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Beef Noodle Presentation

  2. 2. Introduction Beef noodle soup isa Chinese noodlesoup made ofstewed beef, beef broth,vegetables and Chinese noodles. It exists invarious formsthroughout EastAsia and SoutheastAsia. In the West, this foodmay be served in a
  3. 3. Introduction (cont) In Taiwan, vendors that sell beef noodle may alsohave optional, often cold side dishes, such asbraised dried tofu, seaweed, or pork intestine. Beefnoodles is often served with suan cai (Chinesesauerkraut) on top, green onion, and sometimesother vegetables in the soup as well. It hasbecome a symbol of Taiwans food and every yearthe city of Taipei holds an annual Beef NoodleFestival, where various chefs and restaurantscompete to see who is the best beef noodle inTaiwan.
  4. 4. Origin – Lanzhou Ramen The first version of beef noodle is traced toLanzhou Ramen (蘭州拉麵). Ramen was introducedby Ma Liuqi (馬六七) of Dongxiang Ethnic (東鄉族) fromHenan Province (河南省) during Qing Dynasty (大清)year 1799. Lanzhou Ramen is also known as Beef Ramen,Beef Ramen, or Beef Noodle. Since Hui People (回族) are Islamic, the LanzhouRamen is invented Halal.
  5. 5. Lanzhou Ramen – Characteristic Lanzhou Beef Ramen (蘭州牛肉拉麵) has the followingcharacteristic. Tenderized Beef – 牛肉爛軟 Purity Radish – 蘿蔔白淨 Spicy Hot Chili – 辣油紅艷 Green Vegetables – 香菜脆綠 Soft Noodle – 麵條柔韌 Refreshing – 滑利爽口 Harmony Soup – 湯汁諸味和諧 Aromatic – 香味撲鼻 Appetizing – 誘人食慾
  6. 6. Lanzhou Ramen - Principals Ma Baozi (馬保子) then highlighted the 5 principals ofBeef Noodle: 一清: – Clear Soup 二白: – White Radish 三綠 :– Green Leek & Coriander 四紅: – Red Chili Oil 五黃: – Yellow Noodle
  7. 7. The Making of …
  8. 8. Lanzhou Ramen – TMO Broth: Meat stock is prepared by beef meats,bones, intestines, and herbs. Broth must besimmer for long time until clear translucent. Noodle: Pearl Ash, a type of ash salt obtainedthrough combustion of a common tree in Lanzhou,is added in the making of the dough. The saltincreases the gluten strength of the noodle. Doughremain uncooked until a customer places theorder. Dough is thus shaped into noodles, andcooked.
  9. 9. Lanzhou Ramen – TMO Noodle are variant accordingly to its width &shape. 大寬 (二指寬) : Two Fingers-thick 寬 : One Finger-wide 二細 (稍粗) : Slight Thick 細 : Thin 毛細 : Very Thin 韭葉 : Grass Like Shape 蕎麥菱 : Triangular Edge Shape
  10. 10. Lanzhou Ramen – TMO Pearl Ash (蓬灰), is a type of salt (K2CO3), is the keyingredient of Lanzhou Ramen. Besides providingthe noodle extra gluten, Pearl ash is a substitute tobaking soda (Na2CO3) in the noodle dough. Pearl Ash is also added into the finished BeefNoodle as garnish, giving the dish extra uniqueflavor and color. Beef Noodle must fulfill the 5 principal of Clear,White, Green, Red and Yellow. The red chili mustnot pollute the translucency of the broth, therefore,chili is usually fried with sesame.
  11. 11. Lanzhou Ramen & Culture Beef noodle is more than a dish in Lanzhou.People of Lanzhou eat it almost everyday. It isalso an important breakfast for the people. Beef noodle is sold like fast-food restaurant.Customers lining up in queue and pay instantlywhen getting their bowl of beef noodle. Dinning environment is commonly ignored, insome places, customers might dine in standing.
  12. 12. Lanzhou Beef Ramen The principals of Ma Baozi in cooking Beef Noodleis highly respected. The special features of ‘mirror-clear broth, soft tender meat, and shinny noodle’and the ‘Clear, White, Green, Red, Yellow’ principalhas made Beef Noodle known worldwide. Beef Noodle has been recognized as the firstChinese noodle by the China government. BeefNoodle is also considered a type of Chinesetraditional food. Beef Noodle are variant from vendor to vendorthroughout the country due to different type ofstock base and ingredient, however, all cook
  13. 13. Acculturation
  14. 14. Acculturation of Beef Noodle in Taiwan Beef Noodle was introduced to Taiwan in the 50’s.Migrations from China mainland were selling theircultural food at Ximenting, Taipei. Beef Noodle begins getting popularized amonglocal Taiwanese. Food vendors has started tocreate their own version of Beef Noodle due to noexact traditional recipe to be followed. In the 60’s when transportation hasimproved, vendors travel all the way in thecountry, Beef Noodle is thus widely spread. The vendors maintain the
  15. 15. Taiwanese Beef Noodle – Recipe In general, the broth of Beef Noodle is preparedwith beef bones and meats. Ingredients needed tobe simmer over long time, some recipe calls formore than 24 hours of simmering. Reuse of same broth is common for economicvendors. Broth are first prepared in large pot, whenthe restaurant has finished its daily service, oldingredient are removed and discarded, whileadding new ingredient to the same broth. The common spices added are: tangerine peel,star anise, ginger and soy sauce. Vendors mightadd different type of cooking wine. After the broth is done, noodles are cooked
  16. 16. Taiwanese Beef Noodle – Variety 紅燒牛肉麵 : the most common type of Beef Noodle,heavily seasoned with bean paste, soy sauce. 清燉牛肉麵 : Broth and freshness of meat is the key ofcooking, barely seasoned. 清湯牛肉麵 : Broth is based with beef bones, carrotand corn. 牛肉湯麵 : Beef noodle without meats. 番茄牛肉麵 : Broth is added with tomato. 蔥燒牛肉麵 : Broth is added with shallots. 麻辣牛肉麵 : Broth is spiced with dried chili. 川味牛肉麵 : Lanzhou Beef Noodle added with
  17. 17. Taiwanese Beef Noodle – Variety 沙茶牛肉麵 : Broth is seasoned with Chinese Sachasauce. 牛排牛肉麵 : Beef Noodle served with quality slice ofbeef. 咖哩牛肉麵 : Broth is added with curry flavor. 速食牛肉麵 : Instant noodle with beef flavor. 餛飩牛湯麵 : Beef Noodle served with dumplings. 牛肉細粉 : Beef Noodle with thin type /glutinous /ricenoodle. 牛腩面 : Beef brisket noodle 牛雜面 : Beef mixed meat noodle
  18. 18. Taiwanese Beef Noodle Culture Beef Noodle is consider a type of local dish here.Beef noodle is commonly available throughout theentire day time. The price of beef noodle can be vary from NT50 toNT300, even more, depending on the quality of thedish as well as environment of the restaurant. One of the well-known high-class restaurant isRestaurant Ding Tai Fung (鼎泰豐). It sells famousTaiwanese food such as Soup Dumplings, Ramen,and Beef Noodles.
  19. 19. Taipei Beef Noodle Fest Taipei Beef Noodle Festival is an annualcompetition organized by Taipei City Government.The competition was to determine the best BeefNoodle ranked by local citizen and internet users. The first Taipei Beef Noodle Fest was held in year2005, under the leadership of Town Mayor MaYing-Jeou. The event was successful and receive enormousresponse from the public. And hence, theorganizer continue organizing the event insubsequence years, with increasing the size ofevent.
  20. 20. 阿信師傅の牛肉麵
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