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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • How many people in the audience are already producing online video. How many in the audience are here to learn how to produce online video. How many people are here to waste time because they’re waiting for the free beer after this last session of the day? Today we will walk you through what it takes to create a video podcast or video blog. When you leave this session we hope to have provided you a blueprint so that you are able to execute your own video podcast or if your already shooting video, hopefully you will learn something new.
  • As I walk through and Brett talks through this real world demo we will discuss both the front end and back end requirements to produce SearchEngineWorld online videos.
  • SearchEngineWorld is a maximum 3 minute update on Search related news, with up to 3 updates daily. Content is derived from research – AP, Reuters, All other major news sources along with monitoring other industry specific blogs daily. Purpose: Increase Search Engine Visibility with the advent of Google Universal Search, Ask 3D Search Add another channel to reach searchers To inform
  • Once You have determined the content/ purpose of the view, then you want to find the right person for the job - Yourself, Internal Employee, or else. Explain this photograph.
  • Determine where the video will take place. – synthetic set or natural Build your set: Discuss Green Screen – Sound Board – Lighting – Furniture – Teleprompter – Mics – Camera
  • “Hi I’m Vanessa Zamora We are PubCon Las Vegas 2008. Today we are preparing a live online video demo. Thanks for joining!”
  • Talk about editing software, cost, setting up a template – where to get stock photos, backdrop,
  • TubeMogul offers free and subscription based distribution services and will deploy videos to all of the major video hosting sites. It also provides analytics to track the performance of your videos.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging Presented by: Brett Tabke & Vanessa Zamora
    • 2. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • So You Want To Produce VIDEO?
    • 3. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Back End
      • Goal
      • Content
      • Talent
      • Equipment
      • Front End
      • Research
      • Write
      • Capture
      • Edit
      • Render
      • Post
      • Distribute
    • 4. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Determine The Goal / Content
    • 5.  
    • 6. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Find The Talent
    • 7. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
    • 8. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Teleprompter
    • 9. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Green Screen
    • 10. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Camera
    • 11. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Lighting
    • 12. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Capture
      • Ready –- Set --Action
    • 13. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Editing Software
    • 14. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
    • 15. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • You Have A Video….. (yay!)
      • .….Now What To Do With It?
    • 16. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Distribution
    • 17. Real World Vodcasting & Vlogging
      • Q & A
      • Brett Tabke
      • Brett at Webmasterworld
      • Vanessa Zamora
      • Vanessa at Webmasterworld
      • (512) 231.8107