Femtocells: Not merely for providing 3G without base stations.

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Argela, one of the leading global telecom solution providers, was an exhibitor, speaker and sponsor of the Femtocell World Summit in London which is billed to be the largest Femtocell focused event in …

Argela, one of the leading global telecom solution providers, was an exhibitor, speaker and sponsor of the Femtocell World Summit in London which is billed to be the largest Femtocell focused event in the industry for 2010. In addition, Argela’s Femtocell Committee Advertising Application was shortlisted and recognized by the Femto Forum Awards Panel for its innovative application of the Femtocell technology.

Argela’s Director of Technology and Research, Dr. Mustafa Ergen, was a speaker during the three day event and he presented how Femtocells are capable of going beyond just providing 3G services.

To download and view Dr. Ergen’s presentation, “Femtocells: Not Merely for Providing 3G without Base Stations,” please click here:

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  • 1. Femtocells: Not merely for providing 3G without base stations. Dr. Mustafa Ergen Femtocells World Summit 2010 London
  • 2. Outline • Impact of femtozone services • Taxonomy of services • A few examples to highlight the need for a generic framework • Introduction to the framework Femtoforum World Summit 2010 1
  • 3. Beyond coverage We know that femtocells are not merely for  indoor coverage  and transparent high speed & low cost data Expectation is creating a channel for value added services benefitting  subscribers  commercial enterprises  3rd party applications providers  operators. Femtoforum World Summit 2010 2
  • 4. Taxonomy of femto services Hosting Domain Limitless! Core SMS Alert Services IMS/PBX Voice Presence Social Virtual Number Advertisement Access Home Entertainment Automation •Media Synch Security •Photo upload Home •Contact/Calendar Synch •Remote Control Device •Mobile Video Involved Entities Femtoforum World Summit 2010 3
  • 5. Taxonomy for Operators Initial deployment sizes are spearheaded by low cost voice & data, but can femtozone services help operators? free services NPV paid services Year 1 > Year 2 > Year 3 > Year 4 > Year 5 > Femtoforum World Summit 2010 4
  • 6. Expection is … Difference in revenue with and without femtocells Expected service revenue is $9 billion per annum by 2014.* Juniper Research, June 2009 *Based on Business Case provided by Femto Forum and Signals Research Group, 2010. Femtoforum World Summit 2010 5
  • 7. Operator Services Paid Services • will increase the adoption of femtocell technology by operators • typically resides in the core Two Examples • highly attributed one is SMS based alert services • disruptive one is advertisement through home entertainment Femtoforum World Summit 2010 6
  • 8. SMS Alert Is simple femtozone service simple? Deliver a note if I am last Badge out Deliver a note if I am ith Send duration I’m out Notify my buddy Deliver stored SMS Deliver a welcome SMS Notify my parents Notify UPS to deliver Notify my mom Bring my pizza, I bought Notify my school …. …. Badge in Notify X if I am first Notify X if I am last I’m in Do we know which one will be killer app? Femtoforum World Summit 2010 7
  • 9. Standalone CPE Y1 Integrated CPE Femto GW NMS/OSS/BSS Femto Services Femtoforum World Summit 2010 Y2 Y3 CAPEX breakdown… Y4 Y5
  • 10. Why indigenous? • Can an operator afford to implement all? Vendor is OK to charge per piece • Can we introduce a framework and leave the rest to operator or User? • A framework which is generic enough • A framework that can be compatible to all operators • A framework that allows new applications by operators or users. Let’s look at another service which is more complex Femtoforum World Summit 2010 9
  • 11. Advertising Revenue Femtocell is an opportunity for operators to leverage their subscriber base and become a major channel for impactive advertising. + Femtoforum World Summit 2010 10
  • 12. Novel Advertising Channels Femtocell + Ad targeted per person Ad targeted per person or per household Ad targeted per IP Ad targeted per mobile SMS/MMS Web TV IPTV Mobi TV Argela’s patent-pending ADz-on + Femtocell/Home Gateway Solution enables mobile operators to deliver ads to their subscribers’ mobile phones, laptops and TVs. This solution allows advertisers to target their advertisements to an individual, a household, an IP address, or to your whole subscriber base. Based on the profile of the user, advertisers can deliver their ads to their target market based on date, time and presence in the home. Femtoforum World Summit 2010 11
  • 13. A Channel: IPTV 1. Subscriber arrives home and turns on TV. 4. ADZ-on selects the appropriate ad 5. Ad served Ad 3. Ad requested 2. Presence Info 6. Ad sent Femtocell Argela Femtozone IPTV Application Server 7. Ad is viewed by subscriber Selects one of the registered UEs via semantic logic and retrieves the ad. Operators Network Supporting Logic: • Learning mechanism SGSN/GG OSS/BSS MSC SN • Decision mechanism HMS HNB GW SECURITY GW Presence Chart per UE Femtoforum World Summit 2010 12
  • 14. Femtocell Application Server Can we reuse existing components in the operator and build a generic femtocell application server as a facilitator? OPEX CAPEX Femtoforum World Summit 2010 13
  • 15. Location in the network Customer Care Femtozone AP Fulfillment Point of Sales Application SMSC OSS/BSS Server ParlayX Jain/SIP APMS SDP Provisioning Module AAA HLR/Femt o DB HNBGW SGSN Internet SeGW MSC Femto Cluster NTP DNS Mobile Network Femtoforum World Summit 2010 14
  • 16. A generic FAPAS architecture FAPAS: FAP Application Server Femtoforum World Summit 2010 15
  • 17. Highlights of FAPAS Architecture FAPAS shall include  open interface for presence information to registered parties • Presence Information • <FAP ID, MSISDN_x, Action (Camp, Call, SMS)> • E.g. An application can subscribe to (MSISDN_1, Camp) • SMS and E-Mail sending functionality to applications • Payload Inspection Module to retreive commands within TEXT • configurable web interface • pipes to existing servers... Femtoforum World Summit 2010 16
  • 18. Heterogeneous Support Standalone Enterprise Integrated Home GW 3G Enterprise Access 3G Enterprise Access + ADSL & Wifi + VOIP + ADSL & Wifi &USB 3G Access + VOIP + IPTV +USB +ZigBee 3G Access 8 Users 4 Users • Control of • Leverages WiFi/VOIP Home Electronics Applications • Enterprise & Appliances • Presence Services •Home entertainment • Home Multimedia Applications Control FAPAS Femtoforum World Summit 2010 17
  • 19. Conclusion • On paper, there are numerous femtozone applications. • Expecting many killer apps but distributed over geography: • A killer app in one operator may be different than other • Hence, a generic framework is needed and the rest has to be fulfilled by local operator or user. • A generic framework has to use existing components of operator and work as a glue, a facilitator. Femtoforum World Summit 2010 18
  • 20. 19