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Zaddle Internet Marketing Google Ads Presentation
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Zaddle Internet Marketing Google Ads Presentation


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A brief introduction into the opportunities and reac offered by Google AdWords advertising.

A brief introduction into the opportunities and reac offered by Google AdWords advertising.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • Who uses google when searching for something using the internet?
  • Ads also show on Google Network properties. Google’s technology places AdWords ads on the most relevant content pages within the Google Network. The Google Network consists of Web properties, including Google properties, partner search sites, and content properties. They include major Web portals and sites that are enrolled in the Google AdSense program. Details on the Google Network are included further along in this presentation.
  • Transcript

    • 2.
      • AGENDA:
      • An Overview of Search
      • An Overview of PPC
      • Introduction to AdWords
      • Adwords Structure
      • The AdWords interface
      • Google Analytics
    • 3. PLASMA TV
    • 4. GOOGLE ADWORDS (SPONSORED LINKS) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    • 6. Where will your Ads show up?
      • Search (just seen)
      • Search Partners
      • Content Network (AdSense)
        • Placement Targeted campaigns
    • 8. Your customers see your ad when they surf Google Network properties Google technology places your ad on the most relevant content pages Google AdWords
    • 9.
      • The primary benefits of AdWords include:
      • Reach
      • Cost
      • Timing
      • Flexibility
    • 10.
        • 81% of website visits are a result of search
        • 93% of searchers don’t go past the first page of results
        • 260 million searches per week in the UK alone
        • 17p in every pound is spent online*
      REACH *Source: World Advertising Research Centre, July 2008
    • 11. REACH
      • You can target your adverts to be seen by:
      • - Country
      • Region
      • Town
      • Within a radius of where your business is placed (e.g. Within 50 miles of Lincoln)
    • 12.
      • No minimum spend
      • You choose your own maximum daily spending limit (daily budget)
      • Choose how much you want to spend per click for every keyword
      • Pay Google for users who click on your ad
      • More cost-effective than Yellow Pages, Banner Ads & Direct Mail*
      • Conversion tracking = real-time return-on-investment data
    • 13. TIMING
      • Ads are continuously matched to Internet users’ interests
      • Ads are placed as buying decisions are made
      • The Result:
      • You reach your audience at the right time , with the right message
        • Start advertising quickly
        • Unlimited changes, whenever you want
        • You can target ads to the specific location & language of your customers
        • Target people searching the internet at different times of the day
        • Target people searching the internet ON different days (e.g. stop your adverts showing over the weekend)
        • Use Text, Local Business Ads, Mobile, Video, Image
    • 15. What influences my position ? Key phrase (RESEARCH) Quality (WORDING OF ADVERT & LANDING PAGE) Price (AMOUNT PER CLICK) Budget (AMOUNT WILLING TO SPEND PER DAY)
    • 16. Key phrase research List target audience Brainstorm words Use Google’s Keyword Tool
    • 17. Why is the research so important?
      • Ensure you are bidding on the phrases likely to bring you more business.
      • Look to bid on “lower value” key phrases
      3. Ensure your campaign has LOTS of negative keywords – otherwise you will be wasting money.
    • 18. Researching the Market
      • Keyword Research
        • Internal
          • Web stats
          • Customers
          • Abbreviations and slang
          • Problems and Solutions your product overcomes
          • USPs
        • Competitors (search example)
        • Campaign Optimiser tool
    • 19. Keyword Matching
    • 20. Keyword Matching
      • Broad : Any words in any order
      • EXAMPLE: Accountants in Lincoln will be triggered by:-
        • Accountants in Lincoln
        • Cheap Accountants in Lincoln
        • Lincoln Accountants
        • Best Accountants in Lincoln
        • Accountants Jobs in Lincolnshire
        • Lincoln city centre accountants firms
    • 21. Keyword Matching
      • Phrase: Any list of words in that order only
      • EXAMPLE - “Accountants in Lincoln” will be triggered by:
        • Accountants in Lincoln
        • Cheap Accountants in Lincoln
        • Best Accountants in Lincoln
      • But not by
        • Lincoln Accountants
        • Accountants Jobs in Lincoln
        • Lincoln City Centre Accountants Firms
    • 22. Keyword Matching
      • Exact: Only that phrase
      • EXAMPLE:[Accountants in Lincoln] will be triggered by
        • Accountants In Lincoln
      • But not by
        • Cheap Accountants in Lincoln
        • Best Accountants in Lincoln
    • 23. Keyword Matching Negatives: remove words that you don’t want to be found for EXAMPLE: Accountants in Lincoln with negative keywords -cheap -free -discount Accountants in Lincoln would show up Your advert would NOT show up if someone entered cheap accountants in lincoln Be careful of conflicting negatives that prevent your Ad running You can use broad, phrase and exact negatives too!
    • 24. QUALITY: Writing Ads to attract clicks
      • Check out the competition
      • Structure of text Ad
        • Title: 25 characters
        • First Line: 35 characters
        • Second Line: 35 characters
        • Display URL: 35 characters
        • Destination URL:
      • CTR
      • Landing Page
      Plasma Tv Huge Discounts on New Plasma TVs In Stock Now with Quick Delivery www.Direct TV
    • 25. QUALITY: Writing Ads to attract clicks Sell your benefits: Examples – Crystal Clear viewing, Latest HD Technology, 3D Ready Include attention grabbing words: Examples – Free, Sale, 50% off, Available Now Use a “call to action” – provoke emotion or enthusiasm Examples – Offer ends tomorrow, Download a free trial now, Buy today 50% Saving, Free shipping Include USP’s Examples – Award Winning, Preferred Supplier, Recognised body member Include price – this deters freebie hunters
    • 26. QUALITY: LANDING PAGE DO: Ensure you have the landing page that is relevant to your advert DON’T: Send people to your home page
    • 27. TOP 10 GOOGLE ADWORDS TIPS 1. Target the right audience – geographically, by language, by product / service. 2. Research (and the research some more) 3. Refine your keywords – Broad, Phrase, Exact & NEGATIVE 4. Track your return on investment (where possible) 5. Write attention grabbing Adwords 6. Ensure your Adwords are representative of your website 7. Ensure your landing page matches your Adwords. 8. Include price (where possible) 9. Include multiple Adwords for each campaign (split test) 10. Test, Refine, Test, Refine, Test, Refine, Test, Refine
    • 28. Any more questions? Liam Lally [email_address]