Estonia Telenor, Montenegro Vodafone, Italy Vodafone, Romania Zain, Kuwait Subject  to  verifica/on  by  GSA  for  the   next  Evolu/on  to  LTE  report  
  • 16. 16
  • 17. Understand the LTE devices ecosystem with GAMBoD 17   Global mobile Suppliers Association 17   GSA Analyzer for Mobile Broadband Devices, a unique search and analysis tool developed by GSA for mobile broadband devices, allowing searches by supplier, form factor, features, peak downlink and uplink speeds, frequencies, etc. Results presented as lists, or spreadsheets, or in charts. Set up RSS alert for new devices added to the database • GAMBoD-HSPA tool for HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSPA+ • GAMBoD-LTE tool for LTE (includes 3G fallback systems) GAMBoD is available only to qualified site users, i.e. • Employees of GSA Member companies • Employees of network operators NEW: for medium and large-size enterprises • Subscribe as an “Associate of GSA” • Includes licence for all employees to use the GAMBoD tools • Only 2,500 UK pounds/year Details in “Associate of GSA - Subscription invitation for medium and large-size enterprises”
  • 18. Additional LTE resources on 18   Global mobile Suppliers Association LTE1800 18 LTE TDD + Operator Viewpoint and Supplier presentations