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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Hello, my name is Frederick Vallaeys, and I’m a product evangelist at Google AdWords. I started at Google right around the time they introduced a pay per click product in 2002 and over the years I’ve worked with engineers, advertisers and product managers to help make our product easier to use and to make it more impactful for you, our advertisers. This is my 3 rd time speaking at Pubcon and the audience here has always seemed more advanced than at other shows. Just to give me a feel for who’s in the audience today, please raise your hand if you’re currently an AdWords advertiser. Keep it raised if you’ve been advertising for more than 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years. Great, so a lot of people here are experienced AdWords users and you’re probably here to ask me all your tough questions during the Q&A and I think I might get a few questions about Expanded match or landing page quality…
  • ■ The Internet is inherently more measurable, accountable and usually less expensiv e than traditional channels. ■ The Internet allows for better, more-granular targeting than other forms of media, and that reduces media waste and can save valuable marketing dollars. ■ The Internet is interactive, thereby allowing for a higher degree of engagement with prospects and customers. 25% of senior marketers would increase online spending in a recession, while only 13% would cut it
  • “ I think we’ll see an increase in Internet use… It’s free.” —Hal Varian, chief economist, Google, as quoted in Advertising Age, October 13, 2008
  • They will even buy items that make them feel good. For example, a lot of people are still purchasing iPods, Macs and iPhones; Apple’s Q3 2008 revenues rose 27% over the same period in 2007. Said Apple chief Steve Jobs, “If this isn’t stunning, I don’t know what is.” Bottom line: Consumers still need to consume. And marketers still need to market, so consumers will have the information they need to know what to buy, where to buy it and who is providing the best deal.
  • Fundamentally, what consumers need in these tough times is trust. They need trust in the financial system, to make their future more secure. But they also need to trust in brands. With limited dollars, the risk in buying the wrong product or service is increased. Marketers should respond to this need by getting out in front of customers and prospects with messages that reinforce their brand’s equity and value.
  • Get listed on product search
  • Geographic performance report
  • Geographic performance report
  • Geographic performance report
  • Geographic performance report
  • Geographic performance report
  • Experiment Pruning : This new feature allows you to disable one or more combinations from taking part in your Website Optimizer experiments. Pruning can help you achieve faster, more meaningful results by allowing you to remove poorly performing or illogical combinations. This is especially helpful in cases where your experiment may have too many combinations relative to the amount of traffic it receives. A/B Offline Validation : If your test or goal pages aren't accessible to Website Optimizer then no worries. You'll now be able to just upload a copy of your tagged page and Website Optimizer will make sure that everything is tagged properly. More Intuitive Reporting: We've enhanced our reports to more clearly show how your combinations are performing, and to better indicate when we've found one or more  high-confidence  winning combinations. This will help prevent you from drawing false conclusions from results or from ending experiments prematurely.
  • So we’re out of time… I appreciate your time and attention and I’m looking forward to your questions and product feedback at the end of our session.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Google AdWords Update Frederick Vallaeys
    • 2. Agenda
      • Online advertising in today’s economy
      • SEM trends during the holidays
      • AdWords product updates
    • 3. How to respond to a down economy “ When times are tough, it is time to invest, not cut. This comes from years of research dating back to Ogilvy’s Alex Biel and Millward Brown interaction surveys. All show that if we cut marketing during such times, the impact is damaging and it can take you longer to get back to where you were.” — Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive,WPP Group, as quoted in MediaWeek, October 7, 2008
      • Online Marketing Benefits:
        • Measurability
        • Granular targeting
        • Interactivity and engagement
    • 4. Consumers Go Online in Tight Times
        • -11% same-store sales
        • +21% online sales
      “ We see more people turning to online because it’s much more efficient in terms of time and money.” Michael Boylson, CMO, J.C. Penney
        • -7.4% same-store sales
        • +8.7% online sales
      Source: The New York Times, “To Save Gas, Shoppers Stay Home and Click,” July 2008.
    • 5. Consumer behavior reflects economic trends U.S. searches for “safe investments” on U.S. searches for “fuel efficient cars” on Source: Google Insights for Search. Query numbers are normalized and presented on a scale of 0-100 relative to Google queries over time. Sep 2008 Mar 2008
    • 6. Track Trends With Google Insights for Search insights/search
        • Narrow data to specific categories, like finance, health, and sports.
        • Anticipate demand for your business so you can budget and plan accordingly.
        • Know where to find your customers. See how search volume is distributed across regions and cities.
    • 7. Strategies
      • Ads
      • Focus on your value proposition
      • Keywords
      • Your keywords should reflect consumer trends
      • Website
      • Build trust
      • Offer something for the bargain hunter
      • If not now, maybe later
      Measure Optimize Decision and Purchase Cycle
    • 8. AdWords CPA Trends from 2007 Christmas Black Friday
    • 9. Holiday Trends for 2008
      • Both  research and shopping will start early  this year 
        • 31% of consumers plan to start holiday shopping and research before Halloween.
        • 57% will start  before Thanksgiving.
      • Consumers will  spend more time looking for deals
        • 43% of consumers plan to do more comparison shopping.
      • There are   5 fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas than last year
      • Source: OTX/ Google 2008 Holiday Shopping Intentions Survey, 9/16-9/24 2008, n=10,039
    • 10. Product Update
      • Some changes since last year…
      • First Page Bids
    • 11. First Page Bids
    • 12. Product Update
      • Some changes since last year…
      • First Page Bids
      • Conversion Optimizer
      • More detailed metrics
    • 13. Separate Google and Search Partner Stats
    • 14. Product Update
      • Some changes since last year…
      • First Page Bids
      • Conversion Optimizer
      • More detailed metrics
      • Display ad builder
    • 15. Display Ad Builder
    • 16. Product Update
      • Some changes since last year…
      • First Page Bids
      • Conversion Optimizer
      • More detailed metrics
      • Display ad builder
      • Analytics enhancements
    • 17. Analytics
      • Custom Reports
      • Advanced Segments
      • Learn more Wednesday at 10:15am: Analytics Vendors and Package Implementation
    • 18. Product Update
      • Some changes since last year…
      • First Page Bids
      • Conversion Optimizer
      • More detailed metrics
      • Display ad builder
      • Analytics enhancements
      • Website Optimizer
    • 19. Website Optimizer
    • 20. Thanks!
      • [email_address]