Video Analysis - Sexy Chick by Akon feat David Guetta
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Video Analysis - Sexy Chick by Akon feat David Guetta



Video Analysis of Sexy Chick

Video Analysis of Sexy Chick



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Video Analysis - Sexy Chick by Akon feat David Guetta Presentation Transcript

  • 1. As you can see, the album cover is just words so it gives no narrative to the song and only the wording can give you an idea of what the song may be about. However, it does have some key lyrics on the album itself, that being ‘Sexy Bitch’ or ‘Sexy Chick’ for the non explicit version of the song, still performed by the same people just having the words edited and changed.I also associate the colours of black andwhite to be fairly neutral colours and don’texpress a outgoing lively feeling, howeverthe font of the writing shows that this songis going to be upbeat and a party anthem,the pink reinforces this as pink is a whackycolour, especially as it is bright and eyecatching.
  • 2. Close up to show who’s plane ticket it is. Mid-long shot of girl in the blue waterWe can see here that we have an establishing shot and themain colour in the pictures in first 15 seconds andthroughout the majority of the film is blue, this gives peoplethe idea of it being sunny and a fun place to be. It is how youwould expect a pool party to be like. He also associates the girls with the water and the sky a lot. Long shot of girl and plane. Mise-en-Scene shows that the main colours used are blue, the blue water and the blue sky immediately puts the audience in a place where they want to be.
  • 3. Long shot from a high and to show allthe girls sunbathing, once again with theblue water in the back ground.More use of mise-en-scene is the coloursof the clothing, lots of black clothingappears and lots of white as well, this isto reinforce the fact that both the artistsare style icons for people. Words in the mirror show that there are girls about along with the picture. Close up of Akon, showing the pictures of what happened the day before. Medium shot in the mirror, close up from camera. Words on mirror with picture reinforce party is going on.
  • 4. In this video, there are lots of the same camera Long shot (slightly angles used to portray submerged in water to everybody who is in the create dancing effect) video itself. There are lots of long shots and mid-long shots, they areLong shot with a low to high also going from a low toangle shows the two performers high angle to show thesitting down as they are the main importance of theattraction people in the clip. I also find that the use of the camera being The song title also links in submerged in water with the video as there is a makes it look like the narrative because you can see people are dancing. lots of beautiful woman dancing about.
  • 5. In this picture, you can see both David Guetta and Akon in a mid-long shot and the picture is focused on them and showing the viewer that is was them who made the song and that they are celebrating it together. However you don’t see David Guetta perform at all but you do see Akon singing.Akon performingto show that youknow who he is Unusual forand what he has to someone to bedo with the video. singing under water.
  • 6. Mid-close up with a low to Mid-close up of Akon,high angle to show the showing him with aimportance of David Guetta microphone to showand that he is controlling that he is performingthe atmosphere of the club. and that he and David Guetta combined create the atmosphere in the club. In this shot you can see both of them performing to show that there is colaboration between the two artists.
  • 7. You can see that from this photo alone that this song is a party song, R&B mixed with dance. You can also see the meaning of the song as you can see someone filming David Guetta and that he is one of the main focuses for the song. You can see that David Guetta is looking around with a smile on his face and the use of the camera angle,The use of speakers in the shot and a dancing girl on shows that he is importanttop, also prove the point that this song is designed for and is wanting to have apeople to enjoy and have a good time to. The use of lots great time.of dancing women also backs up the title of the song‘Sexy Bitch’.
  • 8. Here you can see that the song is conventional by seeing both the artists performing together in the same club and you would associate this song with a clubbing type of atmosphere. You can see that they are collaborative as well in this picture.In this picture you can see thatDavid Guetta is the DJ and Akonis the Singer.You can see that they are having agood time and they are makingthe audience have a good timetoo.
  • 9. Amplification – You can always see woman dancing with minimal clothing or swimwear and this is constantly repeated. Illustration – You hear Akon say ‘ Damn you’re a sexy chick’ and you can see attractive looking women in the shot. Focusing on the girl to show her attractiveness. He also says ‘They say she low down’ and you can clearly see Akon bent down and showing with his hands that she is low down.Disjuncture – Akon says ‘She’snothing like a girl you’ve ever seenbefore’ This clearly has no relationto a picture of Akon walking alonga corridor by himslef.
  • 10. Akon and David Guetta by themselvesand combined are both commercialexhibitionists. Stylish to have a big watchDavid Guetta has a typical Akon is dressed in a stereotypical R&BDJ style in dress. He wears manner in the way that he is dressedsunglasses with a large in a nice white shirt, very stylish, this is reinforced by the amount of womanwatch to show his wealth around him because they are findingwith a casual t-shirt and him attractive. Many people inspire tojeans. Relaxed but a be like him even if they are notrecognisable person. pursuing a career in R&B music or any form of music, it shows the impact he has. You can see here that Akon is under water in clothes and an expensive watch, this shows he isn’t worried about money and that he can do what he wants. Fairly casual dress, typical DJ.
  • 11. Akon and David Guetta are living the lifethey have worked for and you can seepeople wanting get into the party but areturned away. Both the performers are wanting you to feel the simulated experience that they provide in showing the fun that they are experiencing.Both the men diving into the pool to showthe fun they are having, that simulatedexperience makes you want to be there andjoin in with what they are doing.