What is computer?


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What is computer?
Brief Understanding
Compile by Zafar Ayub

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What is computer?

  1. 1. What is computer? Brief Understanding Compile By Zafar Ayub Zafar_ayub@hotmail.com
  2. 2. What is computer? A computer is a device that accepts information / data by input, manipulates it for some result based on a program / sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed, generate result as output and store in their storage as needed. Compile By Zafar Ayub 2
  3. 3. Primary operation of computer The four basic operation describe in computer definition; Input – entering data into the computer Processing – performing operation on the data Output – presenting the result Storage – saving data, programs, and output resultsIPOS Cycle The sequence of input, processing on data, generating output, and storage is also referring to IPOS Cycle / information processing cycle. Compile By Zafar Ayub 3
  4. 4. Data vs. Information Data - User inputs into a computer is Data, likes raw material before data processing. Data maybe relates as facts, events, transactions, images, songs, and documents. Data is also refers to unprocessed information. Information - When data is processed into meaningful format, by specific program, it becomes information. Information is also know as results. Compile By Zafar Ayub 4
  5. 5. Example - Student admission form, at time of submissioncollege collect required student data like name, age,pervious history of education, certificates, picture andsignature. When admission department process in theirsystem with some specific program (student enrolmentsoftware), after successful students get admission andissuing student ID card, student ID card is information ofstudent. Compile By Zafar Ayub 5
  6. 6. Primary components of computer Today computer system have two major components, as following; Hardware - all physical devices like input, processing, output, storage, and communication are Hardware. Software - all computer define instructions / programs, which may operate hardware and process user input data for output, known as Software. Example – a cassette player and its cassettes are hardware, but the songs recorded on the cassettes are its software. To listen to a song, that song has to be recorded on one of the cassettes first, which is then mounted on the cassette player and played. Compile By Zafar Ayub 6
  7. 7. Relation - all hardware devices like keyboard, CPU, LCD,HDD, and modem are physically assemble in one unit(computer system), computer software / system software(may install on HDD ) execute following devices inmanner full way, and user define program / applicationsoftware generate results. Compile By Zafar Ayub 7
  8. 8. Computer Hardware Compile By Zafar Ayub 8
  9. 9. There are five major category of hardware devices, asper their functionally, 1) Input devices - an input device is any piece of equipment that is used to input data into the computer.Keyboard – Joystick -Mouse – Scanner -Microphone - Touch screen –Digital pen - Fingerprint - Compile By Zafar Ayub 9
  10. 10. 2) Processing devices - The main processing device for acomputer is the central processing unit (CPU).Motherboard – Processor -RAM – VGA Card -Power supply - Casing – Compile By Zafar Ayub 10
  11. 11. 3) Output devices - The output device accepts processeddata from CPU and present the result to the user.Monitor / LCD – Printer -Plotter – Speaker -Headphone - Projector – Compile By Zafar Ayub 11
  12. 12. 4) Storage devices - Storage devices are used to storedata like input data, processing software, and generateresults output.HDD – USB -DVD drive – DVD -Floppy drive - Floppy –Zip drive - Zip disk –Tape drive - Tape cartridge - Compile By Zafar Ayub 12
  13. 13. 5) Communication devices - Communication devicesallow users to communicate electronically with others,access remote information via internet from home /school / company computer network.Modem – NIC -DSL / ISDN – Wireless USB -Wireless modem - Mobile –Wi-Fi - Bluetooth - Compile By Zafar Ayub 13
  14. 14. Computer Software Compile By Zafar Ayub 14
  15. 15. There are two major category of computer software, asper their functionally,1) System Software - The programs that allow acomputer to operate and manage hardware arecommunally known as system software.System software also refers as operating system; Which start up computer (means boot) Control its primary operation Manage hardware devicesBoot processBoot process sequences; Turn on power button During boot “kernel” of operating system loaded into memory Computer does quick diagnostic it self Load “shell” of operating system – desktop Lunches any application software like antivirus for cleaning Compile By Zafar Ayub 15
  16. 16. Examples –Windows XP –Red Hat -MAC OS X –Google Chrome OS –Solaris Unix - Compile By Zafar Ayub 16
  17. 17. 2) Application Software - Application software consists ofprograms designed to allow people to perform specifictasks using a computer.Application software load at operating system kernel.There are dozens of applications software types like;Publishing software, animation software, presentationsoftware, word processing software, viewing web pages,record keeping (data base) software, developinglanguages, an etc.Examples –MS Office – Norton antivirus -Photoshop - WinZip - Compile By Zafar Ayub 17
  18. 18. EA games –Chrome browser -Oracle 10g database –Java –Yahoo messenger - Compile By Zafar Ayub 18