Wi-Fi: The Future of Retail. Don’t Be Left Behind!


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Wi-Fi: The Future of Retail. Don’t Be Left Behind!

  1. 1. Wi-Fi: http://www.airtightnetworks.com/ The Future of Retail. Don’t Be Left Behind! Answer the growing demand for Wi-Fi from staff In-store Wi-Fi access can be easy to deploy and Wi-Fi access keeps feet in your store and puts cash and customers cost-effective in your coffers In-Store Wi-Fi Benefits You and Your Customers “Smart” Consumers are Wi-Fi-A-Holics Number of smartphones in 2012: 60% 1.12 billion of in-store shoppers have used mobile internet while shopping By 2016, there will be 41% 2.43 billion Retailers of customers use their smartphones smartphones in use! for at least 50% of the time they are out shopping 2012 2016 Higher store traffic Gain business intelligence from Wi-Fi analytics 78% Expand loyalty program offers for in-store customers of shoppers would access Wi-Fi if it were offered in-store $ Higher per-ticket sales Increase sales associate efficiency 96% of customers prefer locations that 1.2 Customers offer free Wi-Fi and return to stores because of this Billion Search for and apply discounts Locate store product sections Only 65% Efficient mobile checkout Increased ease of shopping of businesses are capitalizing on Wi-Fi to improve the customer experience “The lack of a wireless infrastructure on the selling 2.43 floor...is the single biggest inhibitor to improving Billion the in-store experience.” - Retail Systems Research The Benefits of In-Store Tablets 6% Top uses of in-store tablets, as ranked by retailers: 51.9% 48.1% 46.3% 42.6% 28% 31% 2012 of e us g pps in a nd se pa pri Ex ter en les sa g in ore ow -st Gr mp s’ er co om e c st cu rien g in pe ov ex pr re Im to n -s to in or pp su r o ee oy s flo pl Em th es Begin Testing of businesses currently deploy tablets in-store as experience Provide managers with instant access to necessary information of businesses have already ale $ 41% 29% in 2012 Wi-Fi Habits of the Contemporary Customer 80% 60% $ 40% $$ $$$ 100% 34% 23% http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet.com/netsp/wlan-spending-picking-up-steam.html 17% 20% 16% 16% 16% 5% 0% 25% OFF Compare prices AirTight Wi-Fi SOURCES: http://web.yankeegroup.com/rs/yankeegroup/images/MLS%20Webinar%2011.06.12-FINAL.pdf 41% Create “smarter” employees planned to begin testing More Secure Controller Wi-Fi 43% Increase revenue and decrease costs Controller Wi-Fi Fewer IT Resources Needed customers tablet use Less Expensive Other Cloud Wi-Fi AirTight Wi-Fi Win new customers and retain current begun testing in-store 52% 100% Controller Wi-Fi AirTight Wi-Fi Controller Wi-Fi Improve customer mobile cash registers The AirTight Advantage Faster Deployment Time Wi-Fi by the Numbers: Retail in Transition Email or go on social networks Read customer reviews of products Scan Research barcodes for product specifications price comparisons Search for coupons BUY Make purchases through their smart devices http://econsultancy.com/us/blog/8919-why-retailers-need-to-embrace-mobile-internet-in-stores http://www.rsrresearch.com/2012/05/09/the-2012-retail-store-in-transition-2/ http://tabtimes.com/news/retail/2012/01/18/tablet-adoption-no-longer-question-retailers-new-survey-indicates http://www.ehow.com/list_6100000_advantages-providing-wifi-customers.html http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/1908-tablets-retailers.html http://ondeviceresearch.com/blog/can-mobile-save-high-street-from-online-competition