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Commercial deployment of lte femto cell with the innovative technologies and the roadmap
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Commercial deployment of lte femto cell with the innovative technologies and the roadmap



Presented by Yeonjune Jeong, SK Telecom on June 4, 2013 at Small Cells World Summit, London

Presented by Yeonjune Jeong, SK Telecom on June 4, 2013 at Small Cells World Summit, London



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Commercial deployment of lte femto cell with the innovative technologies and the roadmap Commercial deployment of lte femto cell with the innovative technologies and the roadmap Presentation Transcript

  • 0 Commercial deployment of LTE Femto cell with the innovative technologies and the roadmap SK Telecom / June 4, 2013 Yeonjune Jeong Small Cells World Summit, London
  • 1 Ⅰ. SKT’s Network and Traffic Trend Ⅳ. SKT’s innovative Technologies Ⅲ. MVI Issues Ⅱ. SKT’s Femto Solution Table of Contents Ⅴ. SKT’s On going Development for Small Cell
  • 2 Data Service Usage Pattern & Growth RateSKT’s Mobile Traffic Trends July 2010 June 2011 Dec. 2011 Dec. 2012 April 2013 10 196 348 555 1,024 (Unit: Terabyte / Day) Multimedia (34.7%) Web Portal (33%) App. Market (13.6%) Etc. (13.5%) SNS (5.2%) [ LTE Traffic Volume Ratio, June 2012 ] Growth Rate (After Oct. 2011) Multimedia x 115 Web Portal x 96.7 App. Market x 31.9 SNS x 135 SKT has acquired over 10M LTE subscribers in just 1 year 9months after commercial launch, firmly establishing it’s position as the LTE Market leader in Korea and world 1. LTE traffic trend and service usageⅠ. SKT’s Network and Traffic trend x 100 Dramatic increase of daily traffic Due to the increasing number of smartphone users and the spread of LTE
  • 3 ~2010 2011 ’12.1Q2Q 850MHz LTE Femto commercialization Femto remote system(FRS) commercialization Multiple band Femto planed World’s first LTE Femto commercialized in June 2012 3GPP Rel.9 based(32UE, 2x2 MIMO, Dual-band Wi-Fi, PoE, NTP) World’s first FRS commercialized in September 2012 Wide indoor area coverage and consists DU and RU with Ethernet cable Development in 2013 Multiple-band supported Femto to avoid interference and is the cost effective solution : Trial: Commercialization, LTE Femto LTE Femto (Residential) FICS ’12.3Q ’12.4Q 3G WB-AMR 3G Home Femto 3G Data Femto 3G Outdoor Femto 1. Femto line-upⅡ. SKT’s Femto solution ’13.1Q ’13.2Q ’13.3Q ’14~ SKT’s daily data transfer topped 1 petabyte with the growing use of smartphones and tablet computers in the country
  • 4 SKT has multiple Macro and Femto vendors, so there are many MVI issues to inter- working between them especially in handover and X2 connectivity 1. Interworking with Macro vendorsⅢ. MVI issues Neighbor relation with MacroDL-Forwarding Femto controls UE’s mobility with multiple Macro vendors, there are missing packets during handover When handover occurs, Femto makes direct/indirect forwarding tunnel between Macro to prevent missing packets Femto Macro S-GW Forwarding Tunnel During handover Before handover After handover S1 or X2 handover FeFemto Femto EMS SKT SONMacro EMS Each Macro vendor has their own mechanism to configure neighbor relation SKT SON control Macro and Femto EMS to maintain bi- directional neighbor relation between them SKT Son updates any changes from Macro and Femto SCTP session control and procedure of X2 setup is different depends on Macro vendor
  • 5 1. X2 Handover X2 Handover with Macro cellLTE Femto architecture X2 X2 S1 Femto cell Macro cell SKT’s LTE Femto supports X2 interface with Macro cell by Femto gateway(FGW) and perform X2 handover with Macro cell Ⅳ. SKT’s innovative Technologies LTE Femto has S1 and X2 Connection with FGW FGW has S1 Connection with EPC and X2 Connection with Macro FGW manages X2 I/F between Femto and Macro LTE Femto also has X2 connection with other Femto When uses moves between Femto and Macro cell, LTE Femto perform X2 handover via X2 I/F X2 handover has better success rate and less signaling load for EPC than S1 handover
  • 6 2. FRS Topology using FRSTopology using 4 Femtos Femto Remote System(FRS) consists one digital unit(DU) and multiple radio units(RU), it covers wide indoor area as a single cell rather than using multiple Femto cell DU RU Each Femto makes boundary area between them and causes interference to each other Total cell throughput is less than we expected Handover attempts increases in the cell-edge area FRS has one DU and multiple RUs DU is connected to each RUs via Ethernet cable FRS makes single cell in wide indoor area without boundary between its RUs No handover occurs its boundary area RU RU RU Ⅳ. SKT’s innovative Technologies
  • 7 Interworking Process with SON SKT controls multiple vendor’s Macro and Femto by the centralized SON to configure the parameter and performs network optimization automatically 3. SON Macro and Femto EMS(O&M) are connected to SKT SON which offers many operation function LTE Femto senses adjacent cells by sniffer to get information and report it to EMS EMS request to SON server for additional information of the cells reported by Femto and allocates PCI and RSI for the Femto to avoid conflict adjacent cells Any changes can be updated between Macro and Femto by SKT SON sniffer Ⅳ. SKT’s innovative Technologies
  • 8 4. VoLTE CAC and FICS Interference control in FICSVoLTE call admission control Femto-to-Macro interference control Femto controls transmit power roughly based on periodic N/W listening Femto performs power control considering CQI statistics from Femto UEs and adjusts transmit power rapidly based on UL interference level Ⅳ. SKT’s innovative Technologies Accommodates new VoLTE call when maximum capacity of user connection is full after redirects the existing data call Femto interference coordination system(FICS) perform ICIC with Femto-to-Femto and Femto-to-Macro to enhance in throughput for the cell-edge users LTE Femto supports voice service with CSFB and VoLTE Capacity of Femto is smaller than Macro, Femto takes priority VoLTE over data service Accept new user’s connection request if there are non-VoLTE users even though capacity of user connection is full Redirect Non-VoLTE user to 3G when exceed maximum capacity of user connection Update user’s status who uses VoLTE service Enhancement of users experience in voice service by VoLTE CAC ICS OFF ICS ON Throughput Time * Checked per 10 seconds
  • 9 1. Multi-Band LTE FemtoⅤ. SKT’s On going Development for Small Cell SKT has been developing multi-band LTE Femto to avoid interference with macro cell by blind HO, inter-frequency HO, and redirection Femto and Macro cell uses frequency reuse = 1, they affect in performance each other along with distribution of users There are more candidate sites deploying Femto operated in band 3 rather than band 5 due to the characteristic of frequency VoLTE service is more sensitive than data service from interference, multi-band Femto focuses on data service and redirect voice service to Macro enhancing overall network capacity VoLTE Service Data Service VoLTE Service Femto cell ① New connection request to Femto ② Accept the connection request and redirects to Macro cell if it is VoLTE Service ③ Macro cell provides VoLTE and data service Data Service VoLTE Service VoLTE Service Example of data service concentrated case
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