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  • 1. Local and Mobile Search: Evolving Search Engine Experience Shailesh Bhat Senior Product Manager Yahoo! Local
  • 2. Today’s Online Local Search Experience 28 Million Monthly Users 18,000 City Pages 17 Million Businesses
  • 3. Reaching the Local Audience
    • Yahoo!’s goal is to provide users with instant answers regardless of the entry point
    • Local listing entry points on the Yahoo! Network
      • Yahoo! Local
      • Yahoo! Web Search
      • Mobile
      • Maps and more
    • Each entry point is optimized differently but leverage the same core data set
  • 4. Optimizing for Local Search
    • Proactively monitor and verify listings information
    • Solicit customer feedback to nurture & manage online reputation
    • Include details on special services and products carried
      • “ copper re-piping” more valuable and easier to rank for than “plumbers”
  • 5. Source: ComScore qSearch, March 2008. +76% +23% CAGR Local Searches The Rise of Local Searching
  • 6. Web Search today Limited choice Limited personalization Limited visibility Limited influence Limited innovation
  • 7. Local Search is Evolving within Web search “ Must Buy”
  • 8. SearchMonkey is powering this evolution
    • Publishers collaborate
    • Meaning behind the link
    • Richer experience
    • Relevant and personal
    • Faster task completion
  • 9. Monkey parts leads to richer experience Task links Structured data Sharing Media User control
  • 10. SearchMonkey: How Does it Work? Index’s Web Pages’s database DataRSS feed RDF/Microformat Markup Site owners/publishers share structured data with Yahoo! Site owners & third-party developers build SearchMonkey apps Consumers customize their search experience with Enhanced Results or Infobars 1 2 3 Page Extraction Web Services
  • 11. Who is already there?
  • 12. Where to find them
  • 13. Local Information in High Demand on Mobile Devices Source: MMA Mobile Search Consumer Insight Report, August 2006
  • 14. Mobile as an entry point for Local Information Source: Mobile Market View, Nov 2008, The Kelsey Group 9.6 3.4 Connected with a social networking site 13.7 8.2 Movies or other entertainment 14.3 6.4 Products or services outside their local area 15.6 9.8 Products or services in their local area 17.6 10.8 Maps or directions 2008 2007 Local Information usage (% of users)
  • 15. Y! oneSearch – The Mobile Starting Point
    • Y! oneSearch is the exclusive or preferred search service with more than 60 mobile operators globally, covering over 800M consumers under carrier contract
      • Exclusive search service for AT&T in the U.S. on MediaNet
    • Accessing Yahoo! OneSearch
      • Yahoo! Mobile Homepage – over 24 million unique visitors per month in the U.S. Accessible through any mobile browser
      • Yahoo! Go – runs on over 280 devices in 19 countries
      • Yahoo! oneSearch with Voice – downloadable client that allows you to search for anything with the power of voice
      • Yahoo! oneSearch Shortcut for Nokia – downloadable idle screen search client; includes voice integration and search assist
      • Yahoo! SMS Search – Text query to 92466 (spells YAHOO)
  • 16. Yahoo! oneSearch Offers Online Ease-of Use A hungry person in San Francisco enters… pizza
  • 17. Y! oneSearch Local Listings – Detailed Results
  • 18. Relevancy & Accuracy is Key
    • Mobile search queries show high level of local intent, though not always explicitly
      • categories like ‘movies’, ‘business listings’, ‘travel’, ‘weather’ are implicitly local in nature, though user may not include location
    • Mobile use-case is different than PC search
      • Seeking Answers, instead of weblinks
    • Mobile local search multiplies the need for strong fundamentals:
      • Comprehensiveness
      • Depth
      • Accuracy
      • Relevance
    • “ Get me lost once and you’ve lost me forever”
  • 19. Actionables
    • Monitor your online content and reputation across top local search engines and data sources
    • Enrich listings with details, to help match multi-term queries and provide ‘answers’ in the mobile world
    • Leverage SearchMonkey to assert your influence on a rich experience
  • 20. Learn more and get started
    • Search Gallery
    • SearchMonkey development http:// /
    • Best practices
  • 21. Thank You Shailesh Bhat [email_address]