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Killer Applications Or Devices
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Killer Applications Or Devices


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Killer Apps or Devices: What is the key to success of a Mobile Phone?

Killer Apps or Devices: What is the key to success of a Mobile Phone?

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Killer Applications or Devices Zahid Ghadialy
  • 2. Killer Devices and Killer Apps A ‘killer device’ is used to refer to a mobile device (or any electronic device for that matter) that revolutionises the way a technology is used and boosts the technology it runs on. A ‘killer app’ is used to refer to a mobile application (or any computer application) that is so necessary or desirable that it proves to be core value of the mobile device or platform which it runs on. Explanotech Restricted. 2
  • 3. What makes ‘killer devices’? Nokia 1100: Over 200 million units sold Nokia 3310: Over 126 million units sold Motorola RAZR: Over 50 million Blackberry: Over 50 Million iPhone: Over 17 Million (Mar 09) LG Chocolate: Over 15 million Explanotech Restricted 3
  • 4. What is an iPhone? Call by simply pointing at a name or number Create Favourite list from most frequency called list Ability to merge calls and create conference calls Visual voicemail Full QWERTY soft keyboard Photo Library application Easily Synced to PC/MAC Quad Band + WiFi Advanced Sensors Phone Multiple Apps, Easy to download and install Satnav and LBS with maps iPod New Features recently released: Copy and Paste Internet Dialup up from Laptop/PC MMS Explanotech Restricted. 4
  • 5. Is iPhone a ‘killer device’? NO YES Most of the technologies it It uses the existing uses has already been technologies in a new, user available for long time friendly way People use other phones as Simple to learn and well for similar things but understand they don’t get enough Mobile Internet revolution publicity Mobile Apps revolution Does not support JAVA – New way to find new apps The most popular – 1 Billion Apps downloaded applications platform LBS and GPS Explanotech Restricted. 5
  • 6. Top 10 reasons for people owning iPhone Its cool / Everyone else owns it / Fashion statement Easy to use/browse internet Touch-screen Interface Lots of Apps Received as gift from friend/relative/office Emails Facebook Music (compatibility with iPod) Nice/Cheap games GPS/LBS Explanotech Restricted. 6
  • 7. What do users want? - 1 What is the one thing you want from your mobile phone that you don’t have in your phone right now: Voice command based operation Bigger screen Touch screen Very Long Battery life Easy to find (voice activated, even when silent) Helps you find your way when you are lost Easier to browse internet Help find friends/people/love Health monitoring Retrieve/Erase all information when phone is robbed Help to answer basic questions Show weather/traffic information Easy to share things (photos, music, videos) Explanotech Restricted. 7
  • 8. What do users want? - 2 What is the one thing you want to change in your current phone: Bigger Screen Make it Lighter Increase battery life Make it simpler to operate Make it more secure Automatic backup of the phone data Easy to share/print Easy to search pictures/videos/music Customisable display ABCD/QWERTY keyboard Easy to find when in Silent mode Easier to be able to synchronise multiple phones Explanotech Restricted. 8
  • 9. What do users want? - 3 What do you hate in your existing phone: Small battery life Too many clicks to start an application Very slow Camera not good enough – Cant use front camera to take photos Cant see some websites (Flash/Java/etc.) Phone/App crash Browsing through multiple websites simultaneously Keyboard too small Too big Cant install Apps easily Phone gets unlocked automatically Cant sync with Bluetooth device Have to input same information in multiple phones Explanotech Restricted. 9
  • 10. ‘Killer Qualities’ of iPhone User in control Easy to backup info Easy to browse Proven Brand Of everything Fashionable Sync with PC Easy to Search Touch Screen Killer Qualities Easy Calling Custom Display Easy to learn Big Screen Easy to download Easy to purchase Music and Videos apps Many Apps Easy to use Explanotech Restricted. 10
  • 11. iPhone ‘Clones’ and ‘Killers’ Are they succeeding Samsung Omnia Overall similar specs and review as compared to iPhone. Best selling Windows mobile last 2 quarters Q1 09 sales of iPhone was about 3.8 million as compared to all of Samsung phones of 46 million. Omnia sales were 2.5 million units. Nokia N97 Billed as iPhone killer with 32GB storage and 5megapixel camera Reviews of this are far better than iPhone Just appearing in the markets but its supposed to exceed the sales of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which sold 3 million units in Q1 Explanotech Restricted. 11
  • 12. Krusell’s List of Top-Sellers 2008 April 2009 1. (-) Apple iPhone 1. Nokia 3109 2. (-) Nokia 3109 2. (1) Samsung SGH-i900/i910 3. (2) Nokia 6300 Omnia 4. (-) Nokia E51 3. (8) Nokia 5800 5. (-) HTC Diamond 4. (5) Nokia E71 6. (-) Nokia N95 8GB 5. (4) HTC Touch HD 7. (-) Sony Ericsson K800i 6. (7) Nokia 3120 8. (-) Sony Ericsson C702 7. (3) Nokia 6300 9. (-) Sony Ericsson K850i 8. (6) Nokia E51 10. (-) Sony Ericsson K53 9. (-) Sony Ericsson C702 10. (-) Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia ( ) = 2007 figures ( ) = Last months (Mar. 09) figures Explanotech Restricted. 12
  • 13. Nokia 6300: The real ‘Killer Device’ Launched January 2007 20 Million sold in 2007 40 Million sold by Aug. 2008 Still going strong Explanotech Restricted. 13
  • 14. Conclusion Killer devices and Killer Apps are necessary to boost sales but by no means enough It should be easy to search Devices should be made and find applications and simple to use. read reviews if possible It should be easier to It should be possible to see Download and Install the app on the screen and Applications. start it with a single click It should be easy to find There should be some way applications that are to report problem with the installed and also easy to app. uninstall them. New version/updates Errors should be reported in should be installed simplest possible language. automatically and all settings should be preserved Explanotech Restricted. 14
  • 15. Old but still relevant
  • 16. Presented by Zahid Ghadialy © eXplanoTech Ltd. 16